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Crown dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It was a golden crown.
2. And there is no crown.
3. The crown of the wise.
4. Yes the crown is real.
5. From the crown of the.
6. It was the crown of a.

8. A crown sat on the altar.
9. To partake of his crown.
10. It was no ordinary crown.
11. A golden crown lay on it.
12. Yes, that is the Crown.
13. The little crown of flame.
14. Crown of thorns and cross.
16. You are the crown of glory.
17. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 1s.
18. Crown of France and the Pope.
19. In Denmark's crown have worn.
20. But try to be the great crown.
21. Like a crown with feathers!.
22. The final piece was the crown.
23. Crown Chakra (at top of head).
24. Crown the hair, and come away!.
25. Large crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 2s.
26. Large crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 1s.
27. Large crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 3s.
28. Crown him that he still may sing.
29. And a crown was given to him.
30. Therese put the crown on her head.
31. At the center of the crown were.
32. Pate: Forehead; crown of the head.
33. Will crown the wondrous story.
34. He looks over at the crown prince.
35. And the soldiers wove a crown of.
36. And found there a crown of virtue.
37. And try become the crown of global.
38. The pressure on the crown of your.
39. You have no heir to take the crown.
40. The crown of life (Revelation 2:10).
41. Heart and Crown chakras to open them.
42. Barefooted, they guarded that crown.
43. Final y the crown of his realm was.
44. I am the Crown Prince of Jolliginki.
45. HERBIE: Of course I do, mister Crown.
46. Maybe one of them is a Crown Prince.
47. Crown with the muffin tops and serve.
48. The Autograph Collector, (HB), Crown.
49. You shall be a crown of glory in his.
50. HERBIE: Don't you worry, mister Crown.
51. And on old Hiems' thin and icy crown.
52. Judas knew that this was not his crown.
53. Innocence, Monsieur, is its own crown.
54. Crown Prince is a most attentive pupil.
55. They passed the crown of his head at.
56. David pointed at the crown on his head.
57. From the crown of my head to the soles.
58. I rest my chin on the crown of her head.
59. When will Paul be given the crown of.
60. Set the crown of your head on the floor.
61. Thereby, the crown atop her head.
62. A new girl - Patricia Crown - arriving.
63. With the silver crown thing in her hair.
64. He was holding a gold crown in his hands.
65. You are crowned with a crown of pure gold.
66. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown.
