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Crash dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It fell with a crash.
  2. The sound of a crash.
  3. She heard a loud crash.
  4. The Flash Crash of 2010.
  5. After the Crash of 2008.

  6. The crash had undone him.
  7. He died in a plane crash.
  8. It doesn't want to crash.
  9. We had to crash that ship.
  10. As the crash site zoomed.
  11. Another crash into the wood.
  12. Crash it into the building.
  13. Will There be a May Crash?
  14. We jetted over to the crash.
  15. You were in a plane crash.

  16. He wanted to crash and burn.
  17. A crash came from downstairs.
  18. A crash coming this morning?
  20. So what is wrong with crash.
  21. They heard a dul crash from.
  22. There was a terrible crash.
  23. There was a sudden crash as.
  24. The Crash Club was wild that.
  25. You used to before the crash.

  26. We went down with a loud crash.
  27. What's Wrong With Crash Diets?
  28. I was in a crash, she said.
  29. I had a crash course in survival.
  30. There was a plane crash not 247.
  31. The market will just crash again.
  32. Several barks, then another crash.
  33. Hearing him crash to the forest.
  34. What about the crash scene?
  35. It had been unshaken by the crash.
  36. There was a crash from the kitchen.
  37. There was a deafening crash, and.
  38. Melanie, we were in a plane crash.
  39. There’s a car crash on Sixth Ave.
  40. He landed with a crash on his back.
  41. Dow Cash Index—the Crash of 1929.
  42. Till crash! the cruel coulter past.
  43. A CRASH is heard inside the tunnel.
  44. The crash of music, candles' glare.
  45. A crash, as if something had broken.
  46. The loud crash echoed off the walls.
  47. It took the full force of the crash.
  48. Rain began to crash on the tin roof.
  49. The wave of fire was about to crash.
  50. I have to crash through the trees.
  51. He died in a car crash here on Crete.
  52. It was headlined: After the Crash.
  53. A pause for the crash, but none came.
  54. Crash! Wood cracked, with some shouts.
  55. A Silver Lining to the Crash of 2008.
  56. We wouldn’t want to crash a wedding.
  57. I had just had a crash course in the.
  58. She could have made him crash his car.
  59. Scarier than that plane crash in Lost.
  60. This whole thing has been a car crash.
  61. Yeltsa winced at the sight of the crash.
  62. But no planes crash, no houses explode.
  63. His parents, who before the crash had.
  64. One day there was a loud crash in the.
  65. The Argosy had to make a crash landing.
  66. The crash in 1929 was no picnic, either.
  67. There was a crash of steel followed by.
  68. I was awakened by the crash of something.
  69. Flavio looked at Brian and mimed a crash.
  70. It took only a moment for her to crash.
  71. Depend on it and have Wall Street crash.
  72. Soon after the crash, it was more than 0.
  74. There was a crash and the flames rose up.
  75. They died in a train crash, Matt said.
  76. Crash landings were things of last resort.
  77. At the very top of the crash, I was flat.
  78. He punctuated each word with a crash of.
  79. The crash sounded very loud in the night.
  80. The sound of the crash echoed in the air.
  81. The crash nearly sends the SUV into a spin.
  82. It yielded in its rottenness with a crash.
  83. The Franklin stove went over with a crash.
  84. Then the crash of a tail and then nothing.
  85. A crash, and the sound of distant shouting.
  86. She jumped as a loud crash echoed off the.
  87. Now, he was a wolf and dying in a car crash.
  88. They heard a loud crash and ran to the door.
  89. She startles as there's another crash from.
  90. Theory says, you can’t anticipate a crash.
  91. When a crash does occur, is it hardware or.
  92. The sept’s outer doors opened with a crash.
  93. He easily found where the crash had occurred.
  94. How’d you know he was gonna crash?
  95. There was a thunderous crash from behind her.
  96. A crash followed with the creaking of hinges.
  97. He heard the wave crash up against the gate.
  98. Crash! A stiff leather glove struck his face.
  99. The silence after the crash was awe-inspiring.
  100. The chances of a crash are under one percent.
  1. He was a crashing bore.
  2. It’s the waves crashing in.
  3. Not a brick crashing into the.
  4. Crashing cars and replacing them.
  5. The raft crashing on the reefs.
  6. The breakers were crashing on the.
  7. Saves a lot of crashing and burning.
  8. I ended up crashing into the window.
  9. The crashing of jars was unpleasant.
  10. That same elation crashing out of him.
  11. This sends him crashing into the wall.
  12. Crashing glass and oozing liquid at-.
  13. The sounds were crashing all around me.
  14. Felt the pallet crashing onto his back.
