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Decode dans une phrase (en anglais)

Read and decode all of Chapter 9 to fully.
I wish I could decode that smile, I said.
I didn’t have time to decode it just yet.
Thereby, the ability to understand and decode Hebrew.
Refer to the Apocalypse Symbol Guide to decode the.
This is the exact same process used to decode keywords in The Apocalypse.
He turned out to have the very qualifications needed to decode this paradoxical.

A day, and a month, and a year–391 symbolic days which decode as 391 literal years.
Alstan had been unable to decode the encrypted data sent by the Brazilan expedition.
By the time they figure that out and decode the message, I won’t be anywhere near.
It would be someone else’s job to decode and demystify everything that had happened.
The decode had to be done optically, there was no time to convert to electrons and back.
Reconstructed to decode these verses and better understand what they are truly saying.
That level of understanding will become available to you as you decode the verses of The.
Once you decode all of Chapter 10 from the Apocalypse Reconstructed, you’ll better understand its.
I stared at that ten-inch frame until I became old enough to decode both the cover and the meaning of its contents.
Those that received the message could decode the massage if they possessed the same sheet from the same one time pad.
The speech patterns you actually hear decode the brainwavematrix which has been fed into your mind by your Babel fish.
He hurried to his apartment and, using a pad of paper and a pencil, was able to decode the message in about thirty minutes.
Harv would decode it, and minutes later, would hand up the written order to the train crew as the freight passed by non-stop.
I am not saying that we needed to decode random price movements or get lucky predicting the future to trade this set-up well.
He had listened to the wheezing and snoring of his leader, and tried to decode the few words that Brumvack mumbled in his sleep.
Fortunately my overexcited babbling didn’t completely cover the invention, and we were able to decode the recording and complete the song.
During the day, she and Harry were supposedly restoring the server networks at GN but in reality they were downloading data for Cristal to decode.
If she wasn’t using these condensates as an excuse to end their marriage she would have shortcut her duty to the captain to help him decode these signals.
In walking over towards her couch, he felt as though his visit was generated for a definite purpose; although, he couldn't seem to decode it subconsciously.
For two thousand years she had learnt to deal with people, read their emotions, decipher the meanings to their words, decode their motives, untangle their wicked webs of deceit.
The first probe was too far from the people to decode what they were saying, but as the shuttlecraft left, they became suspiciously joyful for this to be a funeral celebration.
She’d prayed that he’d decode the text she’d sent him and head over to Wilson’s house, but now that they’d left the property, she knew he’d never locate her in time.
One of the most memorable moments in both the book and the film adaptation occurs when the SETI scientists decode the first frame of the alien video transmission and discover that it contains a close-up image of a Nazi swastika.
The fight for Norway and the failed landings in Denmark late last year have done many bad things for us, apart from making the Germans discover the fact that we were reading their ENIGMA crypto communications and thus leading them to switch to a new system that we still can’t decode.
Sophisticated sweep tools would unpack and decode the data formats used by the global Internet providers, and built-in filters would analyze the content and select information for poaching, directing them into a buffer for three to five days of perusal before it was turned over to open up storage space.
If it wasn’t so, then, for instance, the Formo-Creators of the Configurations focused by Me simply couldn’t simultaneously maintain a normal state of the biological organism, project into the Self-Consciousness SFUURMM-Forms concerning the necessity to appease hunger, decode very complex (for Understanding) Information from the Levels of +4.
The inertia of irkkulligren Realities makes it impossible for our organs of Perception to discern subtle oscillations of color so that to decode them into a frequency of sound, — we can just decode the wave oscillations received by us with the help of organs of hearing and vision, feeling these in fact identical oscillations as vibrations of different nature.
When your Self-Consciousness is inertially tuned to a definite frequency of psychological experience, your bio-Creators must certainly decode from TEC those UU-VVU-Forms, the slloogrent part of VVU-Configurations of which exactly corresponds to this experience, and so that you could specifically feel it the same bio-Creators of the brain must project (“scan”) from all the different-qualitative dynamics of the individual ODS and, with the help of special biochemical reactions, “unfold” (reflect) in the information space of the Self-Consciousness only that part of the conglomerate of Formo-copies, whose VVU-Configurations reflect in the greatest degree the SFUURMM-Forms of the experience you feel.