67. All hopeless of a crown of bliss in store.
68. A beautiful crown appeared on their heads.
69. Thalia swatted the crown out of his hands.
70. When they reached the crown of the hill.
71. And Genius, led by Study, wears the crown.
72. We need to take up our own crown of thorns.
73. The greater glory gilds the victor's crown.
74. Don’t bother and it’s Crown Prince.
75. But since I live, let JESUS wear the crown.
76. HERBIE: Isn't that illegal, mister Crown?
77. A number of the girl‘s at close by Crown.
78. Now there is in store for me the crown of.
79. Then a Unity chaplain suggested the crown.
80. Now the crown prince Dushyant became King.
81. He was her crown prince, her heir apparent.
82. HERBIE: I'm glad to hear that, mister Crown.
83. It wore a feathered crown and bone necklace.
84. You, my Ceres, are the jewel of the crown.
85. Jen took the crown off and turned to Therese.
86. The crown was up for grabs these days with.
87. He was the one pulling FROM THE CROWN CHAKRA.
88. The crown chakra is where connection to the.
89. He filled his own moustachecup, sham crown.
90. SAHASRARA is located in the crown of the head.
91. Butterflies would crown her with their wings.
92. They created a glorious crown above her head.
93. The picture shows a crown of thorns cutting.
94. Nestled in the coils was a thin silver crown.
95. Alex snapped his finger and the crown parted.
96. So: the British crown gave them Royal charters.
97. I shook his hand and put the crown on his head.
98. Pinney Associate Editor with Crown Publishers.
99. And I have discharged my duties to the crown.
100. God shed his grace on the cross to crown thee.
1. But the crowning joke was Mr.
2. What is its crowning Glory?
3. And LOVE is His crowning glory.
4. The love of God is His crowning glory.
5. It is, after all, their crowning day.
6. The chimney was our crowning achievement.
7. That absolution is the crowning point of.
8. This is the point of crowning glory for him.
9. Ever since their crowning triumph with the.
10. Knowledge is thus the crowning point of yagya.
11. It was the crowning touch to the whole system.
12. It is the crowning achievement of gnome architecture.
13. Above it all, the painted temples rose crowning the city.
14. But Gerty's crowning glory was her wealth of wonderful hair.
15. The comm traffic that erupted with the attack was the crowning.
16. Something about the crowning of a new Overlord, said Tylin.
17. This is the crowning point of devotion when the worshipper is not.
18. He worked so hard for his crowning moment and it was robbed from him.
19. In the days that followed his crowning the King sat on his throne in.
20. But, the official crowning of King Louis the Fourteenth, of course.
21. Arjun in the mode of that ultimate achievement which is the crowning.
22. When Edward and my father finally arrived the head was just crowning.
23. The crowning moment came at the end of 1974 when Carter announced his.
24. The crowning piece was the mahogany desk that sat across from her bed.
25. Ajodhyâ is the crowning peak, on the south by the Singbhum hills, and on.
26. His abb’s final betrayal of him, crowning Ikram as queen, sealed his fate.
27. In the accolades she received, he envisaged the crowning glory of his surname.
28. The world has the crowning of kings, emperors and fortunes in different forms.
29. Couthon presented the crowning law of the Terror, known as the Law of 22 Prairial.
30. But the crowning enormity came with the dinner at Raegan’s Hotel, which invitation Mr.
31. All that was missing were the final 58 verses, which would be his crowning achievement.
32. This, now - this effort with Doctor Nidan - would be the crowning achievement of his career.
33. Griffin, Crowning Glory: Reflections of Hollywood’s Favorite Confidant, published in 1996.
34. They would string popcorn for garlands, while a half-package of icicles made the crowning touch.
35. The crowning glory of my life is and will always be as the father of two extraordinary young men.
36. Cloning is Humankind‘s crowning achievement that defines its (own) conceited self-centeredness!.
37. The very sentimental crowning of Millie was still overshadowed by the victory of King David Michaels.
38. The news from Europa included the death of Juan II of Aragon and the crowning of his son, Ferdinando.
39. His skin was honey brown coloured and his hair was a pile of black curls crowning the top of his head.
40. The Alpha and Omega has descended upon Man’s shoulders crowning Him Lord of all things for all time!.
41. What more payment than that could I ask, as the crowning achievement of all my years as a craftsman?
42. Should I bring it to a successful conclusion it will certainly represent the crowning glory of my career.
43. Should I bring it to a successful conclusion, it will certainly represent the crowning glory of my career.
44. The Malthusian crowning statement was found in his Essay on Population and Principles of Political Economy.
45. An inscription 165 referring to a crowning of Bacchus on the 18th of Gamelio may refer to the same festival.
46. If you research the Stone Age cultures of the first Kings ever to be crowned: you will find their crowning places.
47. The town decided to have a big Fourth of July celebration with the placing of the statue to be the crowning event.
48. One of the crowning glories of human friendship is this power and possibility of the mutual stimulation of the imagination.
49. Curiously enough, the crowning of her ankle had been the turning point in her relationship with the seven famous men surrounding her.
50. The good Captain’s crowning masterpiece was to bring the hilt of her sword down precisely over the area of his left kidney, bringing Lt.
51. As you get closer there is a five hundred foot tall cliff of vine-covered crystal building with a couple hundred feet of jungle crowning it.
52. But strangely crowning this ebonness was a glistening white plaited turban, the living hair braided and coiled round and round upon his head.
53. And this, please your grace, has been announced as Barrie’s crowning fantasy! Fortunately, we have Peter Pan to hear from in New York.
54. It will be the pinnacle, the crowning event—I grow weary of this time-consuming nonsense when there is so much more to be gained without it.
55. Alexandre's crowning discovery--a discovery which is one of the most important made in Egypt in recent years--did not take place until December 30.
56. Davy Stephens, minute in a large capecoat, a small felt hat crowning his ringlets, passed out with a roll of papers under his cape, a king's courier.