  15. Everything was sent flying and crashing.
  16. I could hear the waves crashing against.
  17. I could hear the crashing in the thicket.
  18. They always ended up crashing and burning.
  19. Down she went, crashing to the wet ground.
  20. Everything came crashing back into his mind.
  21. But crashing into a concrete bear? Not fun.
  22. Crashing with the tragic sounds of fantasy.
  23. Waves could be heard crashing against rocks.
  24. The walls of water came crashing down upon.
  25. This manifests as the loud crashing sounds.
  26. Again, the crashing sound split the silence.
  27. It had the force of a building crashing down.
  28. Waves kept crashing into rocks without mercy.
  29. That’s sea water, crashing waves, and so on.
  30. The crashing mass of water thrust him in all.
  31. The waves were crashing down on Smith’s head.
  32. A loud crashing sounded from deep in the woods.
  33. She was crashing on a houseboat in the marina.
  34. The truck lurched and sent me crashing into him.
  35. The great head reared up and came crashing down.
  36. I now realized what the crashing sound had been.
  37. Crashing: Total devastation and swift destruction.
  38. Seconds later, their winged bodies came crashing.
  39. Like a crashing ocean wave, the searchers flowed.
  40. Phil had known they were crashing but she had not.
  41. States crashing to its knees in a few short months.
  42. Triodines came crashing out of the undergrowth at.
  43. Several trees were struck and the sound of crashing.
  44. Her only escape was to dive into the crashing waves.
  45. It might have been the crashing ruin of his kingdom.
  46. Conan will be crashing at our gates within the hour.
  47. They rode the waves crashing wickedly with completion.
  48. In an instant her world came crashing down around her.
  49. I had run quite a ways before crashing into the rock.
  50. Someone was crashing through the woods over there….
  51. The noise of the bottle crashing against the rocks of.
  52. Lov sat up to the sound of waves crashing on the beach.
  53. The news struck Bo like a wave crashing against a ship.
  54. That was the year of driving stoned and never crashing.
  55. Suddenly the car shuddered and came to a crashing stop.
  56. The last thing that I remember was crashing out on the.
  57. An upper floor could come crashing down with you on it.
  58. All kinds of crashing sounds came from the motor-boat!.
  59. But recent turns had brought him crashing down, to the.
  60. I came crashing down? he stammered, his mind racing.
  61. Chip and I dove onto our bed crashing out until the next.
  62. No!! Melvin shrieked as the boot came crashing down.
  63. They heard a loud crashing noise coming through the trees.
  64. Look how it slid away as it came crashing down over the.
  65. And that wave came crashing down hard – and I was very.
  66. A giant wave of the worm’s excrement came crashing down.
  67. Below, the water was crashing into a steaming pool of the.
  68. And then Suzy brought his rising compassion crashing down.
  69. Emma stood up, a flood of thoughts crashing in on her mind.
  70. On the wind the sound of crashing in the brush came to them.
  71. Another native came crashing through the jungle to help him.
  72. Boff, if there had been 25 planes crashing into the building.
  73. Azura rushed to the entrance but a barred gate came crashing.
  74. He’s crashing, Hammond shouted, stiff-arming the door.
  75. The sea was calm with a few waves crashing against the rocks.
  76. They slid across the wood floor, crashing into the back door.
  77. A tremendous crashing rocked the two birds where they perched.
  78. Someone had come crashing through here in the past few months.
  79. And Wayne's fist came crashing down wickedly against her mouth.
  80. Others piled against the camp fence and sent it crashing over.
  81. God saw to that by crashing his drunken ass into that tree.
  82. The crashing rocks caused a great rush of air to slap his face.
  83. Slade sped off so fast that Nate went crashing back to his seat.
  84. She was a young girl again, in a state of shock after crashing.
  85. He leapt to his feet, sending the cobra crashing to the ground.
  86. Then there came a crashing sound and a sudden sense of vertigo.
  87. Malorums swirling thoughts and emotions suddenly came crashing.
  88. Linder's right eye which sent her crashing to the floor with a.
  89. I could hear canned goods crashing as he struggled in his mania.
  90. Brian’s whole world came crashing down, all the mirrors in the.
  91. Make up new games—ones without smashing, crashing and crunches.
  92. A crashing sound exploded behind them and they both turned around.
  93. The breaking and crashing sounds stopped, and the mob moved closer.
  94. Bits and pieces of his life seemed to be crashing before his eyes.
