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Cup dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Add water to the cup.
2. I need a cup of.
3. He picked up his cup.
4. I want a cup of wine.
5. I drain my coffee cup.
6. He threw a cup at me.
7. She poured a cup of.

8. Doc held out his cup.
9. About a ½ cup is a.
10. Here is a cup of tea.
11. Boil the cup of water.
12. Seven spit in his cup.
13. Here's a cup a beans.
14. Her cup had been full.
15. The cup was still full.
16. A cup lies on the floor.
17. The hussar took the cup.
18. Claire put down the cup.
19. Doc toyed with his cup.
20. One half a cup of tea, n.
21. Yes, he did it in a cup.
22. Thaniel put his cup down.
23. The cup slipped out of.
24. Let's have a cup of tea.
25. Cover with 1 cup water.
26. We’ve a cup of tea or.
27. I took the cup and drank.
28. Dip me another cup of.
29. Then he missed the cup!.
30. She poured me a cup and.
31. A cup of chemicals @ 363K.
32. This is my cup, my child.
33. Walt took an offered cup.
34. A cup midst the commotion.
35. The first cup would have.
36. Use a cup that can deform.
37. He put down his empty cup.
38. He handed Rita the tin cup.
40. The cup of life with flame.
41. Darek walked up to his cup.
42. Taking a cup to the mouth.
43. Have a cup of this wine.
44. She passed me a cup of tea.
45. Caris poured ale into a cup.
46. He offered me a cup of tea.
47. The Cup dipped into the sun.
48. She handed me my cup of tea.
49. The cup fell and shattered.
50. Hold a cup that can deform.
51. I’ll have a cup of tea.
52. She needed a cup of coffee.
53. Then Shelagh drained her cup.
54. Maybe just a hot cup of tea.
55. Murder is not my cup of tea.
56. Hold the empty cup up in a.
57. Kemberra lifted his cup also.
58. Ascot meeting, the Gold Cup.
59. Ah cup of tead he said.
60. Hot water, and a cup of tea.
61. He gave me a cup of coffee.
62. Jason held out an empty cup.
63. I put a penny in the tin cup.
64. Spread 1/2 cup brown sugar.
65. Two swallows drained the cup.
66. Decrease the size of the cup.
67. Let’s have another cup of.
68. Increase the size of the cup.
69. Would you like a cup?
70. Walden drained his coffee cup.
71. William, it’s just a cup.
72. Lord Wexler choked in his cup.
73. Fold into mixture the 1 cup.
74. Make me a cup of tea Carl.
75. She poured another cup of tea.
76. Spurs to win the Cup Final.
77. Over one cup of tea I could.
78. To go along with his cup of.
79. Drink one cup in the morning.
80. I just came for a cup of tea.
81. This is my cup, said he.
82. He passed the cup back to her.
83. Even after a third cup, and.
84. She set her cup on the counter.
85. The Colts Cup Competition was.
86. There was no cup on the table.
87. PADD and lifted his cup of tea.
88. The blood was fil ing the cup.
89. He handed her a cup of coffee.
90. Was the cup left here?
91. He refilled his cup, as did I.
92. Caris held a cup to his mouth.
93. His blood was fil ing the cup.
94. Could I please have a cup of.
95. Put the cornflour into a cup.
96. Puller fingered his coffee cup.
97. I needed a cup of coffee and.
98. Half a cup of chopped walnuts.
99. I guess I could use a cup of.
100. We should get a cup of coffee.
1. Said Travis cupping his ear.
2. Cupping the hand on a table.
3. Cupping his hands, he bellowed.
4. Cupping his cheek, she leaned in.
5. He grasped her mound, cupping its.
6. Ensure that cupping of the hand occurs.
7. Tests on cupping under the stated age:.
8. Cupping the hand while picking up a plate.
9. Tests on cupping out of its regular time:.
10. I reached up, cupping his face in my hands.
11. Cupping her hands over her ears didn't help.
12. His hand comes up and he’s cupping her jaw.
13. Magical, he whispered, cupping her face.
14. He leaned forward, cupping his hand to his ear.
15. I realized that my hands were cupping my ears again.
16. He kisses me sweetly again, his hand cupping my face.
17. The Chinese Oak dried to prevent cupping and warping.
18. Cupping both of her hands in his and patted them gently.
19. Cupping my hand over my mouth, I blew into it and inhaled.
20. Oh please, he said, cupping his hands over his crotch.
21. Ensure that there is cupping of the medial border of the hand.
22. Garcia stifled a laugh by cupping his mouth with his left hand.
23. Cupping his hands, he bellowed as loud a warning as he could muster.
24. Raziel trembled at the sound, his ghastly hands cupping over his ears.
25. One of his large hands slid into my hair, cupping the back of my head.
26. I’m sorry, said Captain Rathbone, cupping a hand around his ear.
27. Oh Jil ! said Mike cupping his hands over his mouth in realisation.
28. Louder! I can’t hear you! he said, cupping his hand next to his ear.
29. We sat on our knees and bent over, cupping our hands to scoop up the water.