Then I used my desire to remember it to activate the activity of my Formo-Creators of the brain so that they could again rezonationally stimulate the Formo-copies that had been involved by them in this research; and after that the Formo-Creators started to decode, from their VVU-Configurations, the vibrations that reflect their emotions (that is, to project again, into their VVU-Configuration, subjective projections of the original Information), and then, with the help of biochemical reactions of their own realizational Forms (hormones, amino acids, enzymes), they reprojected the decoded (by them) VVU-Information into the information space of the Self-Consciousness of the NUU-VVU-Configuration focused by Me.
You have to understand that after “Death” bio-Creators of the collective Consciousness of cells and organs decode, directly from ODS (but not from the dynamics of TEC!), Information of completely different quality, which differs greatly from that which was used by the Formo-Creators of the brain for the organization of the psychological and mental activity of the living “personality”, because more primitive Self-Consciousnesses of the bio-Creators of cells and organs are involved in the Synthesis of Aspects of completely different Qualities (ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence and ALL-Essentiality-ALL-Permeability, and afterwards, at definite stages of the biochemical transformation of organic matter, — ALL-Will-of-ALL-Intelligence and ALL-Steadiness-ALL-Stability).
So, through the dynamics of FCA, the Formo-Creators of the brain engage the rezonational interrelation with the dynamics of FDR of one of Formo-copies that are already activated in your ODS, and, by a vibrational overlay of the waves of their VVU-Configuration, “copy” from its VVU-Configuration all the VVU-Information necessary at a given moment (its specific emotions and SFUURMM-Forms), then they decode it with the help of biochemical reactions in different systems and regions of the brain (owing to which you become able to visually perceive from “the bioscreen” any changes in the outer reality), and, after your reaction is recorded in the general Configuration of the Formo-system of Worlds, they “dump” (“fold”) again, into the VVU-Configuration of the just involved Formo-copy, a slightly reformatted (by them, that is, by “you”!) VVU-Information (the life Experience which you have just gained).
Of the decoding.
A primary product of decoding the symbology of the ancients is the ability to.
All those years decoding at Bletchley, when I might have been working on inventing a brain.
Completely decoding and unraveling The Apocalypse and other ancient knowledge are projects.
The starting point for my reconstruction, decoding and exposé was the Book of Revelation, as.
You must learn to accept that those things man continues to question, decoding the past, are to.
The data that the Truth Seekers team have been decoding uncovered something that GN has been hiding.
We succeeded in decoding about 3000 messages, despite the constantly changing Soviet encoding procedures.
I could not have finished decoding The Apocalypse without first determining the Seven Spirits and the Doctrine of Two.
There is no difference between how gravity and electricity forms and that I prove mathematically by decoding the cosmos.
To an interception and decoding station near Prudhoe Bay where you spit and your spittle becomes ice before it reaches the ground.
That was the only one, and it appears to have been put in place because of the secret message I was decoding at the time, I said.
My interpretation and decoding of words does not have anything to do with the encryption and decoding of letters and words which Sufis practice.
After decoding it, Erik read it out to his assembled team members, who were as anxious as him to find out what the reaction in Washington had been.
Each VVU-Configuration of any Form of Collective Intelligence has its unique means and possibilities of individual decoding of the wave Information that manifests in it.
In the original FDDI standards, the PHY layer is responsible for the encoding and decoding of the packets constructed by the MAC layer into the signals that are transmitted over the cable.
Snyder was an odd, awkward bird on camera, easy to mock when decoding the new musical trends, yet somehow the show eventually cornered the market on interviews with Iggy Pop, The Clash, and John Lydon.
Decoding NRMB may have been an interesting talking point in a seminar, but how would the image be captured in an election advertising campaign? A new ad line was coined: ‘Bharat ke Mazboot Haath, Hum Sab Hain Ek Saath.
Each of Its qualitative Levels has its own realizational Principles and mechanisms that absolutely correspond to the decoding systems of Perception of the Forms involved in the dynamics of the Creative Activity only on given Levels of Energy-Plasma.
The reason of this is that the energy-information structures of your current Self-Consciousness (the quantum-holographous molecular model of the brain is also such structure) don’t have a necessary mechanism for an active decoding of Information of such qualitative Levels.
Any Information generated by some type of Collective Intelligence is inseparable from simultaneous processes of individual encoding and decoding that are specifically carried out in the structures of Self-Consciousness that are typical of the realizational Forms of Collective Intelligences only of these kinds.
Then follow: frequency decoding and “unpacking” of the VVU-Information contained in the next NUU-VVU-Configuration, with its simultaneous “unfolding” in the information space of the Self-Consciousness of “a personality”, which is the main inertial process of the interqualitative Synthesis carried out in these types of Reality with the help of the joint creative dynamics of UFS, SLUI-SLUU and bio-Creators.