  95. Smith fell onto the sand and felt the waves crashing over his head.
  96. The waves got bigger, crashing into the beach, spraying me with salt.
  97. The impact of the explosion had sent dirt and rocks crashing inside.
  98. The sound of the water crashing down grew louder and the mist grew.
  99. The sound and the spray of the crashing waves will be here tomorrow.
  100. Optionz Traderz: That would be the equivalent of crashing your truck.
  1. It all crashed for her.
  2. It crashed to the floor.
  3. It crashed on the floor.
  4. I crashed out like a baby.
  5. The suits crashed the room.
  6. I crashed out on the roof.
  7. They crashed to the floor.
  8. I crashed through the window.
  9. A fly crashed into the bulb.
  10. Sally had crashed hours ago.
  11. Doors crashed shut behind me.
  12. A pipe crashed into the vessel.
  13. Worf had crashed to the ground.
  14. As such, they crashed out in.
  15. I crashed on the couch at his.
  16. The wine-jar crashed to the floor.
  17. Eye crashed against the pavement.
  18. On October 19, the markets crashed.
  19. To my left, a wooden beam crashed.
  20. The door crashed back on its hinges.
  21. Nate crashed to attention once more.
  22. A couple of cars had crashed into.
  23. We went back to the crashed shuttle.
  24. It crashed loudly against the floor.
  25. Trains and aircraft crashed, ships.
  26. Together, they crashed into the snow.
  27. Acwellan crashed into the battlements.
  28. Crashed on the floor when I moved in.
  29. It crashed at the wall of the bucket.
  30. Soundless, he crashed along her walls.
  31. The white hadrosaurs crashed together.
  32. Does that mean it has crashed?
  33. The revolver crashed down another time.
  34. He crashed to the floor, seeing stars.
  35. Had he crashed through a time portal?
  36. The doorknob crashed against the mirror.
  37. It crashed today 9% from peak to close.
  38. Jed crashed to the floor, gasping for.
  39. He crashed into a bush and, untangling.
  40. Waves crashed over the deck of the ship.
  41. Something had crashed onto my left foot.
  42. The plane did not burn up, just crashed.
  43. His plane then crashed in a big fireball.
  44. Waves crashed onto the basalt, and then.
  45. The boom crashed deafeningly on his ears.
  46. I crashed out as soon as I closed my eyes.
  47. Foster crashed his knee powerfully into.
  48. The projector crashed down in the theater.
  49. Jack the sped up and crashed into the car.
  50. In the summer of 2005, my computer crashed.
  51. The lead cop crashed his elbow into my jaw.
  52. Kamata’s boat crashed over the huge swell.
  53. Cameras and computers crashed to the floor.
  54. Bridges were crashed, schools were smashed.
  55. At that moment, the front door crashed open.
  56. When the helicopter crashed and exploded.
  57. When the rockets landed they almost crashed.
  58. Outside, on the street two ears had crashed.
  59. It crashed down on the mother-bear’s head.
  60. Hunter crashed into the fire, began to burn.
  61. She often crashed in this bowl-shaped chair.
  62. I crashed through the door and looked around.
  63. The clock on the wall crashed to the floor.
  64. I had this experience when I crashed my.
  65. Daniel crashed on the sofa watching cartoons.
  66. We had that much in common…we both crashed.
  67. Raw waves of pain crashed through his blood.
  68. When the planes crashed into the World Trade.
  69. He lunged forward and crashed to the platform.
  70. Something crashed against the stove behind us.
  71. He crashed sideways to the floor and rolled.
  72. He crashed into a wave and carried on running.
  73. He swung his sword, and crashed into the dim.
  74. It crashed to the floor, Obeast on top of it.
  75. Something crashed through the trees behind him.
  76. They had crashed buildings and other obstacles.
  77. He crashed into them and started an avalanche.
  78. Wasting its power it crashed over everything.
  79. Big bird crashed the sidewalk, turning jive-.
  80. Instead, it crashed harmlessly into the blinds.
  81. Unable to stop, he crashed into the CO's chair.
  82. Than opened his eyes when thunder crashed again.
  83. A loud crashed inside the house made me scream.
  84. Big Dave crashed, smearing the plaster with a.
  85. She probably crashed at Taylor or Veronica’s.
  86. He's the one who stole and crashed the Shuttle.
  87. Cooper crashed onto the bench and was hunched.
  88. A curl of white light crashed about the horizon.
  89. He rolled out of bed and crashed onto the floor.
  90. Basilard cut the rope, and the bricks crashed in.
  91. I’m stuffed he said as he crashed into bed.
  92. The Gorn let go and Garcia crashed to the floor.
  93. Outside, there was a car, crashed and all ablaze.
  94. They swayed and crashed over some of the troops.
