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Discern dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. And I can't discern the.
  2. We can clearly discern the.
  3. As far as we can discern, Mr.
  4. As far as I can discern, the.
  5. He could discern a sullen mood.

  6. He could discern no clear path.
  7. We must discern the status of mind first.
  8. He could discern the discolouration where Mr.
  9. Before our relatives, discern what is yours.
  10. It was nearly impossible at times to discern.
  11. It was not hard to discern that some sort of.
  12. In other words, we can only discern the truth.
  13. Moshe looked around trying to discern the reason.
  14. I can also discern the presence of wards, Mac.
  15. The coach is able to discern whether the client is.

  16. That's how he got it, and he was able to discern it.
  17. At a time Jossiah couldn’t discern, the door opened.
  18. Besides, I have the ability to reach out and discern a.
  19. Often real motives are hard to discern, I told Butterfield.
  20. It is important to discern that this refers to those who.
  21. To discern and hear the voice of god and to walk with Him.
  22. I was just able to discern things that I normally wouldn't.
  23. It will when you discern the essence of why you struggle.
  24. The only manmade alteration that he could readily discern.
  25. I could always discern tactile sensations when holding Spot.

  26. At last they could discern the dim lights of a large town in.
  27. You can never discern properly if you have a judging attitude.
  28. I could discern his displeasure in telling me this information.
  29. My confidence in my strength and in my ability to discern what.
  30. A roar went up as the crowd began to discern the state of play.
  31. In the dark corner of the room, Alex could discern the Chinese.
  32. Its features were impossible to discern, but that didn't matter.
  33. At about this juncture I began to discern a punctuated progression.
  34. Nadir could discern the progress of the touch to the other two men.
  35. Learn to discern the difference between laziness and true fatigue.
  36. Through her tears Paula could discern where he seemed to be looking.
  37. We all study the stars, attempting to discern what is to happen.
  38. It’s hard to discern a direction; it seems to come from all sides.
  39. All eyes glared at the greenery trying to discern the enemy within it.
  40. That is why you have never been able to easily discern its existence.
  41. We can clearly discern this in the case of animals with simple habits.
  42. Alex thought he could discern slight frown lines in the older man’s.
  43. If Barron were satisfied, no one would have been able to discern that.
  44. Presently it was possible to discern something that might be a gig on.
  45. The first point was for us to discern the signs of the Second Coming of.
  46. The debate came to a head in May when the board held hearings to discern.
  47. The sun had begun its ascent, though it was difficult to discern as much.
  48. I looked at him closely, but I could discern no lie in his eyes or voice.
  49. Sophianalytical one to discern and examine the profound motives that lie.
  50. As the clamor increased, Moshe looked around trying to discern the reason.
  51. Intelligence, reflection of the real in the mind, ( bodhati, to discern, to.
  52. Anxious about banging his sore knee, he could not discern anything in front.
  53. I could discern, that this was a turn that the conspirators did not look for.
  54. He squinted into the darkness but could discern nothing in the heavy shadows.
  55. She twisted around and raised her head until she could barely discern the car.
  56. Heads turned to discern the source of the phenomena as its incidence increased.
  57. Through our own recovered innocence we discern the innocence of our neighbors.
  58. He looked out of the window, and could faintly discern the snow on the garden.
  59. Children should be taught to discern the difference between the truth and a lie.
  60. In the murk we could just discern the shape of the fellow’s body on the couch.
  61. Learn to discern the difference between Spirit led prayers and words of prophecy.
  62. That was the job of the Guardians: discern the prepared from the merely curious.
  63. We discern the influence of similar motives at work around us in the present age.
  64. Attempting to discern what they did want, Hanor was uncertain how they could be.
  65. It is a man's part to discern them, as much in the Golden Wood as in his own house.
  66. At the moment, however, he could not immediately discern exactly what it was.
  67. We need to better understand the physical before we can even discern the spiritual.
