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Disfigure dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. For they disfigure their faces that they may ap-.
2. Sometimes close-range shots like this are meant to disfigure as well as kill, I said.
3. Now, all the prejudices of the Restoration, all its interests, all its instincts tended to disfigure Napoleon.
4. Ay; or else one must come in with a bush of thorns and a lantern, and say he comes to disfigure or to present the person of Moonshine.
5. Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast.
6. Terry realized that when he slashed the lads face the two blades would cut separately and the scar on this kids face would disfigure him for life.
7. A long scar running from his left ear to the side of his mouth did nothing to disfigure him but, if anything, added to the strength of his appearance.

8. I know that you have spared me only to torment me; that is why you have limited your tortures to such torments as neither slay nor permanently disfigure.
9. This was the ability, and the inclination, through a trick in the use of the foils, to disfigure his opponent's face badly, without at all endangering his life.
10. In a movement not unlike a magician he whirled his hand in front of him and somewhere along the movement a knife appeared in his hand, blindly he slashed at his face, his torso, his arms legs and anything else his reach could disfigure.
11. We have them, and we are going to stand by them, for there is nothing in the Lexicon on the word “apollumi” which can take so mild a form as “marred,” which the Dictionary defines “dissipate,” “to waste,” “to lose,” hinder, obstruct, impede, injure, spoil, hurt, damage, disfigure, etc.
1. The results are: 1) Linda suffered a disfiguring.
2. Some would think he wished him ill, after defeating, and disfiguring him.
3. On the contrary, Jemelda turned back to him, a sneer disfiguring her face.
4. Somehow it fell towards her, disfiguring her white nightdress with a broad black stain.
5. The walls of the kitchen had not yet been cleaned off, so it did not matter about disfiguring them.
6. They all developed open running sores disfiguring their faces and bodies… right down to their bones.
7. The blade sunk into his cheek-bone, slicing a flap from his face, but it was still just a flesh-wound, albeit a disfiguring one.
8. It was, in the main, a reproduction of a French chateau, and such changes as the architect had made in his model were not positively disfiguring, though amusing.
9. I said they were very disfiguring, and advised him to have them removed, giving him an address to go to when he was again in London, and telling him the probable price.
10. At last, after trying for two minutes, and staining his hands with blood, he succeeded in severing the cord with the blade of the hatchet without further disfiguring the dead body.
11. There were many women at that time, upon whom the time laid a dreadfully disfiguring hand; but, there was not one among them more to be dreaded than this ruthless woman, now taking her way along the streets.
12. Attorney-General had made the most of it; how, nevertheless, it rested upon nothing, save that vile and infamous character of evidence too often disfiguring such cases, and of which the State Trials of this country were full.
13. I got my first good look at Elijah now the scars on his face where hideous and disfiguring but worse than this was his eyes which were a fish belly white with no pupils or irises and round the sockets the flesh was pitted and black from the explosive that had taken his sight.
14. What kind of cultural insanity made them commit such an insane sacrilege upon the biggest statue they ever built? It would have been tantamount to modern Americans disfiguring Mount Rushmore, and replacing its symbolic meaning by wiping off the original faces and replacing them with smaller faces of another species.
