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Dealer dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The dealer gave me a.
  2. The dealer raised his arms.
  3. He is a wheeler and dealer.
  4. I was a dealer making black.
  5. The dealer appearing at the.
  6. Not at $500 a pop dealer cost.
  7. Simon was not a big time dealer.
  8. That dealer was ripping you off.
  9. Five, called out the dealer.
  10. Three, called out the dealer.
  11. Only the arms dealer got any cash.
  12. The accused heroin dealer and Mr.
  13. He was a struggling low-level dealer.
  14. Don't let a car dealer intimidate you.
  15. Alright, folks, the dealer said.
  16. The dealer looked at Rhone as if he.
  17. Noela liked what he was, a drug dealer.
  18. Two for the ace, said the dealer.
  19. The arms dealer is a Russian national.
  20. Anyway, turns out the boy is a dealer.
  21. Fernandez, dope dealer to Potrero Hill.
  22. I watch as the dealer begins a new round.
  23. The news and snack dealer was much better.
  24. The dealer spoke up Jacobi, it's to you.
  25. Watson, I’m sorry you lost your dealer.
  26. The book was called Beat the Dealer.
  27. Maybe it’s a service item for the dealer.
  28. Eight players, and a dealer in the main room.
  29. Then there’s this mysterious dealer, Loco.
  30. The dealer had an ace of diamonds up while.
  31. The dealer says, Twenty-one! You win!.
  32. Black odd, twenty three the dealer said.
  33. Karl was a producer and dealer of Snuff Films.
  34. Marc was a successful drug dealer and a pimp.
  35. And Carl is the only real-estate dealer in town.
  36. He has ties to a known international arms dealer.
  37. The dealer gave him some; but the Servant said:.
  38. The dealer said to my brother, Who’s this, Mr.
  39. Carroll glared in the direction of the drug dealer.
  40. Did they think I was a drug dealer? I was confused.
  41. Any useful components would be gravy to the dealer.
  42. As your dealer I've always got more stuff for you.
  43. The interest of the inland corn dealer is the same.
  44. Some of the experiences he has at the Ford dealer:.
  45. Thorp’s book, Beat the Dealer, is all about this.
  46. Consider the cash you can command as a drug dealer.
  47. Then I get this wire a major dealer is on the scene.
  48. A drug dealer took some shots to the head and chest.
  49. His art dealer blamed the events of the previous fall.
  50. The mall can ship the item later if the dealer accepts.
  51. The dealer passed the winnings out to those fortunate.
  52. He’d been a sewing machine dealer before he retired.
  53. The dealer eyed the piece for a moment rubbing his nose.
  54. Your funeral, the dealer said with a shrug of his.
  55. Hey, did you see that girl? Ralph asked the dealer.
  56. Ted drove into town and arranged to meet the fruit dealer.
  57. Al Capone's business card said he was a furniture dealer.
  58. But her dealer was a doctor, Carol said incredulously.
  59. You will not hit on an 18 when the dealer is showing a 6.
  60. Even if the dealer turns you down, you have lost nothing.
  61. How much would you like to wager? the dealer said.
  62. The next card up, the dealer showed the river card, and it.
  63. If the dealer busts, everyone who is still in the hand wins.
  64. Al Capone's business card said he was a used furniture dealer.
  65. The slave dealer who’d once ripped open Berenice’s peplos.
  66. It neither favours the great, nor oppresses the smaller dealer.
  67. Plenty of seats, friend, the short dealer said extending.
  68. The friend I am moving in with is a successful property dealer.
  69. I’ll give you the number of a dealer who shifts a lot of old.
  70. A professional shooter had killed a drug dealer inside a school.
  71. And, more proximately, from a quadriplegic dealer named Boot.
  72. They gave old Ted the name of the fruit dealer in the city where.
  73. High School in 2002 he led the life of a blackjack dealer in the.
  74. Pine High School in 2002 he led the life of a Blackjack Dealer in.
  75. After the reply, the dealer said, Well, sir, that kind of money.
  76. School in 2002 he led the life of a blackjack dealer in the North-.
  77. Gillenormand had his sword and uniform sold to an old-clothes dealer.
  78. Several minutes later, the dealer was conscious and started struggling.
  79. The son of a pimp and the daughter of a drug dealer getting together.
  80. If your dealer does not carry this, we will send prepaid quart size $1.
  81. He's a car dealer and he's doing so well, he just gave away a Ferrari.
  82. Had to pay more than he expected and the dealer seemed unwilling to sell.
  83. A cop’s being off duty when a dealer was killed was not a smoking gun.
  84. Of special interest to me is the case of a 46-year old automobile dealer, Mr.
  85. That made Erik smile as he imagined the face of the Russian arms dealer then.
  86. And if he was a dealer, and he did have money, he wouldn’t give any to Ben.
  87. He knew he could get her on possession, and hoped to get a shot at her dealer.
  88. Les heard Tule say to the dealer, Hit me, then saw her peek at her cards.
  89. Khacan, who was better able to judge of her merits than the dealer, wishing to.
  90. Then what’s the relation between the city guy and a known arms dealer?
  91. Sussex and became a dealer supplying antiques to customers in the United States.
  92. His host introduces a mysterious dealer wearing a full-length white linen robe.
  93. Or perhaps that’s what ties Spalding to the arms dealer? Del interrupted.
  94. To make sure the dealer does not starve, this ‘spread’ varies with the risk.
  95. Just as the car dealer has to manage his stock levels, so does the market maker.
  96. A bulldozer dealer could give tips on the latest lubricants, environmental and.
  97. What about the Kassikan in this case? If Himla was her dealer, she had probably O.
  98. Bust (also referred to as going over) – Both the dealer and the player can bust.
  99. North was the dealer, West will lead (in the video, West in on the camera's left).
  100. The dealer is like yeah but you can ask more politely then that and hands one over.

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