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Decease dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. In his decease they both saw the.
2. Both predicted their own decease at.
3. And in the hour of his decease was wrought.
4. He evidently did not anticipate an immediate decease.
5. But Thomas Curnow warned the train, prevented their decease.
6. Decease the amount of friction between the fingers and the table.
7. You must find it and try to retrieve any information that you can on what they are doing to the recently decease.

8. The bell of Monte Citorio, which only sounds on the pope's decease and the opening of the Carnival, was ringing a joyous peal.
9. Minchin on the other side of Tipton, the decease of Hicks, a rural practitioner, having increased Middlemarch practice in that direction.
10. Fortunately, its mother died before the time arrived; some thirteen years after the decease of Catherine, when Linton was twelve, or a little more.
11. At old Roger Chillingworth's decease, (which took place within the year,) and by his last will and testament, of which Governor Bellingham and the Reverend Mr.
12. The late king of the country not only appeared to have been troubled with a cough at the time of his decease, but to have taken it with him to the tomb, and to have brought it back.
13. Villefort retired to his study, and d'Avrigny left to summon the doctor of the mayoralty, whose office it is to examine bodies after decease, and who is expressly named the doctor of the dead.
14. Linton's funeral was appointed to take place on the Friday following her decease; and till then her coffin remained uncovered, and strewn with flowers and scented leaves, in the great drawing-room.
15. Linton’s funeral was appointed to take place on the Friday following her decease; and till then her coffin remained uncovered, and strewn with flowers and scented leaves, in the great drawing-room.
16. Their decease made no impression on the other flies out promenading, who looked at them in the coolest manner (as if they themselves were elephants, or something as far removed), until they met the same fate.
17. EvE, if the web is severed or censored, will your, will our mind decease, devolve, or desist in the digital winter that would ensue? I asked the EvE not here but somewhere, and therewhere knew she was asking herself.
18. I forget in detail what they were, but I have a general recollection that he was to begin with reviving the Drama, and to end with crushing it; inasmuch as his decease would leave it utterly bereft and without a chance or hope.
19. After his decease, the same injunction was repeated by the uncle, then in Europe, who was ever averse to his nephew's making choice of this profession: much pains were therefore early exerted to divert him from such inclination.
20. On July 23rd, 1885, he married Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice, at Whippingham Church, in the Isle of Wight, and there are three sons and one daughter of the marriage, the eldest of whom was only nine years old on his father's sad decease.
21. William Bruce, (the father above-mentioned,) and his brother Archibald, together with a sister, were natives of the town of Dumfries in Scotland, where their father was many years resident as the parochial clergyman; and so continued until his decease, much respected.
22. He divined that one of his enemy's purposes was to secure the personal property, as well as the estate, to his son: or rather himself; yet why he did not wait till his decease was a puzzle to my master, because ignorant how nearly he and his nephew would quit the world together.
23. He divined that one of his enemy’s purposes was to secure the personal property, as well as the estate, to his son: or rather himself; yet why he did not wait till his decease was a puzzle to my master, because ignorant how nearly he and his nephew would quit the world together.
24. At another time, on receiving a notification of the decease of a gentleman of the country-side, wherein not only the dignities of the dead man, but also the feudal and noble qualifications of all his relatives, spread over an entire page: "What a stout back Death has!" he exclaimed.
25. Doubtless a widely spread conviction of the total abolition of man’s nature in the first death would destroy the Protestant faith in 'glory, as following decease; it would destroy the Romish faith in purgatory; and it would destroy spiritualism—so far as it is based on necromancy.
26. For by her predeceasing her daughter the latter would have come into possession of the property, and, even had she only survived her mother by five minutes, her property would, in case there were no will, and a will was a practical impossibility in such a case, have been treated at her decease as under intestacy.
27. The landlord and Sancho consented, and then Master Pedro picked up from the ground King Marsilio of Saragossa with his head off, and said, Here you see how impossible it is to restore this king to his former state, so I think, saving your better judgments, that for his death, decease, and demise, four reals and a half may be given me.
28. On the decease of an important personage, slaves have to be sacrificed, guns and spears snapped, bow strings carefully cut, arrows split, and the odd utensils, such as plates, calabashes, &c, cracked; and thus the spirit of the departed native makes its exit in a manner befitting its rank, attended by the spirits of every needful commodity, from slaves to the deceased's ditty pipe.
29. On the thirteenth day of ye said month of Aprill, I the said Notary at the request aforesaid tranaported myselfe unto the persons of Mistris Kirck, widdow of late Jarvis Kirck, in his life time merchant of this Citty of London, and to Captaine David Kirck, his sonne, and William Barkely also of London merchant Adventurers of Caneda, and have required them and every of them to deliver or cause to be delivered to the assignee of the said Generall de Caen, the keyes of the severall Warehousen where the said Beavers are layde up as aforesaid, And then I notified unto them the aforefaid protedt, and showed them the said order from his Majesties honorable privy Councill, Whereupon Mistris Kirck replyed shee had bin long sick, since her late husband's decease, and had not the keyes of the said Warehousen, but was ignorant of those buissineses which shee had comitted to her sons ordering, and the said Capt.
