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Dirt dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. I grew up dirt poor.
2. He ate dirt once more.
4. With the dirt of denial.
5. It tracks too much dirt.
6. A second later the dirt.
7. I rubbed dirt from my eyes.

8. A worn dirt road emerged.
9. I said face in the dirt.
10. Is it the dirt in the air.
11. So his dirt got scattered.
12. Dry, rocky dirt as far as.
13. It was a dirt road to boot.
14. I have been treated as dirt.
15. The arena had a dirt floor.
16. One pile of unchecked dirt.
17. He fills the hole with dirt.
18. As my head hit the dirt, I.
19. He was brown with dirt and.
20. Here again, a layer of dirt.
21. Bullets sprayed in the dirt.
22. The dirt didn’t matter then.
23. This place is as dull as dirt.
24. Huge boxwoods lined the dirt.
25. The tastes of blood and dirt.
26. The sprinkling sound of dirt.
27. I knew he had struck pay dirt.
28. He saw the spades toss up dirt.
29. The cloth left streaks of dirt.
30. The kitty had dirt on his paws.
31. Part of the physical dirt and.
32. But in the dirt, you see?
33. Justine had been under the dirt.
34. We push ourselves into the dirt.
35. Her throat was filled with dirt.
36. He dropped her to the dirt floor.
37. The dirt bike is my only option.
38. You have a lot of dirt on yours.
39. The tiled floor had no dirt on it.
40. She stuck a finger into the dirt.
41. He could hear Steven in the dirt.
42. Dirt gets rolled up in your navel.
43. Instead, she was treated like dirt.
44. There he found a skull in the dirt.
45. And the dirt under every stone.
46. And that is your dirt in my ditch.
47. We all spotted a dirt road at the.
48. I want as much dirt as you can get.
49. Probably dirt and sin reigned, too.
50. What does htu-t it is dust and dirt.
51. Rain washes away the dirt and grime.
52. Their still bring dirt out this way.
53. Got dirt an’ two layers a skin.
54. Piles of dirt grew around the edges.
55. I saw my kinsmen rooting in the dirt.
56. Some sorts of dirt serve to clarify.
57. But some dirt is destined to linger.
58. She sprinkles flowers in the dirt.
59. Another Frooginite hit the dirt hard.
60. Padlimaird shook dirt out of his hair.
61. The dirt was moist from morning dew.
62. And something else in the dirt too.
63. Create that shield out of the dirt.
64. The dirt floors and low ceiling made.
65. There was dirt flying through the air.
66. Then he tossed the chunk of dirt away.
67. There’s a carved out dirt path for.
68. As he watched the mound of dirt, his.
69. The paved road gave way to a dirt road.
70. It’s stuck here in the dirt!.
71. Jackson rose and brushed off the dirt.
72. They’re dirt cheap at half the price.
73. He removed the dirt covering them and.
74. The whole area was covered in red dirt.
75. Underneath the dirt, she was marmalade.
76. He dropped to the dirt beside home plate.
77. I became a queen of dirt and dark world.
78. Mix the dirt, water and vinegar together.
79. I saw nothing but dirt in all directions.
80. You know, the dirt in the air got her.
81. So are you, she said into the dirt.
82. They were poor as dirt in those little.
83. John hit the dirt, knocking his wind out.
84. If it were dirt, he would be burying her.
85. With a good amount of dirt covering the.
86. The dirt entered through his hollow eyes.
87. You’ll knock more dirt down on them.
88. Thought I’d shovel the dirt a little.
89. Turned to that dirt from whence he sprung.
90. Well, I think you boys struck pay dirt.
91. He planted them in the dirt, twelve in all.
92. Kilgotten can have it, dirt and headstone.
93. He was buried up to his shoulders in dirt.
94. Bullets sprayed and plinked into the dirt.
95. The dirt was in the process of development.
96. Gritty Dirt Band was just taking the stage.
97. I stood and brushed the dirt from my knees.
98. We arrived at the mouth of a long dirt road.
99. The dirt crunches beneath her Mary Jane’s.
100. My last dirt clod clapped him on the cheek.

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