57. Throughout this whole ordeal the hardest thing for me had been to hide how scared I was, but now as I saw my baby’s head crowning everything changed.
58. While the crowning ceremony bored him, he loved the following military parade, waiving with Nancy as d’Artagnan went by at the head of his mounted company.
59. This would however imply that she is in fact of rather high nobility, as only the elite of France could be invited to the King’s crowning, mistress or not.
60. But everything had slowed down in the final stages before the crowning, he said, and the doctors who came periodically into the waiting room seemed concerned.
61. They tried to pretend that the man they were crowning sitting on the throne-stone was not the biggest craven coward, the weakest, most cunning liar of them all.
62. The ritual of crowning Kings comes from Rome; 2,300 years ago: as the laurel wreath of hay… and then later oak leaves, denoted who was the best Roman amongst them.
63. Like a little chunk of ice crowning a submerged iceberg, aggressive revenue recognition is often a sign of dangers that run deep and loom large—and so it was at Qwest.
64. D’Artagnan, who was now a lieutenant in the King’s Guards Regiment and was about to parade with his unit after the crowning, would soon be leaving for war against the Spaniards.
65. Nancy, wearing her best court dress and richest jewels, was watching from the front rank of spectators the official crowning of King Louis XIV, who was now nearly seventeen years old.
66. Over time, Roy retreated to the plush office in his home, increasingly withdrew from day-to-day involvement, and missed savoring the crowning glory of a full life of accomplishment and financial enrichment.
67. The crowning of King-Priest Messiah is thus set forth symbolically by the coronation of Joshua, which is not a vision, but an actual historical act, which evidently took place the day following the night of visions.
68. Of all the marathons of love in my life those last few days with Lizzie were not the crowning achievement for it was not a contest or an effort to set a record; they were the miracle of a soul-consuming, astounding love.
69. With her discreet video recordings of this crowning ceremony to cap it, the Time Patrol would soon be able to release an extensive documentary, both in video and in print, of the Fronde Uprising, thanks in great part to Nancy’s work.
70. V Van Mater, out on the coast for the melancholy purpose of witnessing what he conceived to be Corny Graham’s crowning indiscretion—that is to say, his marriage—found himself lingering for the purpose of basking in California’s smiles.
71. From the beginning the power of the meeting increased, and the evening session, at which there was a mingling of stirring pleas for the Education Society, the Board Home Missions, and the Missionary Association, was the crowning interest of the day.
72. Crowning all this, the teachers had to write individual plans as well, which were supposed to show what part of the city’s plan they were fulfilling, and also what part of the state’s plan, which did not match any of the other plans, or the textbook.
73. The influences of his solitary hut-life were upon him besides, and gave him a savage air that no dress could tame; added to these were the influences of his subsequent branded life among men, and, crowning all, his consciousness that he was dodging and hiding now.
74. Though it came in such a very simple guise, that was the crowning moment of both their lives, when, turning from the night and storm and loneliness to the household light and warmth and peace waiting to receive them, with a glad "Welcome home!" Jo led her lover in, and shut the door.
75. Agami which was practically a desert with just a few villas, a few cabins, one single hotel cum nightclub which collected the well-to-do youth of the day, during the summer nights and whose crowning glory was the beach and the sea, has now become a city of apartment blocks and hotels and traffic jams.
76. Xander himself died at an early age: killed by his own insane rage and insane megalomania, his insane drive to butcher and killed finally poisoned by his own Companions: who could not allow him to act out the insanity of crowning himself pharaoh of egypt and become a living God to an entire Nation of Egyptians.
77. But in the cautious comprehensiveness and unloitering vigilance with which Ahab threw his brooding soul into this unfaltering hunt, he would not permit himself to rest all his hopes upon the one crowning fact above mentioned, however flattering it might be to those hopes; nor in the sleeplessness of his vow could he so tranquillize his unquiet heart as to postpone all intervening quest.
78. I am a knight-errant, and not one of those whose names Fame has never thought of immortalising in her record, but of those who, in defiance and in spite of envy itself, and all the magicians that Persia, or Brahmans that India, or Gymnosophists that Ethiopia ever produced, will place their names in the temple of immortality, to serve as examples and patterns for ages to come, whereby knights-errant may see the footsteps in which they must tread if they would attain the summit and crowning point of honour in arms.