Yes, for certain, there is always necessary and important (to you) Information in the outer Space-Time, but its wave nature expresses itself so narrowly-specifically that it simply cannot be adequately reflected through the NUU-VVU-Configurations of your Self-Consciousness focused by You (or it is perceived only with a very strong distortion), because they don’t have corresponding decoding devices (necessary VVU-Configurations of the Creators of the brain).
Everything that you can and cannot imagine, that is in the 3rd or 33333rd dimensions, which, however, you cannot yet perceive due to the absence of the Creative Activity, in the structure of your Self-Consciousness, of necessary SFUURMM-Forms and corresponding mechanisms for their decoding (and adaptation) from the general energy-information Flow that constantly penetrates any Form, — absolutely everything, as well as many other phenomena already initially exist regardless of whether you know about it or not.
Therefore, being focused for a long time on the states of spite, grievance, jealousy and other negative reactions in order to carry out the Synthesis of these subaspects, “the personality” with the above NUU-VVU-Configuration inertially “unpacks-unfolds”, from the slloogrent dynamics of TEC, these more differentiated “files” of VVU-Information, which requires to use inertially much more time than the time spent by the Formo-Creators of VVU-Configurations for decoding higher-qualitative choices that already organically include the whole synthesized Experience of lower-qualitative UU-VVU-copies.
That is, “the decoding device” of the brain of each “human being”, which is represented in the Formo-system of Worlds in the form of initially programmed dynamics of the Creative Activity of the original NUU-VVU-Configuration focused by Him (it is simultaneously structured, on the one hand, by the dynamics of VVU-Configurations of FCA of all the Formo-Creators of the brain and, on the other hand, by VVU-Configurations of FDR of all activated conglomerates of Formo-copies; and in their total manifestation — by VVU-Configurations of duvuyllerrt groups of Stereo-Types), is designed only for using a particular VVU-Information that is already “unfolded” in the information space of the Self-Consciousness only for those Directions of the creative realization which are programmed only for this NUU-VVU-Configuration.
So, OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-systems allow (within frequency limits of many rotation Cycles that structure by their dynamics one Formo-system of Worlds), due to a corresponding correction of characteristic electromagnetic components of the Self-Consciousness of each UU-VVU-copy, to introduce a common (for many Spheres of creativity) decoding factor (mechanism, principle), which levels particular contents of different-qualitative fragments of the same SFUURMM-Forms (synthesized by Aspects of different Qualities) that structure different types of subjective Realities (for example, the Realities of elephants, the Realities of ants, the Realities of birds and so on), and makes it possible for the Formo-copies of different Continuums to logically and associatively understand each other and, on higher-frequency ODS Levels, to completely get rid of any SFUURMM-Forms of aggression (in the range from +2.
Decoded = girth.
Decoded = she = her.
Where's the clue? Decoded = some.
Hour (decoded at the end of this book).
I later decoded it and it read: Armory.
Her heart in her throat, she decoded it.
Telexes would then be decoded in Atlanta.
Decoded = is affected water inside us =.
Behind each symbol sits its decoded meaning.
It was short enough that he decoded it quickly.
With this understanding, read the decoded verse.
He read the message after his data assistant decoded it.
Type in the numbers 633 (decoded = frequency of radio C33.
When these decoded details are compared to the history, words, and.
Robert’s decoded message was succinct: She covered her tracks well.
The research team at the University have not yet decoded all of the 7,000.
Furthermore, the decoded messages of The Apocalypse, the texts of several.
Where valid, they can be successfully decoded to read the underlying story line.
Turing, who decoded the Nazis and quoted Snow White, would be given a position of power.
This is a message on the radio net of the SS Corps that we just intercepted and decoded.
I can prove how the start came about because I decoded gravity and I did that by finding.
Mimicking them was one thing but this device seemed to have decoded their meaning and was making its own.
The variations in snowfall and temperatures? Or the decoded Soviet messages which were secret and technical?
Mayfair decoded the latitude and longitude of the rendezvous point, consulted the map, and made a minor course correction.
So, until the Rotham mined the ship's hard drives and decoded everything, they couldn't possibly know about these containers.
Its devices might live on in the ruins and that protocol the avatar decoded might even be real, but the inhabitants of those cities have been gone at least a thousand years.
He pondered the star riddle, with Roelle’s aid they had partially decoded some of the rhyme but couldn’t get any further until they read the original papers that were locked in the Palace archives.
