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Detail dans une phrase (en anglais)

This is a mere detail.
I will not detail the.
A detail stood out to me.
But that is a mere detail.
I am a detail in his life.
She had just added detail.
He went into great detail.

The detail to his learning.
Almost every detail of the.
Let us emphasize one detail.
Sykes puzzled over the detail.
He did, in eye-opening detail.
Others must have more detail.
Cops are fanatics for detail.
Let’s review each in detail.
Jozef listened to every detail.
Don't leave out a single detail.
No, I had not heard that detail.
No operating detail escaped him.
He still didn’t know 1 detail.
A single detail comes back to me.
Go into detail with this analysis.
Danny wanted to hear every detail.
I can explain in more detail later.
The first important detail is the.
We’ll cover this in detail later.
As I discuss in greater detail in.
I provide much more detail on the.
It relayed the tale in great detail.
We detail this later in the chapter.
I wont go into detail about the food.
Creation of Adam (a detail of the.
I wanted to know every little detail.
The devil indeed stays in the detail.
His eyes drank in every detail: the.
She knew every detail of his existence.
Much of the detail was new to Shapiro.
I nodded and noted the non-clue detail.
It saves us all the trouble of detail.
Recall your experience in vivid detail.
Detailing the funding required to.
The young woman continues detailing the history.
Detailing the meaning of this Holy saying, we say:.
In 1946 the group produced this report, detailing the.
The woman in love tells his story of how they met detailing.
Early scripture detailing the lives and beliefs of the Ancients.
Finally I read out a Last Will and Testament detailing which of.
The Rabbi was detailing a plan to make education an export product.
Adonai spent quite a bit of time in the wilderness detailing the Law.
Trading softens the impact of this "trader's tuition," detailing a comprehensive.
Suddenly, the articles ended, with the one detailing how the body of a hunter had been.
I have placed a sealed envelope with a media solicitor, and others, detailing the attack.
She could tell the carpenters were still carving out some of the detailing on the railing.
It can be said the cigar box purse with its detailing and uniqueness is truly eye-catching.
AIB released a statement last night detailing the pressure it was under and announced a climbdown.
The kind all the students have to fill out detailing their address and other important information.
Mike Crawford, who was detailing the children, frowned as he thought that he recognized some of them.
I will send a courier missile ahead detailing our needs and I hope we will pick up staff and equipment there.
One of the RAAF officers went to her at a near jog and stopped before her, detailing her with growing disapproval.
Jean Barrot noticed her expression as she was detailing the state of the town house and gave her a reassuring smile.
Douglas watched them ascend out of sight up the stairs, heard Grandma detailing the conveniences of the upstairs room.
Each of these organs would need long pages dedicated to explaining and detailing its components and functions in full.
Before detailing this condition, we ask: under whose control Jerusalem will be when it will be conquered by the Moslems?
Once the transaction is complete the broker sends a contract note detailing the deal and how much money is to change hands.
Even the governor felt a little guilty while detailing the story of the prince's death: all Mordasof felt and looked guilty.
He came one evening carrying a folder full of photocopies detailing descriptions of what are commonly known as abduction experiences.
O I could go on and on detailing his Cruelties, but we must not tarry here, for perchance he will escape if left alone upon the Deck!.
Leona and Bex are the subject of two Incident Reports alleging illegal substance misuse and detailing the actions taken by the medical teams.
The ornamentation and artwork were breathtaking, the detailing much more refined than the reproductions made for tourists in the 20th century.
This reliance on fundamentals coincided with my reading of doom and gloom investment newsletters detailing all that was wrong with the world.
He had, however, just received a hand-delivered bill of sale from one of the jewellers on Gem Street, detailing a lengthy list of expensive purchases.
With all the sympathy which he could bring into play, the prince told Colia the whole story without reserve, detailing the facts as clearly as he could.
In doing this, I must hope for the indulgence of those with whom I differ, and of the Senate, for detailing the reasons for the motion I made to amend the bill.
Graham agreed this was probably best, then said that Susannah mentioned in a phone call that she had been commissioned to write a book detailing her life story.
Nonetheless, he and thirty-five other American airmen signed confessions detailing an elaborate conspiracy to bomb civilian targets with bacteriological weapons.
Hu realised that what this actually meant, was that they were not all that happy with his efforts and were detailing a watch-dog to report to them directly.
The final member of the group, sixty-nine-year-old Washington insider Jim Cannon, is the author of a recent report detailing the inner workings of the White House.
I wrote back a long letter detailing the just completed campaign, and then I expressed my condolences for the loss of his child and assured him that my son was well.
Although nobody could be certain that Salisbury had actually hidden information detailing the murders and the club’s involvement, they couldn’t afford to take the chance.
Overeating; no reasonable person will ever believe that none of the chronic overeaters have never heard or seen reports detailing the societal damages their action is causing.
Detailed data for Figure 4.
Detailed attempts to pull a.
The will was long and detailed.
Detailed data behind Figure 10.
It was detailed, not just the.
I could provide more detailed.
This is a very detailed biography.
How to Give Detailed Instructions.
Detailed explanation of the hadith.
A few techniques are detailed below.
A detailed and tall metal model of.
A more detailed view of tracking and.
Detailed data are provided in Table A9.
Detailed data are provided in Table A8.
MRE 505 is very detailed on that point.
Be as specific and detailed as possible.
Detailed data are provided in Table A7.
This is why detailed product trainings.
Detailed data are provided in Table A4.
Detailed data are provided in Table A6.
Detailed data are reported in Table A5.
Detailed data are provided in Table A3.
Detailed data are provided in Table A14.
Detailed data are provided in Table A13.
Rose, they will find the causes detailed.
With out a detailed introduction in the.
For reasons previously detailed (in Chap.
Detailed explanation of the noble hadith.
Again, much more detailed information on.
The most obvious feature is the detailed.
He gave a detailed description of the two.
Detailed Salary and Investment Information.
Detailed research studies of this phenom-.
Add thoughtful, helpful and detailed advice.
Here’s how detailed they paid their tithes.
Precisely detailed goals and lack of drive.
This is a contradiction of Paul's detailed.
Detailed data are also provided in Table A9.
The detailed data are provided in Table A13.
It was full of details.
Let me hear the details.
Details on the next page.
I needed to hear details.
In some details we say:.
Nuke gave me the details.
Details are in Appendix B.
The details are for today.
Get all the details right.
I do not need the details.
I want a few more details.
In some details, we say:.
I need her log-in details.
He copied out the details.
Once details of the Hour.
I leave the details to you.
More details on this later.
The devil is in the details.
See later for more details.
Give me the details then.
I won’t go into details.
Just give me the details.
The Devil is in the Details.
More details as we get them.
Too many details were wrong.
All the details are in there.
This plan details the amount.
We refrain from details here.
Pray let me have the details.
I can't go into the details.
The beauty lies in the details.
Maiorescu gave him the details.
I will not enter into details.
And who teaches these details.
The details came out gradually.
My contact details are on the.
The details of their past was.
The details are still sketchy.
I don’t have all the details.
I…let us not go into details.

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