  68. Garcia looked up at the sky and the horizon, but he could not discern any slope or.
  69. Although the wanderer could discern no difference in that spot from the rest of the.
  70. Sometimes he can discern shapes but tiny typeset text on newsprint is invisible to him.
  71. The power flowing through her legs felt natural, but she couldn’t discern its origin.
  72. The sheriff could not discern any serious affront caused by one person waving at another.
  73. A huge part of this is being able to discern the mindsets of sin, and the truths of God.
  74. Something else too, some deeper puzzle, and it took her a heartbeat or two to discern it.
  75. Her eyes tried to discern the truth buried in the swirling depths of his vivid blue eyes.
  76. Although the wanderer could discern no difference in that spot from the rest of the vast.
  77. In other cases, it is more difficult to discern the future growth prospects of a business.
  78. Now, as the original author, I deliver the ability to discern the lies and errors and to.
  79. It was an old model Ford, long and wide, a dark color I couldn't discern in the moonlight.
  80. The brain's capacity to discern patterns is how we are able to make meaningful connections.
  81. Idealists discern a "deeper reality" beneath the facts and foibles of experience, because.
  82. In the centre Ctesippus could discern the all-powerful son of Cronos surrounded by a halo.
  83. At one point, an airplane flew over, so high that it was impossible to discern its markings.
  84. There’s no way this mere child, a human at that, could discern such a thing and I can’t.
  85. As if by them I could discern how fast or slow I was traveling in comparison to Doug and Tom.
  86. They shouted something back that I couldn’t discern but I was done with them at that point.
  87. Moshe and his crew huddled for a short while to collectively discern the meaning of what was.
  88. She could discern the increasing intensity in Garcia’s attention and it was a bit unnerving.
  89. All Nem could discern of them was they bested the man in height by at least a head-and-a-half.
  90. Yet those, who have not received, rely upon the spirit of men to discern, and stumble greatly.
  91. It would tell you that each dolphin could discern the blips and clicks and respond accordingly.
  92. Furthermore, once you understand this, you are able to discern that the Throne of God is.
  93. His face was in the shadows of his cowl and Nero squinted in an attempt to discern his features.
  94. And you could discern the difference between regular brain wave patterns and thoughts from an.
  95. There was a very slight mist so he could barely discern the horizon of hills and further forests.
  96. Within a few minutes, however, he began to discern the outline of a large structure ahead of them.
  97. There are sites that are worth studying because they will help you to discern the current frenzies.
  98. It also highlights the importance of searching for the unequivocal truth, and striving to discern.
  99. His mind drifted to all the aspects of the case, trying to discern anything he might have overlooked.
  100. Scott could just discern a man in a T-shirt and shorts scrambling up the slope towards the waterfall.
  1. Discerning them as a collection.
  2. He had a hard time discerning the.
  3. Not discerning between cause and effect.
  4. What a wise and discerning woman she was!.
  5. Refers to discerning the truth through comparison.
  6. The discerning reader will notice that the concrete.
  7. Somehow, he'd thought she'd have been more discerning.
  8. Refers to discerning the truth through comparison with.
  9. M: Find out, by discerning and rejecting all that is unreal.
  10. Judging There is a difference between judging and discerning.
  11. Or he is admitted to the family (kul) of discerning yogi and.
  12. It is the responsibility of discerning thinking to tell the difference.
  13. Instead, the focus should be on discerning what lies beyond the merely.
  14. The cause of the sickness is a demonic spirit - that's discerning of spirit.
  15. The New Testament also taught that discerning spirits was one of the spiritual.
  16. Discerning now that it was for pride’s sake and fear of losing his abilities.
  17. So how did I get it? I got one, discerning of spirits and two, word of knowledge.
  18. The hatred and contempt of the crowd punish such men for discerning the higher laws.
  19. Hopefully there would be clues as to discerning what had taken place here so long ago.
  20. By practicing mindfulness we can become discerning about the thoughts we let into our mind.
  21. Understanding the above is vital to discerning the truth about what transpired in Western.
  22. Being? s/he said incredulously, while slowly discerning the dog as the focus of this 171.