1. Ben’s body was one of the disfigured.
2. The disfigured face of Samantha could be seen by all.
3. Needless to say, she was disfigured beyond recognition.
4. A great brand, the mark of hot iron, disfigured his face.
5. Calloway will likely spend the rest of his days disfigured.
6. He was turned into a vampire, and then was disfigured with acid.
7. Brokin noticed at once the deep gash that disfigured his scout's head.
8. The seriously disfigured did not like to parade their wounds in public.
9. He was obviously in pain from the acid burns and his face was disfigured.
10. Like Marty, her face is open, mouth exposed in a disfigured ear-to-ear grin.
11. By the time his Savior arrived, Jakkar was horribly and irrevocably disfigured.
12. They think we are radically abnormal and disfigured in some grossly apparent way.
13. It had been the site of Niki Lauda’s fiery crash that so badly disfigured the.
14. Harry had begun to cry, tears were rolling down his disfigured face into his beard.
15. She hardly recognized the prisoners --their faces were badly disfigured by bruises.
16. He is lethal but prefers his victims left hideously disfigured and alive to suffer.
17. His death had been a particularly savage one and certain features had been disfigured.
18. The leprosy of unreality disfigured every human creature in attendance upon Monseigneur.
19. And the soul which we behold is in a similar condition, disfigured by ten thousand ills.
20. Blood was flowing from his head and face; his face was crushed, mutilated and disfigured.
21. Ben and Taylor stayed behind to fight the rest of the disfigured figures attacking them outside.
22. All diseased, crippled, disfigured, unhealthy forms of Life, all sickness are evidence of undead evil.
23. I nearly stayed disfigured and half blind myself after the assassination attempt against me in Palestine.
24. The bystanders sometimes pulled out their burnt and disfigured bodies and, horrible to relate, devoured them.
25. A heartbeat later and he reached out to touch Simon’s face, where Thomas’ knife wound had disfigured him.
26. He grabbed the disfigured monster and tore it in half and threw it into the air as Lady Isabol flamed it to ash.
27. Most of them were disfigured by frost-bitten noses and cheeks, and nearly all had red, swollen and festering eyes.
28. He began picking through the throng of disfigured amputees, searching for the man's only truly distinguishing feature.
29. Unfortunately, his words didn’t quite register in my brain as I raised my gaze at the disfigured human being before me.
30. But when she saw him quite disfigured and his eyes swollen out of his head from weeping, she felt full of compassion for him.
31. He had seen photographs of her in magazines, and to see that much beauty deliberately disfigured filled him with a deep anger.
32. He was always hideous, but he looks more awful than ever now, for he appears to have had an accident and he is much disfigured.
33. As we approached Orenburg we saw a crowd of convicts with cropped heads, and faces disfigured by the pincers of the executioner.
34. Two mottled, disfigured men were lying on top of another resident, chewing on pieces of what was surely, the man’s intestines.
35. Approaching Orenbourg, we saw a crowd of convicts, with shaved heads and faces disfigured by the pincers of the public executioner.
36. When his body was found, many miles from the scene of his death, and so horribly disfigured that he was only recognizable by the.
37. The edges of the old town were disfigured by featureless concrete apartment blocks built for Russian workers constructing the High Dam.
38. Byron rubbed his eyes with forefinger and thumb, his hand shielding the regeneration of his skin to it’s former less disfigured contouring.
39. Men had been crippled and disfigured by unset broken bones, and their teeth had been ruined by beatings and years of chewing grit in their food.
40. He was a titular counsellor, a man about forty, much disfigured by small-pox, very poor, and burdened with a consumptive wife and an invalid child.
41. He examined the dead man, but he could see nothing, except that the latter was young, well dressed, with the air of being rich, and all disfigured with blood.
42. The walls had a leprous aspect, and were covered with seams and scars, like a visage disfigured by some horrible malady; a repulsive moisture exuded from them.
43. Annyeke could feel the concern flowing from her father and mother, and could see through the haze of swirling colours her mother’s face disfigured by a frown.
44. He’d never imagined his final round would end like this: dying and disfigured, trapped at the bottom of a laundry chute, knocked cold by a black widow spider.
45. Lord Robert opened the door and stepped inside, leaving Evelyn in the door frame with his back to her, where he could not see the smile that disfigured her face.
46. This head, with its remarkably broad brow and cheekbones, its handsome, sensual mouth, and its cold, majestic expression, was not disfigured by the approach of death.
47. One was of her face grotesquely disfigured, the nose and Chinese eyes accentuated, the hair short and flat, the mouth lascivious, looking like a man or a lesbian butch.
48. And many are thus attracted by her whose natures are imperfect and whose souls are maimed and disfigured by their meannesses, as their bodies are by their trades and crafts.
49. Wreckage was strewn over a large area and the broken, disfigured bodies of the occupants were burned beyond recognition presenting the authorities with a challenging task of recovery.
50. Jean Valjean, as we have just stated, had his back turned to the light, and he was, moreover, so disfigured, so bemired, so bleeding that he would have been unrecognizable in full noonday.
51. When the seventieth blow was dealt, the governor said, "Enough! The next!" And the disfigured man, with his swollen back, was lifted up and carried away in a swoon, and another was taken up.
52. We have learned, though as yet imperfectly, that the individual man has an endless value in the sight of God, and that we honour Him when we honour the darkened and disfigured image of Him (Laws).
