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Crippled dans une phrase (en anglais)

For a moment the crippled ship.
She's bent and crippled right over.
It's almost like something crippled it.
A Crippled Woman Healed on the Sabbath.
There was old Rene, the crippled beggar.
She always remembered how pain crippled.
Then it will be permanently 90% crippled.
I was crippled; I was not trained for that.
Her mother had been crippled for many years.
Torn asunder, we became the crippled vow of.
It was Henri who knelt now, crippled and bent.
It was crippled with only deformed stubs for.
He is also aware of his body being crippled and.
My seared vision! My crippled strength! he.
Ah, they were his old friends, but badly crippled.
Halt: Lame; crippled in the feet; to limp; to stop.
Destroy the tools, and the gods will be crippled.
The King’s Wood staff fell from his crippled hand.
She abandoned immortality – was instantly crippled.
A crippled man, twenty years older than you, whom.
Ain't them old crippled picks and things in there good.
If you haven’t crippled him, the healer retorted.
Her crippled hands rested on the arms of her wheelchair.
And every time I got that far I’d be crippled with guilt.
Without such a belief, you will be crippled by the current.
Inside this crippled casualty, I feel the world as agony.
He merely found the strength to ask with a crippled voice:.
Finally his deterioration with osteo arthritis crippled him.
The crippled Ferengi vessel was pursuing the Federation ship.
I think when the dead come to us they are crippled creatures.
Hull is crippled, engines destroyed, but they still have power.
He’s crippled international arms dealers and drug traffickers.
Michael had learned the hard way, how emotions crippled the will.
The crippled boy in his wheelchair stabbed his finger at Davis’.
He put his crippled hands at either side of the V-neck of her blouse.
You should know that it isn’t easy when you are crippled, but I.
He was crippled when he was a baby, thrown off Mount Olympus by Zeus.
That a rich greedy old man can love a sick crippled boy and heal him.

Their lack of trust was crippling.
Our losses in planes were also crippling.
But, the cost to 617 Squadron was crippling.
Life is a gradual unfolding, not a crippling.
This line of thinking can lead to crippling guilt.
The great fear of death or crippling il ness that had.
Now they were faced with crippling demands for repayment.
It is the secret crippling sickness they are poisoned by.
Tiny farts can be more socially crippling than large ones.
It meant that life was cruel in more than one crippling way.
He was again consumed by a crippling, encroaching emptiness.
This is one of the most crippling things any human can learn.
The crippling stones of the pavement, with their many little.
But to dispose of him would be to deal them a crippling blow.
On Unix systems it was a crippling barrier, since the machines.
What a crippling blow this would be to that den of thieves and.
Crippling, then dismantling, the industrial order is their program.
The new polio was crippling the West Coast and breaking out in New England as well.
She lifted it up, struggling against crippling fatigue to hold it at arm’s length.
Our tribe punished him by crippling his hands and feet so he could never murder again.
The paroxysms of nausea were crippling and prevented him from getting up from his knees.
He spun around, stood up and started to lunge at her, but a crippling pain held him back.
I should have been thinking about what to say to stop these morons from crippling me and my son.
And Lieutenant Boxer is also responsible for crippling Sam Cabot for the remainder of his life.
Crippling panic attacks rendered him unable to leave the house and go to school on his bad days.
He needed water before the sharp, stabbing aches in his calf muscles turned to crippling spasms.
Yet this fact only becomes crippling, once you gain awareness of its implications later in life.
Paddy Mayne suffered from a crippling back complaint that had been sustained during his army days.
Crippling the battleship itself, however, was still the chief priority, and three days after the St.
He is so burdened with his load but he is not willing to give it up, which is crippling his ability to grow.
But human society does not admit the existence of these two crucial, crippling dynamics of the human psyche.
Another acquaintance suffered from crippling arthritis and a stiff neck from the surgical fusion of vertebrae.
They threw him facedown on the floor, and one of those assholes put a knee into his back, almost crippling him.
For a very long time after that, Europe seemed intent on crippling itself endlessly, even up till the two great wars.
The Bush administration stated, ―… it relied on untested legal theories and would impose crippling costs on the U.
We do not have exact numbers, but we do know that you scored a crippling blow on their ability to make war in this realm.
The guy went down like the sack of shit he was holding his side and trying to deal with the agonising and crippling pain.
She furthermore points out that it would be a crippling detriment in any battle where significant magic is being cast.
It was constantly on his mind now — being struck down with terrible crippling pain — then dying, simply ceasing to be.
The economy had stalled, and the bailouts were given on condition that Greece imposed harsh and crippling austerity measures.
Weak, poisoned, cripples: unable to walk or stand up.
Everyone hates cripples, the sight of things missing.
This produces genetic cripples such as Stephen Hawkins.
And all of these poisoned evil monsters were human cripples.
Especially if it cripples your options when a real emergency occurs.
An inordinate number of cripples would enter Pravik throughout the day and evening.
Seeing them piling into the keep alongside children and cripples filled her with shame.
When all of us were unloaded, there were twelve cripples placed strategically over the beach.
Fear is a cataclysmic force that cripples your ability to release your pearls of possibility.
In any case, the usage of drugs only cripples your life and does not bring any real happiness.
He gathers with dozens of cripples, poor and destitute, awaiting the healing power of the water.
Only the older men, the cripples and the women were left, and they spent sheep and cows for the army.
Civilization traumatizes and attacks and cripples healthy humans who do not have a protective shell called an ego.
And even though Anup's physical assault overcomes me, it is his psychological betrayal that completely cripples me.
And my yearning for this virgin paradise—this illusion—grows so strong that it cripples me and leaves me breathless.
Our sanctification of the disabilities of human cripples allows him to spout all kinds of non-scientific gibberish and be publicly hailed for it.
And if I challenge him and he kills me on the spot, what then? What will become of them? And worse still, if he doesn't kill me but only cripples me: I couldn't work, but I should still be a mouth to feed.
We had in the town a clever lad, with a geni of a mechanical turn, who made punch-bowls of leather, and legs for cripples of the same commodity, that were lighter and easier to wear than either legs of cork or timber.
Hundreds of millions of young healthy people being led by and following the orders of the sickest most degenerate cripples and thugs and criminals alive when will people learn not to follow anyone who is sicker and more degenerate than they are?
I was standing in the doorway staring mindlessly over the platform when three large young men and their girlfriends elbowed through old ladies, children and cripples, shoved me inside, clambered in and slammed the door to prevent anyone else from entering.
The visitor opened and closed her mouth many times awaiting mad snappy answers berserker ready to decapitate a body or two, but all that came to mind were half-finished insults that were no more than 'You're religion's so lame it cripples its followers' – an accusation without a jocular insight.
One serious problem with Science is that the institutions and sinecures of science have become a hiding place and a breeding ground for mentally and emotionally deficient cripples who are attracted to professions and careers which are not connected to reality and have nothing to do with practical physics and how the Universe actually works.
Why, to tell long stories, showing how I have spoiled my life through morally rotting in my corner, through lack of fitting environment, through divorce from real life, and rankling spite in my underground world, would certainly not be interesting; a novel needs a hero, and all the traits for an anti-hero are expressly gathered together here, and what matters most, it all produces an unpleasant impression, for we are all divorced from life, we are all cripples, every one of us, more or less.
Why, to tell long stories, showing how I have spoiled my life through morally rotting in my corner, through lack of fitting environment, through divorce from real life, and rankling spite in my underground world, would certainly not be interesting; a novel needs a hero, and all the traits for an anti-hero are EXPRESSLY gathered together here, and what matters most, it all produces an unpleasant impression, for we are all divorced from life, we are all cripples, every one of us, more or less.

