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Dispel dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. In an effort to dispel his.
  2. I could dispel it, I said.
  3. Page eleven will dispel the myth.
  4. She would dispel the darkness in him.
  5. Ghost writing to dispel the ghosts of the past.

  6. She shook her head as if to dispel the feeling.
  7. She was half inclined to dispel the charm on the.
  8. And when that time came, they could fight to dispel it.
  9. There was no harm in using her energy to dispel herself.
  10. But he could not fully dispel the nagging, sinking feeling.
  11. With Alex not wanting to dispel the impression that he was upset.
  12. Too many stories have sprung up from here that are hard to dispel.
  13. Argumentative It is better to dispel an argument than to pointlessly fuel.
  14. The registration plate was sufficient to dispel and doubt about the owner.
  15. Let this pure white fire dispel the shadows, and bring peace to this place.

  16. Dispel Of The Myth About Incomprehensibility Of A Human And His Soul.
  17. Lunch with a couple of Systems people didn't dispel Lester’s growing gloom.
  18. We shuffle into the candlelit room and dispel the chilly air with our breath.
  19. Nothing could dispel his grief over Laura’s death, but good news was something.
  20. Employment, even melancholy, may dispel melancholy, and her occupations were hopeful.
  21. Now that the deed was done, she realized this with a wave of homesickness hard to dispel.
  22. But it was not enough to dispel the worry, the confusion, the fear and the burgeoning anger.
  23. I rummage in my purse, pop an aspirin in my mouth, and crunch it to dispel headache residue.
  24. Soon he had forgotten my presence and was lost in a reverie that I no longer tried to dispel.
  25. They should then repent to God, asking Him to dispel the affliction from their beloved child.

  26. Unable to dispel his doubts for the moment, she simply bent down and kissed him on the forehead.
  27. This exercise is intended to help dispel the notion that we are our bodies because that belief, as.
  28. It had cast a gloom over him which he tried to dispel by arranging his cuffs and the bows of his tie.
  29. Graisco figured that by mentioning the name he could dispel some of the apprehension that was evident.
  30. Presence of mind keep you alert, focused on a relaxed state and action oriented and it helps dispel fear.
  31. I was sure that one of my loved ones was in some kind of trouble, and Grace did nothing to dispel that idea.
  32. The first vision of Rosamond would have been enough with most judges to dispel any prejudice excited by Mrs.
  33. Silhouettes of victims in an unfolding paper-doll stream momentarily dispel in the flame they have reignited.
  34. I stood still, trying to understand what had just happened, and failing to dispel the energy surging through me.
  35. The basic thing is therefore to dispel, by experiment and experience, the illusion of oneself as a separate ego.
  36. Loofah shook his head to dispel dark clouds of confusion, for he had no recollection whatsoever of the Weimaraner.
  37. But the lovely aromas in that enchanted air did at last seem to dispel, for a moment, the cankerous thing in his soul.
  38. At least one dispel ritual should be part of your arsenal, but master the basics first and worry about the rest later.
  39. Charlie resented the mildness of his adjustment, the way he sought to dispel the friction by treating Charlie as an adult.
  40. He recalled Lucy's explanation about how her water-chains worked; something about dispel magic and elemental neutralization.
  41. Let me start with some basic thoughts on trends, as I want to dispel some of the nonsense that has been written on the subject.
  42. We learn how to use the Light of the Soul to dispel all ancient negativity in those we are connected to, ALL OUR RELATIONSHIPS.
  43. So Jesus should have come on the third day not in flesh but in the Spirit of God to dispel all doubts that He was sent from God.
  44. We interrupt this endlessly scheduled stupidity to dispel pop-psych myth and emotional wrestling move #101: the Tough Luv Takedown.
  45. But for him who regulates his food and recreation, who is balanced in action, in sleep and waking, it shall dispel all unhappiness.
  46. Fighting isn’t the answer, we must communicate; only with communication can we dispel fear, its fear that causes the fighting.
  47. Perhaps, as he approached his death, he had a troubling sense that he’d be remembered as a fiend and wished to dispel that notion.
  48. The sight of the safe, the saucer of milk, and the loop of whipcord were enough to finally dispel any doubts which may have remained.
  49. She tried to dispel the thought by assuring herself with the fact he never spoke to her brothers, with the exception of Jake of course.
  50. But to dispel the confusion would be to betray her, and he couldn’t; her good hand now squeezed his biceps like a blood-pressure cuff.
  51. Her eyes were darting about, she continued to hug her husband but she had to act quickly to dispel any thoughts of long term convalescence.
