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Discontinue dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It was high time she discontinue being the one for such a high-risk task.
  2. To discontinue using your contraceptive spray could change history, Nancy.
  3. Policy to Discontinue Care Against Family Wishes, care was withdrawn and the.
  4. United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and discontinue all foreign aid.
  5. A few were not able to discontinue their medication and they were sent to him for medical attention.

  6. With new habits and positive social interactions, our cat might even be able to discontinue taking the medication.
  7. Lies, lies, lies! The lawyer advised him that, with two incidents now on record, it would be wise to discontinue his harassment.
  8. He was sorry to have to discontinue the exercise, but he said nothing about it to his father or mother because he did not want to `worry' them.
  9. Any female not seeking pregnancy and having a hepatic adenoma less than 5cm in diameter can discontinue OCPs and see if the size of adenoma decreases.
  10. If you would not discontinue, if you would just keep your Doing alive then all the distractions will eventually lose their influence upon the awareness.
  11. No matter if you are forced to discontinue by the temporary dark states of mind, don’t be discouraged, always remember to come back to your spiritual passion.
  12. I also suggested that they could discontinue keeping diaries if they so wished, as they had fulfilled their purpose in making them think about their relationship.
  13. Even the best of them were morbid in mind, exclusive, and intolerant to the very last degree; with two of them I was obliged to discontinue all spoken intercourse.
  14. Sanders, like a large number of the study volunteers found that they were unable to discontinue the medication without experiencing debilitating withdrawal symptoms.
  15. So it is advised to a seeker that whenever you feel that your action is one way and there is no participation of God hold back and better to discontinue that action.

  16. Andrew had directed David to discontinue the messenger service; and this was construed by all as an indication of the early establishment of the kingdom at Jerusalem.
  17. The new law also requires publishers to discontinue bundled textbooks, referring to packages that typically consist of a textbook, CD-ROMS along with workbooks and Web tools.
  18. Hepatic adenoma is hormone responsive, which means that females who take oral contraceptives (OCPs) may notice that the hepatic adenoma will shrink in size once they discontinue the OCPs.
  19. It often sells brand-name products that it can obtain at discount prices because manufacturers discontinue certain products, change labels, or make other changes that make an older version of the product obsolete.
  20. Announcement effects provide interesting evidence: the plan to discontinue 30-year Treasury issuance in October 2001 had a large market impact within minutes of announcement—the expected scarcity was instantly priced.
  21. Production for the console would discontinue in most markets by 2002 and would be Sega's final console before it reorganized its business as a third party game provider only, partnering primarily with its old rival Nintendo.
  22. At the very time when my excavations were attaining their greatest importance I was compelled to discontinue them by order of the Russian administration and was obliged to leave the country, having only made a beginning in archaeology.
  23. Sometimes in the morning when the paper hits the front steps (easier to keep renewing David’s subscription than to explain to Newsday’s phone reps why it is she wishes to discontinue) she rises from the heat of sleep convinced it will turn out to be him.
  24. If he can think constructive thought he can also think destructive thought, but as soon as man learns that thinking is a creative process, that we are creators not creatures, he will discontinue the process of thinking destruction for himself and his fellows.
  25. But, sir, if the French Government is allowed to have in the act of March an excuse for reprisal, we had better discontinue making laws altogether; for it is difficult to find in our statute book a law less hostile to France, or more within the right of an independent Government to enact.

  26. If it be essential to the propagation of the gospel for men to believe that all who have not known 'the whole truth’ or who have not called the Infinite Creator by the right Names, have been doomed to damnation, it would be better to discontinue endeavours founded on so foul a perversion of the Bible.
  27. Additionally, in view of the recent notoriety of the log barges I currently use, he said, indicating the log barge references in the notebook, we will, for safety’s sake, need to discontinue the use of them as well so, with you coming aboard and my associate retiring, there will be a great reshuffling, but I want no interruption of deliveries to our customers.