30. Tests on cupping applied on places other than the upper part of the back:.
31. Cupping a hand over his mouth, Scott turned to the door of the master bedroom.
32. Before Cam could process the insult of that, she was reaching up, cupping his jaw.
33. He scrambled up the stairs and almost waddled onto the stage, cupping his nose in.
34. Cupping hands to the side of his head, Hanor leant against the pane and peered out.
35. Yakov watched Matt slump in his chair, cupping his hand across his forehead as he.
36. Jesse I have to do this I said, and he sat up too cupping my cheek in his hand.
37. Cupping head in hands, the hostilities were no longer there, just frustration at not.
38. The child sat on the floor cross-legged, hands cupping her face, and wept for a long.
39. His hands were now under her t shirt and cupping her breasts in the palm of his hands.
40. Cupping his hands under a flow of cold water, he drew it up to his face, head and neck.
41. Practice cupping the palm of your hand and pouring water into it using your other hand.
42. You’re so beautiful, he whispered, cupping my breasts as his mouth moved upwards.
43. You’ll what? he prompted, lifting a hand to my face and cupping my scarred cheek.
44. Grandma was cupping her hands like a seashell and from within that shell the echo sounded.
45. Allison frowned and then closed the distance between them, her palm cupping his left cheek.
46. She kisses him again and he sighs into her, cupping her cheek in his hand, settling over her.
47. Then you’ll want to see the curing process and then the all-important cupping and roasting.
48. He slid into a bar stool and rested his elbows on the counter, cupping his face in his hands.
49. This affirms that the cupping operation should be applied only before breakfast in the morning.
50. From his trousers he took a crumpled packet of cigarettes and cupping his hands stuck a match.
51. This proves the false of any saying calling to perform cupping on persons under twenty years old.
52. Cupping (the use of a glass cup to create suction over a skin surface) is a traditional Chinese.
53. He nodded reverently cupping my face in his hands and kissing me with urgent passion and adoration.
54. I saw you leaning in towards the door cupping your ear with your hand so you could hear us better.
55. He took her face into his hands, then cupping the back of her head and brushed her hair gently aside.
56. He reached his hand inside and removed one shiny coin, cupping it in his hand so only he could see it.
57. She caught her breath as the hand continued its investigation southwards, cupping, converging, caressing.
58. Cupping his hands about his mouth, he shouted in a voice of thunder: "Do yer stop aht all night in 'er?"—R.
59. This definitely indicates that any cupping operation is performed out of its defined time will avail nothing.
60. Cupping it in his hands, he blew on it as he pulled two hairs from Roelle’s head and a feather off the deck.
61. We backed away from the corpse as Jo emerged slowly from the office, cupping her hands over her mouth in shock.
62. But the right condition is over this age, because the physical growth of man stops, therefore he needs cupping.
63. Steven McAdams looked at the growling hound and then back up at Tizzie, still cupping his ears and streaming tears.
64. When he had finished with her legs he placed one hand softly to her pubic mound and waited, holding her, cupping her.
65. He had his right hand fixed on his hip, his left hand cupping his chin, struggling to make the best of their situation.
66. I kissed him back fervently, my hand cupping the back of his head to deepen the kiss, but I had questions bothering me.
67. Cupping his hands around his mouth and pointing them at the bedroom window, he half-whispered, half-shouted, 'Jane!’.
68. Note: the rate of plasma in the cupping blood was less than 20%, while the rate of the other components was more than 80%.
69. Al-Dayrani heading one of the meetings that was held with the scientific medical team supervising the research on cupping.
70. Thank you, Brother Lynkyn, Rhobair Duchairn said, cupping the heavy mug of hot tea gratefully between his chilled palms.
71. Thus we can say that there is no substitute for the cupping on the upper part of the back (the true place of cupping on body).
72. Now please, for the love of God, hurry up and finish cupping that glass before I send you back out into the woods with Angel.
73. Hey, stop this, he commands softly, cupping my chin again and pulling at it gently so I release my lower lip from my teeth.
74. He did not approve of a too lowering system, including reckless cupping, nor, on the other hand, of incessant port wine and bark.