79. Didn't they steal sips of tea, stuff gingerbread ab libitum, get a hot biscuit apiece, and as a crowning trespass, didn't they each whisk a captivating little tart into their tiny pockets, there to stick and crumble treacherously, teaching them that both human nature and a pastry are frail? Burdened with the guilty consciousness of the sequestered tarts, and fearing that Dodo's sharp eyes would pierce the thin disguise of cambric and merino which hid their booty, the little sinners attached themselves to 'Dranpa', who hadn't his spectacles on.
80. We have every grade of greatness here, from that innocent being the ensign, a creature of apparent modesty and blushes, who is obliged to stand up and drain his glass each time a superior chooses to drink to him, and who sits on the hardest chairs and looks for the balls while we play tennis, to the general, invariably delightful, whose brains have carried him triumphantly through the annual perils of weeding out, who is as distinguished in looks and manners as he is in abilities, and has the crowning merit of being manifestly happy in the society of women.
1. But it crowned it too.
2. Crowned Pigeons lay one egg.
3. Crowned King In The Assembly.
4. Is crowned with glory now;.
5. You are crowned with many crowns.
6. A new Overlord is to be crowned.
7. She was crowned queen around 500 A.
8. You are crowned with glory and honour.
9. By which His beloved are also crowned.
10. Samuel is going to be crowned king.
11. A king crowned; a queen with a scepter.
12. You are crowned with a crown of pure gold.
13. Due but to one, and crowned with one crest.
14. In a split second he had crowned her queen.
15. It was earth crowned with heaven; the four-.
16. Where the first Stone Age Kings were crowned.
17. The whole hill was crowned with dazzling light.
18. You will have to be crowned without a collar.
19. He was feted like royalty and crowned with a.
20. You have crowned him with glory and splendour.
21. Won? At what cost have we been crowned victor?
22. Bogey has now crowned and declared himself the.
23. In 1855 he was publicly crowned in the Palace of.
24. With what a cloud the brow of Heaven’s crowned;.
25. The only king we’ve crowned Proportion, numbness.
26. One long crowned the hill in white-columned dignity.
27. We are crowned with a vain conquest; he has mustered.
28. Let us therefore so strive that we may all be crowned.
29. This monograph has been crowned by the French Academy.
30. May the best man win and the fairest lady be crowned!.
31. But his past performance crowned his head like horn flies.
32. They made for the castle that crowned the rocky outcrop in.
33. They remained to see that Valerius was crowned in Tarantia.
34. You have come to be the king, crowned with a crown of thorns.
35. Crowned Pigeons are the larger than any other member of the.
36. She arrived to the stage snarling at the newly crowned king.
37. He could boast great might crowned with signs of compassion.
38. The top of the hillside was crowned by a stand of leafy maples.
39. When he had feasted his eyes with their nipples, that crowned.
40. The Lord has already taken into Him that soul of crowned virtue.
41. From the sounds of it you could be crowned for the junior class.
42. And you haven't taken one since you were crowned, have you now?
43. His hair brushed against the barb wire that crowned the top of it.
44. Natalie will probably be crowned and I don't want to deal with that.
45. The old gods all died and a new God was crowned King of the heavens.
47. This is the statement of how He was crowned: with a crown of thorns.
48. His head was shaven and crowned with a splendid high cylindrical hat.
49. There was another ship at home of which he was newly crowned captain.
50. There will be an end and when it arrives a new leader will be crowned.
51. Now the Princess will do the traditional waltz before she is crowned.
52. French could use the money and in 1804 Napoleon had himself crowned Emperor.
53. Heavy make – up wins wrongly the battle of sex crowned by a false spirit.
54. Her white hair is lifted up in a bun that is crowned with pale pink flowers.
55. If I had succeeded I should have been crowned with glory, but now I'm trapped.
56. It is not like he is going to be crowned King, so I don’t care if he is here.
57. She would be Queen as he was crowned King and together they would rule the Fey.
58. The anus is crowned with two ring muscle through which solid waste are excreted.
