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Decrypt dans une phrase (en anglais)

Decrypt the files.
You told Hagan you wouldn’t decrypt them.
That’s why you don’t want to decrypt the files.
Often, copying or moving these files will decrypt the data.
She wanted to decrypt the damn files, but she knew the inevitable outcome.
There are software programs that encrypt and decrypt the file once the appropriate key is entered.
I need to see it, but she”—he jerked his head Ash’s direction—”refuses to decrypt the files.

Would Rykus order her to decrypt the files? He was a well-respected, well-known hero in the Fighting Corps.
Satoshi can use his private key to encrypt a message, and everyone else can decrypt it using his public key.
Both DES and 3DES are symmetrical encryption algorithms, meaning that they use the same key to encrypt and decrypt the data.
Messages were systematically scrambled, or encrypted, in a way that hopefully only the recipient of the message knew how to decrypt.
She’d kill him, decrypt the stolen data, then decide who else she needed to destroy in order to preserve and protect the Coalition.
The question I’m interested in, Kabir, is whether the file release got us any closer to finding the man who can decrypt the files.
You are a member of the Navy Intelligence, helping to decrypt Japanese messages, and they refuse you the right to visit your mother?
The only way to decrypt your private key is with a password you choose, preventing thieves from accessing your private key and your bitcoins.
According to what Mike told me, when his team tried to decrypt Plutonium’s Revenge, they discovered it had been encrypted using something called a 384-bit Blowfish algorithm.
Grim, wasn’t it? But the interesting thing is that Dackstone crops up in one of the few conversations we’ve managed to track down and decrypt from this criminal network, although there the firm is simply referred to as D.

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