75. This has been noticed by millions of people who have applied cupping, and therefore, it is considered a miracle of the present age.
76. Cupping her breast that offered me its nipple, to the firm flat belly and pubic hair, to the legs that Aphrodite would have envied.
77. The rain was unrelenting and we had to empty the boat continuously; cupping our hands and throwing the cold water back into the river.
78. He touched me then, reaching up and cupping the back of my head, pulling me closer for a kiss so delicate that I could scarcely feel it.
79. Cupping his hands over his mouth Cody called out her name, Amori! Waiting he listened hoping to hear a reply but still there was nothing.
80. Let’s see… When was that? He became thoughtful, staring at nothing and cupping his chin with his palms while she came a bit closer to the table.
81. She peels off her mitten to help him, brushing the snow from his forehead and readjusting his hat before cupping her chilled hand against his numb cheek.
82. Lewis scratched his head, then slid his hand down, cupping his face in his hand, squeezing his cheek, as if he were sitting in his study, lost in thought.
83. Cupping her chin in his hands again, Joel lifted her face up to meet his, and gave her a searching look, before giving her one last tender, but very brief kiss.
84. He revived the sacred prophetic Sunna after the books of the ancient had effaced it, when he drove away the incurable diseases by animating the Sunna of cupping.
85. He revived the sacred prophetic Sunnah after the books of the ancient had effaced it, when he drove away the incurable diseases by animating the Sunnah of cupping.
86. He revived the sacred Prophetic Sun’na after the books of the ancients had effaced it, when he drove away incurable diseases by animating the Sun’na of cupping.
87. His fingers, first cupping her wet mound, quickly separated, his middle finger searching for the spot that would bring her close, but not completely, to where she wanted to be.
88. It is probably no less effective, all things considered, to go back to what he was doing forever ago, before the lights went out: cupping hands to mouth and shouting their names.
89. All of that is mentioned in his book: (The Marvelous Medicine that Cured Heart Disease, Cancer, Paralysis, and Migraine – Cupping, A prophetic Medical Science in its New Perspective).
90. The cupping blood in this case seemed to be almost similar to the venous blood concerning the blood cells general count, the blood smear, and the normal shapes of the red corpuscles in both of them.
91. The studies proved that there is a big difference between the cupping blood taken from cupped-persons over twenty years old (which is the suitable age for cupping) and that of persons under this age.
92. Her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck and his hands cupping her butt helped hold her up but it was his member within her that seemed to be responsible thru a long, laughing, slow-motion ride.
93. Therefore, the ship's maul and the pounded nail and the bright sun-symbol of power and reward banged to the mast with the promise that gold will pour from Moby Dick's wounds into their outreached cupping hands.
94. Cupping the freezing water amixure of H20, gold bath powder and blood in his hands he could taste the essence of her life force in it, but of course it didn’t have anywhere near the effect that fresh live blood has.
95. He raised trembling fingers and ran them across my chest just below my collarbones, drawing them to the vee of my cleavage, where they rested a moment, his hands cupping the tops of my breasts gently as he caught my gaze.
96. And then the long bulbs in the kitchen were lighting the countertop like porn: rods of sweaty cheese prodding cocktail olives, spinach lolling in wooden bowls, pale crisp lettuce leaves cupping ice-cream scoops of tuna salad.
97. For a cupping, twelve incisions are necessary; with a machine these are not painful at all, for it makes them instantaneously; with the lancet it is a different affair altogether—that cuts slowly, and makes the patient suffer.
98. I motioned him to the bottom of the crater and told him we would be going in about half an hour and then very carefully we lit a couple of fags cupping the glowing ends in our hands to hide the tell tale glow from the end of them.
99. This evokes many inquiries and questions marks?? How did the Iron-transferor (which has protein construction) get out with the cupping blood after it had unloaded its iron which remained in the body to partake of forming new blood corpuscles??
100. I was kneeling thus by the Stream, cupping the cool Water in my Hands whilst Lustre lapp’d contentedly beside me, when suddenly I noticed a strange bent Figure in a high-crown’d Beaver Hat loping along the River-Bank, follow’d silently by a silky Persian Cat.
