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Damages dans une phrase (en anglais)

He would demand millions in damages.
Even normal room lighting damages it.
Booker is entitled to damages for this.
He took notice of the damages done to.
Lovemaking in Irish, 200 pounds damages.
Truth never damages a cause that is just.
I want a list of the damages and losses there.

That oughtta cover the damages, he said.
That theft damages the cells in a variety of ways.
Accuse me of damages and I’ll accuse you right back.
A million for each child, a million in punitive damages.
What are the damages to the Mitsubishi shipyards?’’.
I will, I will! Only you must be responsible for damages.
The plaintiffs were seeking more than $1 million in damages.
I was about to begin a didactic discourse on the damages of.
Marcus said I could hold out for more in damages, but….
Doesn’t proving fraud pave the way to punitive damages?
When applied to others, extreme thinking damages relationships.
But money is all we have to measure damages in cases like this.
If we deny to execute promises then it damages our credibility.
A stuck car spinning its wheels for too long damages its engine.
And then he shouted that man muss pay him fifteen roubles damages.
The bombs exploded in the jungle, causing no damages or casualties.
I keep an eye on it when he is away to make sure no one damages it.
Originally, the courts of law gave damages only for breach of contract.
Since I was young, I have always known this: Life damages us, every one.
Gozan paid the bill, noting the charges for damages, which made him smile.
Gong practitioners have done damages to their families, and that the rea-.
We’re looking at a full retraction and, oh, I’d say ten thousand in damages.
Still if bullet only went through my coat get damages for shock, five hundred pounds.
He knew that such an address would probably put the skipper off claiming any damages.
Kenotsu’s answer was then followed by a series of reports on losses and battle damages.
There might have been one or two with them that we picked up as damages, you might say.
Wren stopped at the bridge where the tender’s captain gave him a report on damages and.
Study shows that high levels of in the bloodstream damages coronary arteries or makes it.
Nguyen our telephone number and address, and told her to get an estimate for the damages.
When plaque builds up in the brain, it damages the nerves over time and causes memory loss.
In this way, the skin will be able to combat the harmful effects of the damages caused by the.
She could cost us a lot more than two hundred thousand dollars in damages, Paul reminded him.
It would be another damaging.
Nothing can be more damaging.
I had no intention of damaging your.
How damaging are the negative comments?
How damaging are those negative comments?
One of which is the damaging effects of the.
The damaging cycle of inter-generational sin.
In that case, you risk damaging your reputation.
One of which is the damaging effects of the sun.
One of the most damaging aspects of old negative.
Write a book which says damaging things about God!.
To love another as self could be mutually damaging.
At the court-martial they were severely damaging.
Too much moisture is just as damaging as not enough.
You may not realize it, but these behaviors are damaging.
Damaging attacks might bounce off of him, or pass through.
I would not let anything damaging to the business pass me by.
It is oneself telling to oneself that one is damaging oneself.
I didn't go there with the intent of damaging anything, Mr.
A wounded soldier was almost always more damaging than a dead one.
I cannot see how the opulence of Nkandla won’t be very damaging.
This is also called damaging admission where we build to the close.
Any more scandal and suspicion at this point would be very damaging.
This character can open locks, without a key and without damaging them.
It is unbreakable by normal means, so don’t worry about damaging it.
The convenor of the group had additional, more damaging points to make.
It was damaging material that would destroy his brother and his family.
Damaging attacks won't stop the chase unless they knock the opponent out.
She had contacted Jerry Owens with very specific and damaging information.
That's something I'd rather not say, it would be damaging to Alan's privacy.
Damaging, unwanted and/or frivolous legislation would be halted at the gate.
The damaging effect alcohol has on DNA—the material responsible for normal.
An iron sword could hardly have been more damaging, Gwenda thought despairingly.
But the most damaging effect happened when Liam reached the age of independence.
The Great War (World War I) was the most destabilizing and damaging event in the.
Whatever chance he'd had of damaging that reel of tape, that chance had gone now.
She was inflicting painful, but hardly damaging injury on her two brawny attackers.
Her father had said no damaging words to her, but he hadn’t comforted her either.
Paul Pratt would have promised her the ability to fly for some damaging evidence.
That one was too damaged.
I was possibly damaged goods.
I saw how bad it was damaged.
Then he sutures damaged organs.
They then re-grow damaged parts.
How bad are y’all damaged?
Our ships are old and damaged.
Mark out the damaged areas with.
But being damaged makes it harder.
Damaged goods, that’s what I am.
In fact, his damaged skin is numb.
They weren’t damaged (as he made.
The uterus wasn’t severely damaged.
Roug pulls the damaged ejection handle.
None of the other trucks were damaged.
Have they damaged the facility?
He won't make it, I damaged his throat.
But my brain had been severely damaged.
A brain can be damaged; a mind can’t.
Luckily the tibia bone was not damaged.
They had been damaged during transport.
They’re both damaged, said Ed.
The truck was damaged, but not too badly.
Probably the cable was damaged somewhere.
She could see that the ship was damaged.
Buying damaged goods paid off handsomely.
Repeat on the other side of the damaged.
She really wasn’t damaged all that bad.
The hammer of my machine gun was damaged.
It was damaged, but it was still fighting.
Emotionally, the uptrend has been damaged.
A humvee with a damaged front end and COL.
The fabric of their Universe is damaged.
I’m sorry about the damaged equipment.
Emotionally, the downtrend has been damaged.
The 66th Infantry was damaged beyond repair.
Cut out the damaged section of spouting by.
Both jets are hit and damaged as they dive.
The house was damaged on the inside, and he.
She wanted to be interesting and damaged too.

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It did a lot of damage.
The damage had been done.
I'll pay for any damage.
When the damage is too.
The nerve damage to the.
The damage has been done.
I can’t undo the damage.
This damage occurs in the.
I had suffered major damage.
But the damage had been done.
This was some serious damage.
In women, it may damage the.
I think you did enough damage.
He wanted to limit the damage.
There may be permanent damage.
Refuse to damage your capital.
We can’t escape that damage.
That will damage the fly line.
I didn’t want to damage them.
No one can resist Holy Damage.
Let's see the damage to my car.
But by then the damage is done.
It had suffered immense damage.
Damage is reduced by 10 points.
The total damage was for $12,000.
He also has severe brain damage.
Their van was checked for damage.
He gazes silently at the damage.
Damage to the mosque was minimal.
Placing the mess and damage to.
The damage could have been worse.
No smoke damage, no scorch marks.
The Damage Trapped Emotions Cause.
The damage was too severe and as.
No permanent damage has been done.
It told the severity of the damage.
The damage was done, and the tsar.
You don’t have a brain to damage.
Your body didn't suffer any damage.
Firstly, there is spiritual damage.