  1. And, by discontinuing the misuse of the Social Security Trust Fund.
  2. Follow ups four weeks after discontinuing all care showed only the chiropractic group still enjoying the.
  3. Significantly reduced capital expenditures in the quarter by suspending store openings and discontinuing major IT projects.
  4. It had been four days since my appetite had finally returned after discontinuing the alemtuzumab, and I couldn’t have invented a better way to celebrate.
  5. Shatov, of whom I wanted to inquire about Marya Timofyevna, would not open his door, and I believe sat locked up in his room for the whole of those eight days, even discontinuing his work in the town.
  6. In such cases, discontinuing the toxic relationship may be the most caring thing to do, as the presence of a relationship without love fosters the encouragement of human pain and misery, and inter-relational acts considered malevolent, destroying the very growth expected from a loving relationship.
  7. But, in consideration of the part which you have taken, which differs so essentially from that contemplated and authorized by the Government, and contradicts so entirely the principle on which it has uniformly and sincerely acted, you will be sensible of the necessity of discontinuing the service in which you have been employed.
  8. You would be forced to rip down all the fabric of global capitalism that is spewing and throwing this new-fangled shit at consumers as fast as they can… desperately hoping they can keep them addicted to these toys and distracted enough and lazy enough and stupid enough not to ask where they came from or why they are discontinuing good lines and introducing worse and worse quality in their products… Because if they ever stop finding new shit to sell you.
  1. It was discontinued.
  2. Vitex should be discontinued once a woman.
  3. The three men discontinued their gaming to investigate.
  4. If the patient is on a TCA, this medication should be discontinued.
  5. Payments for children who drop out of school should be discontinued and thus.
  6. It is a pity, cried Fanny, that the custom should have been discontinued.
  7. Ultimately, any time that a segment of the business is discontinued or changed, there is a.
  8. The following year the policy of including leasehold appreciation in earnings was discontinued.
  9. During that year the company sustained an enormous loss, and the preferred dividend was discontinued.
  10. Now, more than ever, humanities programs in most educational institutions are already being discontinued.
  11. The suicide that found no charm in life, and purposely discontinued it, became equal to the outlaw and murderer.
  12. Crippled by a small, fragile LCD display and a very narrow selection of games, it was discontinued two years later.
  13. The new’ coke languished on the shelves until they simply discontinued it because not enough customers were buying it.
  14. We discontinued the radiation because Uncas claimed that there was no way to shield her sternum/esophagus and still hit the tumor.
  15. When the party had divided into three sections, each under its own leader and in its own garret, he had discontinued his attendances.
  16. The following Diophantine Problem was proposed for solution some months ago in a Periodical Journal, which has since been discontinued.
  17. In consequence of these follow-ups we discontinued two broader fields, which were found not to have shown satisfactory overall results.
  18. Today he remembered of a channel that lead to discontinued student volumes that finally lead to an old diagnostics port he had resurrected.
  19. This assistance for housing was discontinued due to the family‘s inability to cooperate with motel staff around room access for housekeeping.
  20. Even having high school students enter a junior seminary or live in a convent or monastery as an Aspirant has been discontinued almost completely.
  21. And the restrictions imposed, or which may be imposed, by virtue of the said act, shall, from the date of such proclamation, cease and be discontinued.
  22. It is not a coincidence that since WW2, the use of Zyklon B has been completely discontinued even though it is one of the most effective pesticides ever invented.
  23. A moment more, and it was caught between two fires, and it received the volley from the battery piece which, not having received the order, had not discontinued its firing.
  24. An argument began, next evening it was suggested that the patrol should be discontinued in two days' behind which he sensed more opposition than he had ever encountered before.
  25. Teacher, she beseeched her high school civics instructor, the one she would have had had her State of Penalzona not discontinued them during the era of Reagan Revisionism.
  26. Discontinued in 2011, Microsoft Services for Macintosh made it possible for Macintosh systems to access Windows Server shares without modifying the configuration of the workstations.
