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Cram dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Tell a cram, that.
  2. Never had she tried to cram so much infor-.
  3. I have memory chips cram full of useless data.
  4. In that week he tried to cram recipes, wines, ta-.
  5. He barely had time to cram the papers in his pocket.

  6. She couldn’t cram the bread into her mouth quick.
  7. But I really do have to cram for my history final.
  8. The repetition was much more effective than trying to cram.
  9. You can’t cram 47 years of experience into a three-hour interview.
  10. They would capture her, and cram as many spells into her as they could.
  11. She would show them her lamp and they’d cram onto that tiny balcony and have afternoon tea.
  12. Blair hurriedly cram a stack of magazines and who knows what into a dresser drawer then slam it shut.
  13. Is that blood? Upset, you cram the fist in its pocket, having skipped gloves due to the high temperature.
  14. He’s sending radio signals as fast as he can, trying to cram a whole conversation into a hundredth of a second.
  15. The only ones there were the older students who had stayed on for a few days in order to cram for their forthcoming exams.

  16. Kinnakee had no apartments, and they were going to have to cram into an apartment while she got a job in some office, if she could find one.
  17. My baggage … now there’s a term! It consists of what I can cram into the two satchel-like bags which will hang over Sefir’s shoulders.
  18. But what about those of us who wait until the last minute to study for exams? What is the best way for us to prepare when we have to cram?
  19. When this happened, I’d shake my head, open my quantum electrodynamics book, and cram my head with information until I was about to burst.
  20. He would throw a few of his best and most useful tools into the back of the van, with his welding torch and as many spares as he could cram in.
  21. In the wild effort to cram all sorts of research into six hours a day I don't wonder if the children feel like the little boy who was taken to see the biograph.
  22. The Monster twitched its jeweler's hands down to fondle at the men, to twist them in half, to crush them like berries, to cram them into its teeth and its screaming throat.
  23. They managed to cram a tremendous amount of stuff in - though the second set of bookshelves defeats them, and has to be left with the other furniture to be transported by the hauliers.
  24. The child started and stared up at her, as if such sudden, amazing good luck almost frightened her; then she snatched up the bun and began to cram it into her mouth with great wolfish bites.
  25. He filed their points and considered how close to set them, then pushed the unit back in place and tried to cram part of the damp loose asbestos back over the joint between plate and furnace.

  26. After going a short way they struck the old road, and before long came to a deep dell sheltered among the rocks; there they rested for a while and had such a breakfast as they could, chiefly cram and water.
  27. Barrons, Fade, Ryodan, and the two Highlanders cram into seats along one side of the square and it’s almost comical to see the five enormous men packed shoulder to shoulder, leaving the Unseelie Princes and R’jan to split the other two.
  28. This creature had been eating all summer, as much as he could cram in, but not growing a smidgen, just gulping up as much as he could take in, which seemingly didn’t make any difference, except for the fertilizer piling up around the trunk of the brush.
  29. I had concentrated on just the esoteric, exotic, Western community property state legal topics such as Water, Oil and Gas, Property, and Domestic Relations, relying upon my photographic memory and the one year ago IL bar cram course to get me through the AZ exam.
  30. But now their hopes were higher; for they had food for some weeks with care-chiefly cram, of course, and they were very tired of it; but cram is much better than nothing-and already the gate was blocked with a wall of squared stones laid dry, but very thick and high across the opening.
  31. Sutyls’ brigade was almost fully up to strength, with the better part of nine thousand men present, compared to the barely forty-five hundred of all arms of Qwentyn Preskyt’s understrength units, and trying to cram Krystyphyr’s men into the operation would only have cramped the attack.
  1. Cramming his pockets full.
  2. I’m cramming for my finals.
  3. Because the emphasis is on cramming.
  4. She's still cramming madly for this wretched exam.
  5. They chatted among themselves, cramming bagels and.
  6. What? I’d spent half my life cramming them in a closet.
  7. It was like cramming for a test without knowing the subject.
  8. He turned to Theodorous who was cramming more weapons onto his body.
  9. They were cramming for the Westerly PTO Parent/Teacher Trivia Night.
  10. But it takes a full night of cramming to squeeze out a C+ or B- on my exams.
  11. Twenty minutes later, Hugo was cramming spicy Sichuan alligator into his mouth.
  12. It’s nothing, I muttered, cramming the rest of the sandwich into my mouth.
  13. Cramming is not the best way to prepare for an exam, but sometimes you have to do it.
  14. I remember not being all that excited about cramming into a small SUV for a long road trip.
  15. I said, This one old man, down at the trolley station, was always cramming his pockets with these.
  16. He'll be cramming his fingers in the tarts and stealing the fruit, if left alone with them a minute.
  17. Dan stood behind Rick, cramming his satellite phone into his ear as he waited for the lab tech, Calvin, to return to the line.
  18. He had eaten his entire lunch in a few minutes, cramming it in feverishly, and now he looked around for more, but it was gone.
  19. Even if I had to stay up both Friday and Saturday nights, cramming and studying, I’d make time for our Sunday snowmobile excursions.