  52. She tried to dispel the sounds as best she could and concentrate on being quiet and quick, the two seeming to be incongruous at the moment.
  53. He leaned forward slightly and turned on the crystal lamp next to the armchair to dispel the shadow that concealed part of his body and face.
  54. Surrounded by friends, I hadn’t anticipated the deep loneliness I was to feel nor the resentful heartache I used all my strength to dispel.
  55. The new regulations have done much to dispel the mist of secrecy that formerly shrouded the emoluments and stockholdings of corporate officials.
  56. There are four boxcars, Eva replied, unable to dispel the image of the soldiers pouring the water into the boxcar and the screams that she had heard.
  57. In the alternative, I started praying silently for a miraculous visitor or the return of my husband; the two things that could dispel the looming danger.
  58. What is there unbearable about it? Why, I used to be glad when they locked me up, said Nabatoff cheerfully, wishing to dispel the general depression.
  59. When the rain was not enough to dispel the insects, the rawest desperation found him tripping down the stairway to the lower level and tumbling into the waters below.
  60. Elm's face was before her closed eyes and she tried to dispel the image with thoughts of the Elanclose camp, of the clan moving about, taking care of their daily duties.
  61. He removes some raisins and dates from his small satchel and snacks on them, picks his teeth, and rinses his mouth with water to dispel the morning funk that grows in the night.
  62. If she brought it out to air it and dispel it by talking it over with him, all that happened was that he was hurt, and when he was hurt she instantly became perfectly miserable.
  63. But what else was there for any of them to do? At least Bigwig's preparations would keep the others busy and perhaps do something to dispel the silent fear that filled all the warren.
  64. Rude tended to have a very slow build when rage came, but it also meant that it took all that much longer for it to dispel, and in a contained space that temper would be very dangerous.
  65. He tried to dispel these thoughts, he tried to persuade himself that he was not living for this transient life, but for the life of eternity, and that there was peace and love in his heart.
  66. We believe this will dispel many doctrinal errors504 that have been held by some and allow us all to be more versed in the Holy Scriptures that are a light to our path505 in this earthly pilgrimage.
  67. They did everything in their power to make her feel welcome and comfortable, but while their friendly presence eased some of the tension she was experiencing, they were unable to dispel it completely.
  68. Franz read these last words in a voice so choked that they were hardly audible, and then stopped, passing his hand over his eyes as if to dispel a cloud; but after a moment's silence, he continued:—.
  69. Therefore, the harbors we should prepare are but to have recourse to Al'lah from now for this resorting will be of no use when the Hour becomes near at the door; where none but Al'lah can dispel its fright.
  70. If there is any doubt that the motivation was primarily religious orthodoxy, the following quote should dispel it: 2:64 wherefore, ye my sons, be valiant men on behalf of the law; for by it ye obtain glory.
  71. At this time, I feel the need to dispel the illusion of wisdom and stature which so easily overcomes us when we realize our potential in transcending that which in the past has always kept us deaf, dumb and blind.
  72. Brunet had been trying hard to dispel these allegations, but there was apparently a lot of bad blood between Jews and Catholics in Warsaw as well as in the rest of Poland, much of it dating back from quite a long time.
  73. And in order to dispel the suspicion even of involuntary tampering with the translation under the influence of theory, we will also for the benefit of English readers set forth the passages of Plato in the version of Dr.
  74. For the first time he pictured vividly to himself her personal life, her ideas, her desires, and the idea that she could and should have a separate life of her own seemed to him so alarming that he made haste to dispel it.
  75. It tumbled through the air almost in slow motion before her and with a single word to dispel the magical strength of the container; it smashed directly into the hound’s skull splattering the sizzling liquid in all directions.
  76. Such a ceremonious endorsement of a low dividend rate would probably and properly dispel the stock market’s scepticism on this point and permit the price to reflect the earnings that are accumulating as well as those which were paid out.
  77. Convinced about her man’s reading of the situation, Sandhya sought to analyze her mate’s mind-set, ‘It’s clear that Sathyam’s love is of no avail to her and he hasn’t got the vigor to dispel the euphoric clouds from her lovesick eyes.
  78. Although I had a great feeling of loyalty to the CFO who hired me, I realized that if I was going to work together with Roy in the outdoor division, I needed to dispel any trepidation or feeling of a lack of cooperation that Roy might have with me.
  79. Suppose I am taught," he went on musing, "to shoot; I press the trigger," he said to himself, closing his eyes, "and it turns out I have killed him," Alexey Alexandrovitch said to himself, and he shook his head as though to dispel such silly ideas.
