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Detail dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. This is a mere detail.
  2. I will not detail the.
  3. A detail stood out to me.
  4. But that is a mere detail.
  5. She had just added detail.
  6. I am a detail in his life.
  7. The detail to his learning.
  8. He went into great detail.
  9. Let us emphasize one detail.
  10. Almost every detail of the.
  11. He did, in eye-opening detail.
  12. Cops are fanatics for detail.
  13. Others must have more detail.
  14. Sykes puzzled over the detail.
  15. Let’s review each in detail.
  16. Jozef listened to every detail.
  17. Don't leave out a single detail.
  18. No operating detail escaped him.
  19. No, I had not heard that detail.
  20. He still didn’t know 1 detail.
  21. Go into detail with this analysis.
  22. A single detail comes back to me.
  23. Danny wanted to hear every detail.
  24. I provide much more detail on the.
  25. We’ll cover this in detail later.
  26. I can explain in more detail later.
  27. The first important detail is the.
  28. As I discuss in greater detail in.
  29. It relayed the tale in great detail.
  30. We detail this later in the chapter.
  31. Creation of Adam (a detail of the.
  32. The devil indeed stays in the detail.
  33. His eyes drank in every detail: the.
  34. I wont go into detail about the food.
  35. I wanted to know every little detail.
  36. She knew every detail of his existence.
  37. Much of the detail was new to Shapiro.
  38. It saves us all the trouble of detail.
  39. I nodded and noted the non-clue detail.
  40. Recall your experience in vivid detail.
  41. We have explained all things in detail.
  42. As I describe in greater detail in the.
  43. I don't remember much detail after that.
  44. Worf and a security detail came running.
  45. Now try to analyse the Risk Detail pane.
  46. No need to go into detail, but we parted.
  47. For more detail read the definitions in.
  48. How much detail should the plan contain?
  49. Not much for there wasn't much to detail.
  50. But the studied detail did not stop there.
  51. I have been demonstrating in great detail.
  52. I have planned every detail consummately.
  53. Only tell me in detail how you did it.
  54. This is the insatiable detail of disaster.
  55. This is discussed in more detail shortly.
  56. He seemed to have memorized every detail.
  57. If you want detail, this is where to look.
  58. He pointed out every detail to me eagerly.
  59. The casino detail never suspected anything.
  60. Let’s have a look at the story in detail.
  61. She wanted to know every detail about you.
  62. They go into detail about how the body is.
  63. This shows real good detail of Charleston.
  64. This was also discussed in more detail in.
  65. Margin is discussed in detail in Chapter 6.
  66. These are described in small detail in the.
  67. Is it not? And a little tedious with detail.
  68. I learned about the detail quite unwittingly.
  69. He's astonished as every detail is the same.
  70. Suwanee Baxter-Abrams and the Marine detail.
  71. We will go over this in more detail shortly.
  72. We discuss this in more detail in Chapter 9.
  73. She was bursting to relate it in detail, so.
  74. He had planned everything to the last detail.
  75. The detail head walked briskly up to the van.
  76. Everything was done with attention to detail.
  77. In matters of detail, a hydria in Munich, No.
  78. We put it down in as much detail as we could.
  79. As to the detail which remains to be worked.
  80. This marionette is me to the hairiest detail.
  81. Hecate did appear in it, in great detail even.
  82. This will be covered in detail in Chapter 10.
  83. And so he would have caught you over a detail.
  84. She ordered him to lay out his plan in detail.
  85. How could I dream in such detail something I.
  86. I’ll cover this in more detail in Chapter 5.
  87. Whenever we print a detail line we increment.
  88. We report the data in more detail in Table A5.
  89. This will be explored in detail in subsequent.
  90. I have already told you all that and in detail.
  91. He was like that; he had a keen eye for detail.
  92. Joe’s in charge of the First Lady’s detail.
  93. This vital detail clarified and validated why.
  94. The parrot had heard the mass, detail by detail.
  95. I'll share this in more detail in another thing.
  96. This is explained in detail in the next section.
  97. Prepare a bench stop (J) as shown in the detail.