  95. A transport had stalled and crashed into a tower.
  96. Girl, we crashed in the middle of Zombie Land.
  97. A train crashed past as she rounded the next bend.
  98. Vickie crashed tutored and mentored me in writing.
  99. The piece of oak furniture crashed into him again.
  100. She found the sinni tree where he had crashed into.
  1. CRASHES into the wall of steel.
  2. Lor crashes to the floor, dead.
  3. My World Soars and Then Crashes.
  4. Hertzog crashes into my thoughts.
  5. Crashes and burns on top of itself.
  6. More crashes, more bangs, more voices.
  7. When an airplane crashes, the FAA does.
  8. The following Fedex van crashes into the.
  9. The UFO lightly crashes into a wooded area.
  10. I'm not crying, but emotion crashes over me.
  13. Louder crashes became more frequent, seeming.
  14. A plate crashes: a woman screams: a child wails.
  15. The car swerves and crashes into the telephone.
  17. She nearly crashes into Beatrice on the back walk.
  18. He crashes into a table, sending your mother’s.
  19. Those kind of people never die in plane crashes.
  20. Government intervention also stops financial crashes.
  21. It crashes back to earth - thunk, shatter, tinkle -.
  22. Loud crashes sounded on the other side of the steel door.
  23. Several crashes against the door caused him to step back.
  24. Zia’s wave crashes into the circuits occupied by the AI.
  25. In a moment, the mother ship crashes into the unknown planet.
  26. History is full of examples of spectacular investment crashes.
  27. Depicting a river with its crashes has many off and on points.
  28. If a client crashes, the server continues to operate normally.
  29. I heard several crashes and everything turned white, then black.
  30. The black meteorite crashes into the ground about 500 feet away.
  31. Below are the top 10 distractions involved in fatal car crashes:.
  32. It became famed for crashes and bugs that would cause the system.
  33. But then the market crashes (like what happened in September 2008).
  34. He sees stars, then crashes into a loaded bread cart, shattering it.
  35. The second man is unable to stop in time and crashes into the first.
  36. These are the historical accounts of past market bubbles and crashes.
  37. Of the downed helicopters, two of the crews had survived the crashes.
  38. But it just times out because it's overloaded and then crashes again.
  39. These were big crashes, with lots of dead people, lots of lawyers and all.
  40. Blood starts to come out of the leader’s head as he crashes to the floor.
  41. They listened to the crashes and raised voices from within the tiny dwelling.
  42. However, the jackpot question of carry timing relates to carry crashes.
  43. On this chart, you can see that the green line crashes below zero around age 71.
  44. On this chart, you can see that the green line crashes below zero around age 77.
  45. Soon even the china in the glass hutch was dancing under its thundering crashes.
  46. Witnesses closest to the bakery gasp at the muffled yelling and crashes from within.
  47. WAHM! Tony the Turkey crashes his head through the glass window of the kitchen door.
  48. And they could hear crashes and the horrified scream of the police officers up ahead.
  49. A couple of famous nasty crashes have happened in October, particularly the one in 1987.
  50. She would never speak of terrorists or plane crashes, nor would she listen to such talk.
  51. One to take out the bulb and drop it, and the other to try and sell it before it crashes.
  52. The firbolgs’ blows only caused a series of reverberating crashes to rise from the Gong.
  53. That is, people will cause crashes, bugs, viruses and spyware that will frustrate the users.
  54. My natural instinct is to buy big share crashes and Cupid could not have been more spectacular.
  55. The plane crashes with many lives lost, for what was later discovered to be a faulty $12 bulb.
  56. Masonry crashes into the streets; the city falls to pieces; still this one house does not fall.
  57. And then his fingers move to the back of my dress and reality crashes in with a single thought.
  58. During this period of zero airline deaths, more than 140,000 Americans died in traffic crashes.
  59. We heard the crashes but were too freaked out to investigate when it was happening, I said.
  60. The chair crashes against the kitchen wall with such force that one of the legs splinters away.
  61. Some lunatic crashes through the entrance gates in the utility van followed by my client’s car.
  62. Simply reducing the speed limit to 5 miles per hour could eliminate deaths in automobile crashes.
  63. Non-fatal accidents usually happen due to crashes with other boats or objects in the regular water.
  64. Hording, any monopolization, of resources, artificial or real, crashes the current monetary system.