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He is just a cripple.
Eva is not a cripple.
He knew what this cripple.
But a cripple! said I.
The cripple is really a mouse.
Cripple the cows!! Did you hear them?
Blake embraced himself as the cripple.
Look at him as the sick cripple he was.
The goal of the story was to cripple and.
Proceeds will be used to cripple children.
His defeat by a cripple in front of Ithaca’s.
Out of sheer boredomness the cripple began to pry.
And yet, all the time she never forgot the cripple.
He is the one man who could seriously cripple me.
Blows were placed with intent to damage and cripple.
Grumpy old Tucker, a cripple at nineteen years of age.
Some partnership they make, the cripple, the asthmatic.
I had never heard of him, but it seemed he was a cripple.
The cripple was mortified when he saw the Cerberus agent.
A social cripple: incapable of love, intimacy or marriage.
He was a sick cripple: a weak dying carcass filled with lies.
It’s not my fault the rock hit the cripple on her thick head.
Impotent: A cripple being without strength, who never had walked.
She didn’t stare at him the way you don’t stare at a cripple.
You’ll note violinists don’t have to cripple themselves, nor do pianists.
He will drag about as a cripple, a burden to everybody, for another ten years.
That cripple and the freak as well as that young man with the handsome face are.
If you have a small number of customers, losing a few could cripple your company.
Brian Hunter’s disastrous weather bet was more than enough to cripple Amaranth.
Bankruptcy risk can cripple a stock and so most increases in leverage are within.
America’s will or cripple the navy, virtually gauranteed a bloody, protracted affair.
The cripple with the flashlight is charging toward him, or staggering, yelling Don’t.
I supposed since he was a cripple, he was not seen by his brother as a potential rival.
The Kaiser of Germany, on the other hand, was a physically and mentally deformed cripple.
Presque harshly regained his control, and started to cripple the beaten cultist with a.
I heard it from the same kid that always had a cripple joke or a Helen Keller joke handy.
She continued picking at her food and a smile that could cripple, flitted across her lips.
The temporary pleasure of smoking can cripple sexual life by causing erectile dysfunction.
That training will forever limit and cripple their ability to give of themselves to others.
Then you will help me do a ‘Transfiguration Art’ and help me cure my cripple legs!.

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