  98. How to do this?—that’s a matter of detail;.
  99. Additionally, as described in detail later and.
  100. Nurse began to explain the plan’s every detail.
  1. Detailing the funding required to.
  2. The young woman continues detailing the history.
  3. Detailing the meaning of this Holy saying, we say:.
  4. In 1946 the group produced this report, detailing the.
  5. The woman in love tells his story of how they met detailing.
  6. Early scripture detailing the lives and beliefs of the Ancients.
  7. Finally I read out a Last Will and Testament detailing which of.
  8. The Rabbi was detailing a plan to make education an export product.
  9. Adonai spent quite a bit of time in the wilderness detailing the Law.
  10. Trading softens the impact of this "trader's tuition," detailing a comprehensive.
  11. Suddenly, the articles ended, with the one detailing how the body of a hunter had been.
  12. I have placed a sealed envelope with a media solicitor, and others, detailing the attack.
  13. She could tell the carpenters were still carving out some of the detailing on the railing.
  14. It can be said the cigar box purse with its detailing and uniqueness is truly eye-catching.
  15. AIB released a statement last night detailing the pressure it was under and announced a climbdown.
  16. The kind all the students have to fill out detailing their address and other important information.
  17. Mike Crawford, who was detailing the children, frowned as he thought that he recognized some of them.
  18. I will send a courier missile ahead detailing our needs and I hope we will pick up staff and equipment there.
  19. One of the RAAF officers went to her at a near jog and stopped before her, detailing her with growing disapproval.
  20. Jean Barrot noticed her expression as she was detailing the state of the town house and gave her a reassuring smile.
  21. Douglas watched them ascend out of sight up the stairs, heard Grandma detailing the conveniences of the upstairs room.
  22. Each of these organs would need long pages dedicated to explaining and detailing its components and functions in full.
  23. Before detailing this condition, we ask: under whose control Jerusalem will be when it will be conquered by the Moslems?
  24. Once the transaction is complete the broker sends a contract note detailing the deal and how much money is to change hands.
  25. Even the governor felt a little guilty while detailing the story of the prince's death: all Mordasof felt and looked guilty.
  26. He came one evening carrying a folder full of photocopies detailing descriptions of what are commonly known as abduction experiences.
  27. O I could go on and on detailing his Cruelties, but we must not tarry here, for perchance he will escape if left alone upon the Deck!.
  28. Leona and Bex are the subject of two Incident Reports alleging illegal substance misuse and detailing the actions taken by the medical teams.
  29. The ornamentation and artwork were breathtaking, the detailing much more refined than the reproductions made for tourists in the 20th century.
  30. This reliance on fundamentals coincided with my reading of doom and gloom investment newsletters detailing all that was wrong with the world.
  31. He had, however, just received a hand-delivered bill of sale from one of the jewellers on Gem Street, detailing a lengthy list of expensive purchases.
  32. With all the sympathy which he could bring into play, the prince told Colia the whole story without reserve, detailing the facts as clearly as he could.
  33. Graham agreed this was probably best, then said that Susannah mentioned in a phone call that she had been commissioned to write a book detailing her life story.
  34. In doing this, I must hope for the indulgence of those with whom I differ, and of the Senate, for detailing the reasons for the motion I made to amend the bill.
  35. Nonetheless, he and thirty-five other American airmen signed confessions detailing an elaborate conspiracy to bomb civilian targets with bacteriological weapons.
  36. Hu realised that what this actually meant, was that they were not all that happy with his efforts and were detailing a watch-dog to report to them directly.
  37. The final member of the group, sixty-nine-year-old Washington insider Jim Cannon, is the author of a recent report detailing the inner workings of the White House.
  38. I wrote back a long letter detailing the just completed campaign, and then I expressed my condolences for the loss of his child and assured him that my son was well.