1. Her hands cupped his ass.
2. He cupped my face in his hand.
3. He cupped my face in his hands.
4. Sam cupped her chin in his palm.
5. He cupped my chin with his hand.
6. Ronan cupped his hands together.
7. I cupped her face with my hands.
8. He cupped his hand over her breast.
9. He cupped my face with both hands.
10. Without delay, I cupped his face.
11. Jannie cupped a hand around her ear.
12. As he cupped his hands to ease his.
13. He cupped her face in his hands and.
14. Libuse cupped the thread in her hands.
15. Bruce yelled through his cupped hands.
16. He cupped his hands around his mouth.
17. Alby cupped his hands around his mouth.
18. Aunt Renee cupped her sister’s cheek.
19. Groza had a two-way cupped near his ear.
20. He cupped my breasts in his hands and.
21. He cupped her breasts and squeezed them.
22. The judge cupped his hands over his mouth.
23. Porter cupped his hand over the telephone.
24. Joey? she said through cupped hands.
25. His hands cupped my face as he kissed me.
26. What’s that? Setne cupped his ear.
27. I cupped his face with my paws and then.
28. Doc cupped his hands close to Mack’s ear.
29. His hands cupped her buttocks and pressed.
30. He cupped his hands in the water and drank.
31. I cupped Christine’s breasts in my hands.
32. I cupped her cheek and she looked up at me.
33. He cupped my cheek, his gaze boring into mine.
34. She turned to the Gypsy King and cupped his.
35. He eased out her blouse and cupped her breast.
36. Brunno with his hands cupped around his mouth.
37. He turned and cupped one hand around his mouth.
38. Still smiling, he cupped his hands to his mouth.
39. He cupped his hands and called out Hellooooo.
40. I cupped them in my hand and he moaned a little.
41. And those who cupped their ears heard My voice;.
42. Finally Rick captured a moth within cupped hands.
43. She cupped her hand over Alistair and whispered.
44. He stood up and cupped his hands around his mouth.
45. Eva cupped Zoe’s face and turned it towards her.
46. He kept the machine gun cupped off automatic fire.
47. He cupped the phone’s mouthpiece up to his lips.
48. The nurse cupped her hands over her mouth and went.
49. He cupped her cheek, rubbed a thumb across her lips.
50. Jai cupped water out of the boat as fast as he could.
51. I dropped the letter then cupped my face with my paws.
52. Myrah sauntered over next to Rhone as he cupped some.
53. Jack sat back and rested his head in his cupped hands.
54. Then she cupped and held her hand out and patiently.
55. He cupped my face and parted my lips with his tongue.
56. Heather cupped Cynthia’s face with the palms of her.
57. He stopped and gently cupped each one with his hands.
58. Elowen took off the pendant and cupped it in her hands.
59. Marcus cupped her hand, steadied her with his other arm.
60. Vlad cupped his eyes, paused for a moment and then un-.
61. Willie rested his chin in his cupped hands and listened.
62. Jeff cupped her breast and tested her engorged nipples.
63. Corey in turn, cupped my face with both of his paws and.
64. Allan bent over and cupped some water from the pond and.
65. He cupped his hands to his mouth and gave a great shout.
66. Make loud noises by slapping the water with cupped hands.
67. They felt full and heavy, cupped in his calloused palms.
68. Corey cupped my face with his paws and then proceeded to.
69. Silas cupped his wings over his beak, shouting at Barnes.
70. She cupped his cheek and tilted his face down to study it.
71. He cupped his hands to his eyes and peered into the lobby.
72. Mickey lowered his head and then cupped his face with his.
73. Candy, in turn, cupped my face with the palm of her hands.
74. She signalled Steve who cupped his hands in front of him.
75. I leaped onto the teen’s chest and then cupped his face.
76. I stood on my hind legs and then cupped Rhonda’s cheeks.
77. Angela bent over and cupped Clarene’s face in her hands.
78. I dropped the leash and cupped the other side of the gun.
79. I crawled to Alexandra’s chest, cupped her face and then.
80. In the center of it, cupped and huge, was a single raindrop.
81. His hands cupped her large breasts and pinched her nipples.
82. With her other hand, she cupped an imaginary pair of balls.
83. When Sue was through, Sue cupped my testicles in her hand.
84. Kyle sat Emily down by the stream and she cupped her hand.
85. He cupped the back of her neck and brought her mouth to his.
86. Moved, he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly.
87. He thought about this for a second and then cupped his hands.
88. I’d rather die than cheat on you, He cupped her face.
89. Tom reached over and cupped the ornament in the palm of his.
90. Then she shocked me when she cupped her hands and whispered.
91. His hands shook as he held his forehead in his cupped hands.
92. I leaped onto Roman’s chest, cupped his face and then gave.
93. Jermaine cupped his hands over his mouth and cal ed over the.