  23. But if we were more discerning with regard to ourselves, we would not come under such judgment.
  24. Afterwards, he looked at her again, discerning an admission of guilt in his daughter’s voice.
  25. The medicine introduced intuitive, perceptive and discerning abilities that I never knew I had.
  26. He gave me a discerning look, Thought you were the only one with a storied past didn’t you.
  27. Therefore, the path to wisdom is through discerning the unequivocal truth and the elimination of.
  28. So if you open up your notes there in Section 17, you'll see the section on discerning of spirits.
  29. For those who eat and drink without discerning the Body of Christ eat and drink judgment on themselves.
  30. To be circumspect means that we consider all of the aspects before us, discerning the real from the unreal.
  31. Third, there is a moral sense of a story – discerning a meaning which concerns the conduct of the practitioner.
  32. Elizabeth looked at her daughter, discerning she was ready to leave, but she could feel the hushed agony in Sophia.
  33. There is no way of ever discerning any separation between what is being processed and what is doing the processing.
  34. That is why we talk only about individual colors, tints, rhythms, discerning them by intensity and other characteristics.
  35. He put all his concentration into discerning exactly what the curse was doing to re-assemble his beloved, and how it was done.
  36. Therefore, what are commonly understood as points of ―fact,‖ should be properly regarded with suspicion by discerning minds.
  37. One of the central problems of technical analysis is discerning climax from strength (or weakness, in the case of a downside climax).
  38. Junk yards ooze with the rusting corpses of innumerable wheeled conveniences a year or two too old for their discerning drivers.
  39. Our perp was clearly a discerning and self-controlled animal who knew how to put the fear of God into his victims and then make it stick.
  40. It is merely, Total Assets / Total Revenues and discerning students will notice that it is the inverse of the asset turnover ratio.
  41. I prayed to God they worked when Jenna began recording, even though I didn't think it would get them any closer to discerning Sergei's intent.
  42. However, on the flip side, discerning people who are able to see through the ploy would certainly not assign much credibility to the said person.
  43. There can be trickery, false promises, someone who has trouble discerning the end of truth and the beginning of falsehood, which makes him a liar.
  44. Iceland store or at a stall on Chapel Market, and not the discerning rich, who drove to Waitrose in Holloway, but a good mix of the middle without.
  45. And had the most discerning statesman made out an order, he could not have selected articles better adapted to the essential wants of Great Britain.
  46. It is only then the Quranic injunctions could be seen in the given context for much of what is contained in it is contextual to the discerning mind.
  47. Yet, he was forced to admit to himself, there had been occasions when Llewellyn had come up with a discerning judgement that had left him floundering.
  48. When everyone is sharing what they have received as the interpretation of the dream, be discerning and listen for the voice of God in the interpretation.
  49. If it be so, I am sure you must be included in that part, that discerning part, and therefore entreat you to let me know how far I have been rightly informed.
  50. His instruments eventually become known among the elite for their discerning nature, and they begin to sell well; he can now afford seating closer to the stage.
  51. While Goldstein’s research suggests that wine experts are far more discerning than average drinkers, there is further research that challenges even this assumption.
  52. He was a real man both during difficult times and times of ease, a human being who sympathised with others, discerning their condition more than they did themselves!.
  53. He asks Joseph, what do we do about this? This is Joseph’s answer: and now let Pharaoh look for discerning and wise man, and put them in charge of the land of Egypt.
  54. She had hoped that, to a man like her uncle, so discerning, so honourable, so good, the simple acknowledgment of settled dislike on her side would have been sufficient.
  55. Of course, government in general, any government anywhere, is a thing of exquisite comicality to a discerning mind; but really we SpanishAmericans do overstep the bounds.
  56. Casaubon now, it was as if he suddenly found himself on the dark river-brink and heard the plash of the oncoming oar, not discerning the forms, but expecting the summons.
