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Crushed dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. And I have crushed it.
2. I saw his spirit crushed.
3. He crushed me to his chest.
4. No, her mother crushed her.
5. They crushed her body and.
6. Most life was crushed into.
7. Mix honey and crushed cereal.

8. He was crushed with despair.
9. Derrick looked to her, crushed.
10. And she crushed him in her arms.
11. They seem to have been crushed.
12. Anymore and he will be crushed.
13. We crushed the enemy between us.
14. His skull was severely crushed.
15. The cockpit is beyond crushed.
16. He will undoubtedly be crushed.
17. His skull was crushed so easily.
18. They were crushed together there.
19. Her pride was crushed by his words.
20. He was crushed and even humiliated.
21. Serve in glasses with crushed ice.
22. The guards crushed in closer still.
23. They’ve crushed us with one blow.
24. They have a fear of being crushed.
25. Bones crushed and broken to pieces.
26. He will be crushed by the Iron Duke.
27. Carefully he crushed them to powder.
28. She crushed the air right out of me.
29. And then he crushed her to his side.
30. Missy’s trachea was crushed, John.
31. And Stein crushed him while he died.
32. The air was crushed from my stomach.
33. He looked crushed by opposing forces.
34. I felt as if I’d just been crushed.
35. His plans suddenly crushed with that.
36. Many of the animals were crushed to.
37. Temple stove in and windpipe crushed.
38. Devotees have sometimes been crushed.
39. They’ve crushed him, crushed him!’.
40. He crushed me against his shallow chest.
41. They’ve crushed him, crushed him!.
42. Their self esteem was crushed and they.
43. He walked slowly, and as though crushed.
44. He moped, crushed by that, for some time.
45. Simon could have crushed him in his arms.
46. Still at the moment he felt very crushed.
47. Her breasts were crushed against his arm.
48. The blow had nearly crushed his rib cage.
49. This last disaster crushed him completely.
50. It was crushed and half of it was missing.
51. They almost crushed an old woman to death.
52. Again his heart was crushed in a hot grip.
53. The end of me as I am crushed into a dream.
54. Petrov returned with a glass of crushed ice.
55. There are crushed rosemary leaves here too.
56. Our hearts were crushed over and over again.
57. Why? he asked, crushed with self-pity.
58. And the mountains are crushed and crumbled.
59. The damn android crushed my ID card!.
60. Or before my poor crushed brain dies anyhow.
61. But she was crushed by the news of Lotho's.
62. Unlike her husband, she did not look crushed.
63. The attacks had crushed back bone of Zamaril.
64. With one word you have crushed it, and I die.
65. Cover the baking sheet with crushed saltines.
66. He was crushed to death when the car flipped.
67. Note: Not scattered ashes or crushed bones!.
68. The soul of Christianity had been crushed now.
69. Tastes great topped with crushed strawberries.
70. And he died on the spot like a crushed spider.
71. He tossed the crushed can into his back pack.
72. He heard the sound of trees being crushed as.
73. Add the crushed garlic, chilli flakes and lamb.
74. She pulled one out and crushed it in her hand.
75. Add salt, crushed cumin asafoetida and leave.
76. The words crushed me with their terrible truth.
77. I had already crushed the life out of her once.
78. Poor, wretched, despairing, crushed Carlotta!.
79. The slim rectangular pack was crushed and soggy.
80. You smashed it, mangled, crushed it like an egg.
81. Add the crushed garlic, chilli and curry powders.
82. Their organization would now be crushed forever.
83. This dish is great with some crushed red pepper.
84. Carter crushed the empty coffee cup in his hands.
85. I’m crushed my actions have caused Aaron pain.
86. Angel took it down and crushed it into the grate.
87. Stavrogin's flight had astounded and crushed him.
88. Boras looked crushed and hung his head (in shame).
89. The cracking sound of crushed bone was deafening.
90. So my wife wasn’t crushed by no heel of no boy.
91. She crushed them and swallowed the chunky powder.
92. The girl had been unmasked and crushed after all.
93. Spread the crushed nuts evenly in the greased pan.
94. He crushed any autonomy the nobility may have had.
95. Taking her into his arms, he crushed her against.
96. He had been crushed, mind and spirit, in one blow.
97. Stir in the crushed tomatoes and the tomato sauce.
98. As it fell, its massive weight crushed our Nawader.
99. I took the crushed cereal box and presented it to.
100. No-when the earth is leveled, pounded, and crushed.
