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Dealings dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. In their dealings with men.
  2. We have not had dealings.
  3. I had…some dealings with him.
  4. We have few dealings with the folk.
  5. Just some business dealings of mine.

  6. Joseph's dealings with his brothers.
  7. My dealings with that family are over.
  8. In any case, the ancient dealings with.
  9. We've only had a few dealings with them.
  10. Dealings with Lithuania? What means this?
  11. If Men have dealings with the Mistress of.
  12. I regret my dealings with that Demonlord.
  13. With all his dealings with Greek gods, he.
  14. They said their dealings with us was enough.
  15. I’ve had dealings with Dark Elves before.

  16. I had little dealings with the kids from the.
  17. Lots of our fellows have had dealings with her.
  18. Shoop had had dealings in the school many years before.
  19. But in their dealings with the country they were all.
  20. In the latest example of these backstage dealings, Rep.
  21. I determined to factor this in for any future dealings.
  22. Trace his dealings with the nations through the centuries.
  23. Don't prophesy and give direction over business dealings.
  24. Reading emotions of others give more democratic dealings.
  25. I wondered what sort of dealings he might have with Telly.

  26. Probably in the dealings of these citizens with one another.
  27. Dodgy dealings in Damascus and Iraq as the consolation prize.
  28. This is the first time you have had dealings with a Griffin.
  29. Saruman had secret dealings with someone in the Shire, I guess.
  30. Some corporations are honest and direct in their dealings with.
  31. We have no dealings with the various clans and sects of the.
  32. Never again will I have dealings with any wizard or his friends.
  33. I don’t think he had much dealings with anyone in town, least.
  34. As far as we're concerned, our dealings with Efrafa are finished.
  35. Isolationism gave way to more treaties and dealings with the West.
  36. The leading firms take the greatest pains to conceal their dealings.
  37. It was a case of no information being confirmation of shady dealings.
  38. Then, less willingly than Bilbo, Frodo told of all his dealings with.
  39. So far, in his dealings with Hamilton, the murderer had been truthful.
  40. That way they would not dare to go against him or question his dealings.
  41. I’m sure you’re wondering about the dealings with The Double A after.
  42. Having had some dealings with the Bank Tony proposed to sell part of the.
  43. He’s had some business dealings with Casselli, that’s all he’ll say.
  44. Open or closed: Some corporations are honest and direct in their dealings.
  45. Yet, given the recent dealings with the Elusivers, this seemed a tad naive.
  46. I’m fortunate to represent, in my business dealings, a family rich in them.
  47. He vowed to himself to be extremely careful in his dealings with the One Lord.
  48. The Professor’s proposal should also stop any behind-the-scenes dealings in.
  49. This explained, to some degree, their monstrous dealings with other creatures.
  50. To sum up, watching directors’ dealings is something every investor should do.
  51. Antichrist; in particular in terms of their dealings with Israel and the temple.
  52. With so many changes, and dealings, you want to have it structured for yourself.
  53. The business dealings with Choco were increasingly brokered through intermediaries.
  54. In fact, medical men have been notoriously unsuccessful in their security dealings.
  55. The only dealings the people had with Tarras were when they went to pay their taxes.
  56. To come in here and act like you have integrity in your business dealings - baloney.
  57. He had insisted on doing that at once, chiefly in order to close his dealings with Mr.
  58. His dealings with me were still gruff but he no longer pursued me as intently as before.
  59. I am more ruthless in my dealings with them, especially since you were left in my care.
  61. Honest, humility, and repentance are the only policies that count in any dealings with.
  62. How many times had she berated herself for her naiveté in her dealings with the FBI?
  63. He is a tall lean man, well mannered, and always courteous in his dealings with the public.
  64. Ritchie was not so sure, his dealings with the CIA had often ended in mishap and annoyance.
  65. He was reluctant to go, his track record with police dealings sewn with a little mistrust.
  66. She was fine till she found out about my dealings and the way I had amassed my liquid money.
  67. He took an ostentatious relish in the civility of his dealings with his ex-wife and family.
  68. All the great leaders of the Bible were transparent in their dealings with their followers.
  69. One of the old codgers was a member of the Institute’s General Committee, and any dealings.
  70. He spoke almost inaudibly: Don’t forget our dealings with the media are a two-way street.
  71. Erik’s dealings with his six-year old son, Teddy, are very similar, although not as extreme.
  72. As one examines the many biblical examples of God’s dealings with the wicked, it will be.
  73. Bart had decided to be completely honest in his dealings with Robert, and this was a beginning.
  74. Al Maxey: As one examines the many biblical examples of God’s dealings with the wicked, it.
  75. After their earlier dealings with DC Farrow and DS White, nothing would give them more pleasure.
  76. I suspect that there could be some nasty political backroom dealings concerning that technology.
  77. On this matter, I wish to suggest a Consumer Ombudsman for citizens who have dealings with lawyers.
  78. He was known for his illegal dealings and played a minor role in the large underworld corporation.
  79. They talked quietly for several hours on the subjects of new buildings and their business dealings.
  80. Double entries and dealings done on the side, were neatly written down in Bert’s own handwriting.
  81. In my opinion, following directors’ dealings slavishly will not lead you to stock market millions.
  82. Despite my own business dealings on the fringes of legality, I considered dealing in drugs unethical.
  83. She was fond of him, too, for he had a remarkable gentleness and courtesy in his dealings with women.
  84. There was hardly any need for emotion in any of his dealings as long as he got what needed in the end.
  85. You should learn from the history of God's dealings with man that the Almighty destroys only the wicked.
  86. She looked at the pitfalls as an awakening and humility to improve herself and her dealings with people.
  87. Peter's declaration, then, a flood of light is thrown upon the divine dealings with the heathen millions.
  88. The result, a block of stone, Buddhism is collection of all the above dealings, there is no liberalization.
  89. It is the human innate inclination to satanic inspirations, machinations, intrigues, and underhand dealings.
  90. Paul Pratt had already had numerous dealings with him in the past, which had resulted in tense confrontation.
  91. I want to rent my own place so that my dealings with my clients would be easy and I can maintain my standard.
  92. I sincerely hope I have been just enough in all my other dealings to mitigate my guilt in this matter somewhat.
  93. I have had my dealings with lawyers and realtors and overall these people have performed satisfactorily for me.
  94. Jesus was never evasive, but he was always wise in his dealings with those who sought to harass and destroy him.
  95. But it is my counsel that Gandalf should rule us all in the days that follow and in our dealings with the Enemy.
  96. As the King was travelling in Europe, Kabir was left in charge of the business and social dealings of the Palace.
  97. Do you think it is significant – have you had any dealings with this woman before which would explain it?’.
  98. Its operations are deeply interwoven with the dealings and concerns of all the men of business in the United States.
  99. A lot of questionable dealings happen in Cyprus, due to its proximity to many countries bordering the Mediterranean.
  100. In his last dealings with this man Bulstrode may have kept his hands pure, in spite of my suspicion to the contrary.

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