  80. There was no lamp burning in the bedroom and the place would have been in utter darkness but for the red glow of the fire, which did not dispel the prevailing obscurity sufficiently to enable him to discern the different objects in the room distinctly.
  81. Suppose I am taught,’ he went on musing, ‘to shoot; I press the trigger,’ he said to himself, closing his eyes, ‘and it turns out I have killed him,’ Alexey Alexandrovitch said to himself, and he shook his head as though to dispel such silly ideas.
  82. Then he was attracted by a fine and intelligent girl and soon after married her, hoping that marriage would dispel his lonely depression, and that by entering on a new life and scrupulously doing his duty to his wife and children, he would escape from old memories altogether.
  83. And although his taxi had a very impressive array of icons, holy pictures, crucifixes and little religious plaques arranged around the windscreen, there was nothing to dispel my fear that at any moment we'd be sailing through the air, over the cliffs and down, down, down into the sea.
  84. Thus: because of the lack of their own human resources, their own boredom, which they can no longer dispel by the superficial use of tools since there are no tools in their realm… the only remaining distractions left to them are the open windows they have into the souls and lives of the still-living.
  85. The frequent recurrence of his wife's illness served to increase Owen's pessimism with regard to the future, and the fact that he was unable to procure for her the comforts she needed was not calculated to dispel the depression that filled his mind as he reflected that there was no hope of better times.
  86. It remains, then, for the Congress of the United States, at this very interesting crisis, to dispel that delusion by a firm adherence to this measure, and thus to disperse every gleam of hope which may have resulted from the circumstances of discontent which had appeared, and the evasions of the law which took place in the country.
  87. Clinging to the sides of the dreamlike waterways was the litter of our times, the motels, the hot-dog stands, the merchants of the cheap and mediocre and tawdry so loved by summer tourists, but these incrustations were closed and boarded against the winter and, even open, I doubt that they could dispel the enchantment of the Wisconsin Dells.
  88. We repeat again: Job called upon his Provider: ‘I was sorely afflicted’…: meaning ‘harmed’; that is, the distress and the grief that he suffered from, and the sadness and regret that he found for his people in his spirit led him to call upon God, asking Him to dispel this distress from him by guiding his people to the right path.
  89. So far this tale has dwelt on the sybaritic life of the pasha so to dispel any thoughts that one might have that he cared nothing for the less fortunate it is vital to mention that the surplus food from his sultanic dining table was dispersed daily among many poor families, in addition to certain salaries which he dispensed monthly to needy families.
  90. Later, when the marriage loomed very near, Miss Entwhistle, who found that she was more than ever in need of reassurance instead of being, as she had hoped to become, more reconciled, went again, in a kind of desperation this time, to the widow, seeking some word from her who was so wise that would restore her to tranquillity, that would dispel her absurd persistent doubts.
  91. You not only dispel illusion as to the source of immortality, but as to (1) the 'glory’ to which souls are supposed by Protestants to go on departure (so dispensing with, or undervaluing, the hope of resurrection at Christ's return from heaven); and (2) as to the condition of souls in Purgatory, where Romanists believe them to be chastised for the venial sins of a lifetime.
  92. He envied that gilded man; what happiness it would be, he said to himself, if he could put on that suit which was an incontestable thing; and if Cosette could behold him thus, she would be dazzled, and when he had Cosette on his arm and passed the gates of the Tuileries, the guard would present arms to him, and that would suffice for Cosette, and would dispel her idea of looking at young men.
  93. Not only was a general corruption of doctrine possible: it was certain, except under one condition—that the reverent study of the New Testament Scriptures should become the absorbing interest of the best intellect of every sacred society in Christendom, and that the churches should burn with a flaming zeal of adhesion to apostolic teaching and example, which would effectually dispel the danger from corrupted Judaism, from Greek and Oriental philosophy, and from popular paganism.
  94. Yet, sir, I will venture to predict, without feeling any anxiety for the fate of the prophecy, that should this bank be suffered to run down, such will be the state of things before this time twelve months, that there are other gentlemen, who at present have constitutional objections, but who have not thought so long and deeply upon them, who will, before that time, receive such a flood of intelligence, as on this head perfectly to dispel their doubts, and quiet their consciences.
  95. That is also what the noble verse reporting in the Cow Fortress indicated when the Almighty says: "Then, Adam received words from His Provider…" that is: words revealing to him his noble intention and elevated purpose so as to dispel shyness from his spirit and by that, he knew that Al'lah, the Almighty had not blamed him for his forgetting, nor had He considered his action externally, yet He looked at the reality and the intention folded in it, for verily, deeds are valuated according to the intentions.