  39. Although nobody could be certain that Salisbury had actually hidden information detailing the murders and the club’s involvement, they couldn’t afford to take the chance.
  40. Overeating; no reasonable person will ever believe that none of the chronic overeaters have never heard or seen reports detailing the societal damages their action is causing.
  41. Their greatest online discovery was the 68-page environmental impact statement, in PDF format, posted by the National Park Service detailing every step of that security construction.
  42. The American aviator, dressed like the other members of the Time Patrol in a two-piece, dark gray utility uniform, had approached Nancy and was detailing her equipment with curiosity.
  43. There’s a Finishing Note from Yoko on the back of the original 45 sleeve detailing the elation she and her husband felt the days after the release of Double Fantasy in 1980.
  44. Master Jeffery asked them what they could do; and after seeing their writing skills he placed them in charge of detailing the history of the Dragons; they would work directly for him.
  45. He then hurried to his office in Damascus Citadel, where he looked through the lists he always maintained detailing the names of many criminals and people who had been convicted in the past.
  46. The document proved at once of being of certain interest: it was a general order signed by a Chinese field marshal and detailing the procedures to be followed with captured American soldiers.
  47. Henry Crawford was in the first glow of another scheme about Thornton Lacey; and not being able to catch Edmund's ear, was detailing it to his fair neighbour with a look of considerable earnestness.
  48. Detailing the building itself, which ground section had an oval shape and which sides were covered with mirror-like windows tainted a sky blue color, Raymond could only wonder at the cost of it all.
  49. Henry Crawford was in the first glow of another scheme about Thornton Lacey; and not being able to catch Edmund’s ear, was detailing it to his fair neighbour with a look of considerable earnestness.
  50. In fact, I think it would be good if we all—including Delphi—wrote up a paragraph or two detailing our professional histories and accomplishments as far as how they prepared us for our roles here.
  51. I hid the entrance to the cave with a few leaves from fallen palms that I took from the surrounding and left him a written note in the sand detailing my plan, just in case he wake up before my return.
  52. Again, the same committee, in the report which they made to the House, detailing the causes which should induce the House to declare war, say, (after speaking of the evils flowing from the Orders in Council:).
  53. He then went hastily out into his work base in Damascus Citadel, where he looked through the lists he had previously prepared, detailing the names of many criminals and people who had been previously convicted.
  54. Some printed materials with logos of crossed guns, detailing everything from population shifts from the white, European majority, to media cover-ups on government programs to promote test-tube fertilization of minorities.
  55. Earlier, each person attending the meeting had received detailed minutes of the last management meeting detailing various accomplishments, failures and statistics about a TV or radio station, a newspaper or an outdoor billboard location.
  56. In this book Kindleberger not only recounts the facts detailing historical episodes of market manias and crashes, but also explains his views on their underlying causes and on the appropriate responses governments should make to these phenomena.
  57. Whatever man ascends of the ladders of sacredness in perfection and science, and whatever he perceives of the intellectual and mental facts, he will find the Qur'an not only preceding in showing them, but also explaining and detailing them greatly.
  58. The letters detailing specific yet seemingly minute issues with developments testified to the integral role this position played in ensuring the integrity of buildings through which many of the over thirteen million visitors to the area would pass.
  59. I am very grateful to Terry Marotta—a beautiful writer and neighbor—who shared with me her personal family papers detailing her mother and aunt’s experiences with Rosemary at the camp they ran in western Massachusetts, and Rose’s callous treatment of them.
  60. All his dispatches detailing the starvation and demoralization of the heretic Eastshare’s understrength army had clearly come from someone else, and Ahlverez felt his teeth grinding once more as he visualized the grinning heretic duke dictating those lying messages.
  61. There are tons of reports and books detailing pieces of the puzzle of just how civilization works and how it is structured; but none of them are connected to each other, none of them connect the entire puzzle together because human interests are specialized and segmented.
  62. And, sir, your constituents would much rather you would act with decision, with promptitude, in adopting measures calculated for a vigorous prosecution of the war, that it might be brought to a speedy and honorable termination, than to take up weeks in detailing the causes of the war.
