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Demand dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. I was in high demand.
2. And he made his demand.
3. She was in high demand.
4. A request, not a demand.
5. This one I demand you see.
6. It is a reasonable demand.
7. Running tap water on demand.

8. What was that? I demand.
9. It was a rather bold demand.
10. A demand draft or "DD" is an.
11. Buseth yielded to the demand.
12. I demand that you leave us.
13. Others demand justice as well.
14. It tried to resist and demand.
15. He’ll demand I be imprisoned.
16. You should demand that he do so.
17. About this time the demand for.
18. Water was a high demand resource.
19. Demand the pound sterling Mumm's.
20. Demons demand, leaving no choice.
21. We deserve it and so we demand it.
22. This will create a demand for ATP.
23. There was a great demand for them.
24. This does not demand any practice.
25. But do not demand that he fire it.
26. The modesty of the demand shook me.
27. Doc was in almost constant demand.
28. The supply has exceeded the demand.
29. But I demand that nobody sit there.
30. You never can demand perfect ending.
31. He would demand millions in damages.
32. That he be comin’ over to demand.
33. Coal demand in both the industrial.
34. They will demand his excommunication.
35. There’s a public demand to see her.
36. What you have is pent up demand, no.
37. Demand will be greater than supply!.
38. They demand weapons such as guns etc.
39. You cannot demand IT to inlightenu.
40. The supply always precedes the demand.
41. No demand, as shown by the low volume.
42. That is why to demand money from the.
43. All the five senses demand different.
44. There was a solid demand in his voice.
45. Demand that he fire it out the window.
46. Peter? I demand, without thinking.
47. He will not demand that you surrender.
48. He had issued a demand and received it.
49. It’s supply and demand at its finest.
50. Power concedes nothing without a demand.
51. It’s more of a demand than a question.
52. Now, I demand that you tell me the.
53. But I have to demand the truth from her.
54. It’s part of her demand, Paul said.
55. But in time he grew used to this demand.
56. For the demand of our neglected tribute.
57. Our clients demand that we hire the best.
58. It is different from the absolute demand.
59. Investment demand is also on the upswing.
60. The demand for the puts themselves rises.
61. It is the main source of demand for hot.
62. We demand the assistance of one of you.
63. If the demand is money it can be resolved.
64. I am in no position to demand or even ask.
65. What is the truth? I demand to know!!.
66. His reason and demand seemed to be fading.
67. This is not a ransom demand, Alexander.
68. Mikael: I demand to know where the exit is.
69. The trap I set was due to Rancor's demand.
70. Movies on demand, rooftop heated swimming.
71. You have not had any demand of the sort?
72. What favour would he demand down the road?
73. Her tone was more a demand than a question.
74. Buy loads, then there will be more demand.
75. These EBMs, along with the surge in demand.
76. But Cora neither heard nor heeded his demand.
77. The demand being there, it must be supplied.
78. And as your wife I demand that you tell me.
79. But I beg and I demand that you set me free.
80. His lawyer sent it back with an angry demand.
81. She then raised both hands to demand silence.
82. It is almost a question of supply and demand.
83. No trace, no word—not even a ransom demand.
84. If the demand for the bonds decreases, the U.
85. Demand is a very important trait of the market.
86. Of course not, he will demand the other nine.
87. The urban intellectuals will demand democracy.
88. Infusion follows the law of supply and demand.
89. Space and water heating demand by sector 1997.
90. Ability will never catch up with demand for it.
91. However, they seemed to be in much less demand.
92. The latter demand was at first not understood.
93. Someone or something to demand you keep moving.
94. Check into the demand of these types of things.
95. Seasonal demand cycles are a major fundamental.
96. Demand is needed for the success of any business.
97. I absolutely demand that you love me more than.
98. I demand to see my papers that landed me in hell.
99. Money is payment on demand, but Love makes none.
1. He was demanding a high.
2. My work is very demanding.
3. Demanding, is a better word.
4. It was a friend, demanding to.
5. This tower was demanding me to.
6. This is a demanding substance.
7. The All Heels always demanding.
8. But it’s also a demanding sport.
9. Golf can be a pretty demanding game.
10. The work was demanding and tedious.
11. Phase 3 is one of the most demanding.
12. In addition, theyre demanding that a.
13. They started demanding things from them.
14. Weekly repertory is relentlessly demanding.
