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Dependable dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He is faithful, dependable and submissive.
  2. This is a dependable and strong when formed.
  3. Most are fairly quiet and somewhat dependable.
  4. Faithful–True, dependable, courageous, and virtuous.
  5. One thing is certain, John was thoroughly dependable.

  6. This is a dependable and strong when formed properly.
  7. They are dependable, trustworthy and enjoy a challenge.
  8. Therefore, observation and experiment would be less dependable.
  9. Introverts were a whole lot easier to find and way more dependable.
  10. If it were a science, its conclusions would be as a rule dependable.
  11. Also, since the stars are senior to, older than, and more dependable.
  12. Bull put and bear call spreads are rugged, durable, dependable spreads.
  13. His early home life was not such as would produce a wholly dependable person.
  14. But times change, and dependable solutions must be adjusted to meet the times.
  15. The toilet is more dependable than it was, but sometimes it won‘t stop filling.

  16. They were mongrels, but apparently they provided dependable security for the camp.
  17. There is a lack of something solid and dependable also the lack of ability to delegate work.
  18. Weve needed repairs for quite a long time, but its impossible to hire a dependable worker.
  19. The best chances for survival are along coasts where the sea provides a dependable source of food.
  20. Beth is the best of little creeters, and a sight of help to me, bein so forehanded and dependable.
  21. It has not proved itself in the past to be a dependable method of making profits in the stock market.
  22. It would be difficult to operate the federal government without a steady and dependable source of income.
  23. We would be replacing those with stylish, dependable - and above all perhaps - inconspicuous-looking fedoras.
  24. They are dependable on unreliable interpreters who cannot be trusted and probably works for the terrorists also.
  25. Companies with stability ratings over 30 are more cyclical and a little less dependable in terms of their growth.