  96. Moreover, those of the readers who reach out to people via mass media platforms, such as books (fiction or non-fiction), radio broadcasts, films, articles in newspapers, magazines or online portals, or the likes, can incorporate these contentions so as to dispel the prejudices enumerated in the book (it is necessary to specifically bring out the prejudiced notions and have them rebutted on the basis of facts and logic as has been done in this book; it is not sufficient to just have a Muslim character in a story who is a nice person from the point of view of changing mindsets of those strongly prejudiced against Muslims).
  97. There are happily many promising movements in Italy itself; but what are the measures of the Reformed Churches in the capital for reviving the decayed faith of this nation, driven at length into skepticism by its ancient superstitions? To reproduce, in the front of the Vatican, the absurd divisions of England, Germany, and America! Here, where, if anywhere, it was essential that the majesty of original Christianity should be set forth, like a new sunrise, to dispel the darkness of eternal death, are the old sects, come together to repeat the ancient mistakes, and to persevere in the general fixed agreement not to allow a word to be spoken which might tend to shake the theological interests which they represent.
  98. We came out of the tunnel and there before us was the whole Toltec nation, the hidden valley was exactly as Coatl had described it to me there was enough space in the valley bottom to accommodate four or five tribes and to see my people waiting for our entrance was a sight that almost brought tears to my eyes, we made our way down the valley towards the canopied dais that had been erected earlier, people bowed as we passed, at the dais the heap of captured weapons was very impressive, the captains from all the different settlements were waiting to report, I poured a drink for Coatl and myself we then sat to hear from the captains, Tulancingo’s report was very brief, twenty one enemy engaged, twenty one enemy killed, five Toltec slaves freed, no Toltec dead or wounded, he bowed and stepped back, the Tolteca went wild with joy, Jodas then stepped forward for Xocanti, sixteen enemy engaged, sixteen enemy dead, six Toltec slaves freed, no Toltec casualties, next came Santaros, nineteen enemy engaged, nineteen enemy dead, six Toltec slaves freed, no casualties, then Vincoso, nineteen enemy engaged, nineteen enemy dead, seven Toltec slaves freed, no casualties, finally our captain rose and gave our report, twenty one enemy engaged, twenty one enemy dead, nine Toltec slaves freed, no casualties, he then added that Coatl had himself dispatched the captain of the tax collectors in hand-to-hand combat, the applause was tumultuous, with people dancing and laughing, releasing all the tensions and stress that they had lived through recently, all their fears had been magically washed away by the numbers, ninety six enemy dead, thirty three Toltecs returned to the tribe, all without a single Toltec so much as stubbing his toe, it was more amazing than anyone had imagined or hoped for, today’s result would dispel any lingering doubt about Coatl’s god-head or the unusual way he waged war, with everyone in this holiday mood there was no point holding a planning meeting, so before we joined in the fun, Coatl paraded the freed slaves, there is no feeling more gratifying than to see the joy of a family who find a relative they thought lost forever, the people filed past, some with whoops of joy, others with a look of disappointment as they reached the end of the line, I heard one old man say to his wife.
  1. Praising Tara by her divine actions of dispelling diseases.
  2. Praising Tara by her divine actions of dispelling internal and.
  3. Praising Tara by her divine actions of dispelling conflicts and.
  4. Dispelling it by exploiting the structure of the spell is easier.
  5. I laughed at that, dispelling the tears that had begun to prick my eyes.
  6. In looking at these chapters of Zechariah it is necessary to start by dispelling a common.
  7. Dispelling the images and increasing his speed he strode on, keen to see what lay on the land below.
  8. One is to overcome the distortions and afflictions of your own mind, that is, in terms of calming and eventually dispelling anger.
  9. Peace confronts the sounds of war with the laughter of play – the lungs of nature dispelling the drone of technology entrancing.
  10. She told them in brief the story of what had happened dispelling the myths of the mountain demons and instead showed them the reality of the facts.
  11. Self-recrimination rose sharply within her at all that she had done, but Kuri spoke into her, dispelling the past with three words, All is forgiven.
  12. We spent one full chapter talking about exercise and dispelling some myths that are passed on about the dangers, uncertainties and the fears of exercise.
  13. After situating himself at the desk once again and dispelling the sense of déjà vu, he immediately began investigating Spalding’s whereabouts and movements of the previous week.
  14. She opened the three windows, bringing in the smell of oak leaves and earth, but the fresh air could do little toward dispelling the sickening odors which had accumulated for weeks in this close room.