15. Bill: Michael could be a demanding sucker.
16. The demanding tone in her voice could not.
17. Sit down, he said in a demanding tone.
18. He went to the seducer, demanding his wife.
19. The All Heels always demanding dictatorial.
20. Sprayers are demanding when it comes to this.
21. Abraham heard the demanding call of the Lord.
22. Adopting a dictational stance and demanding.
23. Now he was hiding in the bushes, demanding a.
24. She was demanding of intellectual honesty in.
25. Demanding the money from his father, he went.
26. It had been replaced with demanding authority.
27. How can you know this? I kept demanding.
28. He stood up to them, demanding his privileges.
29. He was lost to something more demanding than.
30. Demanding and forceful in all of his authority.
31. Hipolyta was intense, passionate and demanding.
32. Say that you love me, his voice was demanding.
33. Captain Bingham could be a hard, demanding cuss.
34. One side demanding he be punished for Matricide.
35. She was too demanding and didnt care anything.
36. Demanding demons work hard to victimize the mind.
37. He’s not demanding anything of you, is he?’.
38. He has a practical mind and a demanding stomach.
39. What happened? His demanding tone irritated her.
40. He picked up the pace and it became more demanding.
41. They streamed to the back door, demanding that job.
42. After demanding papers from Captain Hammond of the.
43. The Dark’s words, burning, demanding, and forceful.
44. Connie pursed her lips as she studied the demanding.
45. The work wasn’t mentally demanding, merely endless.
46. This was a very demanding responsibility for one man.
47. His stomach growled and gurgled, demanding sustenance.
48. A demanding job and a wife whom he had started to hate.
49. You told me he was very nice, but a demanding husband.
50. Immediately, he started asking me questions, demanding.
51. Hallen! Hanor’s call was less demanding this time.
52. And the more in earnest you are about demanding it - the.
53. He was quickly interrupted by Allen demanding, Buy him.
54. Many of you have had demanding bosses these past few years.
55. Daring to move, his leg continued throbbing, demanding rest.
56. This may be why she was so demanding in recording sessions.
57. He went to his father immediately demanding an explanation.
58. They’re a little young for that, and so demanding with it.
59. Put away that stern, demanding side of your conscious mind.
60. He stared insolently, demanding, "Where'za p'lice station?".
61. Sometimes this transit shows a demanding or overbearing boss.
62. They have sent a message demanding the surrender of the boys.
63. Relatives and friends of those on board are demanding answers.
64. His voice was demanding, though it had lost much of its power.
65. We were demanding our place in a society that had spurned us.
66. Rather than demanding that your mate change for you, why not.
67. Their days quickly settled into a physically demanding routine.
68. More and more women are demanding an active voice in decision.
69. Later, he sent Rose a letter demanding that she leave his house.
70. Demanding explanations was their way of voicing their annoyance.
71. But the reality check is that children are often very demanding.
72. It wasn’t pleading, it could be described better as demanding.
73. Overcoming the demanding nature of the mind-stuff takes practice.
74. Instead, it was a constant fight against a body demanding to rest.
75. Fox looked at his second in command, demanding silence with a look.
76. The masses should be out on the streets demanding that Zuma resign.
77. These demanding to have them, (tired with ceaseless excitement, and.
78. David and the woman stared at him, silently demanding an explanation.
79. Father and a demanding, cold family, the poor man never had a chance.
80. The more demanding method of changing her own shape would have to do.
81. Hanor had searched for a connection, his friend demanding he remember.
82. It was the voice of Pop, demanding that he act, for once, like a man.
83. As for your second question, theyre demanding a new treaty with the U.
84. He was furious by then and stormed into her room, demanding a rematch.
85. Her split dissociation truced into a surrender demanding no revelation.
86. What’s wrong? Mary Catherine asked in a caring, but demanding.
87. More and more traders started appearing and demanding our merchandise.
88. Ceremony was approached as a demanding contract between god and person.
89. The river was demanding their attention as the sun set on the far side.
90. Was that entirely necessary? he asked, more demanding than caring.
91. He held my hands in his and looked into my eyes, demanding my attention.
92. His father replied, demanding to know who was calling at this late hour.
93. He went everywhere he could demanding the reconstruction of both schools.
