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Demeanour dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. His calm demeanour was all an act.
  2. His demeanour as he looked out into.
  3. A stone hit him and his demeanour changed.
  4. Suddenly, Edgars demeanour and attitude changed.
  5. From his demeanour it was obvious that this was the.

  6. Etienne, but his whole demeanour showed that he was.
  7. From her demeanour he was sure that something was amiss.
  8. There was something cutting and haughty in his demeanour.
  9. The Duke’s demeanour had also changed and he was almost.
  10. Angle stop it! Alex barks and his demeanour silences me.
  11. He seemed to gather from Ronan’s demeanour that something of.
  12. Their demeanour changed instantly when they recognised Gamying.
  13. His manners were quiet and grave, his general demeanour becoming.
  14. Rashness and pride was absent in her demeanour and approach in class.
  15. It fell upon him with ease; it was his demeanour, his stance, his aura.

  16. The surgeon’s demeanour projected a strong variance and lack of sincerity.
  17. Her demeanour was very pleasant, and her companionship was much appreciated.
  18. I could see her admiration for your beauty and your demeanour in her eyes.
  19. I shall sit in the place of honour, where I shall assume a grand demeanour and.
  20. A man is standing in front of him and in his demeanour dwell all Ralph’s secret fears.
  21. I think his demeanour made him an easy target for whomever is in charge of what is happening here.
  22. I think of the man I met the other day: the calm demeanour, the soft voice, the warmth in the eyes.
  23. The Chief Inspector noticed his demeanour and ignoring Parker’s words for the moment said to Jamie.
  24. The tone in Faye’s voice betrayed her sincere, sweet demeanour she publicly displayed; the real 84.
  25. Seldom had the Emperor appeared so much at ease or displayed such calmness in his conversation and demeanour.

  26. Here, at home, it seemed to take on the demeanour of the surroundings; relaxed, sagging a little at the edges.
  27. They seemed to realize that they were there only on sufferance, and their demeanour was shamefaced and humble.
  28. When I was in the Philippines his loud friendly cockney demeanour could entertain and amuse any audience.
  29. Anyway, let’s talk about something lighter, the warden chirped, all of the jollity back in his demeanour.
  30. The President paused; his arms straight to either side of the lectern, his head bowed projecting a weary demeanour.
  31. Rosemary was aware of a certain reserve in Shelagh's demeanour and reckoned it was because of her meeting with Frank.
  32. Something in the landlord's demeanour seemed to have damped his temper as he looked from the watch to Caesar, to Johnny.
  33. Yet despite this striking appearance his demeanour remained respectful, and his voice was shot through with soft humility.
  34. He even took time to deliver a bow that infuriated Tress in return to one of the close shots, such was his cool demeanour.
  35. He was remarkable not only for his demeanour but for his impressive military uniform with four stars affixed to the shoulders.
  36. I don’t think anything ever surprises you, prince! added Hippolyte, gazing incredulously at the prince’s calm demeanour.
  37. Lord Ashburn mumbled a mild expletive with a tone of apprehension or wariness, despite his previous jovial, receptive demeanour.
  38. Lady Jane smiled at hearing the jovialness in her husband’s demeanour; this trip was doing wonders for his health, both physical 62.
  39. No matter the size or demeanour of an opponent they should always engage on the basis that he was a trained and highly skilled fighter.
  40. This renovated aspect of what was the focus indeed of the room on a full winter morning threw a smiling demeanour over the whole apartment.
  41. So he imitated the prince’s demeanour, and talked fast and brilliantly upon all subjects but the one on which their thoughts were engaged.
  42. When he reached home his family were shocked at the terrible change in his demeanour, but he calmed them with the words: "I have found it!".
  43. The weak yellow light of the sun was vainly attempting to break through the grey mood of the sky, a mood that reflected Mark’s own demeanour.
  44. Personal appearance – your overall demeanour – plays a huge role in earnings and it won’t hurt to invest in good clothing and accessories.
  45. Seeing from his violent demeanour that he was English, they gave him a ticket for the furthest station on the way thither that the train reached.
  46. Ryan had an IQ level of a mentally deficient mouse so could only speak in words of one or two syllables, adding to the crassness of his demeanour.
  47. As he relaxed in his chair, the humbleness that was very becoming of him returned to his demeanour, restoring his faith and own emotional stability.
  48. Despite his plain face, uncouth demeanour, and fault of stuttering, Peter was a man of unswerving principles and of the most extraordinary good sense.
