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Deport dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The police had more power to keep or deport someone here.
  2. The president could deport foreigners at will and social reforms were slow to come.
  3. They were able to deport Jews to their extermination by the help of Jewish leaders.
  4. Once in power: Hitler stopped all plans and attempts to deport the Jews out of Europe.
  5. Stalin managed to systematically arrest, deport and kill 1/3rd of the Estonian population.

  6. They used it as an excuse to deport all jews from hamburg to give homeless Germans houses to live-in.
  7. There were considerable spells when he would find some clothing and deport himself fairly well among his fellows.
  8. This Greek-only food distribution would also be a protest against the coalition government’s refusal to deport Linda.
  9. To solve this dilemma, I would deport those who have not carried their weight, unless they make a settlement with our state governments.
  10. MARIA ORTEGA WAS a naturalized American citizen, but she looked scared, as if Immigration were waiting to deport her when she stepped off the witness stand.
  11. The United States of America cannot deport Jewish refugees to a country in which they will be placed in camps, subjugated and, quite possibly, exterminated, Brown said sharply.
  12. For instance: Hitler’s avowed anti-Semitism… He wanted to deport all the Jews out of Europe: in fact the French govt agreed on a plan to deport 4 million of them to the island of madagascar.
  13. To set an example, in September 1918, Lenin order the authorities in Ni-zhni Novgorod to ‘introduce at once mass terror, execute and deport hundreds of prostitutes, drunken soldiers, ex-officers, etc.
  14. When the Nazis weren’t sure if they would get away with trying to deport or intern the Jewish population of Germany, Hitler reassured them by saying, ‘Who now remembers the Armenians?’ He had a point.
  15. That evening he had walked up straight to Charles Gould and had hissed out to him that he would have liked to deport the Grand Vicar out of Sulaco, anywhere, to some desert island, to the Isabels, for instance.

