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Defective dans une phrase (en anglais)

  2. They have defective common sense.
  3. Casting & obviously a defective Feeder.
  4. In consequence of defective mnemotechnic.
  5. In any casting you can have a defective.
  6. For this effect defective comes by cause:.
  7. Most of them will definitely be defective.
  8. The defective cans are over there by the wall.
  9. A defective defender but a defender nonetheless.
  10. His sense of values and loyalties was defective.
  11. Why is that? They have a defective common sense.
  12. And in court he will say the goods were defective.
  13. The blank isn’t defective, and I’m not a fool.
  14. Hitler died of coronary sclerosis: a defective heart.
  16. It means that they possess a defective state of mind.
  17. You can also have a sound casting & a defective feeder.
  18. For years the old drain-pipes had been defective and leaky.
  19. Both agreed that his appearance was perfect, hers defective.
  20. The defective machine shall be kept stopped till the defect.
  21. In terms of assymetricity, Ravan had inherited a defective body.
  22. The patient semantically defective by lack of meaningful purpose.
  23. They are, indeed, too often defective in this tolerable knowledge.
  24. She has been used to having a home no matter how defective it was.
  25. It is caused by the second X chromosome defective at birth leading to.
  26. Only 4 modules integrated with the systems, the others were defective.
  27. Unless we do this, we have only a defective view of Christian doctrine.
  28. Magical protection hands down unprotected property or defective creation.
  29. The United States recalls its ambassador to Syria Why? Was she defective?
  30. They will think if this was defective why did you by it in the first place.
  31. Some minds will be defective, some will be great, and all will be different.
  32. Some alleles are defective, incapable of constructing the necessary protein.
  33. I felt I wasn’t hearing it in full, as if Rielde were a defective language.
  34. Incorrect statements can put an individual into having a defective character.
  35. It is caused by the extra X chromosome defective at birth leading to sterility.
  36. I have restored the defective passages after the text authorized by Tischendorf.
  37. Imagine a floor where some of the tiles have lifted off due to defective adhesive.
  38. It was a nearer view of the same scene, though the photograph was extremely defective.
  39. As you will learn, I believe autism and a defective common sense are one in the same.
  40. So we start with a judgment that we are all, as human beings, innately defective (the.
  41. If the present batch was defective, William was doomed and Guy's fury would know no mercy.
  42. Sixth, A defective Social analytical ability: T his is different than being a social dreamer.
  43. He was mentally defective; he shit his pants because he could not control his bowel movements.
  44. Every characteristic of autism can be explained because the person has a defective common sense.
  45. They love their Bibles, and they pray, though both their reading and their praying are very defective.
  46. Seventh, Defective common sense: It has been referred to as part of several of the above characteristics.
  47. While rich people have genetically defective babies who are coddled and fortunes are spent keeping them alive.
  48. The off-center load presented unequal force to the four remaining bolts, the defective one bearing the brunt of it.
  49. She started with the ones she knew were defective, the one in the bathroom and the one in the bedroom she slept in.
  50. Some of them have very imperfect knowledge, and hold the truth in solution, with a mixture of many defective views.
  51. He had to retaliate and expose Keller’s evolutionary fraud; the Meliorans, not defective genes, ruined everything.
  52. The main cause of these issues lies in defective fatigue pipe joints emitting the gas into closed locations of a ship.
  53. In considering what Tess was not, he overlooked what she was, and forgot that the defective can be more than the entire.
  54. The name alleganiensis, although defective, as it indicates no character, has however the unalienable right of priority.
  55. Not only was the car design defective, lawsuits later revealed that Ford’s top managers knew that the car could ignite.
  56. He pulled the covers back over Ashley’s foot and hurried out, squeaking the defective wheeled laundry cart past her room.
  57. The car works fine, so the manufacturer doesn’t need to recall it, but the built-in CD player is defective and not usable.
  58. Just as we remove a thorn embedded in our foot with a needle, so also we create a new impression to remove the defective ones.
  59. Warranties: Written guarantees of the quality of a product and the promise to repair or replace defective parts free of charge.
  60. Never saw one I couldn’t run yet, he said, cheerfully, and when I do I’ll send it back to the factory as defective.
  61. One of the reasons for using Hartle in fact, is because his instincts are so strong, defective as he may be in intellect?
  62. Unless they look like they are defective, a store manager probably won’t take it back, especially if they are covered in paint.
  63. So far Lloyd Adeft had determined that three of the cannon were defective and needed spiking, and two were satisfactory for firing.
  64. When we encounter ourselves in the media, on television or even the Internet, we find ourselves defective, diseased, and disordered.
  65. They also shipped millions of dollars of upgrade kits that documents show could not have been assembled yet, as well as defective units.
  66. Hillhouse observed that the returns from one of the States appeared to be defective, the Governor's certificate not being attached to it.
  67. The bus had been used, even though it was defective, because the OWG calculated there were too many subjects in that area of town anyway.