53. He is a little stiff and pompous in his manner, and he is disfigured by his uniform; but when it becomes known that he has been for eighteen years in the Austrian service, all that will be pardoned.
54. O'Connor, a grey-haired young man, whose face was disfigured by many blotches and pimples, had just brought the tobacco for a cigarette into a shapely cylinder but when spoken to he undid his handiwork meditatively.
55. Notwithstanding that he was disfigured by the half of his head being shaved, the straight, rather low forehead, raised a bit over the black, lifeless eyes, was very fine, and so was the nose above the thin, black moustaches.
56. Atheism only preaches a negation, but Romanism goes further; it preaches a disfigured, distorted Christ—it preaches Anti-Christ—I assure you, I swear it! This is my own personal conviction, and it has long distressed me.
57. He woke in the early hours of Monday morning from a nightmare of amputation units, people with their heads blown off, vans with DEAD ONLY written on them and disfigured bloodstained people wandering and screaming through dense rubble.
58. Not a single scar disfigured his face; but his head was fairly covered with cuts; what would be the result of these wounds on the head? Would they stop short at the hairy cuticle, or would they attack the brain? As yet, this could not be decided.
59. He came out to meet us with great gentleness, with his dress now torn and his face so disfigured and burned by the sun, that we hardly recognised him but that his clothes, though torn, convinced us, from the recollection we had of them, that he was the person we were looking for.
60. This odd and romantic delusion about the love of quite a young girl of good breeding, for a man nearly fifty years and afflicted with a face so disfigured and gloomy, simply showed the fearful effect produced by the fear of the punishment he was to have, upon the poor, timid creature.
61. A mile later they saw a sign and took an exit that led to a standard linear array of pit-stop facilities, including a gas station, and bathrooms, and an old-fashioned plain stone building in a federal style somewhat disfigured by bright neon signs for modern chain store coffee and food.
62. During this display of emotions so natural in their situation, Hawkeye, whose vigilant distrust had satisfied itself that the Hurons, who disfigured the heavenly scene, no longer possessed the power to interrupt its harmony, approached David, and liberated him from the bonds he had, until that moment, endured with the most exemplary patience.
63. Nekhludoff listened, and at the same time kept looking around him—at the low bedstead with its straw mattress, the window and the dirty, damp wall, and the piteous face and form of this unfortunate, disfigured peasant in his prison cloak and shoes, and he felt sadder and sadder, and would have liked not to believe what this good-natured fellow was saying.
64. A shock of orange hair, a pale face disfigured by a horrible scar, which, by its contraction, has turned up the outer edge of his upper lip, a bulldog chin, and a pair of very penetrating dark eyes, which present a singular contrast to the colour of his hair, all mark him out from amid the common crowd of mendicants and so, too, does his wit, for he is ever ready with a reply to any piece of chaff which may be thrown at him by the passers-by.
65. Not half an hour, nay, barely a minute ago, I saw myself lord of kings and emperors, with my stables filled with countless horses, and my trunks and bags with gay dresses unnumbered; and now I find myself ruined and laid low, destitute and a beggar, and above all without my ape, for, by my faith, my teeth will have to sweat for it before I have him caught; and all through the reckless fury of sir knight here, who, they say, protects the fatherless, and rights wrongs, and does other charitable deeds; but whose generous intentions have been found wanting in my case only, blessed and praised be the highest heavens! Verily, knight of the rueful figure he must be to have disfigured mine.
66. On the narrow Augesd Dam where for so many years the old miller had been accustomed to sit in his tasseled cap peacefully angling, while his grandson, with shirt sleeves rolled up, handled the floundering silvery fish in the watering can, on that dam over which for so many years Moravians in shaggy caps and blue jackets had peacefully driven their two-horse carts loaded with wheat and had returned dusty with flour whitening their carts—on that narrow dam amid the wagons and the cannon, under the horses’ hoofs and between the wagon wheels, men disfigured by fear of death now crowded together, crushing one another, dying, stepping over the dying and killing one another, only to move on a few steps and be killed themselves in the same way.
1. That fact literally disfigures his definition.
2. Therefore, the arbitrary separation of the metaphysical and ethical aspects of Christianity entirely disfigures the doctrine, and deprives it of every sort of meaning.

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