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Determine dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. That we will now determine.
  2. The OWG will determine it.
  3. He just had to determine.
  4. I had to determine if the.
  5. Only you can determine this.

  6. That is hard to determine.
  7. You determine upon what things.
  8. Each state could determine and.
  9. Only the Oracle can determine.
  10. Well, we can soon determine that.
  11. Once you determine that you are.
  12. See if you can determine a source.
  13. I was trying to determine the year.
  14. Then determine whether he or she.
  15. You could determine a great deal.

  16. Determine where Aya is being held.
  17. We cannot currently determine in.
  18. Your life will help determine the.
  19. In order to determine the subject.
  20. This phase is to determine if the.
  21. That, also, is hard to determine.
  22. There, we’ll determine what to do.
  23. There are rules that determine the.
  24. My primary intent was to determine.
  25. Let us determine a course of action.

  26. STEP 3: Determine the amount of debt.
  27. Determine your future expenses and.
  28. Good and evil were easy to determine.
  29. Determine where to use the messages.
  30. Genes alone do not determine behavior.
  31. Determine where the weight should be.
  32. Further tests will determine if the.
  33. And how did you determine that?
  34. I couldn’t determine what they were.
  35. One phrase will determine our actions.
  36. The past does not determine the future.
  37. When we use this formula to determine.
  38. No, it will determine your use of me.
  39. Determine the budget this would require.
  40. He still hadn’t managed to determine.
  41. Determine the needs of the organization.
  42. Determine the Needs of the Organization.
  43. Determine the very purpose of the resume.
  44. Your methods will determine your outcome.
  45. Determine staunchly that whenever you are.
  46. Determine the number of intervals required.
  47. Challenge Twenty Three is to determine the.
  48. Investors are often told to determine the.
  49. Therefore, for example, to determine what.
  50. A doctor should be consulted to determine.
  51. I was able to determine whether it was an.
  52. However, I was still able to determine much.
  53. Determine what content will be in the piece.
  54. In the limit, when we determine a place so.
  55. Its height I cannot determine with accuracy.
  56. How it tastes I leave up to you to determine.
  57. To determine the total amount of additional.
  58. It is up to us to determine which pieces of.
  59. It is a state of mind that you determine to.
  60. It is very hard to determine d given G and Q.
  61. Determine the provenance of the observations.
  62. Determine the starting point of each interval.
  63. Rather than trying to determine a cause for.
  64. Hard to determine the cause of this conflict.
  65. Use CASE statement to determine the results.
  66. We could not determine if Wolf Blitzer was a.
  67. We will determine for you which one to target.
  68. STEP 4) Determine the beta of the levered firm.
  69. Scientists were unable to determine the cause.
  70. Our brains determine who we are and what we do.
  71. Moses strained his eyes to determine where the.
  72. In an effort to determine whether the signal C.
  73. The Critical Path Method is used to determine:.
  74. To determine the correct stave length for you:.
  75. Determine what it is about those headers that.
  76. This can determine whether you win big or lose.
  77. Only then can we determine the best treatment.
  78. You want to determine what managers care about.
  79. How to determine the number of calories you need.
  80. STEP 3) Determine the beta of the unlevered firm.
  81. I was able to determine that the code was #77990.
  82. What happens after that is for you to determine.
  83. Q 4: Who determine the price of shares in stock.
  84. Another method we can apply is to determine the.
  85. Get a copper test kit to determine if it's safe.
  86. It took me roughly 10 minutes to determine that.
  87. Then to determine k we use the expression from 7.
  88. You may only be able to determine that you have.
  89. This would determine whether he would eat tonight.
  90. Things that happen to you do not really determine.
  91. Census takers can determine taxes more accurately.
  92. Another fascinating thing to determine is exactly.
  93. Did you determine the origins of the shots?
  94. The Judgement Seat is to determine what we receive.
  95. Otherwise, we must determine that the creator ….
  96. It can take a lot of trial and error to determine.
  97. I couldn’t determine the cause of this horrific.
  98. The shape and angle of the eye help determine the.
  99. This helps you determine the best trades available.
  100. You need a test kit to determine how much and how.
  1. Determining the Cause of Snoring.
  3. This is not the same as determining the.
  4. By determining the intervention strategies.