  57. Okay then, so for example - and the more you have examples the easier it is to see it, so discerning then is to be able to look through, and see what is behind this matter.
  58. In any case, the precedent of Peoplesoft in 1994 was helpful in discerning these jagged bases, and stocks like America Online (AOL) and Charles Schwab (SCHW) were rocketing higher.
  59. So in this session we're going to start, I'm going to do some teaching in discerning of spirits, and then we're going to do some activations for a little while just to get you busy.
  60. Fortunately for me, I tend to focus most when I am ticked off, and so I began working harder, going through my weekly printed Daily Graphs® books with an even more discerning eye.
  61. However, one of the difficulties in discerning or comprehending karma is due to the fact that it often does not ripen in one lifetime (if one considers the possibility of rebirths).
  62. By choosing a customer base that is more fragmented and discerning, Paccar avoids selling its trucks at a lower price, which allows it to earn higher profits compared to its competitors.
  63. This is one of the most complex and subtle areas of chart analysis; there is much more art than science involved in discerning the difference between these failed and successful breakouts.
  64. Therefore, a forest populated by trees, in a manner that properly defines a forest, may be misconstrued by less discerning minds as a collection of trees (parts) rather than a forest (whole).
  65. People have usually hidden agendas, and the agendas are not so obvious, but if you are discerning of spirits, you can pick what lies behind it, so there are a number of Bible examples of that.
  66. So notice several things there; casting out of demons which is discerning of spirits and also working of miracles and faith is involved in that, speaking in new tongues and maybe interpretations.
  67. But not any longer! Names like Royal Portrush, Royal County Down, Portmarnock, Ballybunion, Mount Juliet, Druids Glen and The K Club are now reaching the lips of discerning players the world over.
  68. She would try to read love secrets in his face, and, discerning none there, would sigh with a sort of enjoyment of her grief, and give herself up once more to the contemplation of her unhappiness.
  69. So that's actually like a - it's revelation knowledge, and it could be described as a word of knowledge, or it could be described as discerning of spirits, picking the motivation of the man's heart.
  70. Kirk speaks of the strange human faculty—inexplicable if men are assumed to have an animal nature only—of discerning greatness, justice, and order, beyond the bars of appetite and self-interest.
  71. They at least had an outward religious law, whose fulfilment may perhaps have prevented them from discerning their duty toward their neighbors; indeed, those duties had not then been distinctly defined.
  72. Mary Garth, discerning his distress in the twitchings of his mouth, and his recourse to a cough, came cleverly to his rescue by asking him to change seats with her, so that he got into a shadowy corner.
  73. Now you notice then, the gifts of words of knowledge, then prophetic flow mingled in, and then discerning of spirits, what actual spirits were there, that need to be broken off her life, and then ministry.
  74. But Blomkvist’s discerning approach to the case had pointed up their own shortcomings and reminded Bublanski of the leak in the investigation and the dangers to which the boy had been exposed because of them.
  75. Such is the fate not of great men (grands hommes) whom the Russian mind does not acknowledge, but of those rare and always solitary individuals who, discerning the will of Providence, submit their personal will to it.
  76. A particular mindset based on a sound, logical and rational foundation integrated with a reflective, discerning and intuitive spirit will result in constructive thoughts, feelings and behaviours towards Self and others.
  77. The purchase and sale of hi-value skin work to discerning international connoisseurs, predominantly from the wealthy countries of South East Asia, but also occasionally from Western buyers of American and European origin.
  78. The ability to perceive the world, Self, and others with an ‘open-mind’ and will positively affect our interpersonal relationships and understanding of ourselves and discerning the reality of Self in relation to others.
  79. I say that it would be wise for each of us to listen to what he has to say concerning his God, with each one of us discerning by ourselves whom we will serve and worship as the power behind the very breath of our daily lives.
