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Direction dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Turn to YOU for direction.
  2. But in the same direction.
  3. He pointed in my direction.
  4. Heads turn in my direction.
  5. I need love and direction.

  6. The direction you are going.
  7. The direction would be so.
  8. I looked in the direction.
  9. I could glimpse a direction.
  10. I looked the other direction.
  11. Seven nodded in his direction.
  12. The wind will shift direction.
  13. In the direction of whatever.
  14. They ran off in that direction.
  15. I had no direction with work.

  16. Both peered in that direction.
  17. The arm swung in his direction.
  18. He’s looking in my direction.
  19. History moved in one direction.
  20. Abia is in the wrong direction.
  21. Show in which direction to leap.
  22. They were walking my direction.
  23. I stomped off in that direction.
  24. A need for a direction in life.
  25. A third pointed in my direction.

  26. Amanda looked in that direction.
  27. The ship goes in that direction.
  28. All eyes turned in my direction.
  29. It's coming from that direction.
  30. Pray for guidance and direction.
  31. The direction of 0 degrees is up.
  32. Keep going in that direction.
  33. She nodded in Zia’s direction.
  34. Then she glanced in my direction.
  35. I got free but lost my direction.
  36. Garcia went in another direction.
  37. Players may move in any direction.
  38. In the direction of this Indian.
  39. He changed direction to go that.
  40. All eyes turned in his direction.
  41. The direction of the wind changed.
  42. People sprint in every direction.
  43. My head swivelled in his direction.
  44. And watching from every direction.
  45. You know what's in that direction.
  46. I’m looking for a new direction.
  47. Dylan looked in Jack’s direction.
  48. All heads turned in his direction.
  49. Each tells you the direction and.
  50. Pivoting in every direction, she.
  51. You are in need of some direction.
  52. Having no sense of direction and.
  53. He was pointing in that direction.
  54. Winchester pointed in my direction.
  55. Burn said, Wrong direction, y'all.
  56. She doesn't live in that direction.
  57. Doug took a step in their direction.
  58. It is there to give you direction.
  59. It was too late to change direction.
  60. He’d lost all sense of direction.
  61. A quick look in Brice's direction.
  62. The cubicles were in that direction.
  63. He walks in the direction of Sodom.
  64. He glanced quickly in my direction.
  65. Q: In what direction am I to look?
  66. Yes, there are nods in my direction.
  67. It is the negation of all direction.
  68. They turned in each direction,.
  69. To change the direction of wind,.
  70. If headed in the wrong direction,.

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