94. She stared at him demanding an answer to her former question Well?
95. They tend to stay longer, are less demanding in their conditions and are.
96. They push the Sparrows aside with their might, demanding instant respect.
97. It was strong and demanding; it pushed me forward, one foot after another.
98. Being intent, focused and demanding, my father was under continuous stress.
99. An official starter might be well paid, but his duties were very demanding.
100. Distraught Catherine Barnes walked up to Jack’s car demanding an answer.
1. Who are you? he demanded.
2. Pick it up, one demanded.
3. Who is this?' he demanded.
4. The gods demanded it of us.
5. He demanded I order a drink.
6. He demanded and got respect.
7. The slave demanded that the.
8. Is this true? he demanded.
9. His life [psukee] was demanded.
10. Who owns it? he demanded.
11. The story demanded to be heard.
12. Who is this? she demanded.
13. His life (psukee) was demanded.
14. Where to then? my mind demanded.
15. Come with me, he demanded curtly.
16. How about us? Tom demanded.
17. The dirty device demanded words.
18. What you want? he demanded.
19. A few times, he demanded that I.
20. They demanded that this group of.
21. Say that again, I demanded.
22. She demanded a raise, which was.
23. When punishment is demanded, the.
24. What about it? demanded Golyakov.
25. What is it? demanded the lady.
26. Take her up! Collins demanded.
27. How do you know? he demanded.
28. Give me the keys, he demanded.
29. What is this? Garcia demanded.
30. Nothing more can be demanded of me.
31. Who’s with him? he demanded.
32. Convinced of what? I demanded.
33. And you?’ Leila demanded of Jack.
34. There his mother demanded to see him.
35. Now just look at me, he demanded.
36. But you must, Charity demanded.
37. Who was this man? he demanded.
38. But were an explanation demanded of.
39. His body demanded her full attention.
40. He had demanded to see the president.
41. What’s going on? Mia demanded.
42. What’s the matter? she demanded.
43. The mob demanded Inacio’s devotion.
44. Dean within? I demanded of the dame.
45. Millicent had demanded an armed fight.
46. Who are you? He demanded again.
47. I also demanded union representation.
48. He slapped my bum and demanded access.
49. Who are they? he demanded again.
50. Get in there, demanded the coach.
51. How did he know? demanded Vrikop.
52. They surfaced and demanded expression.
53. He demanded to know what had happened.
54. What’s the gag? London demanded.
55. Why should I lose? Dunk demanded.
56. What was that for? Setne demanded.
57. Who is your wife? demanded Oliver.
58. Neither had he demanded to be released.
59. His gaze demanded she enter the cipher.
60. Atourum was livid and demanded revenge.
61. Even more: it demanded that he respond.
62. Dean within?’ I demanded of the dame.
63. The shop keeper was angry and demanded.
64. They demanded that the killer be found.
65. In the second letter he demanded the U.
66. I demanded more; MARY2 kindly responded.
67. What on earth was that? I demanded.
68. Take it off our debt, LD demanded.
69. Who’s calling? the voice demanded.
70. It was something my conscience demanded.
71. What? Who is this? Sylvia demanded.
72. What the hell is this? Pa demanded.
73. The establishment demanded nothing less.
74. Well, what of that? demanded Johan.
75. Who is this Chinedu? demanded Baba.
76. Where are the others? Jay demanded.
77. You come an’ play, she demanded.
78. Wait a minute, demanded the Manager.
79. Myra demanded she do this for both races.
80. What’s this about? Caris demanded.
81. I demanded a retraction by showing them.
82. Did you see who it was? he demanded.
83. What's up with you now? he demanded.
84. Where are the niggers? he demanded.
85. What is this about? Garcia demanded.
86. What’d he want? Pa demanded again.
87. How did this happen? demanded Hubris.
88. What did he do to you?! he demanded.
89. Now sit down and calm down, she demanded.
90. The second demanded a little more thought.
91. What is she doing here? he demanded.
92. She demanded to know what they were doing.
93. What was that? Alex demanded sharply.
94. Tell me! he demanded of the soldiers.
95. What’s going on? Annabeth demanded.
96. Herein are demanded the eye and the nerve.
97. Move away from the desk, she demanded.
98. But how does that help us? I demanded.
99. Is that true, wizard? Gamyon demanded.
100. What is it, man? demanded the manager.
1. Demands that we be happy.
2. But the sea demands more.
3. The demands will never stop.
4. The truth as history demands.
5. Is that true? he demands.
6. It demands honesty and patience.
7. Next they’d be issuing demands.
8. Not God himself, but his demands.
9. She started by listing out demands.
10. The brain is under the mind demands.
11. Refuses to meet his sexual demands;.
12. He demands that which he needs from.
13. Her lord father’s will demands it.
