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Curtsy dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Marie-Laure attempts a curtsy.
2. I performed a perfect curtsy.
3. She accepted with another curtsy.
4. So vigorously it almost became a curtsy.
5. She took a little bow and then did a mock curtsy.
6. Everyone struggled to bow or curtsy to their new king.
7. Sonia, in confusion, gave a hurried, frightened curtsy.

8. Please, there’s no need to curtsy, she said smiling.
9. They curtsy with exaggeration before heading toward the doorway.
10. Isleen in return gave me a small curtsy, and the celebration was on.
11. Chingla giggled and made a graceful curtsy Thank you, gracious prince.
12. The girl made a quick curtsy before presenting herself in impeccable French.
13. I thank you as well Your Majesties, she said then preformed an awkward curtsy.
14. You’re the royal Cristian told us about, his mother said, attempting to curtsy.
15. Mya gave a short curtsy and turned around and returned to the pillow on the bed curling.
16. Yazadril had given a shallow, dignified bow at his introduction, and the ladies gave a curtsy.
17. Françoise, who was in the lead with her husband Henri, made a curtsy and smiled to the governor.
18. As if on cue, Mandy and Harold rose from their chairs and made a bow and a curtsy, respectively.
19. I’m sorry, I did a little involuntary curtsy to interrupt this babbling conversation-hog.
20. I give all my gratitude to Princess Aazuria, Alcyone said softly, dipping into a solemn curtsy.
21. I had immediately stood from the table and performed a deep curtsy as his station dictated I should.
22. She made a little curtsy as he bowed, and then, as went to her mouth in horror, for she knew who he was.
23. She was about to leave at a run when she remembered something and performed a curtsy in front of the Queen.
24. The girl, seeing Mazarin approach her, made a curtsy to him, prompting a gentle chiding from the Cardinal.
25. The girl turned and bowed slightly almost in a curtsy, and pointed Celia to the entrance with a slight nod.
26. The pleasure is mine, she says, bobbing ever so slightly into a curtsy that Eugene has to admit is impressive.
27. I bobbed a quick curtsy, but before I could complete it, she waved her hand and said, Bah, none of that, please.
28. Luise Ivanovna made haste to curtsy almost to the ground, and with mincing little steps, she fluttered out of the office.
29. But I sometimes think I could easily trade a verb tense or a curtsy for some company that would stay over for a thirty-year weekend.
30. The two young women complied quickly before doing a curtsy in front of Queen Henriette-Marie after putting down their baskets of food.
31. Mahgdylynah dropped an abbreviated curtsy and withdrew, and Stefyny seated herself once more in her own chair behind the embroidery frame.
32. They were lying on a scattering of luxury silk sheets and bed covers whilst listening to music, curtsy of someone’s entertainment centre.
33. With only two weeks to prepare, she mastered the special curtsy and other social protocols required of young debutantes who gathered at the event.
34. Bug pretended it was all for the lady, and helped her curtsy and took her to her table, where she sat, eyes shut, not believing what had happened.
35. The maid, a pretty girl with yellow hair and blue eyes bobbed a curtsy and ran for the doorway to return in a minute or so with the requested items.
36. A fat mulatto woman, who was leaning over a rusty old stove, dropped a half curtsy as she saw Scarlett and went on lived with her but thought it best to ignore the fact.
37. Prodded by her mother, Prissy bobbed a sudden curtsy and grinned at Scarlett, who A sharp little wench, she thought, and said aloud: Thank you, Dilcey, we’ll see about it when Mother comes home.
38. Margaret did a graceful curtsy when Stan ‘B’ stopped in front of her, holding the arm of his first mistress Miri and followed by his two sons and two daughters, who were only a small part of his household.
1. With hurried deference, Luise Ivanovna fell to curtsying in all.
2. Curtsying like a fairy, she smiled politely at each man as he was introduced to.
3. The small lady positively skipped from her seat on seeing him, and fell to curtsying in a sort of ecstasy; but the officer took not the smallest notice of her, and she did not venture to sit down again in his presence.