  63. Now corporations have managed to legally do away with the requirement of putting the ingredients, chemicals and additives in the labels of all products that are not foodstuffs… and they are avidly trying to eliminate the necessity of detailing the ingredients in their processed foods also.
  64. The father of modern or Western medicine, Hippocrates, had recorded more than 300 herbal therapies himself whereas another Greek physician, Dioscorides, wrote his classic "De Materia Medica," detailing over 500 herbal remedies, which was used by doctors as a medical textbook for over 1000 years.
  65. There the crowd—mostly concerned Jews, labor leaders, university professors, and Catholics—had listened to more than twenty speakers detailing what was happening in Germany, how the Nazis were concealing it, and why it would be unconscionable for the United States to participate in the games.
  66. The Bertrams were all forgotten in detailing the faults of Rebecca, against whom Susan had also much to depose, and little Betsey a great deal more, and who did seem so thoroughly without a single recommendation, that Fanny could not help modestly presuming that her mother meant to part with her when her year was up.
  67. She’d listened to updated versions of this programme all of twenty times, hoping with each new report there would be something – at least evidence that he would never be returning, rather than what amounted to no more than speculation; there was always the expert detailing how such cutting edge technology inevitably carried a risk of catastrophic failure.
  68. A stare or two at Fanny, as William helped her out of the carriage, was all the voluntary notice which this brother bestowed; but he made no objection to her kissing him, though still entirely engaged in detailing farther particulars of the Thrush's going out of harbour, in which he had a strong right of interest, being to commence his career of seamanship in her at this very time.
  69. In Der Angriff, his principal propaganda publication, Joseph Goebbels had handed Berliners the script for their part in the performance, detailing how they should conduct themselves toward Jews and how they should welcome the foreigners when they arrived: We must be more charming than the Parisians, more easygoing than the Viennese, more vivacious than the Romans, more cosmopolitan than London, more practical than New York.
  70. Then after detailing their lives… he summarizes each notable: by listing their virtues, and their vices… And then conveniently: comes up with the most convenient logical conclusion, that the greatest Roman ever born; was the present Emperor whom he lived under… Believe it or not: Modern Historians still agree with him! This is how prejudiced and slanted and dishonest historians are, and how slanted history is in favor of the winners.
  71. Yet these Evangelists, after detailing in the most prosaic style the birth and early history of Jesus, with dates, places, and other particulars thereto pertaining, bring into their narration of the commencement of Christ’s ministry, in the most deliberate manner, an account of His direct 'temptation by the Devil’ in the wilderness,—a devil so real and personal that he quotes Scripture deceitfully, and is corrected by Christ,—asserts his control over the political system of all nations on earth, yet offers to abandon his sovereignty if Jesus will do him homage.
  72. Yet grant me a little favour: let me feast my mind with the dream as day dreamers are in the habit of feasting themselves when they are walking alone; for before they have discovered any means of effecting their wishes--that is a matter which never troubles them--they would rather not tire themselves by thinking about possibilities; but assuming that what they desire is already granted to them, they proceed with their plan, and delight in detailing what they mean to do when their wish has come true--that is a way which they have of not doing much good to a capacity which was never good for much.
  73. Having answered the questions we have previously reported detailing and demonstrating that our Master Adam (cpth) did not disobey his Provider, and that his first spiritual state necessitates forgetting the matter which proves to us that what our Master Adam (cpth) and his wife did (of eating from the tree) based indeed, on high intention as the devil had sworn by God to them that they would possess or stay forever in that state of nice witnessing and magnific entering into God's if they ate from the tree, and since this prophet (cpth) did not recognize lying, therefore he believed the devil's saying and forgot Al'lah's Advice to him.