1. She claims the deceased was.
2. If the deceased is the sole.
3. If the deceased belonged to.
4. Both her parents are deceased.
5. So in their view the deceased.
6. The number of deceased totaled.
7. Medvedev are my deceased friends.
9. I saw ranger my deceased dog with him.
10. A black and white photo of the deceased.
11. What’s the name of the deceased?
12. Batchelor, deceased, by her mother, Mrs.
13. The estate of the deceased vests in the.
14. He stated that the deceased was his wife.
15. Yes ma’am, the occupants are deceased.
16. He said Madeleine is deceased and gives his.
18. My father, after a hard life, is now deceased.
19. It was what she wanted as her parents were deceased.
20. I was talking to Carlos while the deceased was 79.
21. Both deceased girls broke in to streams of laughter.
22. The body of the deceased must be washed and treated.
23. He angled his head to study the face of the deceased.
24. In case where the deceased locker hirer had not made.
25. His job was on the line, and his partner was deceased.
26. We have not yet heard the final wishes of the deceased.
27. Raoul Fernandez, I said, pointing to the deceased.
28. I have seen the will of the deceased wife, said he.
29. But the deceased child of The Mighty Companion, Charles.
30. Sam looked down and read the name of the deceased gunman.
31. The problem? Well, the deceased never had any dentures!.
32. They laid the deceased on a wooden pyre in a distant cave.
33. Upon dying the deceased person should have his or her eyes.
34. In this lady’s case, her deceased husband appeared on my.
35. We’ve definitely got to find out more about the deceased.
36. Frohmeyer probed his relationship with his deceased brother.
37. What first reminiscence had he of Rudolph Bloom (deceased)?
38. The deceased husband had lost a fortune of nearly four thou.
39. Aren’t you that fucker that was boning the now deceased.
41. Wasn’t there a confrontation between the deceased and Mr.
43. Leif has given me the scrying glass of the deceased Dire Queen.
44. First, he looked as though he had seen his deceased grandfather.
45. When she needed to cry, the deceased count would be the pretext.
46. Currently the practice was to leave the newly deceased at Horn.
47. There were no signs of a struggle in the flat and the deceased.
48. Every time we would see them out, the sister of his deceased wife.
49. She grabbed my hand and introduced herself as the deceased mother.
50. As a rule the deceased man spends initial three days at home, and.
51. Stevens Thompson Mason, deceased) who set the subscription on foot.
52. But she couldn’t, of course, as I was already very much deceased.
53. Deceased man’s spirit provision with al items that are necessary.
54. Just throw the last will and testament of the deceased into the bunch.
55. In truth she was trying to bring back her deceased loved ones to life.
56. But there’s at least two good things about working with the deceased.
57. That was the modus operandi of his older and recently deceased brother.
58. That meant that he was not relying on the implant in his deceased body.
59. That time I had already felt the sadness and pain of my deceased father.
60. The main thing that hadn’t left my mind was his deceased child that he.
61. On seeing the deceased, the doctor estimated that Bird was 53 at the time.
62. What distinct different memories had each of her now eight years deceased?
63. Form Letter 117-2 When Your Deceased Love One is a Victim of Identity Theft.
64. Yeah, tell your new partner about your relationship to our deceased suspect.
65. He is making a very good settlement of that poor deceased Grandet's business.
66. Paul Michael Pontiac, though only fourteen, was officially declared deceased.
67. There was something about the young fella that reminded him of his deceased.
68. He knew him only through the representation of a friend of the deceased, (Mr.
69. People should show more concern instead of spreading lies about the deceased.
70. We’ve looked up Mark’s parents and found out that they are both deceased.
71. A few years later only a handful of people remember anything about the deceased.
72. Her numbed thoughts traveled to the deceased Portia and her heart was heavy as.
73. Up until that moment I'd only associated my name with my deceased older brother.
74. Job 26:5-6 They that are deceased (rephaim) tremble beneath the waters and the.
75. Deirdre was behind the counter, crouched over a recently deceased shop-assistant.
76. It’s been tested against the bullet extracted from your deceased wife’s head.
77. Job 26:5-6 They that are deceased (Rephaim) tremble beneath the waters and the.
78. We found strands of Miss Hickman’s hairs on both the deceased men’s limbs.
79. I found myself sitting with my deceased companions in an outdoors open air theatre.
80. Both parents had long been deceased according to his latest security questionnaire.
81. It is said that he came across an aging man, a decaying corpse, and a deceased man.
82. How do we deal with a deceased love ones financial matter, especially their taxes?
83. He’s Swede, but his deceased wife had been a Finn and had actually made the bread.
84. That the prioress and the vocal mothers intended to fulfil the wish of the deceased.
85. The age of the deceased as well as the cause of death of these bodies was falsified.
86. He asked, Will you show wonders to the dead? Shall they that are deceased arise.
87. But you told us yourself that the envelope was under your deceased father's pillow.
88. Testament eight times and is translated dead seven times and deceased one time in the.
89. And so at length I arrived in the residential district of my deceased, demented uncle.
90. All five refer to the lost and speak of their death, deceased, destruction, dead, not.
91. If you are a surviving spouse of the deceased, you are 100% exempt from inheritance tax.
92. The hole dug in the ground to receive the body of a deceased loved one is certainly a.
93. Captain Sinico, of Leoville, Sydney Parade, husband of the deceased, also gave evidence.
94. She also said she knows it was wrong but that she was in love with the deceased priest.
95. It’s not as bad as it sounds; the hides are gifts from honored and deceased ancestors.
96. Maybe she knew the deceased girl? Who knows, she may think there was foul play involved.
97. Elderly people are being forced to raise young children left behind by deceased parents.
98. It’s not quite the same but you may have read about another individual who is deceased.
99. In order to achieve such lasting bliss, the deceased had to show his worth by announcing.
100. His father smiled back and understood why the project was named after his deceased mother.

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