  26. To manage the risk of volatility you can simply trade slow, dependable stocks which have consistent daily ranges.
  27. There must be plausible grounds for believing that this average or this trend is a dependable guide to the future.
  28. It may well be that the earnings trend offers a more dependable clue to the future than does the earnings average.
  29. You don't need me to tell you, Pneika said, I always thought he was about as dependable as Trastrab weather.
  30. Shoulder: Strength; government; assist; bearer; authority; dependable; stubborn (also relates to the shoulder on a road).
  31. I was always there, dependable, someone she could count on, which was important because Raymond was away most of the time.
  32. Why would retired persons want to have a reverse mortgage? It provides a constant and dependable stream of retirement income.
  33. I could tell him all my troubles, and he always comforted me with a dependable purr and a sympathetic look in his golden eyes.
  34. Earnings are a softer accounting measure and can be manipulated, so using cash flow provides a more consistent, dependable measure.
  35. A successful corporation depends on a good, safe product, dependable employees to bring it to market and consumers that will buy it.
  36. Your whole afterlife will be more happy and dependable because you spent your first eight years in a normal and well-regulated home.
  37. The former are fewer in number, more easily obtainable, and much better suited to the forming of definite and dependable conclusions.
  38. He was fair and candid-eyed, of a very satisfactory smartness, and, from the officer-of-the-watch point of view,--altogether dependable.
  39. Finding spoor is dependable on regular patrols with conventional forces that are not always trackers or ability to speak the local languages.
  40. We doubt whether the valuations so reached will prove sufficiently dependable in the case of the typical industrial company, great or small.
  41. Did putting the doomed thing ahead of the dependable count as rebellion, or identification? Tough to say, because her mom was not one person.
  42. Corporate accounting is often tricky; security analysis can be complicated; stock valuations are really dependable only in exceptional cases.
  43. Once you’ve found a share that’s broken out, of course, the real work begins: it is then time to do the research to check it’s dependable.
  44. For example, a CEO and CFO who give guidance may be tempted to achieve dependable period-to-period growth by masking the volatility inherent in a business.
  45. This point may be quite important when a substantial portion of the income accrues from investment holdings or from some other fixed and dependable source.
  46. Even in the supposedly prosperous period between 1922 and 1929, the bonds of smaller industrial enterprises did not prove a dependable medium of investment.
  47. Through the door I could see it was good old dependable Aristethes standing in the square, legs astride, head back, holding a bugle to his lips with both hands.
  48. And during my working years, Mr Snickerty, sir, if I did not earn myself a fortune, at least I earned myself a reputation as a trustworthy and dependable fellow.
  49. Africa being volatile, proved to be a dependable source of “missions” for the “Inner Circle Group” which grew and flourished, as did a much-matured Rory….
  50. In the second place, instead of the twofold test of value afforded by both earnings and assets, he is relying upon a single and therefore less dependable criterion.
  51. This is an instance in support of our general view that composite or group estimates are likely to be a good deal more dependable than those for individual companies.
  52. It’s easy enough now, on the high-speed road in a dependable and comfortable car, with stopping places for shade and every service station vaunting its refrigeration.
  53. That pleased Nancy, as the PKM was a good, dependable weapon capable of providing heavy, sustained support fire that could become crucial for the police patrol in this fight.
  54. The most dependable and hence the most respectable branch of security analysis concerns itself with the safety, or quality, of bond issues and investment-grade preferred stocks.
  55. We should point out that any scientific, or at least reasonably dependable, stock evaluation based on anticipated future results must take future interest rates into account.
  56. Case example illustrates the far more typical common-stock situation, in which the analyst cannot reach a dependable conclusion as to the relation of intrinsic value to market price.
  57. Hence instead of a dependable dividend that mitigates the uncertainty of earnings we have a frequently arbitrary and unaccountable dividend policy that aggravates the earnings hazard.
  58. The statements of most important companies are audited by independent public accountants, and their reports are reasonably dependable within the rather limited sphere of accounting accuracy.
  59. Since the idea of investment is closely bound up with that of dependable income, it follows that investment in common stocks would ordinarily be confined to those with a well-established dividend.
  60. The past exhibit remains a sufficiently dependable guide, in a sufficient proportion of cases, to warrant its continued use as the chief point of departure in the valuation and selection of securities.
  61. Further-more, the parish priest arranged for her to travel under the care of a group of Franciscan nuns who were going to Toledo, where they hoped to find dependable people to accompany her to Belgium.
  62. That the average earnings had ceased to be a dependable measure of future earnings must indeed be admitted, because of the greater instability of the typical business to which we have previously alluded.
  63. With the prewar theory obsolete and the new-era theory exploded, we must finally make the attempt to establish a new set of logically sound and reasonably dependable principles of common-stock investment.
  64. In studying the stock list for the material in this chapter, we were impressed once again by the wide difference between the usual objectives of security analysis and those we deem dependable and rewarding.
  65. From then on there was a steady, slow, but more healthful and dependable growth in favorable sentiment; a new following was built up which was better grounded in spiritual faith and true religious experience.
  66. The Blue Posts is only a hundred meters or so from the glamorous Ritz Hotel on Piccadilly and has been described as a handsome old gent, more loyal butler than landed-gentry in a solid and dependable vein.
  67. They grasped the teaching that God is no respecter of persons, races, or nations; that there is no favoritism with the Universal Father; that the universe is wholly and ever law-abiding and unfailingly dependable.
  68. You were never intrusive, but were always there to solve any little problem which came along, and above all, you were always cheerful, positive, dependable, and indeed, the mortar which held everything together.
  69. It is not dangerous if either the current-asset position is so strong that the loans could readily be taken care of as current liabilities or the earning power is so large and dependable as to make refinancing a simple problem.
  70. In forty-four years of Wall Street experience and study I have never seen dependable calculations made about common-stock values, or related investment policies, that went beyond simple arithmetic or the most elementary algebra.
  71. For about 45 minutes, this stock had settled into a very dependable cycle that just happened to match the length of the moving average he was using, so, while the market was oscillating fairly wildly, his average wouldn’t budge.
  72. But it did not follow at all that the trend of earnings must therefore be a more dependable guide than the average; and even if it were more dependable, it would not necessarily provide a safe basis, entirely by itself, for investment.
  73. The closing of the external channels of sensation is usually the signal for the opening of the psychic, and from all evidence it would seem that the psychic sense is more extensive, acute and in every way more dependable than the physical.
  74. As Graham put it: In 44 years of Wall Street experience and study, I have never seen dependable calculations made about common-stock values, or related investment policies, that went beyond simple arithmetic or the most elementary algebra.
  75. Thus the growth-stock approach may supply as dependable a margin of safety as is found in the ordinary investment—provided the calculation of the future is conservatively made, and provided it shows a satisfactory margin in relation to the price paid.
  76. Her mother kept telling her that she was special, a truly good and dependable person, and attractive as well, but what else could a mother say? And it was revealing that her mother often added that lots of men didn’t want women to outshine them anyway.
  77. One fairly dependable sign of the approaching end of a bull swing is the fact that new common stocks of small and nondescript companies are offered at prices somewhat higher than the current level for many medium-sized companies with a long market history.
  78. A lot of that is due to the fact that General Dows made sure first that new jet engines that are more dependable and more performing than the ones we had before be developed according to specifications and designs coming from her, as she did with all our prototypes.
  79. Institutional investors often favor established companies with a long-term record of strong profitability, of which return on equity is a strong measure, as it is generally a sign of a well-managed company capable of producing steady, dependable, and material earnings growth.
  80. At this point the alert investor should ask, How dependable are tests of safety that are measured by past and present performance, in view of the fact that payment of interest and principal depends upon what the future will bring forth? The answer can be founded only on experience.
  81. It is only in the industrial field that we have suggested that the bonds of a very large enterprise may be inherently more desirable than those of middle-sized companies; but even here a thoroughly satisfactory statistical showing on the part of the large company is necessary to make this advantage a dependable one.
  82. Constant negative criticism can have a devastating effect on a person’s morale and emotional well-being – it can turn a brave and dependable leader into a nervous wreck, into one who is always looking over his shoulder with dreaded expectation, waiting for the next blow, his life spent 'tiptoeing on eggs' listening for the next crack of the whip.
  83. The point I want to make here is that there is a special paradox in the relationship between mathematics and investment attitudes on common stocks, which is this: Mathematics is ordinarily considered as producing precise and dependable results; but in the stock market the more elaborate and abstruse the mathematics the more uncertain and speculative are the conclusions we draw therefrom.
  84. I tried to calm my unquiet Mind by telling myself that ’twas inevitable I should be late owing to my terrible Adventures, my Prodigious Fever, my Fears for the Future, and all the other Terrors I had known in the past sev’ral Weeks; but ’twas no Use to deceive myself, for ne’er before had my Monthly Flow’rs been anything but regular as a Swiss Clock, dependable as a trusty old Servant, and prompt as Afternoon Tea at Lymeworth!.
  85. We are thus led to the question: To what extent is common-stock analysis a valid and truly valuable exercise, and to what extent is it an empty but indispensable ceremony attending the wagering of money on the future of business and of the stock market? We shall ultimately find the answer to run somewhat as follows: As far as the typical common stock is concerned—an issue picked at random from the list—an analysis, however elaborate, is unlikely to yield a dependable conclusion as to its attractiveness or its real value.
  86. CGBI seeks to provide access to dependable data,.

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