94. Alvin brought a small amount of the water cupped in his hand.
95. Mick cupped her other breast with his left hand, rubbing his.
96. She cupped warm fingers over his eyelids, then over his ears.
97. Laughing from the doorway where she had cupped her hands as a.
98. When he straightened back up, he cupped her face in his hands.
99. She shrugged and cupped her hands full of water from the basin.
100. I leaped onto my mother’s lap, cupped her face with my paws.
1. Add 2 cups of the.
2. He was in his cups.
3. Just a few cups of.
4. Both cups fell to the.
5. He half fills the cups.
6. He put milk into the cups.
7. I came back with two cups.
8. Drink three or more cups.
9. There are cups above it.
10. Three or more cups should.
11. Into the cups already sped.
12. She put out two cups of tea.
13. The Mystery of the Two Cups.
14. Now add 2 1/2 cups of flour.
15. He’s fixated on free cups.
16. He cups my cheek in his hand.
17. Add 2 cups of water and salt.
18. Add 2 cups water and the wine.
19. Drink three to five cups per.
20. Over his cups in the long bar.
21. We got the cups all packed.
22. I place the cups on the table.
23. With cups placed before them.
24. Raymun filled two cups with wine.
25. TK cups his hands around his mouth.
26. Spread chocolate to edges of cups.
27. Yeah, you can top off both cups.
28. Hestia returned with cups of wine.
29. There’s always water in the Cups.
30. Bring 1 1/2 cups water to a boil.
31. He had drunk two cups of chocolate.
32. Can I have three cups today?
33. I have the language of coffee cups.
34. Thaniel touched their cups together.
35. I had spooned the coffee into cups.
36. You will have about 2 cups of puree.
37. Pencils rolled, coffee cups jingled.
38. I will replace all of the cups, sir.
39. She stops, cups her ears and looks.
40. The man who was drying the cups was.
41. The cups and saucers were laid ready.
42. Bring 31/2 cups of water to a boil.
43. Drinking water on cups while running.
44. Grab cups off hooks, plates off racks.
45. Use 2 cups (5 dL) of fine jasmine rice.
46. On her desk was a kettle and some cups.
47. Add 2 cups of flour and stir vigorously.
48. Several cups and jars were passed to him.
49. Add the lentils and another three cups.
50. She poured two cups and handed Joey one.
51. Probably many thousands of cups of yaag.
52. Fill each of the cups with the crab dip.
53. Seeded and chopped up to 1/3 cups water.
54. The cards always make me the Page of Cups.
55. Prep for 8 servings (about 4 cups total).
56. I have D cups, where do you think?
57. Hand and forearm cups the top of the head.
58. She poured two cups of the steaming coffee.
59. Fingers with suction cups are at its side.
60. The waitress came over to fill coffee cups.
61. Comments – Makes twenty-one Cups of punch.
62. There was a stack or reusable plastic cups.
63. Cups and plates went spinning through the.
64. Fair in the midst, with gilded cups around:.
65. One and a half cups of finely grated carrot.
66. Plus the Ten of Cups AND the Ten of Pentacles.
67. It took at least 10 cups of the boiling brew.
68. Now they inserted the grenades into the cups.
69. They found a coffee shop and ordered two cups.
70. Pre-cook the lentils using three cups of water.
71. He also ordered ten thousand disposable cups.
72. Pre cook the lentils using three cups of water.
73. The two men stared into their cups as they let.
74. My mother came in the room with two cups of tea.
75. She set a footstool with doll cups and saucers.
76. He’d served up 2 cups of coffee to our table.
77. I poured the water in the cups with a shaky hand.
78. There for you would need to drink 3 ¾ cups of.
79. She put all five cups on a tray and served them.
80. Mix 1 cup flour and 2 cups borax in a quart jar.
81. His left hand cups around an imaginary shoulder.
82. Nothing a few cups of coffee couldn’t cure.
83. A few stood up and ran to the camp to find cups.
84. Soak the rice in 3 cups cold water for 30 minutes.
85. The drunkard shall have plenty of his cups when.
86. Stand the cups in a pan of hot water and bake in.
87. Measure 2 cups flour, the cheese and 1 teaspoon.
88. The way cups would fall apart in one's hand----.
89. A small room, the bench strewn with plates, cups.
90. Diane brings two cups of coffee over towards Dana.
91. During the evening Helga drank several cups of Mrs.
92. Two cups later he was certain what Turney would do.
93. And why two cups a day is what I consider stopped.
94. Cups it Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner before us.
95. Eight cups (2 liters) of sour milk is heated to 100.
96. Two plastic cups finished off their place settings.
97. He paid the lady, then helped his dad fill the cups.
98. I have a small stove and pots and cups in the back.
99. In a large saucepan bring 6 cups of water to a boil.
100. Add salt, butter or 2 cups Green maize off the cob.

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