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Cursory dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We only had a cursory.
  2. As expected, it is cursory.
  3. He gave the wound a cursory.
  4. Patel gave the thing a cursory glance.
  5. A cursory look at the data in Tables 3.

  6. He gave Hurd's comment a cursory smile.
  7. Lucy would respond with a cursory, No.
  8. They gave cursory bows to their Queen, a.
  9. He gave it a cursory glance and handed it back.
  10. She performed a cursory medical evaluation of.
  11. This would be more than any cursory visual survey.
  12. The man gave Stacey another cursory glance and nodded.
  13. I opened the outer shell and did a cursory inspection.
  14. I performed a cursory check of the open area on the ground.
  15. That was all I could handle, I performed a cursory scan of.

  16. The inspection was cursory; it did not need to be anything more.
  17. After a cursory look round the two officers checked the kitchen.
  18. A short while later, I went ahead and did a cursory scan of the.
  19. A cursory scan revealed a white ball of cloth towards the middle.
  20. Chu did a cursory medical exam just in case it was more than fatigue.
  21. The judge gave the document a cursory glance and accepted it as genuine.
  22. No ‘tablets of stone’ morality stands up to even cursory examination.
  23. But a cursory look at the comments on the CNN web site revealed otherwise.
  24. Herne was waiting for her downstairs, he gave her a cursory glance, Not.
  25. Fox then turned and gave a cursory examination of the articles on the table.