59. If I had succeeded I should have been crowned with glory, but now I’m trapped.
60. Dain has crowned their chief with gold, and sworn friendship with them for ever.
61. Emblazonings, as of crowned Babylonian kings and queens, reigned over everything.
62. Near the crest Conan slid into a tangle of jutting rocks, crowned by dense bushes.
63. It was here that the emperors were crowned, up to Ferdinand I, who acceded in 1558.
64. The ironclad crowned out of the water reborn after a hundred and fifty years below.
65. It is the former capital of Norway and the Norwegian Kings are still crowned there.
66. What Mayank appreciated most was her gracious poise which crowned her feminine charm.
67. Fetch me Phyllis crowned with corn-flowers, and add a hundred thousand francs income.
68. And the vaulted ceiling was crowned by skylights, leading to the overhanging firmament.
69. When Prince Andrew entered the room Magnitski’s words were again crowned by laughter.
70. She lay with her head resting upon a cushion of brocade and crowned with a garland of.
71. When Prince Andrew entered the room Magnítski’s words were again crowned by laughter.
72. Lieutenants are crowned kings; superintendents improvise manufacturers out of themselves.
73. The time was passing and our actions were not turning out to be crowned with the success.
74. Even if this mad adventure was somehow crowned with success, nothing would ever be the same.
75. He had himself crowned emperor by the aitasantu, himself, on Gabon-egun (Christmas Day), 800.
76. All in all, a good trip, which was, of course, crowned by these two exciting days in the Sinai.
77. We shall thus have a thin wall steadily growing upward but always crowned by a gigantic coping.
78. Impregnable Malta surrenders without a shot; his most reckless schemes are crowned with success.
79. In regard to philanthropy, the greatest virtue of crowned heads, Napoleon also did all in his power.
80. As thanks for this, the chief of one of the tribes in Africa crowned Jackson king while he was there.
81. The Stone Age was called that because aged men sat on stones and were crowned as leaders of their tribe.
82. He would put her beauty in a palace on a hill crowned with olive trees—a white palace above a blue sea.
83. During the ten-year preparatory period this man had formed relations with all the crowned heads of Europe.
84. Dantes uttered a cry of joy and surprise; never had a first attempt been crowned with more perfect success.
85. Beyond it was a thicket of dark-leaved bay-trees climbing up a steep bank that was crowned with old cedars.
86. Thirty minutes later I gazed at the mirror in disbelief – my head was crowned with a cap of golden spikes.
87. It centred on a beauty pageant the winner of whom was crowned and given the title ‘The Rose of Tralee’.
88. In the late spring, when Liskara had finally picked her way back to the palace stables, Tem was crowned King.
89. He was crowned (as was presently seen) with a crown of gloomy cypress, and in his hand he held a long staff.
90. We had come to two high pillars crowned with heraldic monsters which flanked the opening of a winding avenue.
91. If we had had one man with dynastic blood in his veins we would have crowned and followed him against Nemedia.
92. They laid her on an ancient stone, which was curiously like an altar, and which crowned the summit of the hill.
93. A small white cloud, which had attracted Dantes' attention, crowned the summit of the bastion of the Chateau d'If.
94. If you research the Stone Age cultures of the first Kings ever to be crowned: you will find their crowning places.
95. A pinkish fog crowned the tops of the bridges, humidity mixed with auto exhaust and the ash pouring out of the ghettos.
96. Meanwhile, to avoid running aground, the Nautilus halted three cable lengths from a strand crowned by superb piles of rocks.
97. These efforts were crowned with a television—documentary film which covered this worldwide scientific discovery in detail.
98. In 1923 Reza Khan became prime minister and three years later he overthrew the shah and had himself crowned Reza Shah Pahlevi.
99. His staff was crowned by an iron spider painted white and red, with the black banner of the Webbers hanging listlessly beneath.
100. The lives of sovereigns are an open book which all can read, and the example of a crowned head often does more than legal enactments.