  1. Detailed data for Figure 4.
  2. Detailed attempts to pull a.
  3. It was detailed, not just the.
  4. The will was long and detailed.
  5. I could provide more detailed.
  6. Detailed data behind Figure 10.
  7. This is a very detailed biography.
  8. Detailed explanation of the hadith.
  9. How to Give Detailed Instructions.
  10. A detailed and tall metal model of.
  11. A few techniques are detailed below.
  12. A more detailed view of tracking and.
  13. Be as specific and detailed as possible.
  14. Detailed data are provided in Table A9.
  15. Detailed data are provided in Table A8.
  16. MRE 505 is very detailed on that point.
  17. Detailed data are provided in Table A7.
  18. Detailed data are provided in Table A6.
  19. Detailed data are reported in Table A5.
  20. Detailed data are provided in Table A4.
  21. Detailed data are provided in Table A3.
  22. This is why detailed product trainings.
  23. Detailed data are provided in Table A13.
  24. Detailed data are provided in Table A14.
  25. For reasons previously detailed (in Chap.
  26. Rose, they will find the causes detailed.
  27. Detailed explanation of the noble hadith.
  28. With out a detailed introduction in the.
  29. The most obvious feature is the detailed.
  30. Again, much more detailed information on.
  31. Detailed Salary and Investment Information.
  33. He gave a detailed description of the two.
  34. Add thoughtful, helpful and detailed advice.
  35. Detailed research studies of this phenom-.
  36. Here’s how detailed they paid their tithes.
  37. Detailed data are also provided in Table A9.
  38. The detailed data are provided in Table A13.
  39. Precisely detailed goals and lack of drive.
  40. The detailed analysis presented in Figure 2.
  41. She gave detailed accounts of what she had.
  42. This is a contradiction of Paul's detailed.
  43. You can find much more detailed information.
  44. It had to be exact, and detailed, and labeled.
  45. Have you detailed their accoutrements?’’.
  46. There was a detailed report available on the.
  47. Detailed carvings of the success of the black.
  48. Because this book gives detailed steps in the.
  49. The detailed explanation of this noble Hadith:.
  50. Meanwhile, the detailed analysis (see Figure 2.
  51. I BEGAN a more detailed search of the apartment.
  52. Bolkhovitinov gave a detailed account from the.
  53. She also had the most incredible detailed memory.
  54. Her detailed recollection warns him to be silent.
  55. Here is the detailed account from Genesis up to.
  56. As we noted earlier the actual detailed account.
  57. He then proceeded with a detailed account of Dr.
  58. Give a detailed report about the issue you found.
  59. Detailed descriptions regarding him are found in.
  60. No detailed plans had been prepared, only a draft.
  61. They examined the detailed HD video that had been.
  62. Her detailed diary was her self- improvement tool.
  63. The last chapter detailed his finding of the book.
  64. Moreover, one can obtain such detailed information.
  65. To read a more detailed report about how eBook Pro 6.
  67. She graphically detailed the savagery of the murders.
  68. There is a more detailed discussion of science later.
  69. The only factor, detailed descriptions of which you.
  70. He added Construction plans, well-phased and detailed.
  71. I had never heard her side of this as detailed as this.
  72. Chapter 38 cleansing of the priests), is detailed here.
  73. I kept a detailed ledger for every penny that we spent.
  74. A collector is something that stores detailed memory.
  75. Keep detailed records and treat it like the real thing.
  76. The second stranger deserves a more detailed description.
  77. We have detailed information about how to do what we do.
  78. Gomes sat for a while and drew another detailed drawing.
  79. Why he didn’t want detailed information was beyond her.
  80. He next detailed his savior, who had taken one step back.
  81. Her detailed diagnostic recording buffers had overflowed.
  82. The history of humanity is for them only a detailed plan.
  83. He detailed all his misspent, substance abuse laden youth.
  84. He was detailed to escort a party of us to the front line.
  85. Any warranties included with the home should be detailed.
  86. You will report to Sarah Abrams for detailed instructions.
  87. It was true that detailed reports were being sent to Abdul.
  88. For example, what is the detailed temporal composition of.
  89. No one gave detailed account of the cause of her death yet.
  90. Chantry was very specific and detailed in his preparations.
