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Discourtesy dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It was not discourtesy; it was just that nobody knew.
2. He's not Shabrin; he is a very respectable man! I can excuse your discourtesy, due to the tortures of jealousy.
3. These are our grounds for expelling poetry; but lest she should charge us with discourtesy, let us also make an apology to her.
4. Therefore, though it is a discourtesy to hurry the presentation of such magnificent gifts, I ask that the rest of you try to be succinct.
5. Anyone meeting Mr Pinscher for the first time might forgive him this discourtesy, since the fellow looked as thin and emaciated as the chicken bone he waved so enthusiastically in the air.
6. Jesus had long taught the apostles that a soft answer turns away wrath, but his followers were not accustomed to seeing their beloved teacher, whom they so willingly called Master, treated with such discourtesy and disdain.

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