  68. It's poorly constructed, being "defective," so to speak, over the whole left side of its frame, with good eyesight only in its right eye.
  69. A few days after Christmas 2007, I dropped off a return of a gadget that would convert slides to digital, since it appeared to be defective.
  70. My students felt they had become a product, a commodity which was rather a drug on the market�a dime a dozen, and defective and flawed at that.
  71. Therefore, Ingalls, having never built a ship before, was its own design agent; hence no defective GFI (government furnished information) claims.
  72. It fostered feelings inside them that cause them to feel essentially defective, essentially flawed and inadequate, undeserving of the unconditional.
  73. Such people also form a part of the bureaucracy; naturally, the formation and running of the government and its policies are also defective and un-progressive.
  74. Because the better it can fit its defective diseased auras into the living aura of Hitler: the better it can take over control of Hitler’s living body and soul.
  75. I worked with pressroom staff and a young man from our financial group to come up with a realistic figure for losses due to defective ink through the previous year.
  76. When he wrote All My Sons, the FBI called it party line propaganda just because it had to do with someone selling defective parts to the United States Air Force.
  77. Was she possibly defective too? In her mind, she had just assumed that when she was finished with the task she had set herself, then she would begin to raise children.
  78. Thus their initial cause was defective and this is the biggest problem when faced with counter terrorism for you simply cannot defend the indefendable with the military.
  79. The procedure was also used to treat perceived defective personality traits that included homosexuality, nymphomania, criminal behavior, and marijuana and drug addiction.
  80. If the contents are ignited through a rupture or defective valve or if the container is subjected to heat, the pressure built up in the container will cause an explosion.
  81. The base that formed was called a cup-with-handle, yet the cup looks rather defective as it is fairly V-shaped whereas a textbook cup-with-handle has a rounded bottom.
  82. I handled on my own the dispute between EI and the company on the other side of our shared driveway concerning splitting the costs of repairs to defective water and sewage lines.
  83. Usually these problems occur not because the computer is defective, but because somebody has reprogrammed the software or contaminated good, valuable programs or information within.
  84. But if he is defective in form, much more is he inferior to the Greek in matter; he nowhere in his philosophical writings leaves upon our minds the impression of an original thinker.
  85. The stories abound about the person, who is mentally defective in most things, but can draw pictures of what they have seen in amazing detail, or play a piano in a way that is a marvel.
  86. With every desire to make the best of our Church and its constitution, I cannot avoid the conclusion that in the matter of the laity its system is at present defective and infra-scriptural.
  87. The air conditioning in the patrol car which he had commandeered for the afternoon was defective, which explained why the young patrolmen had been so willing to give the car up for the day.
  88. What was wrong with this Zombie? Did Ted find a defective one to follow, or were the psychos working here making it up as they went? His union would be hearing from him as soon as he got home.
  89. If its true per Steven Pinker and lesser lights in his profession, that language is hard-wired into our brains, there are more than a few people out there running around with defective wiring.
  90. Owing, however, to defective mental control and to an almost universal ignorance as to the laws of thought, and in addition, to a profound lack of knowledge as to man's own nature, man works blindly.
  91. Egg laying is very stressful to females, and it is quite common for the hen to produce defective eggs that don't have shells or have thin shells that are crushed while waiting in the oviduct to be laid.
  92. He had a fixed idea, I guessed by several observations he let fall, that, as his nephew resembled him in person, he would resemble him in mind; for Linton's letters bore few or no indications of his defective character.
  93. The result was that this particular evil entity… which entered into the royal fetus of the Wilhelm, was born with a defective withered left arm… which it was doomed to carry for the rest of its evil rotten existence.
  94. He had a fixed idea, I guessed by several observations he let fall, that, as his nephew resembled him in person, he would resemble him in mind; for Linton’s letters bore few or no indications of his defective character.
  95. The Hood’s condition could be likened to all intents and purposes as a microcosm of the British Empire at that time; ancient, glorious, biggest in the world, shrouded in ceremony, but hopelessly out of date and defective.
  96. Did she picture a Gap and a True Value Hardware clomping up Main Street? I shouldn’t make fun of her, because there were obviously some defective parts in her brain, but (1) she was hired as a news anchor and (2) it was funny.
  97. The attorney for the district looked into the case, and found the crime of perjury to be, the falsely taking an oath according to the laws of the United States; but, as the law was defective, as above stated, the offence was not perjury.
  98. The point is… the undead in all of their undead rotten corruption and defective diseased auras: are negative forms of energy, of evil filth overlaid onto the living organic world which is not diseased and not defective and is not evil.
  99. As a house, Barton Cottage, though small, was comfortable and compact; but as a cottage it was defective, for the building was regular, the roof was tiled, the window shutters were not painted green, nor were the walls covered with honeysuckles.
  100. In the worst case (if both large presses are found defective), this will delay the production schedule by 3 working days – a total of 6 days for both presses to be re-located, but two are still in operation as they are not to be re-located – i.

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