  49. A DISMAL GREY cloud that seemed to represent the search party’s demeanour surrounded the hotel as the men returned with dejected, somber expressions.
  50. They put on a very unconcerned demeanour, and, as is always the case in such a conjuncture, behaved in the prettiest manner all that evening and night.
  51. Don Jose Avellanos touched elbows with the other foreign diplomat, a dark man with a quiet, watchful, self-confident demeanour, and a touch of reserve.
  52. But he no longer displayed such constant signs of impatience, nor did he give rein to such furious outbursts of anger, as had marked his previous demeanour.
  53. Her years of experience and procedures paid dividends today and from his almost sleepy demeanour, she knew that the guard had not spotted her stealthy approach.
  54. No, he realized that his serious demeanour would ultimately prompt both Lowell and Cyril to accept the gravity of this case and change their dispositions towards the investigation.
  55. He was a peasant, of quite small size, of some fifty years, very quiet in demeanour, with a face so still as to seem quite without any sort of meaning, impassive almost to idiotcy.
  56. These generally appear to lack any colour, which I put down to their unjoyful demeanour and carnivorous nature; I have observed one of their larger members eating a lesser creature.
  57. The ice cold demeanour of his aunt and the atmosphere surrounding us had become unmistakably transparent to him as the night had continued to plummet in a southward direction, hard.
  58. This I conceived them to be doing on purpose to make me conscious (for all their kind demeanour) of the difference which years and position in the world had set between them and myself.
  59. By Mr Snickerty's lofty demeanour, Jacob Wanting knew that further argument would be fruitless, so he thanked the gentlemen that they had at least heard him out, and then he left quietly.
  60. Thinking nothing of the harm that was being created around them both men demeanour changed from one of subservience to one of terror as they prepared for their attack on the Chinese President.
  61. Feltus had heard of religious fanatics like this, even in regards to the cause of the war currently being fought in Europe, but he had never witnessed their demeanour and their actions firsthand.
  62. As they got closer to the police station, they began to be afraid, which worsened when they thought of his awe- inspiring appearance and grave demeanour, though they still expected that he would help them.
  63. As they got closer to the police station, they began to be afraid, which became worse when they thought of his awe-inspiring appearance and grave demeanour, though they still expected that he would help them.
  64. For a himdred paces the lieutenant kept up a bold and iwaggering demeanour, and talked with heat; he declared ■' that it was not the thing to do," that it was " all a matter of five kopecks," and so on, and so on.
  65. Then my Super-educated-Intellectuals feel threatened when I confront them by bursting this super intellectual demeanour they hide behind with a thought through idea of what gravity is in relation to how mass forms.
  66. All eyes were fixated on him and his humble demeanour as he slowly approached the chair, his footsteps echoing strangely in synch with the tapping of Elizabeth’s walking stick against the polished hardwood floor.
  67. With an accent and lofty demeanour worthy of Jeeves, I was soon in demand by Lady this, Marquise that and the Duchess of Dogsbodies whose long-suffering chauffeurs trailed behind carrying both purchases and lap-dog.
  68. Feltus listened closely as he pondered each option given with respect to Preacher Cooper’s good fortunes and found each possibility quite interesting given the man of the cloth’s demeanour and mysterious personality.
  69. The cheerful, vivacious demeanour she possessed as recently as lunch had been replaced by a solemnity and seriousness that deeply troubled Terence, especially given his wife’s suspicious nature and bouts with depression.
  70. Today, this gentleman still had the same demeanour, as he remained confined in his wheelchair, enjoying brunch with his lovely wife, though there seemed to be a trace of sorrow in his eyes that he attempted to conceal with mixed results.
  71. For it won me great reverence among the forward young men, who started up at the call of their country; and their demeanour towards me was as tokens and arles, from the rising generation, of being continued in respect and authority by them.
  72. First, she said in a flat, steady tone that seemed solemn as if she was attempting to prepare the others for the event with her own demeanour, I should like to explain some of what we are about to do and why I feel this will be possible.
  73. It was also strange that his demeanour had relaxed somewhat when he learned the nature of the inquiry involved the disappearance of Faye Underwood, though the disgusted and anxious flare in his eyes betrayed his true sentiments towards the issue.
  74. Again, none of them had the demeanour of a murderer faced with the threat of capture by such a clever and sly detective, though they could merely be so calm and collect about their deeds that it would fail to have any effect upon their disposition.