  80. What's happening is, you're discerning an unclean spirit or intention around the person, and you are feeling the impressions of it, and you're identifying it as a yuck, I don't like this, I don't trust that man, I'll stay away.
  81. This is, informed knowledge about an important subject, which has been, or will be, intellectually synthesised and integrated with an informed, reflective, introspective, intuitive and discerning intellect and spirit of goodwill.
  82. Prayer, perhaps a considered discerning and intuitive faith that allows the comprehension of the resurrection of Christ as being the ultimate miracle that has the potential to provide the ultimate source of hope for all humankind.
  83. First let us complete the old investigation, which we began, as you remember, under the impression that, if we could previously examine justice on the larger scale, there would be less difficulty in discerning her in the individual.
  84. We may have decided to consider that through natural revelation in science and creation and in human reason and logic combined with a reflective introspective discerning intuitive spirit, that a ‘God’ or Creator, might indeed exist.
  85. The gentleman told you, in speaking of the Maryland elections, that the film is removed from the eyes of the people, and that in discerning their true interests, they saw it was the embargo, and not the Orders in Council, which oppresses them.
  86. The government soon realized how badly they screwed up, and realized that McVeigh was our inside man, so in order to not let any of that information make its way to the discerning public; they quickly tried and executed him as their scapegoat.
  87. But, at last, I think she begins to know me: I don't perceive the silly smiles and grimaces that provoked me at first; and the senseless incapability of discerning that I was in earnest when I gave her my opinion of her infatuation and herself.
  88. But, at last, I think she begins to know me: I don’t perceive the silly smiles and grimaces that provoked me at first; and the senseless incapability of discerning that I was in earnest when I gave her my opinion of her infatuation and herself.
  89. John and Matthew spent a lot of time discussing these stories of ancient language, and often attempted to divide them in the text of what a parable really is; and at times, I would join in, and discerning little, but I still kept them stored in my heart.
  90. However I disapproved, I couldn’t hinder her: indeed, how could she have refused him herself? What was filling him with dread we had no means of discerning; but there he was, powerless under its gripe, and any addition seemed capable of shocking him into.
  91. I thought as I lay there, with my head against that table leg, and my eyes dimly discerning the grey square of the window, that I was enclosed in the oak-panelled bed at home; and my heart ached with some great grief which, just waking, I could not recollect.
  92. However I disapproved, I couldn't hinder her: indeed, how could she have refused him herself? What was filling him with dread we had no means of discerning: but there he was, powerless under its grip, and any addition seemed capable of shocking him into idiocy.
  93. You ask in what does the creative power of thought consist? It consists in creating ideas, and these in turn objectify themselves by appropriating, inventing, observing, discerning, discovering, analyzing, ruling, governing, combining, and applying matter and force.
  94. It is to this inequality,—the exaltation of some upon the abasement of others,—that we may chiefly attribute the incapacity which men display for discerning the folly of the existing system, with the cruelty and deceptions committed by some, and suffered by others.
  95. The habitual cast of thought in any individual affects the shape and moulds the form of the features, and, to the discerning, the head is expressive of the person; both the bigger and the smaller person, both the larger and the petty characteristics everybody possesses.
  96. She had to wonder why it would be so discerning; why the apparent need for this level of security? Enough, then, surely to sustain her interest through all the mundane work of minutely adjusting interface responses to get the TIAR computer to take the bate and do its thing.
  97. And the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale's best discerning friends, as we have intimated, very reasonably imagined that the hand of Providence had done all this, for the purpose—besought in so many public, and domestic, and secret prayers—of restoring the young minister to health.
  98. We may now also be armed with insight into how reason formed from intellect, formed from informed information and the inner drive of Self’s innate, intuitive, reflective and discerning spirit can create the provocation of such personally intimate and private existential thoughts.
  99. I said: well the Lord's shown me that the reason you have this pain in your shoulder, it's actually a spirit of infirmity, and it's come because of the unforgiveness in your heart towards your father - now you see, so some of that was word of knowledge, and some of that is discerning of spirits.