1. Cortes was crushing the Aztecs.
2. That was a crushing blow to me.
3. It had been a crushing blow to Mrs.
4. Wow, buddy_ You’re crushing me.
5. He crumpled suddenly, crushing the.
6. Try crushing one and seeing if it works.
7. Cook and mince them by crushing in a can.
8. As the wall came crushing down, Uar gave.
9. Crushing the thought as if it were vermin.
10. The 210 approached at a crushing 10 G’s.
11. He gave each of his parents a crushing hug.
12. Panic seized his chest, crushing his heart.
13. His fear had weight and it was crushing him.
14. The pressure in your ears builds to crushing.
15. Crushing in the winepress grapes of Burgundy.
16. But he also felt a crushing sense of futility.
17. Her lipstick smeared, one lip crushing another.
18. A stomping and crushing of leaves and twigs was.
19. He hoped he wasn’t crushing her; stifling her.
20. Then I started with the crushing of the "pazote".
21. Me and the satisfier, crushing through a.
22. The baseball team was a crushing defeat for Thomas.
23. Her body turned and she came crushing down on Eric.
24. It was just that he, Arvid Wrange, was crushing her.
25. Never again, she said crushing it into pieces.
26. She needed to wash away the crushing weight of guilt.
27. Walking to Hadarah he pulled her into a crushing hug.
28. Crushing certain plants could add up infinitesimally.
29. He took my hand, and began crushing my fingers in his.
30. You’re crushing me, he said in a strained voice.
31. I felt all that in waves, crushing over my very essence.
32. Then six tall huge figures came crushing into the space.
33. I’ve got the sad job of crushing the dreams of young.
34. He felt as if the most crushing load had fallen off him.
35. They take away what we love most as a means of crushing us.
36. She’s dead? Claire felt a weight crushing her chest.
37. He was beaming now and pulled me into a bear hug, crushing.
38. Israel had won yet another crushing victory over its enemies.
39. The lady then arose, carefully crushing her cigarette into the.
40. The sword is like a hard hammer crushing nuts in various sizes.
41. Soon heavy, leaden sleep came over him, as it were crushing him.
42. Felix was so startled he dropped his spoon, crushing one of his.
43. Instead of joy at the news, all I felt was a crushing emptiness.
44. His grip wasn’t crushing, but his hand felt as solid as stone.
45. She embraced me without crushing me, which I greatly appreciated.
46. Marching on, he delivered a crushing defeat to the Austrian and.
47. The loss of each one had been a crushing blow, but her youngest.
48. So he is the guy you’re crushing on? I should have guessed it.
49. The man is a brute, who came near crushing this woman and her child.
50. Their behavior can´t deny that both are more than heavily crushing.
51. Hollow ball casting to be used, in thermal plants, for coal crushing.
52. He went down, crushing the poisonous monster in his grasp as he fell.
53. This crushing blow came down upon him without notice, quite suddenly.
54. The sense of disappointment, of failure, was crushing in the darkness.
55. He stepped over my brother, crushing his hand as he inched towards me.
56. Emily leaned up and kissed him, crushing her lips to his and wrapping.
57. I swear! The world spun around him, pressed in, crushing his mind.
58. You can make a paste by crushing a handful of with a mortar and pestle.
59. The crushing blow to the back of my head sent my consciousness reeling.
60. Only Astray made no move to escape the crushing fall of the great wyrm.
61. He gasped convulsively, as if his ribs were crushing the breath from him.
62. Along the way he had many stirring victories and a few crushing defeats.
63. Little did I think that this would be the prelude to the most crushing.
64. Then over time I began to realize that all I was doing was crushing the.
65. He jumped back, crushing thousands of tiny shards under his heavy boots.
66. I look forward to you checking in to tell me you are crushing the markets.
67. The crushing weight of white water was about to end his dream of winning.
68. He could feel the pressure though, and it was rising to a crushing level.
69. Now in the rushing, crushing crowd of disconnected, lonely souls, I heard.
70. I need you, she said softly, crushing her body against his imploringly.
71. His grip was crushing Brandon's shoulders and the others closed in on him.
72. Broken empty shells cracked beneath his feet and he rolled, crushing more.
73. How can the heart ache so? For D’ata, it was a crushing, suffocating ache.
74. Crushing someone with a car presents as distance and removal from the kill.