  26. He replaced the panel and had a cursory glance at the outside of the little.
  27. It only takes a minute, or a cursory glance, at the list of physical symptoms.
  28. After some cursory and weary introductions, he got down to the real nitty-gritty.
  29. Based on my cursory survey of the planet, there were perhaps a million sentient.
  30. A false impression easily discounted with the most cursory knowledge of the cosmos.
  31. After a cursory introduction, he brought Ellett up to speed with the day’s events.
  32. President, as would become obvious from even the most cursory examination of the case law.
  33. It is possible to trade the VIX with a cursory understanding of how the index is determined.
  34. A couple of cursory inspections in the early years soon become pointless, then nonexistent.
  35. Olsen did a cursory search of the grounds, found a nice flat rock, weighed about ten pounds.
  36. Right now he certainly played the part, as his bow to the Queen and King was cursory at best.
  37. Suddenly, he stumbled across a ticket with the first two numbers matching his cursory search.
  38. She would never ever forgive or forget that cursory glance he gave his beautiful baby daughter.
  39. She gave him a cursory look, then settled back into her chair and returned her gaze to the view.
  40. A cursory inspection of the shop, another shisha and tea and he took us to a fish joint for a meal.
  41. There are a lot of Hammers, and cursory observations suggest a much higher accuracy at pivot points.
  42. They are offered only as a cursory guide to option premiums, based upon extensive trading experience.
  43. This is because these beliefs rarely bear even the most cursory examination without crumbling to dust.
  44. The letter was handed to the clerk of the court and placed before Sir Hugh who gave it a cursory glance.
  45. And I could tell, even at a cursory glance, that those footprints were too big for Third to have made them.
  46. Just before exiting, the Legion’s flags, hanging on all sides of the room, soon caught her cursory glance.
  47. It occurred to me that I had already taken a cursory look at the kitchen on our way to the roof, and noted it was dry.
  48. After a cursory look around this section that yielded nothing he climbed up into the cab of the tractor and searched that.
  49. After another cursory scan he was allowed into the waiting room, to be greeted by the not-sure-if-she-was-real receptionist.
  50. After a cursory search of the household, he determined that she must have quickly grabbed her coat and run out the front door.
  51. If it does any sophisticated skin capacitance readings or anything but the most cursory retinal scan, this android won't pass.
  52. They were cursory checks through her handbag and overnight, not much in the way of searches, but they were there, nevertheless.
  53. After a cursory check of the interior he wound down the window and said gruffly, „Either I pay you for it, or I dont want it.
  54. He was dressed in faded jeans and a baseball cap, but from her cursory glance she could tell that he was put together just right.
  55. Even so, just a cursory look at history since men took over is proof enough of something Sigmund Freud once observed—in reverse.
  56. Even so, just a cursory look at our history since men took over is proof enough of something Sigmund Freud once observed (reversed).
  57. The woman moved forward, easing past her with a cursory Excuse me, ma’am and looking down to inspect the contents of the bowl.
  58. We don’t know that, we don’t know what section of the house she lived in, we’ve only had a cursory look at the main apartment.
  59. Wickland accepted the papers and, after a cursory glance, placed them in his desk drawer, which he locked with a key from his key ring.
  60. A cursory glance at the chart shows that it does at the very least reinforce what we know about the market at a given time—to a point.
  61. Count Humfrid, a stocky man with long beard and hair, gave Foulques’ group a cursory glance at first as they were about to cross path.
  62. But it just does not have even the most cursory bit of evidence to back it up, and only the most ideologically blind still believe in it.
  63. It was rather a cursory overview of each tribe as it had been found with some rather presumptuous and even jaundiced interpretations of them.
  64. Rachael bought the coffee in, passing only a cursory glance toward Byron, taking a further opportunity to reassess the young women before her.
  65. But with even a cursory understanding of their abilities, such a bulky thing as a space craft was not really necessary for interstellar travel.
  66. A cursory examination of the latter revealed no mortal injuries and after a brief rest he asserted that he felt fit to attempt the return voyage.
  67. The date for the initial round of testing was published and all hopefuls were provided a cursory outline of the subjects which were to be assessed.
  68. There was a pawnshop around the corner and he might get a few pounds for it, he thought, so he took the phone out of his jacket and gave it a cursory inspection.
  69. Well, he did to get clothes from his drawers, to have a cursory look at Sam and sometimes to silently watch a little TV, in the upstairs living room, with Sheri.
  70. Then he laid it across his ankles and arranged it carefully so that on a cursory glance from a distance it could appear as though his ankles were still tightly bound.
  71. Even a cursory reading of the Quran would bring to the fore the paradox of banning books perceived as offensive to the religious sentiments of a community in a country.
  72. No field hospital was equipped within specified distance, and the wounded were placed under shelter of a sand-bank, in the San Juan creek lying for hours awaiting cursory attention.
  73. We’re close enough to them here that the soldiers who came gave only a cursory search, but we’re far enough from any spring training grounds that the Kiridae haven’t spotted us.
  74. There is often a word about prospects, which is only fair considering most reports are produced several months into the next financial year, but seldom give more than a cursory suggestion.
  75. In order to ascertain this, it is proper to take a cursory view of the settlement of the country; the basis of European title to colonies in America being prior discovery or prior occupancy.
  76. The cursory remarks of the large-minded stranger, of whom he knew absolutely nothing beyond a commonplace name, were sublimed by his death, and influenced Clare more than all the reasoned ethics of the philosophers.
  77. From the cursory way the crew of those ships had visited her and from the pitiful amount of supplies they had left behind them each time, Tammy suspected that they only wanted to know if it was time to dispose of her remains.
  78. The hoi polloi of jarvies or stevedores or whatever they were after a cursory examination turned their eyes apparently dissatisfied, away though one redbearded bibulous individual portion of whose hair was greyish, a sailor.
  79. Their portfolio is not filled with "tracking positions"-that is, miniscule amounts of a large number of stocks that an investor buys on the basis of cursory research as a reminder that additional work needs to be done before a real commitment can be made.
  80. And the thorny crown of this sad conception was that she whom he really did prefer in a cursory way to the rest, she who knew herself to be more impassioned in nature, cleverer, more beautiful than they, was in the eyes of propriety far less worthy of him than the homelier ones whom he ignored.
  81. Xin had finished charging her reactor, and was nearing the Earth when her cursory scanning mode picked up the space anomaly forming halfway between the Earth and the Moon – a space fold! No! It was too soon, and in the wrong location! It should have been hours from now, and outside the system.
  82. The dandy, who was in the last stage of enthusiasm, clapping his hands and still more actively stamping with his feet, gave Ivan Andreyitch a cursory and absent-minded glance, and immediately putting up his hands like a trumpet to his mouth, so as to be more audible, shouted the prima donna's name.
  83. Therefore, I will not pursue my recollections from hour to hour, but only throw a cursory glance at the most prominent of them, from the time to which I have now carried my tale to the moment of my first contact with the exceptional personality that was fated to exercise such a decisive influence upon my character and ideas.
  84. No passenger ships had sailed since noonmeal, the next packet out was the Jemson's Luuker and she was ready to cast off so he had time for only the most cursory look but he did not find Venna or anyone answering her description on board, nor did he find her in any of the watering holes along the docks were someone would wait for a vessel's departure.
  85. When objections are made to the constitutionality of the law, the people, in the cursory views which they are accustomed to take of such objects, are apt to adopt, as the tests of its constitutionality, the powers of the State and Federal Governments collectively; and if they find nothing in the law offensive to the principles of civil liberty, nothing uncongenial with the spirit of a Republican Government, they rest satisfied, and do not trouble themselves with nice distinctions between the powers peculiar to the one or the other of these Governments.
  86. He gave it a cursory glance,.

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