  5. Determining Whether or Not a Student has ADHD.
  6. With the endgame determining which game is played.
  7. It is used for determining the altitude of the stars.
  8. On the other hand, determining the material that has.
  9. The will as the determining factor in man's experience.
  10. Determining the combination of treatments that is most.
  11. The price level itself is not the sole determining factor.
  12. But remember, determining the problem is only half the job.
  13. Azura was an expert on determining what would be safe to eat.
  14. This was decisive in determining the potential for Verisign.
  15. Bacon notes the reason we aren’t interested in determining.
  16. The most important thing in determining shape and size of 3D.
  17. But determining the theoretical value is only half the problem.
  18. The length of the shadow will help in determining its strength.
  19. Our concern is determining where the market is not going to go.
  20. After determining that the coast was clear, we slithered through.
  21. It is as much determining what the project is, as what it is not.
  22. Time appears to be one of the determining factors in the equation.
  23. The key to using the interval is correctly determining its origin.
  24. Determining Whether the Business Has Recourse or Non-Recourse Debt.
  25. Only you can determining what's best, but here are a few things to.
  26. This measure helps in determining the timeline required for release.
  27. Facebook and determining who went out with who for lunch have taken.
  28. The second step consists of determining the current volatility trend.
  29. Now the problem Sam faced was determining the best form of treatment.
  30. Capturing and determining that spread is what elasticity is all about.
  31. Enlisting Sophie here, determining where she carries out her training.
  32. We have a choice of methods for determining the appropriate sample size.
  33. This is the number ONE Factor in determining the success or failure of.
  34. The sailors were polite and, after determining that we were Americans.
  35. Certainly those determining acts of her life were not ideally beautiful.
  36. This will be crucial for determining where to set your entry and stops.
  37. The data is not the determining factor of success or failure, "You" are.
  38. The problem with determining what too much competition is, is that.
  39. The same concept used in determining a Doji day can be used here as well.
  40. Determining how best to execute a spread is usually a matter of experience.
  41. In addition, a method of determining long days, short days, doji days, etc.
  42. Rather than depending on one method of determining the cost of equity, the.
  43. Each round would put in place the formula for determining the share of the.
  44. Such a model permits determining the optimal threshold value unambiguously.
  45. Sentiment can play a big role in determining the direction of stock prices.
  46. Determining the relationship between primary and secondary symptoms – key.
  47. After determining a company’s value, Buffett then looks at its stock price.
  48. It will be the creditor who is determining whether to issue a line of credit.
  49. The problem, of course, was determining exactly what that something was.
  50. When determining the size of such reserve capacity, consideration should be.
  51. Let us consider several examples of determining the points of delta-neutrality.
  52. Something was keeping him from determining his state of awareness when he was.
  53. In the case of Altman’s Z Score, the procedure involves determining whether.
  54. You have a way of determining who was here? Anybody out of the ordinary?
  55. Market research is simply determining who the people are who will be interested.
  56. However, the investor is left in the dark when determining some of these values.
  57. When used correctly, each method of determining the cost of equity will tend to.
  58. This feature could be important in determining what Sergei is planning, I said.
  59. They are said to play a crucial role in determining the circumstances of rebirth.
  60. So for your calculations in determining the correct amount of shares to buy, you.
  61. Among the many determining experiences which have supported my faith in a higher.
  62. And you learned a variety of methods for determining the appropriate sample size.
  63. While the cost of capital may be the most important fundamental in determining a.
  64. Baily's method of determining, by the culmination of the moon and stars, ix, 107.
  65. Following the formula for determining 30-day market movement, the math would be:.
  66. Rules that end up determining the identity of a group defining its characteristics.
  67. Besides the inadequacies of using a dividend growth model for determining the cost.
  68. The premium is placed on determining a cost that will reflect the reaction of the.
  69. Furthermore, there would be the matter of determining which is the more fundamental.
