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Dawdle dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. And don’t dawdle.
2. Don't dawdle on the way!'.
3. But we do not have time to dawdle, Joey.
4. Not take it away! Come on bring it in, bring it in, don't dawdle in the hall! Hurry up now.
5. We fly it in five hours, drive it in a week, dawdle it as I was doing in a month or six weeks.
6. The vacation is nearly over, the stints are all done, and we are ever so glad that we didn't dawdle.
7. I hope I shall have done something to be proud of by that time, but I'm such a lazy dog, I'm afraid I shall dawdle, Jo.

8. I dawdle outside the bathroom until the Candor man walks out, and then walk in before the door has a chance to shut properly.
9. But she couldn’t dawdle, she had to make her way to the docks and a lake runner that would take her all the way to Chardovia.
10. Hillinder decided not to dawdle and began to run quickly in the lane to his left that would take him directly into the wider and lighter Kingsland High Street.
11. Undeterred, Mainers drove as if they were on eight-lane superhighways, tailgating anybody cautious enough to dawdle within ten miles per hour of the speed limit.
12. She knew now that Frank would be contented to dawdle along with his dirty little store security and how important it was to make more money in these troublous times when for the rest of his life.
13. She would dawdle in the bathroom, rolling her cigarettes in perfumed paper, smoking alone, relapsing into her consolatory love as she did when she was young and free in her own house, mistress of her own body.
14. Sadie called out — maybe for them to wait around, probably to try and force them to dawdle about Crystal, to coddle her, when she was obviously fine — but Silas was already sailing past the outer branches of the oak, Mitch and Mack and Cooper following.
15. She might scruple to make use of the words, but she must and did feel that her mother was a partial, ill-judging parent, a dawdle, a slattern, who neither taught nor restrained her children, whose house was the scene of mismanagement and discomfort from beginning to end, and who had no talent, no conversation, no affection towards herself; no curiosity to know her better, no desire of her friendship, and no inclination for her company that could lessen her sense of such feelings.
1. And why are they dawdling there?
2. Now we stopped dawdling and laid our wheels to the road and went.
3. Now then! Nearly ready? You’re dawdling! he shouted to the servants.
4. On the other hand, he was right, I was dawdling and was rather enjoying doing so.
5. When he entered, only a couple dawdling at the far end impinged upon the privacy of a chat with Peggy.
6. After dawdling outside the town for a few days, we were ordered to break camp and resume the march south.
7. What are you about there? Bring it quick! What are you dawdling for? If it is to be done, let it be done.
8. In it was an old woman with a lip full of snuff and a weather-beaten face under a drab sunbonnet, driving a dawdling old.
9. But—when you married me, you didn’t marry a dawdling dude chattering ‘advanced ideas’ with his head full of libertinism.
10. Though they were dawdling, in no time at all they had reached a small field in which seven horses were grazing on weeds and grasses.
11. NIKÍTA [puts out his head] What are you about there? Bring it quick! What are you dawdling for? If it is to be done, let it be done.
12. Her head emerged from the water, with her dark green hair glistening even more than usual as she said, Now, stop dawdling and get in.
13. He was as lankly dawdling as ever, but Lillian noted, with a vague uneasiness, his usual air of agreeable ennui was supplanted by one of half-wakened interest.
14. They naturally took comfort in each other's society and were much together, riding, walking, dancing, or dawdling, for at Nice no one can be very industrious during the gay season.
15. Jack said in a funny voice, What the hell is this? I lifted my glass slowly and took a dawdling sip of my whisky, feigning indifference, to give them a few seconds to approach.
16. And now, Watson, this is too serious for dawdling, especially as the old man is aware that we are interesting ourselves in his affairs; so if you are ready, we shall call a cab and drive to Waterloo.
17. As we went to his friend’s house, he told me that he had met my father in Tenochtitlan just before he left and my father had asked that he keep an eye out for me and urge me to stop dawdling and hurry on home.
18. He stared at me for a moment before dilly dawdling about my room, playing with the robes and Indian cloth I had hung sporadically around, dangling from the ceiling, tied to my bed posts, looking at them as if he didn’t approve.
19. That she should be tired now, however, gives me no surprise; for there is nothing in the course of one's duties so fatiguing as what we have been doing this morning: seeing a great house, dawdling from one room to another, straining one's eyes and one's attention, hearing what one does not understand, admiring what one does not care for.
20. She returned just in time to join the others as they quitted the house, on an excursion through its more immediate premises; and the rest of the morning was easily whiled away, in lounging round the kitchen garden, examining the bloom upon its walls, and listening to the gardener's lamentations upon blights, in dawdling through the green-house, where the loss of her favourite plants, unwarily exposed, and nipped by the lingering frost, raised the laughter of Charlotte,--and in visiting her poultry-yard, where, in the disappointed hopes of her dairy-maid, by hens forsaking their nests, or being stolen by a fox, or in the rapid decrease of a promising young brood, she found fresh sources of merriment.
1. Then the boy dawdled about near his mother.
2. Master Dignam got his collar down and dawdled on.
3. Corey and I fiddled and dawdled with the counterfeit.
4. Drey suddenly combusted into a hovering flame that dawdled for.
5. A couple of months later I dawdled back and had a chat with this.
6. The counter was crowded with breakfasters who dawdled over coffee.
7. They dawdled in the dark, like old friends with nothing left to say.
8. He dawdled a bit, staring out into the bush and breathing hard, to say.
9. As he dawdled over steak pie and a beer, his thoughts went back to Rosie.
10. One had a child that dawdled and didn't get ready as soon as he should have.
11. Chrissie dawdled in the wake of the workers as they trekked along the path towards the dig.
12. Along by the edge of the mole he lolloped, dawdled, smelt a rock and from under a cocked hindleg pissed against it.
13. Everybody dawdled that morning, and it was noon before the girls found energy enough even to take up their worsted work.
14. Palmer, whose eye was caught by every thing pretty, expensive, or new; who was wild to buy all, could determine on none, and dawdled away her time in rapture and indecision.
15. And as we dawdled along behind, watching him like hawks lest we lose him under a leaf or something, we all got so cross and ill-tempered we were ready to bite one another's heads off.

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