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Demeanor dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. She had a very nice demeanor.
  2. Sekeem kept his calm demeanor.
  3. Her demeanor and the readily.
  4. I could tell by their demeanor.
  5. His flat demeanor was maddening.

  6. From her demeanor, she seemed to.
  7. Her composed demeanor infuriated him.
  8. Sharon’s demeanor and voice changed.
  9. He looked at us all with a happy demeanor.
  10. So I supposed his actions fit his demeanor.
  11. On the outside, Locke retained his demeanor.
  12. Their demeanor said, We are a special breed.
  13. Smitty’s unruffled demeanor started to wane.
  14. Mona's entire demeanor changed at these words.
  15. Something about her demeanor has a sobering.

  16. The change in Joseph's demeanor startled Ruby.
  17. With a smile on his face, his demeanor was lax.
  18. There was something about his placid demeanor.
  19. There was a sheet of steel beneath the demeanor.
  20. That depends on their intentions and demeanor.
  21. James could not comprehend his brother's demeanor.
  22. Jason kept both his spleen and his sweet demeanor.
  23. Barron recognized the change in demeanor of his son.
  24. His demeanor had changed and he now sat disheveled.
  25. Her quick change of demeanor told me she remembered.

  26. She decided to put on her own professional demeanor.
  27. He had a demeanor above the average businessman’s.
  28. Look for these changes in demeanor and you will be.
  29. She had a caramel demeanor and ice-cream allurements.
  30. He had been accused of being cold in demeanor, aloof.
  31. Gone was Nic’s relaxed demeanor of earlier that day.
  32. Barron noticed the change in his daughter’s demeanor.
  33. Sicarius did have the icy demeanor of a debt collector.
  34. The other was shorter and had the demeanor of a servant.
  35. Anderson's face lifted slightly from his somber demeanor.
  36. There was a definite change in her demeanor with the last.
  37. He looks so serious, no trace of his usual, jovial demeanor.
  38. Mainly, I would check in to see if his demeanor had changed.
  39. McGuire, the judge repeated, taking on a solemn demeanor.
  40. Her demeanor could have severed the arm off of an angry yeti.
  41. She nodded, her demeanor one of disinterest, as if he should.
  42. His demeanor said, There’s another one who cares like me.
  43. He was immediately surprised by the difference in her demeanor.
  44. Jed noticed the sudden change in demeanor at the mention of his.
  45. There was a cold demeanor sound coming from the hall of the room.
  46. The change in the big hog‘s demeanor was dramatic and instant.
  47. Reading the true meaning of her demeanor, he made casual answer.
  48. The strength beneath their elegant demeanor was nearly palpable.
  49. I find a man’s demeanor can tell a lot about his truthfulness.
  50. His calm demeanor belied the fact that he’d just killed a male.
  51. His childish demeanor would translate into something as childish.
  52. Their whole demeanor towards him changed when he started to laugh.
  53. Still, Candace Martin had her dignity and her professional demeanor.
  54. He said he could tell from my demeanor that I had gotten my answer.
  55. The effect should have been sexy but her demeanor was businesslike.
  56. She was attractive for her years, with a calm and pleasant demeanor.
  57. They don’t have the same abilities, the same demeanor, or anything.
  58. She offered no further information, though her demeanor was pleasant.
  59. Just as suddenly as he had lapsed into darkness, his demeanor became.
  60. Her demeanor changed and her focus was no longer on me and yet it was.
  61. The next week went by without the slightest change in Jeff’s demeanor.
  62. Her demeanor demands me to call her mother, preferably with a capital M.
  63. What is it? Barron said, noticing the change in her demeanor as he.
  64. He was very impressive, but it was his demeanor that caught Kate’s eye.
  65. His jovial demeanor restored, he smiled back at me, Don’t mention it.
  66. As he spoke, his tone and his demeanor had both maddened and flustered her.
  67. Her demeanor was serene with a hint of mistrust, but she smiled pleasantly.
  68. Jose's demeanor reflected an uncertain storm brewing within his shifty eyes.
  69. He checked on Tyu and could not help but note the excitement in her demeanor.
  70. I can’t say the demeanor of the saxophone section was quite as convivial.
  71. His demeanor looked loose, excited about the prospects of the upcoming night.
  72. Something was off about the man’s demeanor, but he could not determine what.
  73. For a split second, Anthony looks shocked, but he quickly regains his cool demeanor.
  74. A small, Chinese woman yielded a smile that further infuriated Mitchell's demeanor.
  75. As the king's courier went his way, Moshe noticed the whole demeanor of the docking.
  76. His eyes met mine, and he grew very still, his gaze penetrating, his demeanor solemn.
  77. He had a soft voice with a lisp and his demeanor was the incarnation of peace itself.
  78. Very well, Picard said, his demeanor changing as he became more private in the.
  79. Won’t such demeanor get imprinted in the minds of those who espy that visage then!.
  80. At once, Hiss’ demeanor changed, the eyebrow descended and a few wrinkles disappeared.
  81. This driver had the same demeanor as the one in the District, few words and no emotion.
  82. Melvin, suspicious of the man looked him over and sized up his appearance and demeanor.
  83. It took most of his will power for Timeon to keep a calm demeanor through the afternoon.
  84. I’m trying to use my senses, he said calmly in contrast to his earlier demeanor.
  85. There seemed to be a visible improvement in the demeanor after the saint reassured her.
  86. Her demeanor was no nonsense and matter of fact, yet her tone conveyed deference to me.
  87. Just from her demeanor I could tell the cancer testing didn't show any positive results.
  88. But she is always surrounding herself in her cold demeanor and love cleanliness the most.
  89. He placed his Agent demeanor to the side and slipped into a detective frame of mind again.
  90. Now wearing a scarlet-infested demeanor, the butler turned his back so as to save himself.
  91. Inspector Conklin, what was her demeanor as she confessed to you and Sergeant Boxer?
  92. He returned with a very casual demeanor, but his face was unreadable behind the silver mask.
  93. Ladies and gentleman, Garcia said, only a little more animated than his usual demeanor.
  94. If anything, I believe she welcomed me challenging her and she responded in a calm demeanor.
  95. His whole demeanor changed as in a lowered voice he continued, While we wait for word to.
  96. Yes, Your Highness, the guard replied with a nod and with no hesitation in his demeanor.
  97. Red had grown old and worn; his fox fur was matted and his demeanor was that of hopelessness.
  98. However, his demeanor and attitude were noted by the executive in charge of the presentation.
  99. His stature and his demeanor suggested that he was accustomed to having his way at all costs.
  100. Some CNN interns debate his placid demeanor, saying that perhaps he has turned to religion.

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