  16. If Roehm had not been assassinated: Roehm’s single-minded fanaticism against the Jews might have won him enough power to deport the Jews out of Europe and their stranglehold on Western culture and finance and power might have been broken forever.
  17. The British government have been attempting to deport him to stand trial in Jordan, but he claims that his human rights would be breached if he was sent home because some of the evidence against him has been obtained from witnesses who were tortured.
  18. In connection with this, the despotic governments directly prohibit the printing and dissemination of books and the utterance of speeches which enlighten the masses, and deport or incarcerate all men who are likely to rouse the masses from their lethargy; besides, all governments without exception conceal from the masses everything which could free them, and encourage everything which could corrupt them, such as the authorship of books which maintain the masses in the savagery of their religious and patriotic superstitions, all kinds of sensuous amusements, spectacles, circuses, theatres, and even all kinds of physical intoxications, such as tobacco, and brandy, which furnish the chief income of states; they even encourage prostitution, which is not only acknowledged, but even organized by the majority of governments.
  1. Instead of deporting the Jews out of Europe: he put off the whole problem and shelved it.
  2. Instead, he set about turning Ghana into a one-party socialist dictatorship and locking up or deporting anyone who dared criticise him.
  3. The creation of concentration camps was a systematic way of deporting all undesirables out of Germanic societies as humanely as possible.
  4. If Hitler had succeeded in deporting all Jews out of Europe into the island state of Madagascar they would have killed each other off and gone extinct.
  5. Confronted with the martyr missiles being thrown at them by Arafat’s desperados, the Jews responded by decimating their dwellings and deporting their families.
  6. The Brown shirts led by Ernst Roehm were furious at Hitler because after he gained power, he abandoned his entire plan of getting the Jews out of Germany and did an about-face and began protecting them instead of deporting them.
  7. Too often, when times got tough, the people and governments of Europe turned against specific ethnic groups or minorities in their countries, as if murdering, persecuting or deporting someone seen as different could make the true problems disappear.
  8. His attitude toward Mexican nationals—if not exactly fully realistic or authentic—is nonetheless generally positive and respectful, especially when it is noted that Sweet Thursday appeared during the same year the United States government’s Immigration and Naturalization Ser vice launched Operation Wetback (1954), which targeted illegal Mexican nationals in the southwestern United States and eventually succeeded in deporting eighty thousand of them.
  1. They deported me.
  2. I could be deported.
  3. Yes, she was deported.
  4. At most you will be deported.
  5. I was in jail about to be deported back to Germany.
  6. Canaan was conquered and some its populace deported.
  7. We are being deported later today with no charges.
  8. It’s about deciding whether you should be deported.
  9. I was deported there shortly after you disappeared.
  10. The next morning he was deported from Czechoslovakia.
  11. The farmers who resisted were killed or deported to labor camps.
  12. Speranski and Magnitski have been deported to their proper place.
  13. She was deported just after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
  14. Speránski and Magnítski have been deported to their proper place.
  15. When I was deported, I was taken to the Hotel West End (#7 Rue Clement-Marot) Paris.
  16. Now, we learn that she is to be deported to Manzanar Camp, where her mother is being held.
  17. They would be instantly picked up as suspicious characters and deported over the city line.
  18. It is sad to reflect that Mohammed Atta could have been deported three months prior to 9/11.
  19. Conklin said, Avis is in Mexico, and that means that she’ll be deported when she’s caught.
  20. Khalifa was arrested after the explosion and deported to Jordan where, after a trial, he was acquitted.
  21. You read him the riot act for getting that actor killed at the cemetery and threaten to have him deported.
  22. Sure they needed some place to go, but hadn’t we just deported all those South Americans and Haitians and Asians.
  23. Of those 25,000 persons arrested, 11,000 were eventually condemned to long prison terms or were deported to Algeria.
  24. I heard they threatened that maid Nadia with reporting her to immigration and having her deported back to Mexico!.
  25. What! Mike and Mitch told Nadia that they were gonna report her to immigration and have her deported back to Mexico?!.
  26. You think you're clever, don't you? In a few months, she'll come running to home affairs to report you, and you'll be deported.
  27. I could have been summarily dismissed and deported as a paedophile – because, as everyone ‘knows’, all queers are child-molesters.
  28. Squatters and wartime migrant workers had taken over the houses of the deported Japanese-Americans, living in them but not caring for them.
  29. In total, some ten million German refugees, who had fled or been deported from lands to the east, had to make new lives for themselves in Germany.
  30. Anyone who will promote violence and hatred towards others will be deported; while those caught committing violence will be eliminated by my combat robots.
  31. A Japanese graduate student friend, Hiro, called my mother one morning early and talked for a long time about his papers not being in order and that he was going to be deported.
  32. The foreigners were deported to Nizhni by boat, and Rostopchin had said to them in French: ‘Rentrez en vousmemes; entrez dans la barque, et n’en faites pas une barque de Charon.
  33. Hitler’s wars first started with control of Germany and then spread to the rest of Europe, and he first stripped Jews and other minorities of property and rights and deported them.
  34. The foreigners were deported to Nízhni by boat, and Rostopchín had said to them in French: Rentrez en vous-mêmes; entrez dans la barque, et n’en faites pas une barque de Charon.
  35. Let me tell you what will happen, Malcolm said, As soon as you walk out of those gates you will be rearrested and banged back up then you will be deported back to Jamaica with nothing.
  36. He told my parents and grandparents that Mike and Mitch had secretly threatened Nadia by telling her that they were gonna report her to immigration and have her deported back to Mexico!.
  37. Stalin wasn’t a racist he was an egalitarian; he killed and deported and assassinated and murdered and sent anyone and everyone… regardless of race, creed or color; into concentration camps.
  38. After all: they were better than Jews: so why weren’t they as successful as Jews? These were the racists who stole the homes and property of the Jews who had been deported into concentration camps.
  39. The Serbs wanted the region to be entirely Serb and Kijevo stood in their way, so they systematically destroyed or deported its population and announced that the area had been ‘ethni- cally cleansed’.
  40. The concern of the UK court which released him this week was that if he is deported to face a new trial in Jordan the evidence of the tortured witnesses might still be used, although the Jordanian government has promised not to do this.
  41. Faced with the threat of another oil embargo by the Arabs and with rioting in the streets by every minority whose members had been deported from this country, who collectively made up the majority of Americans, President Quaid finally acted.
  42. It was communicated in no uncertain terms that you are the son of an SDPD cop, and if any harm comes to you that every known or suspected Russian Mafioso will be hounded until they are all either in jail or deported, that is, if they survive the arrest.
  43. If it is determined that it is not possible to make a pay back, and the illegal family or individuals represent a continuing drain on our economy, then they should be deported, with some agreed upon settlement for what they can afford at the time and how much time they have to leave.
  44. He approached her, muttering to himself, ‘Now… you’re in my hands, Aslan! I’ve plotted so often against you and tried to destroy you, but I’ve always failed… and now it’s my chance… surely I’ll succeed this time and get rid of you, not only from Damascus, but I’ll have you sent away to the place where Arab officers are deported.
  45. This coming landing was probably going to cause some sensation: apart of being bigger and much slicker-looking than the HERMES or the light shuttlecraft that had landed here up to now, the BABYLON bore a name that had a powerful resonance in the history of the Jewish people, Babylon being where the population of ancient Jerusalem had been deported to in the sixth century B.
  46. But when the dominie had left me, I considered with myself, and having long before then observed that our hopes, when realized, are always light in the grain, and our fears, when come to pass, less than they seemed as seen through the mists of time and distance, I resolved with myself to sit still with my eyes open, watching and saying nothing; and it was well that I deported myself so prudently; for when the first number of the paper made its appearance, it was.
  47. No I don’t like Diane D Jonathan! To tell you the truth, I used to like her when you and I used to go see her family‘s shows and concerts and watch her perform on stage with the Dianettes! I used to be a big fan of hers, but after what she did to me, lying to me on the telephone, telling me that you’re just her friend when she knew she slept with you, and the fact that she slept with you when she knew that you already had a girlfriend?! She knew that you and I were a couple, but she still chose to sleep with you anyway and decided to cheat on her husband at the same time! Telling me that you might be my man, but if she really want to take you away from me, she can?! Telling me that if you are going to marry me, she thinks you’re making a big mistake, then tells me she thinks she’s the woman you REALLY need and blamed me for having her entire family upset with her, saying that I caused her mom to hit her, then threatens me, telling me she’s going to beat my ass for calling her family’s organization complaining about her, blaming me for getting her into trouble with her family and then lied to the police, telling the police that she never saw me before in her life when she knew she had, then lies to the police right in my face that word probably got around my neighborhood, that’s why my neighbors knew that she was coming to the parking lot behind my apartment building when she knew she specifically came to the parking lot to come after me! She made me look like a fool at the police station Jonathan! She sat there with a straight look on her face and made me look like a liar, and you expect me to like her after all of that?! I know all about the violent rages, the violent outbursts and the out of control behavior that Diane D has had in the past when she attacked those police officers and those security guards and wind up going to jail for it! I know all about the other fights and conflicts that she‘s had before, but I never thought that I myself would wind up having a conflict with her! And the conflict I had with her was all over you! Diane D is a lot of trouble Jonathan! She constantly keeps getting into trouble with the law and wind up getting herself arrested and going to jail for it! She seems to have no problem with getting arrested at all! I wish she would get deported!.

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