75. Pocket's dignity was so crushing, that I felt quite abashed, as if I myself.
76. I picked her up in a fireman’s carry and crushing hard on her soft wet lips.
77. For example, I knew this girl who was infamous for crushing the spirits of men.
78. The concrete slab of guilt that had been crushing him became suddenly lighter.
79. He did speak about it, and it's that more than anything that's crushing him.
80. Once, she skipped to avoid crushing a small, unknown relative of the euphorbia.
81. The beasts were heading to the city walls crushing all who stood in their path.
82. She’s broken his grip, has an elbow at his throat now, crushing his windpipe.
83. Meanwhile, Rex was holding his nurse‘s head in the sink, crushing his windpipe.
84. But the crushing news of her father’s death was still exceedingly raw for him.
85. At that moment, I heard a sound like a thousand trash compactors crushing metal.
86. Jim jumped to his feet and clutched her tightly, crushing her face to his chest.
87. It was a crushing victory for the Soviets and an enormous blow to German prestige.
88. They looked at Martian hills that time had worn with a crushing pressure of years.
89. The crushing, humming and exploding sounds quickly become very loud and annoying.
90. We had been filled with propaganda about the crushing victories of our opponents.
91. Jess drew in a sudden breath, because the weight that had been crushing him lifted.
92. Ostedes planted a foot on his chest, crushing him, his toes digging into his skin.
93. The stone room felt like it was crushing him, and claustrophobia shook his senses.
94. With a pounce, the lion butt his head into Rathos’s chest, crushing his ribcage.
95. He landed on the other side, close to a lioness busy crushing the broken neck of a.
96. The giants fought in a berserk rage, crushing and hacking anything with dead flesh.
97. Another crowd of people surged in, crushing those who were already collected inside.
98. The force of acceleration was crushing, but not sufficient to render him unconscious.
99. Arayus was silent for a moment, drinking in the shear, crushing implications of the.
100. The colossus fell down heavily on top of a table and three customers, crushing them.
1. That's what crushes me now.
2. It weighs down, it crushes.
3. The Fed Crushes the 1981 Economy.
4. That this poor aching bosom crushes?
5. I’ve had teenager’s crushes before.
6. Cass quickly crushes it in his embrace.
7. It crushes the arm and parts of the hippo’s.
8. In the short term, Maya almost always crushes the.
9. The T-90 crushes the fuselage of DeShawn’s Raven.
10. Civilization crushes, kills, and buries all new ideas.
11. In the short term, Maya almost always crushes the rebellion.
12. As a huge heavy box of hidden layers that crushes him flat.
13. HATAMAH: It breaks and crushes everything that is thrown into.
14. First crushes, first dates, first kisses, first break-ups, first exes.
15. His punishment crushes me here that I may enter into His mercy hereafter.
16. Von Rumpel sets the little house on the floor, raises his foot, and crushes it.
17. A steel beam slams into one of them, and a slab of concrete crushes the other.
18. Thomas was left with crushes on girls he wanted to ask to prom, but he did not.
19. This elephant of Zulimistan crushes small ants celebrate its victory and triumph.
20. His chest crushes mine, and I itch to touch, but I can’t, my hands, useless above me.
21. Another juicer crushes what you would like to juice and presses that crush against a fine net.
22. Mmph! you gasp startled by her sudden aggressiveness as she crushes herself into your chest.
23. She crushes a brick mailbox whipping over a lawn, you knock ornamental statue through a breakfast nook keeping up.
24. Think deeply and seriously on the scripture; walk the love walk, patience slows you down, make you focus and crushes hurry.
25. The third juicer is also grinding, but instead of a twister that crushes the fibers, it has two rust-free screws that face each other.
26. Daphne also spotted Cam, Emma, Gregory, Pete, and Stan sitting with Hortense, fawning over the doctor like they all had school-girl crushes.
27. I have no idea how the cheer team can throw Dylan Marvil's fat ass up in the air! She practically crushes the girls who catch her when she comes back down!.
28. When the doubting man attempts any deed and fails in it on account of his doubt this grief enters into the man and grieves the Holy Spirit and crushes him out.
29. In all such relationships there is on one side the extreme which shows itself when one member of the intimacy crushes and destroys the personality of the other.
