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Dense dans une phrase (en anglais)

Maybe he was not so dense.
Birds chirped in the dense.
Why was he being so dense?
It was in a time of dense fog.
And yet the mane was not dense.
He’s not as dense as he looks.
There was dense, soundproof silence.

Into the surprisingly dense forest.
The thick, dense forest was home to.
He also could be insensitive and dense.
The fog was dense as the minutes passed.
Hit by sustained, dense bursts of big.
What to do with dense patches of weeds.
On the run through a dense, dark forest.
Antti’s book is complicated and dense.
Nuts are healthy but dense with calories.
The bone of a Wyvern is dense and strong.
The air, although chilly, was still dense.
Wyvern bones are very hard and very dense.
He had just come through a very dense one.
To his left waits the city, gray and dense.
Time will become more compressed and dense.
It turned to stone, hard, dense black stone.
Such as hath turned the dense black element.
A few miles out of Kavik we enter dense cloud.
This entire valley was dense with vegetation.
And the silhouettes recede into the dense fog.
The dense cloud of seeds engulfed the howlers.
Raising her head, she stared at the dense forest.
Thankfully, the area was dense with plant life.
Dense patches of tall ferns grew here and there.
She couldn’t make it out due to the dense fog.
They mowed out on the plain, a dense cloud of men.
She settled herself in a dense thicket of brush.
Dense bushes covered the path in every direction.
Show by mass how they became as dense as they did.
The obscurity was more dense there than elsewhere.
The dense row of trees was starting to grow spotty.
In that corner there was a dense crowd of peasants.
Inky-black shadows lurked beneath the dense canopy.

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