  75. But even this humble section of the assembly held sullenly and timidly aloof from Yulia Mihailovna and at the same time turned upon her husband exceedingly strange glances, open and staring, quite out of keeping with their habitually submissive demeanour.
  76. Never was there such a family likeness as between Mamma and my sister—not so much in the face or the stature as in the hands, the walk, the voice, the favourite expressions, and, above all, the way of playing the piano and the whole demeanour at the instrument.
  77. Our fellows seemed to be up to no end of tricks for finding out the real value of a horse brought up; they carefully examined it, handled it with the most serious demeanour, went on as if the welfare of the establishment was bound up with the purchase of this beast.
  78. The smooth manner of the spy, curiously in dissonance with his ostentatiously rough dress, and probably with his usual demeanour, received such a check from the inscrutability of Carton,--who was a mystery to wiser and honester men than he,--that it faltered here and failed him.
  79. I had had so many reasons to believe in my friend’s subtle powers of reasoning and extraordinary energy in action that I felt that he must have some solid grounds for the assured and easy demeanour with which he treated the singular mystery which he had been called upon to fathom.
  80. When he was roused to it, the dog would catch hold of the bird's bad wing, and the creature defended itself with beak and claws, and then got up closer into his corner with a proud, savage sort of demeanour, like a wounded king, fixing his eyes steadily on the fellows looking at his misery.
  81. And the appalling scar on his arm, where had it come from? Did it have anything to do with his demeanour now? Her thoughts were interrupted by the familiar bellow of action and her mind became full of trepidation as she took a deep breath was pulled beneath the water with Byron for the forth time that morning.
  82. Behind the table, covered with papers, were seated two persons, an elderly General, looking severe and cold, and a young officer of the Guard, looking, at most, about thirty, of easy and attractive demeanour; near the window at another table sat a secretary with a pen behind his ear, bending over his paper ready to take down my evidence.
  83. At any rate, there would be a further guarantee because if these seventy men remained in this present state of lack and deprivation, they would have to violate the law however severe the punishment might be because their condition of poverty and starvation which would drive them to this demeanour is more severe than the punishment itself.
  84. Though the young woman had been quite charming on the train, she felt there was something odd about her as though she was too mannerly which oftentimes was merely a ploy to mask the true demeanour of a fraud; then again, perhaps she had simply been uncomfortable meeting strangers, especially under the watchful gaze of her husband, a genuine Casanova.
  85. The perfectly unruffled manner in which Terence had been acting and the genuineness with which he answered this question seemed highly to contradict the demeanour of a murderer; however, Feltus found it curious that this suspect had said nothing until now and realized that Terence may just be a cold, unemotional person capable of the most despicable crimes.
  86. And I don't criticize it: there is neither the vulgarity of egoism nor the insolence of culture in this ; there is perhaps more genuine goodness to be found in these simple hearts than in heroines of the loftiest demeanour, but the long habit of humiliation, the instinct of self-preservation, the years of timid anxiety and oppression, leave their mark at last.
  87. Pious, well-meant reproof requires a different demeanour and arguments of another sort; at any rate, to have reproved me in public, and so roughly, exceeds the bounds of proper reproof, for that comes better with gentleness than with rudeness; and it is not seemly to call the sinner roundly blockhead and booby, without knowing anything of the sin that is reproved.
  88. Something especially reckless in his demeanour, not only gave him a disreputable look, but so diminished the strong resemblance he undoubtedly bore to the prisoner (which his momentary earnestness, when they were compared together, had strengthened), that many of the lookers-on, taking note of him now, said to one another they would hardly have thought the two were so alike.
  89. Faye, on the other hand, was a sweet, innocent young woman trapped in a marriage with this Romeo but whose mean streak was cleverly concealed by her Southern-belle demeanour; though this conflicted with Elizabeth Bascomb’s vivid depiction of the charming, granddaughter-like figure, Feltus realized that Lady Ashburn was somewhat more clever in her observations and interaction with the suspect.
  90. We have to slay pride in giants, envy by generosity and nobleness of heart, anger by calmness of demeanour and equanimity, gluttony and sloth by the spareness of our diet and the length of our vigils, lust and lewdness by the loyalty we preserve to those whom we have made the mistresses of our thoughts, indolence by traversing the world in all directions seeking opportunities of making ourselves, besides Christians, famous knights.
  91. As he hesitated to admire the surroundings, a small and unnoticeable action of which he was fond, Feltus noticed the unmistakable form of the Ashburns, the elegantly attired Lady Jane whose hunter green morning dress and feathered hat seemed appropriate for the weather and demeanour of the hotel and who gracefully pushed her wheelchair-confined husband, exiting the dining room after their apparently early breakfast to which they were accustomed.