14. A few of her demands jumped back and.
15. Demands that a street carries the name.
16. A warped opinion demands a warped text.
17. What are you going to do? demands the.
18. Weeks later and the demands keep coming.
19. Not to mention the demands of daily life.
20. In response to his demands and aided by.
21. I must do what my conscience demands of me.
22. I carried out his demands under threat of.
23. What? Christina demands, her eyes wide.
24. I believe that those demands are reasonable.
25. It demands a response, a practical response.
26. But Butterfield made no demands, no requests.
27. They, however, rejected her demands with a.
28. Demands on the Cypriot Animal Protection Act.
29. Forge also demands a voice in the government.
30. The infinite arrogant demands of the fetal I.
31. She is prosecuted and demands are issued for.
32. Group sanity demands the best you have to give.
33. What have you done with him? she demands.
34. The tone of your remarks positively demands it.
35. Reason demands that Sisyphus must be miserable.
36. Rupali, try to understand the demands of time.
37. We face an imbalance that demands correction.
38. They contacted me with demands for your release.
39. Beatrice? demands a nasal voice next to me.
40. Wall Street will supply what the market demands.
41. Aiden's next encounter with demands that he find.
42. Her danger forbids a compliance with our demands.
43. Too many demands for rights by the lower classes.
44. The intellectual demands of trading aren’t high.
45. Because those demands are criminal and wicked.
46. Note: This dish demands the use of imported pasta.
47. Having the XO make demands of him helped nothing.
48. Failure to comply with the demands of either the.
49. It threatens nopenalty if the demands are not met.
50. West’s demands to pull it’s forces out of the.
51. Why have you called us here? R’jan demands.
52. The radical life demands an ultimate act of faith.
53. It does not fulfil the demands which are presented.
54. Stephen reaches inside us and demands our emotions.
55. Merciful when the situation demands it? Absolutely.
56. An illusion of self demands an illusion of an other.
57. She basically steps up, bares her neck and demands.
58. And their demands and expectations could not be sated.
59. Because I couldn’t handle the demands of greatness.
60. Anger and dreadful hot weather demands refregerations.
61. He was still unhappy about the demands of her career.
62. There is no room for excuses it demands full honesty.
63. He pointed to where Bishop Neville listed his demands.
64. The demands of guarding it make paper money expensive.
65. Not to say demands, not to say incendiary stimulation.
66. When one has made his demands upon the Universal, he.
67. I am forced by my office to fulfill this man's demands.
68. Whatever their demands are, they won’t be accepted.
69. A long straddle demands it; a short straddle abhors it.
70. What was yours before you stopped it? She demands.
71. It as surely adds to character as it demands character.
72. Without these demands the true life would be impossible.
73. Restrictions and Demands of the Safe and Cheap Approach.
74. The greater the arrogant demands, the greater the wound.
76. Stand on your inner ground until its demands drain away.
77. He feels confident that their demands will be addressed.
78. A moustache suited his serious face that demands respect.
79. All this will come to pass when public opinion demands it.
80. Now they were faced with crippling demands for repayment.
81. A man with panic in his voice demands the crowd make way.
82. Demands that we reproduce and fill the void with our seed.
83. I kind of liked that one, but progress demands sacrifice.
84. She had no choice but to succumb to his touch, his demands.
85. Kastur was reluctant to change but gave in to his demands.
86. You can’t expect me to give in to all your demands!.
87. There were also other demands on the Pacific Squadron that.
88. He still appeared capable of taking on combat duty demands.
89. It was as if specific demands were a relic of a former age.
90. Come with us! demands Kane with the 2x4 still in his.
91. The demands had been penned in elegant crimson calligraphy.
92. The royal court at first reacted negatively to those demands.
93. I always wondered at the women who succumbed to his demands.
94. Gilmore had published the changes as per the demands of the.
95. He was to discover that one sin demands another to cover it.
96. In a nutshel , monotheism demands that you blindly obey one.
97. As the head of the government of Israel, he had many demands.
98. We have to consider what God demands of us; and God wants us.
99. Universe will finally come to comply with what Newton demands.
100. The Rabble grows restless, their material demands, insatiable.

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