Dr Francis Collins, co-author of the new analysis by the international group that decoded the human genome says that it takes the same number of genes to make a human as it does to make a small flowering plant, that is, about 25,000 genes.
You — as a personality manifested in this range of frequencies — represent (through the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by You and the VVU-Configurations of your Creators of the brain) only a specific subjective Interpreter, an individual wave Modifier of the VVU-Configurations of different Formo-copies continuously decoded by your Formo-Creators.
Something can appear as a flash in your memory in the form of some events or relations from the period of Life lived by you, because the characteristic dynamics (Formo-images) of this range haven’t disappeared anywhere from your Self-Consciousness (from an already decoded part of your temporal ethereal constituent), — they have just transformed into a new qualitative state of your Self-Consciousness.
Let me add something else (for comparison and to make it clearer!): everything that forms the basis of the VVU-Information of all my books is decoded not from ODS, but (through VEC and the Collective Intelligence of GLOOGSSMII-FFAY) from the high-frequency and superhigh-frequency dynamics of FLUU-LUU-complexes of different ranges of the Tertiary Energy-Plasma and FFAY-Planes of the Secondary Energy-Plasma, from the 4th-5th dimensions to the 16th-18th dimensions.
I have mentioned many times the fact that the most difficult thing in my individual Creativity to convey verbally the VVU-Information decoded by my Self-Consciousness is not the complexity of its reception and discernment of its meaning on supersensitive Levels, but a complete absence in your (yet very imperfect) Formo-Creators of the brain, which organize your systems of analysis and identification of the Information that comes into the brain, of at least somewhat adequate high-frequency SFUURMM-Forms and Formo-images that could at least somehow reflect this unimaginable Essence in your Self-Consciousness.
No, it’s wrong: UU-VVU-Forms (that have been initially adopted by Formo-Creators for “the noo-time integration” into the slloogrent dynamics of the temporal ethereal constituent of NUU-VVU-Configurations) and already decoded UU-VVU-Forms (that have been inertially “unfolded” by bio-Creators in the information space of the Self-Consciousness with the help of projections of UU-VVU-copies of an individual ODS) differ very much configurationally (that is, energy-informationally) from the abstract VVU-Information which is initially included into TEC and is entirely the result of the creativity of the Collective Intelligences of the RESOSCONTIONAL Branch — SLUI-SLUU-Creators.
So, we know that at the moment of “Death” the specific wave dynamics of different-qualitative energy-information carriers, which we usually define as “an incarnated personality”, notionally differentiate in a rezonational “zone” (between two duvuyllerrt scenarios of development) of the information space of its Self-Consciousness into many self-conscious wave Fields-Consciousnesses (UU-VVU-copies) that are “fragmentarily” encoded by some specific VVU-Information that reflects some moments of the life creativity of this “personality”, the Formo-Creators of the brain of which have used them as Thoughts, Feelings, Conceptions, and Desires “unpacked” (decoded) by them.
Cosmic Spaces of Synthetic Types that are jointly created by self-conscious Elements (Creators) of both these Branches are also Their joint, common Sphere of the Creative manifestation, within the Forms of which the Creators of both Branches can “mutually deepen” and mutually expand the vibration limits of application of their own specific creativity (for example, the molecular Formo-Creators of the brain realize all their biochemical activities — while we realize our mental and psychological activities — only on the basis of continuously decoded (by them) VVU-Information “unpacked” from VVU-Configurations of conglomerates of the Formo-copies that correspond to them in frequency.
Then I used my desire to remember it to activate the activity of my Formo-Creators of the brain so that they could again rezonationally stimulate the Formo-copies that had been involved by them in this research; and after that the Formo-Creators started to decode, from their VVU-Configurations, the vibrations that reflect their emotions (that is, to project again, into their VVU-Configuration, subjective projections of the original Information), and then, with the help of biochemical reactions of their own realizational Forms (hormones, amino acids, enzymes), they reprojected the decoded (by them) VVU-Information into the information space of the Self-Consciousness of the NUU-VVU-Configuration focused by Me.
See if it decodes.
God decodes by rhyme as he.
When the program decodes a packet, it displays all of its contents, including what may be sensitive information.
Language decodes the stimuli of experience of the real world and environment and of the transcendent, for example, others’ perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, which stimuli are absorbed through the individuals senses (sight, sound, and touch) and the interpretational processes between the interface of invisible consciousness and the ‘physical’ brain, manifesting as conscious and sometimes subconscious, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

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