  70. Project planning has three basic stages: determining what to build, working out the.
  71. Below are some questions you can ask when determining if a message is of God or not.
  72. It had begun the process of determining the world’s opinion about the new Germany.
  73. The ith decision involve determining which vertex in Vi+1, 1<=i<=k-2, is on the path.
  74. The steps presented here illustrate the process of determining the targeted bottom:.
  75. We outline a simple system for determining if an option is overvalued or undervalued.
  76. Where did these 4 factors determining dominance come from? From volcanoes that erupted.
  77. This will assist you in more easily determining where some of those exit points may be.
  78. But what of this Yellelle, have we made any progress determining where she’s from?
  79. This could be an important factor in determining the value of a car over the long term.
  80. Hesitating, determining if it would be betraying Brandor if he said anything, surely he.
  81. Of course, that’s only one set of four and determining the others may not be that easy.
  82. That which is present and changing now is determining the form of the new present moment.
  83. They have no means of unilaterally determining the best route to a particular destination.
  84. And it is in determining where prices won’t go that fundamentals will butter your bread.
  85. It could be a rigorous process with applications, determining their purpose and objectives.
  86. A more efficient way of working with beliefs involves first determining what you believe and.
  87. The messages received between birth and about five years old play a major part in determining.
  88. One of the main factors determining the shape of the optimization space is a set of parameters.
  89. Volition is similar to intention – the act of determining mentally on some action or result.
  90. Determining the key variables in the health of the company is the most complex part of analysis.
  91. The exact same concept used for determining long days is used for short days with one exception.
  92. In determining which credit card to choose, it’s best to know the purpose of getting the card.
  93. When children get used to determining diet, it is not an easy task to restore parental guidance.
  94. Chartists are left with the task of determining the strength or weakness of particular signals.
  95. Determining these factors will help you with the selection process and will save time and effort.
  96. No residual value at the expiration of said periods is considered in determining the rates used.
  97. The only thought on Garcia’s mind was determining what had gone wrong with the Holodeck safety.
  98. One of the most basic elements of portfolio strategy is determining the number of positions to hold.
  99. This is not unlike our task in uncovering the truth and determining what’s a lie and what isn’t.
  100. In some cases, a soil test for pH levels is ideal for determining the components of your garden soil.
  1. I was determined to be.
  2. I determined to get them.
  3. But I was determined to.
  4. USP has determined that a.
  5. But now I am determined to.
  6. We’re determined to do it.
  7. Then he determined to go up.
  8. I determined that it was a.
  9. She was determined to do it.
  10. In a determined voice, she.
  11. I have determined to take it.
  12. With a determined effort to.
  13. If you're determined to use.
  14. I determined to get baptized.
  15. He was determined to lose me.
  16. His face was grim, determined.
  17. The result can be determined.
  18. I was determined to make the.
  19. And the other, determined to.
  20. He was nervous, but determined.
  21. The results are determined by.
  22. She was determined to show no.
  23. This is determined by paying 2.
  24. I was determined to know beans.
  25. At this stage we determined the.
  26. I was determined to confront him.
  27. While prices are determined by.
  28. John was determined to find out.
  29. I feel confident and determined.
  30. He was determined to drink the.
  31. I’m determined to hold it down.
  32. She looked more determined than.
  33. He was determined to go forward.
  34. He was determined not to return.
  35. Determined not to leave without.
  36. Frank was determined to find out.
  37. He was determined not to give up.
  38. He’s determined to capture you.
  39. He looked anxious, but determined.
  40. I determined to effect the change.
  41. Vincy determined to speak with Mr.
  42. She raised her voice, determined.
  43. Thomas was determined to get his.
  44. I’m determined not to wait more.
  45. Tina was determined not to give in.
  46. Her voice was weak but determined.
  47. I determined symbolism was a way.
  48. Haven was determined to catch them.
  49. The crew had determined that the.
  50. Godwyn was determined to sit tight.
  51. I determined to watch his movements.
  52. NCCS were determined to stay with.
  53. He just was determined to save her.
  54. Determined to prepare him for life.