1. Fifty crowns is the price.
2. You are crowned with many crowns.
3. Casting down their golden crowns.
4. See also: Ten Horns, Ten Crowns, Two.
5. May they with crowns of glory shine.
6. The crowns of the cocoa-palms were all.
7. And crowns for convoy put into his purse.
8. These critters will be wearing crowns of.
9. He nectar quaffs, and Hebe crowns his joys.
10. He shot from it two crowns and two shillings.
11. The Roman beast morphs from seven crowns on.
12. The napkins were folded to make little crowns.
13. Of these 600,000 francs you took 50,000 crowns.
14. Have at our crowns a white lotus and a moon seat.
15. No; he really had 3,000 crowns, and we found them.
16. Let us not to be concerned about our crowns on earth.
17. The structure of the 7 crowns of the Beast (Rev 12).
18. Should be golden crowns as some other translations read.
19. Through green crowns the light feel upon them in golden rays.
20. In his will he left thirty thousand gold crowns for the poor.
21. The rook extends his rocky arms and crowns Jaden on his head.
22. They asked us two crowns of six francs each to regild them, but.
23. Perhaps, with a thousand crowns or so the fellow could be stopped.
24. Sancho paid the crowns, the carter put to, the keeper kissed Don.
25. John said the men wore crowns of gold, this could easily be their.
26. The seven crowns symbolize that the seven spirits of evil are the.
27. You gained your crowns by heritage, but Blood was the price of mine.
28. Two millions of Roman crowns; nearly thirteen millions of our money.
29. Nostradamus thanked the man and handed him a handful of French crowns.
30. The diminution of a pile of crowns made bankers sing the Marseillaise.
31. Besides the horse and tilbury together were worth but a hundred crowns.
32. And so it looks a bit like a castle, with some towers and crowns on it.
33. They cast their crowns before Him, as we sing in the glorious Trinity hymn.
34. Their helmets were shaped to mate with their crowns and lock them in place.
35. The light of stars, on crowns they hung The dragon-fire, from twisted wire.
36. Notice that the beast in chapter 13 has seven heads and ten crowns? Quick!.
37. In Lyon, I gave a woman a worthless prescription, and charged her ten crowns.
38. Some of the children had on crowns; some had bows and arrows over their shoulders.
39. Winning crowns the Royal Ought, its policing powers grants itself the right to rule.
40. They decorated their tails with flowers and some had crowns of flowers on their head.
41. Jesus has crowns and multitudinous heavenly rewards prepared for those who truly love.
42. It seemed a strange thing that these men could constantly cast down those crowns, and.
43. One thousand one ounce gold Hilian Crowns, the first coins minted as Hilian currency.
44. The Bible speaks of crowns being awarded in that day for those who have been faithful.
45. Makers of Empire, they have fought for bigger things than crowns and higher seats than thrones.
46. Cast their crowns before the throne–Symbolizes that they are making the unequivocal statement.
47. Wings closed around Arkenian bodies and they bowed to her, the crowns of their heads bent to her.
48. Eight thousand crowns amounted to 48,000 livres; he would then have about 5,050,000 francs left.
49. And I saw another wonder, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns.
50. She began with the second long night, when people ran over the waves and wove crowns of starlight.
51. Sixty francs were offered for a Napoleon d’or, and ten crowns was the price of a glass of brandy.
52. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that.
53. Taking the crowns off their heads the priest read the last prayer and congratulated the young people.
54. A race of pirates not amenable to the gibbets of the crowns? Why, they would be plundering everybody.
55. She rode with her head held back so her gaze could glide through the green tree crowns above her head.
56. Charles and Andre, his youngest sons, would receive 100 gold crowns each on their twenty-fifth birthday.
57. When L’Ollonais went away, the cities were heaps of stones and ashes, and there were no crowns any more.
58. Anne and Diane, then eight and five years old respectively, would receive 500 crowns upon their marriages.
59. All that remained between his remaining canine teeth, where small metal rods that the crowns were stuck to.
60. Morrel, himself the pearl of the honest men of Marseilles, flattered him more than a present of fifty crowns.
61. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man saw.
62. Forest appears like rank upon rank of malicious wizards, and above them black crowns of shrill circling birds.
63. And I saw another wonder, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
64. Boland's breadvan delivering with trays our daily but she prefers yesterday's loaves turnovers crisp crowns hot.
65. He then crowns the eternal progress of time with the fruitfulness of spring and to that adds the heat of summer.
66. Between warehouses and carwashes loomed the towers of the Battery, swallowed halfway up by bleary crowns of snow.
67. There are no crowns around those pretty horns yet! And besides, it’s all their fault I lost my new wings!.
68. And I saw another wonder , a great red dragon , having seven heads and ten horns , and seven crowns upon his heads.
69. In early winter, mulch is used to protect the roots of tender plants and the crowns as well from the harshness of frost.