  92. The first thing he did was to turn round in the cage in which he lay, and protrude his claws, and stretch himself thoroughly; he next opened his mouth, and yawned very leisurely, and with near two palms' length of tongue that he had thrust forth, he licked the dust out of his eyes and washed his face; having done this, he put his head out of the cage and looked all round with eyes like glowing coals, a spectacle and demeanour to strike terror into temerity itself.
  93. The matter was only complicated by her refusal to answer outright the question he had asked her after the explanation: Did she kill Terence Underwood? This, combined with her documented opportunity on the night of the murder and her strange behaviour through the entire affair, was certainly not conducive to separating herself from the shadow of suspicion, and her properly defined demeanour was not enough to override the doubt about the rest of her character and her capabilities.
  94. But the hope which always springs up with love was not weakened in Lothario by this repelling demeanour; on the contrary his passion for Camilla increased, and she discovering in him what she had never expected, knew not what to do; and considering it neither safe nor right to give him the chance or opportunity of speaking to her again, she resolved to send, as she did that very night, one of her servants with a letter to Anselmo, in which she addressed the following words to him.
  95. The earl perceiving their demeanour, enquired of the colonel, when they had returned from the table to the drawing-room, as to the cause of such a visible alienation, and Colonel Cavendish, who was much of the gentleman, explaining it, expressing his grief that so unpleasant a discovery had been made to the prejudice of so worthy a man, my lord was observed to stand some time in a thoughtful posture, after which he went and spoke in a whisper to the countess, who advised him, as her ladyship in the sequel told me herself, to send for me, as a wary and prudent man.
  96. But the new member was, in some points, not of so tractable a nature as many of his predecessors had been; and notwithstanding all the couthy jocosity and curry-favouring of his demeanour towards us before the election, he was no sooner returned, than he began, as it were, to snap his fingers in the very faces of those of the council to whom he was most indebted, which was a thing not of very easy endurance, considering how they had taxed their consciences in his behalf; and this treatment was the more bitterly felt, as the old member had been, during the whole of his time, as considerate and obliging as could reasonably be expected; doing any little job that needed his helping hand when it was in his power, and when it was not, replying to our letters in a most discreet and civil manner.
  97. There are obvious reasons for this; these heads of departments are nobles themselves, they know that men of that class must not be driven to extremity; cases have been known where nobles have refused to submit to corporal punishment, and flung themselves desperately on their tormentors with very grave and serious consequences indeed; moreover—and this, I think, is the leading cause of the good treatment—some time ago, thirty-five years at least, there were transported to Siberia quite a crowd of noblemen;[9] these were of such correct and irreproachable demeanour, and held themselves so high, that the heads of departments fell into the way, which they never afterwards left, of regarding criminals of noble birth and ordinary convicts in quite a different manner; and men in lower place took their cue from them.
  98. Leonela said she would, but kept her word in such a way that she confirmed Camilla's apprehension of losing her reputation through her means; for this abandoned and bold Leonela, as soon as she perceived that her mistress's demeanour was not what it was wont to be, had the audacity to introduce her lover into the house, confident that even if her mistress saw him she would not dare to expose him; for the sins of mistresses entail this mischief among others; they make themselves the slaves of their own servants, and are obliged to hide their laxities and depravities; as was the case with Camilla, who though she perceived, not once but many times, that Leonela was with her lover in some room of the house, not only did not dare to chide her, but afforded her opportunities for concealing him and removed all difficulties, lest he should be seen by her husband.
  99. This was the first time I had seen him so agitated, knowing him as well as I did I would even say he seemed worried, when I questioned him about his agitation, he held my elbow and we walked down near the lake, he seemed relieved to unburden himself and soon all his misgivings poured out in a steady stream of self pity, he blamed himself for the deaths of the actors, the death of young Running Deer outside Teotihuacan, and he feared for the warriors that will surely be killed in the great battle in two days time, he also spoke of his concern for the enemy dead who would leave wives and children behind to carry on the circle of hatred, he wanted my opinion on calling off the battle for a while, I was shocked at this change in Coatl’s whole demeanour, I didn’t like this new side of Coatl, I persuaded him to walk home with me, I desperately needed mothers advice maybe even Wedon’s wisdom.
  100. Monica’s demeanour changed to an angry scowl, and she grabbed Olorhleng by his eyelid, and looked him square in the eye and said,.

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