30. He still feels a pang of guilt whenever she reaches for hair that isn't there, but the overwhelming attractiveness of the new look generally crushes those thoughts.
31. Oddly clean-cut despite his tattoos and powerful build, he had a quick, almost wry grin, and as far as she could tell, all three of the waitresses had crushes on him.
32. In a way it was funny, because a lot of girls back in high school had had their crushes on Adam, and yet all he cared about was pursuing me, even though it was hopeless.
33. The unjust oppression of the industry of other countries falls back, if I may say so, upon the heads of the oppressors, and crushes their industry more than it does that of those other countries.
34. You cannot humanize or make more humane, a malevolent system that allows the worst, most foul evil to dominate the highest places of power and systematically crushes and destroys the best of the human species.
35. Katya never had made such confessions to Alyosha before, and he felt that she was now at that stage of unbearable suffering when even the proudest heart painfully crushes its pride and falls vanquished by grief.
36. Western civilization is still seeking to crush the entire Earth and harm it, still seeking oil, and still throwing away everything it crushes as being useless and still worshipping toil and throwing away as useless.
37. Do you not perceive that grief is more wicked than all the spirits and most terrible to the servants of God and more than all other spirits destroys man and crushes out the Holy Spirit and yet on the other hand she saves him?
38. The top scum of each human culture decapitates the heads of grain, and crushes them between stone wheels, separating the nutritious chaff from the gluten, separating the starving poor from the gluttons and make white bread out of it.
39. The Principle of increasing mediocrity is only one symptom of the many ills and fallacies of the hierarchical pyramidalization of human society which allows only the worst to seep to the top and crushes the best, instead of the other way around.
40. I have that fatality hanging over me that, not being able to ever have anything but stolen consideration, that consideration humiliates me, and crushes me inwardly, and, in order that I may respect myself, it is necessary that I should be despised.
41. The highest grade of pillaging is to take the bones of the deceased and throw it into a monster industrial blender with hardened steel balls which crushes and grinds it to a powder! This my friend is pillaging of the highest degree of a body that does not even belong to you.
42. Then he rises from his cot and takes the little shortwave radio out of the first-aid box—six years old and bristling with his modifications, replacement wires, a new solenoid, Jutta’s notations orbiting the tuning coil—and carries it into the alley behind the house and crushes it with a brick.
43. When nothing else matters except that single part of a disconnected linear chain of a linear, causal process that rips ore out of the earth, filters it, crushes it, washes it, chemicalizes it, melts it, refines it, turns it into an alloy, ships it around the world to other factories that refine it further, shape it, re-melt it, pound it, twist it, flatten it, and then sell it to another set of disconnected linear processes that makes that metal ends up in half the houses of the world as a screw, as a pipe, as a nail….
44. On the contrary, these festivities signal a sad but, let us hope, temporary phenomenon,—the disloyalty of France to its former great historic rôle: the country, which once called the whole world to break the fetters of despotism and offered its fraternal aid to every nation that revolted for the sake of its freedom, now burns incense before the Russian government, which systematically trigs the normal, organic, and vital growth of the national life, and mercilessly crushes, without stopping at anything, all the strivings of Russian society toward the light, toward freedom, and toward independence.
45. Sometimes I rambled to pine groves, standing like temples, or like fleets at sea, full-rigged, with wavy boughs, and rippling with light, so soft and green and shady that the Druids would have forsaken their oaks to worship in them; or to the cedar wood beyond Flint's Pond, where the trees, covered with hoary blue berries, spiring higher and higher, are fit to stand before Valhalla, and the creeping juniper covers the ground with wreaths full of fruit; or to swamps where the usnea lichen hangs in festoons from the white spruce trees, and toadstools, round tables of the swamp gods, cover the ground, and more beautiful fungi adorn the stumps, like butterflies or shells, vegetable winkles; where the swamp-pink and dogwood grow, the red alderberry glows like eyes of imps, the waxwork grooves and crushes the hardest woods in its folds, and the wild holly berries make the beholder forget his home with their beauty, and he is dazzled and tempted by nameless other wild forbidden fruits, too fair for mortal taste.

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1. He had a crush on.