  91. We have detailed the revelations for people who understand.
  92. Sensei always gives detailed answers to concrete questions.
  93. I'm sure you've received a detailed report on that subject.
  94. Beaudouin nearly stepped back as he detailed the ‘robot’.
  95. Beautifully detailed and exquisitely crafted by yours truly.
  96. It has to be admitted, though, that the most detailed por-.
  97. Dora consulted him and detailed the girls where he suggested.
  98. For detailed inputs, one has to subscribe on an yearly basis.
  99. Cal closed his eyes for a few seconds, then quickly detailed.
  100. More detailed data about the figure are provided in Table A5.
  1. It was full of details.
  2. Details on the next page.
  3. Let me hear the details.
  4. Nuke gave me the details.
  5. In some details we say:.
  6. I needed to hear details.
  7. I need her log-in details.
  8. I do not need the details.
  9. He copied out the details.
  10. In some details, we say:.
  11. Details are in Appendix B.
  12. Get all the details right.
  13. The details are for today.
  14. I want a few more details.
  15. Once details of the Hour.
  16. See later for more details.
  17. Give me the details then.
  18. I won’t go into details.
  19. More details on this later.
  20. The devil is in the details.
  21. I leave the details to you.
  22. Just give me the details.
  23. The Devil is in the Details.
  24. More details as we get them.
  25. Too many details were wrong.
  26. This plan details the amount.
  27. We refrain from details here.
  28. All the details are in there.
  29. Pray let me have the details.
  30. The beauty lies in the details.
  31. And who teaches these details.
  32. I can't go into the details.
  33. I will not enter into details.
  34. Maiorescu gave him the details.
  35. The details are still sketchy.
  36. I want all the details!.
  37. He always hides in the details.
  38. I don’t have all the details.
  39. My contact details are on the.
  40. The details came out gradually.
  41. I…let us not go into details.
  42. The details were not important.
  43. I don't really know details.
  44. The details of their past was.
  45. I do not know the exact details.
  46. See Chapter 9 for more details.
  47. I have spared you those details.
  48. The whole depends on the details.
  49. He invented details as he spoke.
  50. Share the details with a friend.
  51. Enter details about the publisher.
  52. I learn the importance of details.
  53. Below are the details of what I.
  54. Don’t bother me with details.
  56. They had no details of my arrival.
  57. He who masters the details of the.
  58. No details of who or where or what.
  59. She can fill you in on the details.
  60. He studied the next of kin details.
  61. I can’t get into the details, Ms.
  62. You can find complete details for.
  63. But I will not describe the details.
  64. He kept neglecting crucial details.
  65. More details will be broadcasted….
  66. Without background details, it was.
  67. His security details are skilled.
  68. He had obviously heard some details.
  69. They are just going over details.
  70. No one knew the details of his life.
  71. His mind raced with the last details.
  72. Details of the statistical analysis.
  73. There are more details on this later.
  74. These are the details, she said.
  75. Ananya’s father gave me the details.
  76. Two weeks! But he had all the details.
  77. There were totals but few details.
  78. The details are briefly as follows:.
  79. I’ll save the details for when.
  80. Please hang up and check the details.
  81. There are many details that I do not.
  82. It is not necessary to go into details.
  83. I can't reveal all the details to you.
  84. Olin said, I will skip the details.
  85. He turned to the page with the details.
  86. Here are the details for the attack.
  87. They have to check out all the details.
  88. You have his details in the dossier’.
  89. Theo put the details into his own phone.
  90. While all the details of what happened.
  91. I thought the details were on my end.
  92. That is all the details we have for now.
  93. See the iron condor details in Figure 9.
  94. I just enjoyed listening to the details.
  95. I just need a few details cleared up.
  96. I won’t bore you with all the details.
  97. Look in tomorrow’s column for details.
  98. But he noted these details mechanically.
  99. It was the details that were so damning.
  100. He knew they would have all his details.

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