  27. In April 1938 the balance of the appraisal increment was eliminated by writing down both property account and capital surplus; and the special depreciation charge was then discontinued.
  28. What the accountants computing results in accordance with GAAP report them to be, as measured by overall performance, including extraordinary items and results of discontinued operations.
  29. They simply continued about their business of searching out Contra units, until the US discontinued its flow of arms and ammunition and the Contras, without bullets, fled, and the war was over.
  30. And the restrictions imposed by this act shall, from the date of such proclamation, cease and be discontinued in relation to the nation revoking or modifying her decrees, in the manner aforesaid.
  31. Some of these side effects might also result in the cessation of the treatment using the drug, with the most number of treatments being discontinued after patients complained of rashes and nausea.
  32. Why do you think Zyklon B was purposefully discontinued? Because if it had been used as a pest control agent: it could have killed untold masses of undead filth hiding inside the walls of buildings.
  33. Instances have been reported of compasses being considerably deflected in this manner, and their Lordships have now directed that the use of steel stretchers in caps is to be immediately discontinued.
  34. Jean Valjean had not discontinued his trips to the Luxembourg, as he did not wish to do anything out of the way, and as, above all things, he feared to arouse Cosette; but during the hours which were so sweet to the lovers, while.
  35. For they only watch those who play and game, and no one watches the graveyards where discontinued worlds are buried – at least that's what they were hoping, but the drone's presence seemed to prove the impossible claim and ubiquitous fear, 'U R.
  36. Experience shows that noncumulative dividends are seldom paid unless they are necessitated by the desire to declare dividends on the common; and if the common dividend is later discontinued, the preferred dividend is almost invariably suspended soon afterwards.
  37. Sometimes, as has been said, the people of the house used to send up some tea and bread and butter or cakes or other refreshments to the workmen, but whenever Hunter got to know of it being done he used to speak to the people about it and request that it be discontinued, as it caused the men to waste their time.
  38. In addition to this and other demands of strict right on that nation, the United States have much reason to be dissatisfied with the rigorous and unexpected restrictions to which their trade with the French dominions has been subjected; and which, if not discontinued, will require at least corresponding restrictions on importations from France into the United States.
  39. Anything that is fun, exciting, challenging or interesting is made illegal, taken away, made unaffordable, outlawed, forbidden, regulated out of existence, discontinued or simply not done anymore… Anything that is healthy and good for you is hidden, never done, kept secret, covered up, buried or poisoned out of existence, or taxed out of existence, or all of the above.
  40. The problem was she really had nothing to say about bathroom renovations, and although she agreed it must have been terrible when they ran out of tiles, and that particular line was discontinued, and they only needed three more tiles to finish, she was sure it probably all worked out in the end, and she could see Celeste and Jane out on the balcony, and they were laughing with Bonnie and Nathan, which was unacceptable.
  41. This opportunity of discussion of the answer to an address, however exceptionable the address might be when it had received the last seasoning for the Presidential palate, did afford the best opportunity to take a review of the measures of the administration, to canvass them fully and fairly, without there being any question raised whether the gentlemen were in order or not; and I believe the time spent in canvassing the answer to a speech was at least as well spent as a great deal that we have expended since we discontinued the practice.
  42. It was not declared on the part of the United States, until it had been long made on them, in reality though not in name; until arguments and expostulations had been exhausted; until a positive declaration had been received, that the wrongs provoking it would not be discontinued; nor until this last appeal could no longer be delayed without breaking down the spirit of the nation, destroying all confidence in itself and in its political institutions, and either perpetuating a state of disgraceful suffering, or regaining, by more costly sacrifices and more severe struggles, our lost rank and respect among independent powers.
  1. The Wii U discontinues backwards-compatibility support for Nintendo GameCube discs and controllers, which also means that Wii games that support the GameCube's controller will instead require use of an alternate control scheme such as the Classic Controller when playing them on the Wii U.

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