2. Crush me like a beetle.
3. It's more than a crush.
4. Hence the term IV crush.
5. You have a crush on her.
6. Our Lady would crush him.
7. Bernice had a crush on him.
8. Elizabeth had a crush on Mr.
9. A huge crush of bodies had.
10. It’s time to crush a party.
11. She still had a crush on him.
12. It’s just a crush, I think.
13. He will crush them one by one.
14. One I’d had a small crush on.
15. It was an absurd crush, I knew.
16. The shore, crush into sand and.
17. It was just a silly little crush.
18. Crush ingredients and mix well.
19. I felt that she had a crush on me.
20. She was your first celebrity crush.
21. I always had a little crush on her.
22. He tried to crush me with his arms.
23. He did have a slight crush on Dana.
24. I reckon someone has a crush on you.
25. He felt that men would crush him as.
26. Plus, he probably has a crush on you.
27. Crush in a mortar and mix into powder.
28. Actually, Manley had a crush on every.
29. It begins to crush her as John watches.
30. I can crush Conan without human aid!'.
31. I drank a lot of Grape Crush that year.
32. To puree, crush garlic cloves with the.
33. And that the truth was going to crush me.
34. I will crush that pretty face of yours.
35. Ali could feel a choking fear crush his.
36. Since she wasn't the one i had a crush on.
37. Honestly, I have the biggest crush on him.
38. But she was too weak to crush, too tender.
39. Then crush this herb into Lysander's eye;.
40. To crush and mutilate a rose just for the.
41. Of course! He had a crush on the Princess.
42. He has always been able to crush every foe.
43. Step on a mouse and you crush the Pyramids.
44. I crush the side of a beaker under my shoe.
45. Put it into a bag and crush it with a hammer.
46. It began with an enormous crush at the doors.
47. Then I remembered that she had a crush on him.
48. Crush cookies and mix them with the margarine.
49. Travis always had a crush for Raymond's sister.
50. Todd had the biggest crush on her in grade five.
51. Crush the Olympians underfoot, as they deserve.
52. The mandarins sent in soldiers to crush these.
53. I felt the crush of falling soldiers and police.
54. Watching her crush, while doing his best talent.
55. This is called an implied volatility (IV) crush.
56. To crush! To lift the lean of that black bluff!.
57. Why? You have a crush on him? You know him?
58. Do I have a nervous crush on this guy? I thought.
59. I also think he has a rather tragic crush on Lucy.
60. Steve joined in, Kate, nothing could crush him.
61. The hammer might be able to crush the piggy 252.
62. He told me about his first crush with his teacher.
63. The urge to crush seeds before they could grow up.
64. He would crush us all without lifting a finger.
65. Staggering amid the crush, Pierre looked about him.
66. For example take a wafer and crush it into powder.
67. She was the longest lasting crush I have ever had.
68. In the crush of crowds there’s little of civility.
69. Yahweh has been pleased to crush him with suffering.
70. It was obvious that Ebira had a crush on him herself.
71. But truth be told, I had the HUGEST crush on Chris.
72. It won't crush me and it won't make me crush others.
73. For a bantamweight, I could crush plate after plate.
74. Crush the cardamom and cinnamon, put all spices in.
75. A thunderous crush, and there was a sweeping silence.
76. Martha has a real crush on Tom Cruise, she said.
77. If he does, Shark is gonna crush his trading results.
78. Empty into a serving bowl, and garnish with nut crush.
79. It will crush your self-worth and devalue your being.
80. It’s another matter that I had a crush on the girl.
81. So i told her i had a big crush on her and she said.
82. He’s hot and he’s sweet and he has a crush on you.
83. I just want to tell you that, I have a crush on you.
84. I so dreaded a reply that would crush me with despair.
85. Isn’t that sweet? A psycho killer has a crush on me.
86. Here we see that it was the Lord’s will to crush Him.
87. There is an incredible crush and pressure in the crowd.
88. Instead I feel the weight of what I did crush me again.
89. What better opportunity to crush the ring than when Mr.
90. I sorta have a crush on one of the girls at the club.
91. What he knew was that Manley had a crush on most of the.
92. By the time it fell to crush her, she was gone, running.
93. We could crush their faces with a mere slap of our hand.
94. That’s all this is about? Your crush on Marcus?
95. No matter we win or lose the war will crush the economy.
96. With a simple tap, the dwarf could crush a human's skull.
97. I’m surprised he didn’t crush my bones with that bat.
98. This, by the way, is the anatomy of a Mindy Kaling crush.
99. We walked on together through a crush of valiant tourists.
100. Because the Shinra are going to crush them…literally.

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