  55. The slight had been most determined.
  56. I was determined to find answers.
  57. The SELF is determined in terms of.
  58. I determined to have the matter out.
  59. I determined that I had to stop Mrs.
  60. Her face looked calm and determined.
  61. The trio’s determined steps faded.
  62. He determined to make two cardinals.
  63. She was determined to leave before.
  64. He looks determined that we stop.
  65. He was determined not to hurry the.
  66. He determined that whatever was out.
  67. But he kept going, determined to win.
  68. I immediately determined to go there.
  69. He was determined not to be left out.
  70. Sloane had determined he shouldn’t.
  71. And they are determined never to die.
  72. It was determined from the way they.
  73. That made him all the more determined.
  74. I became determined to find her again.
  75. His mood always determined his manner.
  76. Indeed, any use of an EVA determined.
  77. We have not yet determined it as such.
  78. They are well organized and determined.
  79. I knew he was spiritual and determined.
  80. The fears seemed determined to get out.
  81. I determined to not look at Niki again.
  82. He determined to remain silent himself.
  83. By now they will have determined that.
  84. That will be determined at a later date.
  85. I was tired but determined to catch my.
  86. Michael's eyes grew cold and determined.
  87. Strength is determined by trial of fire.
  88. Determined to get to the bottom of the.
  89. Laino walked with long, determined steps.
  90. Two findings were determined by the study.
  91. Hope Is Steadfast and Determined ‐ The.
  92. As soon as I determined that no one was.
  93. Grinly was determined to kill them both.
  94. But Lottie was a determined little person.
  95. The Forum determined through voting that.
  96. I was determined to get to the truth of it.
  97. He was determined to make it through this.
  98. Analysis inside the city determined their.
  99. Actually, what they determined following.
  100. He spoke in a quiet, yet determined voice.
  1. Who we are determines what we attract.
  2. This difference determines the maximum.
  3. She determines when it is time to move.
  4. The type of membrane you use determines.
  5. In essence, the type of assets determines.
  6. What determines whether news is good or bad?
  7. Thus, who you are determines what you attract.
  8. In myth, its cycle determines the activities.
  9. What is it that guides and determines action?
  10. And this is how fate determines the state of.
  11. The instructor determines an incentive that is.
  12. The balance of these doshas determines the con-.
  13. Time determines the reality of time-based organisms.
  14. In the market, the last trade determines the value.
  15. This principle determines the effects of all profit.
  16. Since it is what we do with our will that determines.
  17. This determines whether you will be led by fear or faith.
  18. How many cows or goats you have determines your standing.
  19. It also determines the level to which he can help others.
  20. EBT determines the effect of taxes on shareholder earnings.
  21. That is what determines whether you are strong or weak.
  22. The price determines orgism as much as sperms in testicles.
  23. This feeling determines the duration of this exercise for.
  24. Constitution of the country determines and where is installed.
  25. Each individual determines what his or her own ‘Truth’ is.
  26. The half-life determines how long it remains in your system.
  27. The size of the universe determines how much matter there is in.
  28. That’s the same way Warren Buffett determines a bargain price.
  29. The vision always precedes; and itself determines the realization.
  30. At the heart of it all, blind chance determines almost everything.
  31. It is how you use it or don’t use it that determines its effect.
  32. The author further explains that gravity determines space-time, so.
  33. What determines if the self-object is receptive to another object so.
  34. Your own self-understanding determines how well you understand others.
  35. The means determines the ultimate outcome: but it does not justify it.
  36. The blogging software determines that the link should be an enclosure.
  37. Implied volatility is one of the factors that determines option values.
  38. The “B” or slope is the coefficient of “X” and determines the.
  39. He carefully examines the lawn and determines that the gopher problem.
  40. But how you carry out your intentions determines their ultimate effect.
  41. The amount of determination used determines who has the strongest will.
  42. He compares the value to the price and determines the margin of safety.
  43. It determines what combination of offer and creative converts more sales.
  44. How you respond in it, is what determines what's going on in your heart.
  45. The internal environment of the body determines whether a child will be.
  46. The wholesomeness or unwholesomeness is what determines the karmic fruit.
