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Cut dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. So I cut and run.
2. I cut it in half.
3. But he cut her off.
4. He cut it in half.
5. A short cut to hate.
6. You can cut the act.
7. By the time I cut.

8. It had only cut her.
9. Cut back to the boat.
10. I felt cut off and.
11. I cut the call short.
12. It had not been cut.
13. To cut a long story.
14. He had cut back the.
15. I cut every frill I.
16. That one cut him to.
17. Q: I have cut my hand.
18. She cut to the chase.
19. It cut nice and deep.
20. The phone had cut off.
21. A world made of cut.
22. The judge cut him off.
23. But I cut him in half.
24. Nancy cut her at once.
25. I cut my hair when I.
26. Once you cut out the.
27. She had on a low cut.
28. The sting of the cut.
29. CUT TO: Inside the car.
30. Molly and Drew are cut.
31. Cut the dough in half.
32. She should cut and run.
33. If I am cut, he bleeds.
34. Please cut off my head.
35. Cut into 10 cm squares.
36. Troy cut his eyes to me.
37. You're cut to the bone.
38. My father cut off all.
39. Cut each into 6 wedges.
40. This time Travis cut in.
1. We are on the cutting.
2. He started cutting her hair.
3. Thus, cutting off the self-.
4. This was very cutting to Fred.
5. Ribbons of gold, cutting as.
6. The history of cutting tool.
7. There are sharp, cutting words.
8. Dance Cards and "cutting in".
9. The phone rang, cutting her off.
10. Cutting is a form of self-abuse.
11. Cutting across the field, they.
12. Then they were cutting her loose.
13. Doctor C house called, cutting.
14. Pat starts cutting up the carcass.
15. Try cutting her off, I said.
16. Cutting through the mist and rock.
17. There was a cake cutting spatula.
18. Then he finished cutting the grass.
19. That means cutting the losers fast.
20. She was busy cutting a triangular.
21. Easy as cutting a piece of bread.
22. Cost cutting the right way is vital.
23. It is believed that after cutting.
24. Rocky dove, cutting a deal with Joe.
25. There's no point in cutting him up.
26. I had just started Cutting the Ties.
27. By cutting the appetite down it can.
28. Look along a cutting edge, or better.
29. Bones and Shorty opened up, cutting.
30. Naomi was cutting paper-doll dresses.
31. She stopped cutting her hair in 1973.
32. You are cutting them away at the root.
33. Heat is the enemy of your cutting tools.
34. Wait a bit! There is a fellow cutting.
35. He ENJOYED cutting poor Adam to pieces.
36. Her long bangs needed cutting and she.
37. The last time he met Ly she was cutting.
38. I think its time for the cake cutting.
39. Elena, cutting her short: Save it mother.
40. He is cutting the grass at the cemetery.
1. A beep cuts him off.
2. The cuts on your body.
3. An answer phone cuts in.
5. Bottom line, no more cuts.
6. No cuts, no blood, nothing.
7. Then the broadcast cuts out.
8. Aaron cuts into my thoughts.
9. He made 20 cuts on her leg.
10. He saw the red cuts on her.
11. The cold cuts and pie were.
12. For this, eat lean cuts of.
14. No, Marcus cuts her off.
15. He cuts her off fast and hard.
16. I saw fresh cuts in old iron.
17. Some of his cuts had turned.
18. This cuts down on water usage.
19. That cuts across all branches.
20. The cuts looked red and angry.
21. The doctor cuts in immediately.
22. There are Loads Of Short Cuts!.
23. He countermoves and cuts me off.
24. As before, the cuts were clean.
25. The stuff cuts into your lungs.
26. My cuts had already sealed over.
27. Cuts that are too deep may bleed.
28. Types of Vegetable and Herb Cuts.
29. Then suddenly the cuts disappear.
30. An Argument That Cuts Both Ways.
31. Yet she’d seen no bumps or cuts.
32. The tunnels dug in railroad cuts.
33. Miles cuts through the atmosphere.
34. One guy received cuts to his hand.
35. Not anymore, Josie cuts me off.
36. The belt cuts into my flesh again.
37. Ryodan cuts Kat a hard, flat smile.
38. But this will cuts out everything.
39. The cuts on her hands were healing.
40. Great care is needed to avoid cuts.

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