70. He said that they should go and get their crowns shaved, for which they would get a bottle of vódka each, and a red cap.
71. Also, more shockingly, there were implements of torture, including crowns with spikes on them and racks to stretch bodies.
72. Their crowns were a mere 20 to 30 feet over our heads and reminded me of giant redwood pines with their flat, spiky needles.
73. Spock and Stu looked horrified, expecting sand and Nick’s crowns to spill out, followed by their guts in a hail of bullets.
74. He had been going to suggest twenty-five crowns, but embarrassment made him propose fifty crowns before he could stop himself.
75. Passing the large crowns of oaks and willows there were flying either huge bird flocks, or the lonely, but proud gray travelers.
76. Even louder cheers burst forth as Calisto and Agnes in their splendid robes and glittering crowns, stood and accepted the accolades.
77. After they had received their crowns and flowers, we all went up to have pictures taken, followed by an exclusive royalty-only dance.
78. By every minute, the forest grew before their eyes until they were so close they could distinguish the trunks and the lush green crowns.
79. The greatest tournaments are held in Felion, contested for the crowns of empires, and we went there for their advise on the enterprise.
80. There was also that met them with harps and crowns, and gave them to them--the harps to praise withal, and the crowns in token of honour.
81. Moreover, she had demanded that he finance her shopping expedition to the tune of one hundred gold crowns, which was a truly absurd amount.
82. See also: King, Three Kings, Law, Horn, Crown, Head, Ten Horns, Ten Crowns, Ten Commandments, Seven Crowns, Seven Heads, White Horse, Bow.
83. The slim trunks reached all the way up into the sky where they spread out their summer green crowns as a greeting to the space’s infinity.
84. The butterfly committee met in emergency session in the fire house and got out the crowns of fairies and the long brown underwear of Indians.
85. Next to the crowns of kings and queens, golf clubs are said to be one of the most elegant and valuable pieces the sports world has ever known.
86. The fair woman who is a woman of honour, and whose husband is poor, deserves to be crowned with the laurels and crowns of victory and triumph.
87. The trees here were all giants with branches way above her head and crowns so thick that they blocked the light from reaching the forest floor.
88. They walked into the forest with the last light of day to once again see tree crowns above their heads and listen to the song of Laru’s birds.
89. John who is an exile on the Island Patmos Sea saw a Beast rise up out of the sea having Seven heads and Ten horns and upon his horns Ten crowns.
90. Unlike last year, none of them had the glint in their eyes as they placed the sparkly crowns on their heads… they all felt just as lost as her.
91. I untied the knot and I found forty Spanish gold crowns with a paper written in Arabic, and at the end of the writing there was a large cross drawn.
92. Peppino had a little spare time, so he had a game of mora with the facchini, lost three crowns, and then to console himself drank a bottle of Orvieto.
93. Four and twenty seats and upon the seats, four and twenty elders sitting clothed in white, and they had on their heads crowns of gold (Revelation 4: 4).
94. Nick had booked later that day to have some temporary plastic crowns put on and when he got home to England, he would try the NHS and change for ceramic.
95. You say Barnabus Groat pays his wife a weekly allowance of two hundred gold crowns? Surely that cannot be true! Where did you hear such nonsense?
96. I also have dental insurance that has covered, perhaps $12,000 for visits, cleaning, fillings, extractions, and root canals and crowns over the last 9 years.
97. The dowry of his wife amounted to fifty thousand crowns, and he had, besides, the prospect of seeing her fortune increased to half a million at her father's death.
98. He had spent so much for repairs at Tostes, for madame's toilette, and for the moving, that the whole dowry, over three thousand crowns, had slipped away in two years.
99. He remembered that Morcerf had been taxed at 4,000 crowns, and as he considered himself of much greater importance than Morcerf he fixed his own price at 8,000 crowns.
100. And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men.

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