  100. The second was discerning it was actually a spirit of infirmity, associated with the occult, so I asked her the question then - and this is how you can bring out revelation, just ask questions - I said: what happened 10 years ago? I said did someone near you, close to you die? She said my husband died.
  1. He knew I discerned this and became.
  2. Dots had been joined and a pattern discerned.
  3. He knew I discerned who he was and became angry.
  4. Behind them higher peaks could just be discerned.
  5. Because Christ is the truth, He discerned evil in.
  6. They are not so easily discerned until one reaches.
  7. He did not think he discerned God in this manner of.
  8. Micaiah discerned a deceptive spirit in the mouth of the.
  9. The travelers discerned a worn road through the shaggy moss.
  10. He discerned that God's way was not going to be the easy way.
  11. Would that you discerned what the Day of Judgement is!.
  12. Anna spoke lightly, but irritation could be discerned in her tone.
  13. In the shades of the wet road she soon discerned her mother with.
  14. I remember one time I was in prayer when I discerned God speaking.
  15. Arriving at the stop, we discerned two men silhouetted in the dark.
  16. We discerned Linton watching at the same spot he had selected before.
  17. It could be vaguely discerned that the light held a number of books.
  18. Matthew discerned that friendship could be a very fickle thing indeed.
  19. Again, would that you discerned what the Day of Judgement is!.
  20. They are discerned simply as temporary shells, rather than jail cells.
  21. He had obviously not discerned her yet in her position against the sun.
  22. It didn‘t take long before Jana‘s trained ears discerned what it was.
  23. He discerned that Laurence did not notice it at all he being used to it.
  24. He discerned a clear moment of separation between Nancy and her husband.
  25. No wonder she was acting strangely the last time he saw her, he discerned.
  26. No footsteps could be discerned in the dusty covering of the valley floor.
  27. She always did that Matthew discerned, when she was not sure about anything.
  28. The more alike they are to us, the more of their thoughts can be discerned.
  29. And now, in Christianity, he discerned in the laws of nature the laws of God.
  30. Even things and people were changing there he discerned as was he unconsciously.
  31. The desire for her she discerned in his manner aggravated her own want for him.
  32. It was a journey of seven miles or more he discerned through narrow country roads.
  33. Amid a gabble of raucous voices, an air of anxious questioning could be discerned.
  34. Kami and Yania discerned that their brothers and sisters aspired to have them help.
  35. Suddenly we heard loud cries; and, listening, discerned that they were cries of joy.
  36. What have you discerned? Alana asked, more than a little hesitant to hear the reply.
  37. No end could be discerned as they wended their careful way through the shadowy interior.
  38. Upon the eighth day he discerned a small vessel under full sail approaching Monte Cristo.
  39. Entering the compound tentatively, he discerned some bronze bust on granite in the midst.
  40. Jalan blinked and his mind ran through the events again, and he discerned the implication.
  41. For more than four years they discerned that he was planning for this eventual separation.
  42. Dorothea waited a little; she had discerned a faint pleasure stealing over Rosamond's face.
  43. As they neared it they discerned that beneath the tree there were two dark colored horses.
  44. Sounds of hoofbeats could be faintly discerned approaching the stables on the brick walkway.
  45. It is also what the ancient Taoists have discerned as the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ of life.