  47. Google determines where your ad is placed and this is decided based on two.
  48. There is nothing haphazard or random about this choice, for it determines.
  49. There is not a great being that determines when a new spirit shall be made.
  50. This test determines how stable your tank water is relative to a shifting pH.
  51. How you receive the word determines whether it can do any work in your life.
  52. The interpretation of truth therefore determines what type of worshipper is.
  53. As of SAS version 9, method determines how SAS is going to count the intervals.
  54. It determines how much you can love yourself and how much you can love others.
  55. The amount of His Word in you determines the amount of grace you will receive.
  56. The type of house we live in determines conditions that can lead to cockroach.
  57. Voice projection and volume determines retention of attention of the audience.
  58. Your reaction to each event, moment by moment, is an event and determines the.
  59. Materials have roots that determines zero consciouness in shows of dusty ideas.
  60. Knowledge gaining and consequent power is what determines growth and evolution.
  61. One of your philosophers, Karl Marx, said that life determines consciousness.
  62. The salience of a stimulus determines its capacity to hold attention, and to an.
  63. The relationship between the operating components, sales and income, determines.
  64. With products, the volume traded determines the success or failure of a business.
  65. Liberation of spirit from soul determines the tributes and get edge of the truth.
  66. To this important extent the market, not the analyst, determines intrinsic value.
  67. If the committee determines more time will be needed, then it will be so ordered.
  68. Is it He that determines your destiny or are you trying to define your own life?
  69. The time of year also determines the rate at which the composting process occurs.
  70. Within those ratings, operating income determines interest coverage, which further.
  71. Our response defines our relationship with God and determines our place in eternity.
  72. Therefore, it is the level of our intelligence that determines how we will use orgasm.
  73. There is a circular causality that guides and determines how some are successful and.
  74. There is a power of thinking before predictions that determines the cause and effect.
  75. And the Mental Attitude of the "I Can't" or the "I'm Afraid" man also determines his.
  76. Trading in these options determines the overall structure of volatility in a product.
  77. The length of the cycle determines whether it is appropriate to use reversal patterns.
  78. It’s the essence of motivating desire that determines how people feel, think and act.
  79. This determines the category and/or degree of theft charges that an accused could face.
  80. How each generation raises its young determines largely the fate of the next generation.
  81. Jetpack automatically scans the contents of your post and determines the best card type.
  82. However, it‘s how you deal with it that determines its impact on your level of success.
  83. In fact, it is again the concept of my I that determines the limits of my orgasm ( bliss).
  84. It is movement that determines the location of an objects and the movement forms gravity.
  85. It is the parents’ reaction, which determines the child’s eventual programming to pain.
  86. Yet whatever it is, literally determines the rest of their life, their values, their goals.
  87. This in turn determines the level of connectiveness at which each person's awareness exists.
  88. The synthesis of the output produced by these two modules determines the ultimate selection.
  89. It’s how your body deals with that energy that determines whether weight is gained or lost.
  90. The length of the string with the date directives determines the default width of the format.
  91. The first is that it determines the order in which you will select a job after initiation.
  92. It is the main thrust or direction of your intent which determines how good or evil it may be.
  93. It is the number of protons inside a nucleus that determines what element the atom actually is.
  94. Following is the process that brings about an Emotional State and in turn determines a behavior.
  95. It is the power-context of our environment that determines how sensitized human awareness can be.
  96. The foundation of any building is unseen, but it determines the size and capacity of the building.
  97. However: a major factor that determines one’s outer worth is the degree of one’s inner worth.
  98. According to Heidegger, what you care about determines, in large part, what you see in the world.
  99. Looking at the table, he determines that the Estimated Premium with 127 Days to Expiration is 23.
  100. A feasibility study refers to the research that determines the effectiveness of one's business plan.

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