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Discovery dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The Discovery of Oz, the.
  2. Still no discovery was made.
  3. No, it was your discovery.
  4. Discovery of an Ancient, 80.
  5. It was a staggering discovery.

  7. This small discovery shocked me.
  8. It was a very bitter discovery.
  9. There was no peril of discovery.
  10. There was a chance of discovery.
  11. And after the discovery of the.
  12. So, it has to be your discovery.
  13. The Discovery of the New World.
  14. The Discovery of the Heart-Wall.
  15. It was this discovery that led Mr.

  16. A discovery was made that day Dr.
  17. Bergman did no pretrial discovery.
  18. I made a brilliant discovery!.
  19. Something crucial to her discovery.
  20. That is set through price discovery.
  21. Now that was an important discovery.
  22. The chances of discovery were fewer.
  23. In addition, with the discovery of.
  24. At the time of discovery, they are.
  25. But the joy of discovery is wonderful.

  26. It was a discovery that had quickly.
  27. Saw that on the Discovery channel.
  28. Catalog’s discovery to various media.
  29. Like the discovery of other symbolic.
  30. A new Discovery that Shakes the World.
  31. Physicists puzzle over the discovery.
  32. What is the result of this discovery?
  33. Deane on the discovery of, xlvii, 390.
  34. I was impressed with your discovery.
  35. Discovery described as simply as that.
  36. Discovery of her people’s long-term.
  37. Yoda said to himself upon his discovery.
  38. Don Harrington Discovery Center and the.
  39. And to discovery there is no beginning.
  40. The discovery of it occurred in this way.
  41. He was watching a Discovery Channel show.
  42. That was a much happier discovery for me.
  43. I wish the discovery may do them any good.
  44. This was a very pleasant discovery for me.
  45. It had been quite the discovery the books.
  46. But there was still more discovery to come.
  47. The dawning of this discovery weighed on me.
  48. Hours after the Discovery of the First Stem.
  49. The importance of this discovery, said Prof.
  50. The voyage has resulted in a great discovery.
  51. The professor was fascinated by the discovery.
  52. I should’ve been there for the discovery.
  53. Not that discovery should be a great surprise.
  54. Since the early discovery of cohousing it has.
  55. This discovery remained classified until 1973.
  56. Discovery is not the result of transportation.
  57. He made this discovery through the cook Ustinia.
  59. With the diligent search came the discovery of.
  60. He notes the importance of the discovery by MM.
  61. The Informative Echo of this Medical Discovery.
  62. This unexpected discovery meant much to Kallash.
  63. One legend dates the discovery of tea to 2737 B.
  64. And in a sense this is not a brand new discovery.
  65. It was, at the same time, a voyage of discovery.
  66. There was one startling discovery after another.
  67. But the discovery of Sam threatened to unman him.
  68. Colt seemed unusually excited over the discovery.
  69. So-called self-realization is the discovery for.
  70. The discovery of the lifebuoy is rather ominous.
  72. Only a discovery that occurs to him comes to light.
  73. He’d died before he could publish his discovery.
  74. An amazing discovery was made about the survivors.
  75. So, after the initial discovery and the subsequent.
  76. The examination, however, resulted in no discovery.
  77. For the greater glory of new discovery, she.
  78. A special prize being won in this area of discovery.
  79. We regard the discovery of this terrorist cell as.
  80. MSNBC, CNBC, the Discovery Health Channel, and more.
  81. Vinny was stil oblivious as to her new discovery and.
  82. Unfortunately, his discovery of the tail came after.
  83. The discovery of the treasure was like a deflagration.
  84. The discovery of your passion is one of the greatest.
  85. He may have observed himself, and made the discovery.
  86. The discovery that I had apparently suffered a brain.
  87. Her lids stretched in fright at the discovery of the.
  88. Teller selected Discovery Bay because of the monastery.
  89. Vaillant’s existence before the discovery of his body.
  90. The problem presented by this discovery was very grave.
  91. It was all about discovery, and a deeper understanding.
  92. This voyage of exploration and discovery has to be an.
  93. It would be his discovery that started the horrifying.
  94. Farzdbuk, and the discovery of the monitors and cameras.
  95. And then she told him what happened after the discovery.
  96. She looked out the huge picture windows at Discovery Bay.
  97. It had been several years since that mid-80s discovery.
  98. My theory and plan for fame had nothing on this discovery.
  99. Uncle Jared and the crew are unaware of Cass’ discovery.
  100. This same principle was used in the discovery of insulin.

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