  20. It was absurd, and even as I thought this, I found myself cramming the last piece of bread into my mouth as I grinned underneath my hood.
  21. Eyes brilliant, up on her tiptoes, at the back of the crowd, one hand shoved in a pocket, the other cramming a cheeseburger in her mouth.
  22. For many, the canteen or cafeteria is only a place where they will take a quick lunch before proceeding on to cramming for their remaining homework.
  23. Nightly review of your notes are ideal and will help you retain your lessons ten fold! This review will save time in the long run and prevent cramming.
  24. Bunty appears to have given up her very economic style of writing and is now cramming in a lot more into the space provided, putting down her feelings.
  25. Spicklittle, you sell books, eh? garbled Huckle MacPine, coughing, choking, and smiling at the same time, all while cramming pink macaroons down his hatch.
  26. In the midst of the excitement of the family the scandalization of Úrsula, the joy of the people cramming the street to watch that apotheosis of squan-dering.
  27. Can you blame them for refusing to move out? Besides, many of the houses of the Ghetto belonged to catholic Poles before the Germans started cramming the Jews in here.
  28. Bram stoker… who stoked the fires of gothic horror by inventing fictitious lies about the undead and cramming it into English literature… as a new elite reading craze, a new fad.
  29. Other people collected ‘friends’, cramming address books with the names and addresses of every person they met, sending Christmas cards and landing on their doorsteps to stay if in the vicinity.
  30. The navvy, staggering forward, cleaves the crowd and lurches towards the tramsiding on the farther side under the railway bridge bloom appears, flushed, panting, cramming bread and chocolate into a sidepocket.
  31. Seeing a table stacked with K rations, he began cramming the boxes under his shirt, brushing off an attendant who tried to assure him that he didn’t have to hoard them, as no one was going to starve him anymore.
  32. I had the privilege of sitting down with Swensen at his Yale office, and before I ventured up the hallowed halls of that storied institution, I did what any good student would do: I spent the night before cramming.
  33. Then one mutters under one’s breath, No! Neither he nor any one else shall find me here! yet still one goes on stripping juicy berries from their conical white pilasters, and cramming them into one’s mouth.
  34. She remained at her father's house during the winter months, plucking fowls, or cramming turkeys and geese, or making clothes for her sisters and brothers out of some finery which d'Urberville had given her, and she had put by with contempt.
  35. Finally, he had asked the patients as soon as he saw them, Well, who has been cramming you with nostrums? Herzenstube? He, he! Doctor Herzenstube, of course, heard all this, and now all the three doctors made their appearance, one after another, to be examined.
  36. Not this evolution crap that has no basis in the reality of the evidence that’s quantifiable and reproducible and on display all around us! The evolutionary mush there cramming into the heads of our children is nothing more than a trumped up religion designed to instill non-belief in a Divine Creator and nothing more! Evolution can’t survive, as a science so now it masquerades as a religion, that’s vital to be believed by its followers, because it offers them up a utopia to believe in that is without God in it, as well as common sense.