4. When they had paid their tribute of politeness by curtsying to the lady of the house, they were permitted to mingle in the crowd, and take their share of the heat and inconvenience, to which their arrival must necessarily add.
1. Her maid curtsied quickly.
2. He bowed, and she curtsied.
3. She curtsied with her head bowed.
4. Efa curtsied to him, the other women too.
5. Carrie smiled as she curtsied deeply to her.
6. They bowed and she curtsied, setting the tone.
7. The old princess rose respectfully and curtsied.
8. Mallei curtsied in shock and Linz pulled her up.
9. Natasha rose and curtsied to the splendid countess.
10. Natásha rose and curtsied to the splendid countess.
11. She curtsied to Louis, whose heart now beat furiously.
12. The maids curtsied, scampering out without another word.
13. I will summon her, Your Majesty, Lena said and curtsied.
14. The Queen curtsied and left the room, a quick glance at me.
15. As thou wilt, kind sir, she curtsied low and elegantly.
16. Vilda’s eyes searched nervously, but she curtsied and left.
17. Hillary curtsied as best she could and followed the servants.
18. The prophecy has come to pass she curtsied, but hers was.
19. Becky curtsied again, the tears openly streaming down her cheeks.
20. She saluted the other women, and curtsied deeply to Queen Amabie.
21. Greetings, she said softly, and then curtsied, Lord Mithras.
22. I am Unni and this is my husband Brander, she said and curtsied deeply.
23. Some of the Sojourners waved, one, Ariella thought it was Eugenie, curtsied.
24. With that I curtsied again and went into the back to ready the tea and scones.
25. Gorham stood up instinctively as she curtsied, then he put out his hand to her.
26. The maid looked at her sadly for a couple of moments more, curtsied, and then led a.
27. She curtsied, then silently led Rosetti upstairs to the office of the Reverend Mother.
28. The servant, still wearing only a nightgown, curtsied to the King and handed him a letter.
29. Yet when he came into Arial’s room over a fortnight later, she got up and curtsied to him.
30. Nancy walked to the Queen and stopped a few steps in front of her, then curtsied to her and the King.
31. Lucia stepped into the room, and as she did so, the entourage of handmaidens turned and curtsied to her.
32. Keeva’s find of woodland mushrooms was greeted with applause and she curtsied after handing them over.
33. Nancy, breathing a bit fast after her exercise, gave the only answer she could and curtsied to the King.
34. She smiled a huge smile of relief and curtsied to his praise and then got the heck out of there before he changed his mind.
35. Bowing to her as she curtsied to him at the end of the dance, Louis turned around to choose another partner for the next dance.
36. She moved uneasily, and curtsied incessantly, waiting impatiently for a chance of putting in her word: and at last she found it.
37. She curtsied deeply and considered the dark man, standing with his arms casually crossed, behind and off to the left of her betrothed.
38. Wearing a large felt hat with his court outfit, young Louis beamed with joy at the sight of Nancy and went to her at once as she curtsied respectfully to him.
39. She caught him as he was waiting for his carriage and, having open access to him, approached him and curtsied in front of him while holding the hand of little Charles.
40. The gateway to the left of the fountain depicted a woman standing between two suns, her hand up to hide part of her face—or was she wiping away a tear? In the next, a woman curtsied, her face hidden by her hair.
41. He raised his arm in a typical Roman salute and Ceri curtsied solemnly,.
42. Smiling pleasantly, Anne curtsied to Sebastian, but the man showed little interest in her,.
1. The lady curtsies deeply to the queen, You honor us, your highness.
2. She came forward, bobbing curtsies, but between Sara's eyes and her own there passed a gleam of friendly understanding, while her words tumbled over each other.
3. In this room there was a wardrobe full of old-fashioned costumes with which Esther allowed her to play, and it was her favorite amusement to array herself in the faded brocades, and parade up and down before the long mirror, making stately curtsies, and sweeping her train about with a rustle which delighted her ears.

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