  65. So, the child goes into a rapid downward spiral, their self image crashes and their weight skyrockets.
  66. You could act, he said, utterly unconcerned about the rapid series of close calls and near crashes.
  67. The next decade featured two market crashes, filling the media with stories of fear and a rigged system.
  68. The market crashes lower, panic selling ensues, fear is triggered and the warehouses are filled once more.
  69. But before the escort can respond, a projectile whistles over our heads and crashes into a nearby building.
  70. My specialty was plane crashes, but Frank, one of my partners, was once involved in some type of coal case.
  71. The improbability of rescue, coupled with the soaring rate of accidental crashes, created a terrible equation.
  72. The Agents added that many subjects were killed during the move by rough seas, plane crashes, and hurricanes.
  73. In the event that a server crashes, clients simply continue to send their requests until the server responds.
  74. He used to think the chances of them being killed in plane crashes must increase each time they took to the air.
  75. Bubbles and the crashes that inevitably follow are frequently revived dramas played on the stage of free markets.
  76. Short sellers also temper volatility on the downside – they're one of the earliest buyers when a stock crashes.
  77. Going to the website for Canada Post, he was always getting hit with flash videos, mostly about rally car crashes.
  78. Buying crashes should be limited to companies with material businesses, or at least that should be a big weighting.
  79. Your money is not safe with your worst enemy when (not if) it crashes and you would be lucky to get 25% of it back.
  80. The noisy crashes of thunder and flashing lightening and finally the electric power outage must have frightened her.
  81. That’s also how plane crashes happen; it’s never just one problem but a combination that results in catastrophe.
  82. We miniaturized the neuromorphic control unit and put a steel case around it to protect the circuits if the plane crashes.
  83. Armed with a dustbin lid, he'd stationed himself outside the lodge, while, from inside came the sound of crashes and bangs.
  84. When Windows operating system crashes the restoration happens to a previous date, which is available, when the OS was working.
  85. The crashes stopped outside and seconds later, the sliding door slid open and Deon came through, breathing heavily but smiling.
  86. The nearest towers are several hundred yards away, so the only noises are the crashes of the fountains and the chirps of birds.
  87. Listen to some of the tapes the various Air Forces have of crashes from aerobatics or on the gunnery range when a guy screws up.
  88. Given the characteristic pattern of small gradual gains and rare violent losses, avoiding carry crashes would be hugely valuable.
  89. After 1998 there were no major carry crashes until summer 2007, and there were positive gains each year, despite short-lived drawdowns.
  90. We could also hear the crash of the big guns as they fired and the silences as they reloaded then the crashes would start all over again.
  91. No crashes of the magnitude of that of October 1987 have occurred since but the market has assigned a small probability to such an event.
  92. See also: Traffic Safety Facts: 2012 Motor Vehicle Crashes: Overview, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, November 2013.
  93. This is one of the most dangerous ways of hunting coyote; many of Cenni's colleagues have been involved in accidents, or even fatal crashes.
  94. They know to expect fewer crashes from married women age 32, driving a minivan, than for single males age 18, driving a two-seat convertible.
  95. Perhaps his most popular work is the book Manias, Panics, and Crashes, which was first published in 1978 and most recently in a revised 2005 edition.
  96. The crates were falling somewhere, until they crashed with the biggest of all crashes onto the out-of-style cheap ceramic ware piled on the floor below.
  97. When a Hispanic kid crashes his too-small bike into one of these tables, the couple there picks him up and brushes him off and sits him down for grappa.
  98. We looked at what law enforcement officers across the country reported when they filled out reports on fatal crashes and the results were disturbing.
  99. For some reason, the amateur rally fans loved to tape car crashes and post them on the internet, and some of them were clever hackers, that’s for sure.
  100. All of a sudden, the coffee mug slips out of Missy's hand and crashes to the floor, spilling coffee and glass everywhere! The school staff looks at Missy.

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