  46. It was Susan’s and although the house was crowded he had still discerned that it was hers.
  47. Grant discerned it not, and though it escaped the notice of many of her own family likewise.
  48. The minister appeared to see him, with the same glance that discerned the miraculous letter.
  49. The sheer scale and diversity of London only hits you when you live in it, Matthew discerned.
  50. And with time and practice I discerned a definite and steady improvement in my writing skills.
  51. He was especially impressed by her daughter Marguerite whose intelligence he promptly discerned.
  52. So far, they'd discerned nothing, but the uneasiness lingered, especially after yesterday's incident.
  53. And now in its polished hood her reflection can be discerned, backed by liquid flames from the trashcan.
  54. She was, he discerned easily pleased in many respects and was happy to do things around their local area.
  55. They vaguely discerned and dimly foresaw the approaching times of spiritual sifting and cruel adversity.
  56. She discerned the shades of guruji’s conflicting interests present in the predicament of her own father.
  57. Garth, gravely and decisively, though a nice ear might have discerned a slight tremor in some of the words.
  58. The pink flush of dawn, which one could not help seeing before, now had to be sought to be discerned at all.
  59. When told of my vision, Lovern discerned that we -- he, I and Crisi -- would be the start of a new blood line.
  60. The water is so transparent that the bottom can easily be discerned at the depth of twenty-five or thirty feet.
  61. Less keen eyes than his could scarcely have discerned the dim gray patches that floated before each cell door.
  62. I discerned no malice directed personally toward me, but I sensed the resentment she held against whites and Christians.
  63. In time Samson would know intuitively every time his cohort lied; and in time Skeets discerned this and quit lying to him.
  64. But sometimes He makes statements that are so specific and so terse that you wonder how the prophets even discerned that word.
  65. When we look at some of the patterns discerned by ancient or primitive people the consequences of apophenia are clearly evident.
  66. Margaret herself as Bridget discerned felt isolated in her new surroundings but was happy at least to be living with her mother.
  67. And they told all that Jesus had said to them and how they had not discerned who he was until the time of the breaking of the bread.
  68. About the same time the look-out on the Arrow must have discerned it, for in a few minutes Tarzan saw the sails being shifted and shortened.
  69. And in that ‘the God’ could have discerned the charisma of a leader in Muhammad as well as the man-management skills so apparent in him.
  70. In that he had certainly succeeded, but as Matthew had already discerned, he had in a sense failed his daughters whom he held in less regard.
  71. He discerned that a distance of ten miles or more in the manic city and lifestyle of London could constitute an ocean in terms of co-existence.
  72. I wonder who they were, he whispered and Roelle’s eyes discerned that it was a woman from the shape of the pelvis and not an old woman.
  73. It was called the d'Urberville Window, and in the upper part could be discerned heraldic emblems like those on Durbeyfield's old seal and spoon.
  74. Tiyana, somehow, discerned the raha’s detached guise, so she left graciously and began feeling that their tête-à-tête was out of his interest.
  75. It was invisible, marked only by the slightest crack in the smooth wall that was too thin to see, and could only be discerned by a familiar touch.
  76. When Karol, Tomasz and Jan discerned what Colling and Elizabeth were doing, they joined in, and used all the buckets they could find to bring water.
  77. When we reached the summit of the pass we could see various villages with their fires in the plains below, but nowhere was the camp to be discerned.
  78. When after long wanderings his strength was nearly gone, he discerned a fire in the misty distance which illumined the darkness and banished the cold.
  79. Within his view from the bridge he discerned, he said, a strange steamship, probably a "tramp," and a schooner which was making her way out of the ice.
  80. There were signs of a spiritual transformation in her, and a steadfast, fine and humble determination that nothing could shake could be discerned in her.
  81. He was, it could be discerned, tall, broad-shouldered, and of a hale appearance, in spite of his invalid state, though he was somewhat thin and looked ill.
  82. Dean raised the candle, and I discerned a softfeatured face, exceedingly resembling the young lady at the Heights, but more pensive and amiable in expression.
  83. The turrets of a convent stood out beyond a wild virgin pine forest, and far away on the other side of the Enns the enemy’s horse patrols could be discerned.
  84. Dean raised the candle, and I discerned a soft-featured face, exceedingly resembling the young lady at the Heights, but more pensive and amiable in expression.
  85. So what had happened was, they had not discerned this person has an offence, and the biblical way of dealing with the offence is to put it right with the person.
  86. Now when you look at it, the woman is saying all the right things, but Paul discerns that behind it there's a spirit operating, and he discerned exactly what it was.