  1. He crammed a full class.
  2. Then, crammed into a car with.
  3. She crammed and organised their.
  4. I swallowed and crammed my eyes shut.
  5. The place was crammed to the rafters.
  6. Rich crammed his fist into this mouth.
  7. Natasha crammed a bunch of loose papers.
  8. Their mouths were crammed with lollipops.
  9. Tom ate quickly, and Pa crammed his mouth.
  10. The ride home was crammed with more questions.
  11. It was so crammed no one could sleep or rest.
  12. Most students have their speakers crammed so.
  13. There is heaven crammed into our self-expression.
  14. Usually crammed with dolls, farms, and run-down.
  15. I laid out my study plans, I sweated and crammed.
  16. He's so crammed full downstairs, no room for this.
  17. We were crammed into my tiny glass-enclosed office.
  18. This cell that had fifteen inmates crammed into it.
  19. They had collapsed in the elevator, crammed together.
  20. Lawrence crammed the gun in his mouth once more and.
  21. The elevator was crammed elbow to asshole as always.
  22. Crammed within the earth is the source of our health.
  23. Alicia crammed the place with an amazing variety of.
  24. This one was no different than the last one: crammed.
  25. Godfrey Staunton had crammed the note into his pocket.
  26. With everyone crammed into the big yurt the smell of.
  27. The beach is always crammed with kids from the Playground.
  28. North Vietnamese rockets as we drove into the crammed town.
  29. The prisons were crammed with political prisoners, whom the.
  30. Speaking of which, his cages must be crammed to overflowing.
  31. He crammed his hands into his pockets and stared down at her.
  32. So we crammed the remaining in one of the pirate ships and.
  33. Use of crammed information on web pages soon made the readers.
  34. The concept that all matter was crammed into one tiny spot the.
  35. Sound held a notepad in his hand, a pencil crammed behind his ear.
  36. I had ended between the stove and the wall, crammed into a corner.
  37. My eyes were full of tears and mind crammed with suicidal thoughts.
  38. You have such an inquisitive mind, crammed full of unusual facts.
  39. Everything found there was crammed over each other, every space was.
  41. The old almshouse consisted of three buildings crammed on a small block.
  42. Almost savagely, he crammed her clothes into boxes and secured the lids.
  43. Beside the freezer were shelves crammed with bottles of sake and whisky.
  44. Crushed under the lid, in its jail, it stayed crammed tight coil on coil.
  45. He crammed it into his mouth and chewed with his mouth open and head down.
  46. It was a long slow journey and we were all very sweaty crammed in together.
  47. Kurt and Darci crammed into the RV with the others and stared at the screen.
  48. The cycle depends on the number of outbound options, and someone crammed.
  49. It seems to me that you have been crammed with one side of the question, Mr.
  50. The city buses are crammed going up and down Main and into the downtown area.
  51. We only came out of it because we crammed into the laundry that my dad built.
  52. One group of about twenty men was crammed in the back of a small pickup truck.
  53. When the whole lot had crammed into the yard, Guy dismounted and came forward.
  54. There must have been a thousand of them, crammed and shoved up to the ceiling.
  55. The Skimmer swooped in over the compact town crammed between the steep terrain.
  56. The gopher worked and worked until he had his great chamber crammed with food.
  57. Upon opening the closet, she was greeted with a hanger rod crammed with clothes.
  58. They shared a small, crammed condo apartment near the Crystal City Underground.
  59. Police chargesheets crammed with cases get their percentage manufacturing crime.
  60. Charles with great difficulty crammed his large frame through the surface of the.
  61. Then Louie crammed it under his shirt again and sped back to the Quack’s office.
  62. The place was crammed from floor to ceiling with numerous books on various topics.
  63. Very soon the runs were crammed with rabbits clawing and clambering over each other.
  64. It contained a desk crammed against the wall, and a bookshelf under the small window.
  65. The characters were as colourful as the items they sold and it was crammed with people.
  66. Tall bookcases crammed with books lined every wall, making the room feel even smaller.
  67. The team’s final report was a hefty document with eight chapters, appendices crammed.
  68. Crammed together on the back bench were Moody, Luther Cosgrove, and his brother Conrad.
  69. You would sit crammed on a wooden bench on a journey of an hour or maybe more to the site.
  70. The street was covered with bunting and the town centre crammed with visitors and tourists.
  71. He had given his home address as a building that was crammed between two giant skyscrapers.
  72. Standing against two opposite walls were floor-to-ceiling bookcases crammed tight with books.
  73. How’s your memory, Mike? ‘Cause they sure crammed a lot in there in such a short time.
  74. We passed several more red pickup trucks with armed, bearded young men crammed into the cabs.
  75. The resources necessary to bring acceptance and belonging are crammed within our inward being.
  76. Along one wall there was a bookcase but even that was not crammed with legal tomes and such like.
  77. Indeed, we had little trouble hauling in nets crammed full of herring, along with some sea bass.
  78. She was unable to walk more than a block on the tiny feet which she crammed into too small slippers.
  79. In her bedroom the closet was crammed with hangers but no tent-size dressing gowns, stockings, shoes.
  80. She thrashed, gagging on it as they held her and Mike crammed his prick into her, ripping dry flesh.
  81. The court next morning was crammed to overflowing, and a murmur of excitement passed over it when Mr.
  82. A two-year MBA degree, for instance, can be crammed up in a single year depending on the institution.
  83. Since my arrival, the dead, dirty stay-outs had crammed into my room, all wanting their stories told.
  84. Dozens of metal safe-deposit boxes were built into the sides of the vault, all crammed with diamonds.
  85. The shell fire moved on to our trenches and the other waves and reserves that were crammed into them.
  86. I stared across at the tenement and judged how many thousand shadows were crammed in it, top to bottom.
  87. The moisture in us opens the seed of heaven that is crammed within to provide loving social integration.
  88. A bit of heaven is crammed into that compaction where kindness, goodwill, and affection for others live.
  89. A massive walk-in fridge bulged with provisions, and two chest freezers were crammed with meat and fish.
  90. On the other side of the room was a vast bookshelf, every inch of which was crammed with books of all sizes.
  91. The card that he used to bluff the cops with is still crammed in his wallet, the lanyard crinkled and mashed.
  92. For a moment the rear Uphrians just stared in shock at the hundred armed Tanarian’s crammed into the recess.
  93. They were crammed with books on property taxes, real estate law, underwriting, and other scintillating topics.
  94. I crammed my eyes shut and reflexively grasped ahold of the little girl’s body as if to protect her somehow.
  95. Soon everyone was crammed into the small airlock behind him, impatiently waiting to go through the inner door.
  96. There was an office up a flight of metal stairs but the rest of the building was crammed with crates and boxes.
  97. Half an hour later Yaf and Shap were crammed into the Bullet’s tiny cabin with Elfi at the controls, hurtling.
  98. Fifteen hours later and with a crammed cargo hold, Grailem hears the engines of the starship starting to operate.
  99. They crammed themselves into the wagons together with all their possessions, each going in a different direction.
  100. When his humor failed to bring a smile to her lips he crammed his hands into his pockets and stared at the ground.
  1. He throws off energy, crams the air with intensity and mass, forcing everything else to retract into itself.

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