  87. Since the two of them were equally sly, and had the same aims, she immediately discerned his intentions, so she wiped away her tears and returned his amorous glances.
  88. On the other hand– had he hit other women? Was that what he was telling her? She considered all aspects of the man, as she knew him, and discerned he couldn't hit a woman.
  89. While this was doing with delight, I discerned the robust Petrarco silhouette, whose outfit was short and showed his adipose belly between the border of his shirt and pants.
  90. Whatever information was being imparted to Nick, was obviously not good news, Falcon discerned, for his friend’s stern expression became even grimmer than it had been before.
  91. As soon as ever I discerned friendliness on the part of a comrade, I at once gave him to understand that I went to luncheon with Prince Ivan Ivanovitch and kept my own drozhki.
  92. This kiosk appeared to me to be at a considerable distance, perhaps on account of the darkness of the night, which prevented any object from being more than partially discerned.
  93. For she could not stop until she had told him--or heard him say--or was it some action on his part that she required? Far away on the horizon she discerned it and could not rest.
  94. Earlier, the only definition to the land that could be discerned had been the deeper darkness of the side walls of the pass on either side of us as we had rode through the night.
  95. And what’s that? He asked in a laidback tone, though the look in his eyes was anything but lazy, for he’d discerned an odd note in her voice, which immediately caught his attention.
  96. All this is still very far from accomplishing what should be done, but already the direction in which good art instinctively presses forward to regain the path natural to it can be discerned.
  97. He had first discerned that reservation about the subject during the conversation in the lobby and found it curious the reverend would only reveal the acquaintances’ identities while under oath.
  98. There’d been a string of more successful fires in the same area, Amory recalled, but in this case no pecuniary motive could be discerned; the building spared from flame had already been condemned.
  99. Many would have mistaken her miniscule reaction to mere irritation at the bold confrontation as to her personal actions, but his perceptive mind discerned there was something far more serious to this.
  100. He would not contemplate applying for welfare because he was a proud man who had always worked for a living and discerned that they would have no life or future trying to manage on the pittance that it paid.
  1. But he who is spiritual discerns all things.
  2. She discerns, it may be, such a hopeless task before her.
  3. Rather, it discerns a deeper meaning beneath the surface of the historical event.
  4. She had that rare sense which discerns what is unalterable, and submits to it without murmuring.
  5. The one that hears and discerns the Spirit the greatest is no better than the one that encourages.
  6. As the universe looks upon an inhabited world, it likewise discerns two great classes: those who know God and those who do not.
  7. Now when you look at it, the woman is saying all the right things, but Paul discerns that behind it there's a spirit operating, and he discerned exactly what it was.
  8. In the idea of truth, Weisse explains, lies a contradiction between the subjective and the objective sides of knowledge, in that an individual I discerns the Universal.
  9. When a man's whole life is held in bondage by laws whose injustice, cruelty, and artificiality he plainly discerns, and yet is compelled to obey these laws under penalty of punishment, he must suffer; it cannot be otherwise.
  10. But even admitting this was so, it is psychological subtlety, I suppose, that discerns that under certain circumstances I become as bloodthirsty and keen-sighted as a Caucasian eagle, while at the next I am as timid and blind as a mole.
  11. He discerns not the unspeakable sorrow taking hold upon the unnumbered throngs of earth-born creatures as they realize themselves cut off forever from existence, from life, from eternal life, with its unfolding ages of bliss to the redeemed.
  12. There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange mixed affair we call life when a man takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke, though the wit thereof he but dimly discerns, and more than suspects that the joke is at nobody's expense but his own.
  13. A Russian publicist, who was in Paris at that time, describes this entrance of the sailors in the following manner: They tell the truth,—it was an incident of world-wide import, wondrous, touching, soul-stirring, making the heart quiver with that love which discerns the brothers in men, and which detests bloodshed and concomitant acts of violence, the tearing away of the children from their beloved mother.

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