  15. Yes, Borgia has been here, a torch in one hand, a sword in the other, and within twenty paces, at the foot of this rock, perhaps two guards kept watch on land and sea, while their master descended, as I am about to descend, dispelling the darkness before his awe-inspiring progress.
  16. I have adverted to this branch of the powers of the Federal Government as a means of dispelling the obscurity which has been thrown over the constitutional question, to which I shall soon come, by confounding the powers of Congress over the States, with their powers over the territories.
  17. Still, she felt her pulse, and finding it throb violently she remembered that the best method of dispelling such illusions was to drink, for a draught of the beverage prepared by the doctor to allay her fever seemed to cause a reaction of the brain, and for a short time she suffered less.
  18. Into this festal season of the year—as it already was, and continued to be during the greater part of two centuries—the Puritans compressed whatever mirth and public joy they deemed allowable to human infirmity; thereby so far dispelling the customary cloud, that, for the space of a single holiday, they appeared scarcely more grave than most other communities at a period of general affliction.
  1. Patrick had dispelled the snakes.
  2. These thoughts she quickly dispelled.
  3. One cloud is dispelled, another forms.
  4. But a second glance dispelled the hope.
  5. Closing her eyes she dispelled the thoughts.
  6. Harvard Health dispelled the myth about eggs.
  7. His guilt was soon dispelled when she continued.
  8. But Mammy’s first words dispelled this illusion.
  9. My mood was dispelled by the sound of Devina's voice.
  10. That dispelled some questions without spawning others.
  11. So I hope I have dispelled the "Mystery" of the number 666.
  12. However, that notion would be dispelled were one to pick it up.
  13. He is a man of attainment whose sins have been dispelled by his vis-.
  14. Then sooner than I would have wished, that beatific light was dispelled and.
  15. The panic, in that moment, was dispelled enough to return him again to his senses.
  16. Their glow dispelled some of the darkness in the room, but the shadows gathered and.
  17. The idea that we can sin and sin that grace should increase is fully dispelled as we.
  18. She dispelled the image of death and remembered his face, so kind and gentle, so loving.
  19. Arjun’s reply to this is that his illusion is dispelled and his discernment restored.
  20. In the days that followed, every doubt he might have had as to her identity was dispelled.
  21. His glimpse of them in action had dispelled any ilusion concerning their fighting ability.
  22. Chandler’s sincerity and warmth immediately dispelled my fear of being overwhelmed by attention.
  23. Dawn was an hour away but the full moon dispelled the predawn darkness with its preternatural glow.
  24. If they were the four I’d dispelled as phantoms, maybe they were reluctant to repeat that experience.
  25. Turning as from a fallen idol, she made other discoveries which rapidly dispelled her romantic illusions.
  26. Their view of her had originally been that of a savage but she believed that had been dispelled last night.
  27. He found Sue easy to talk to and his initial embarrassment at fronting his damsel in distress was soon dispelled.
  28. With the fears thus dispelled from her mind, Roopa went on devouring the lips that uttered those reassuring words.
  29. A glance at her profile however dispelled this illusion once and for ever, for never was profile of a profounder calm.
  30. Yet the quarrel had in no way dispelled the calm atmosphere of family and intellectual harmony which enveloped this circle of ladies.
  31. It was dispelled neither by the sun, nor by the moon, nor by the stars, but embraced the earth like a mother, and clothed it in a boundless black veil.
  32. He fell into easy prayer beside his father and the armed soldiers were forgotten as everything around him was dispelled and only the spirit world became real.
  33. After all the trouble he’s caused, he deserves to hear it! I doubt his stressed condition will have improved much when his ignorance has been dispelled!.
  34. I was quite a little startled myself, for it seemed for an instant as if the stranger had great eyes like burning flames, but a second look dispelled the illusion.
  35. With a roll of my eyes, I finally cast the spell and as words flooded into my mind, the Power I dispelled gave off a light blue glow that surrounded my entire body.
  36. We say let reason sit upon the throne of judgment, and let the verdict conform to the evidences, and all need of malignity and staggering acrimony will be dispelled.
  37. Then just when I thought we were going to give up because the Huns weren’t going to send out a wiring party was dispelled when we heard faint noises out to our front.
  38. She’d noticed lately, how differently her body behaved when he was around, the heat she would feel at the nearness of him, but she’d dispelled that as not being well.
  39. The lusts and treacheries of the gods are to be banished; the terrors of the world below are to be dispelled; the misbehaviour of the Homeric heroes is not to be a model for youth.
  40. I couldn’t tell whether they were the four hellhounds that I’d dispelled in the cemetery or four completely new hellhounds, arriving late but still wanting to take a turn at us.
  41. Remembering these tragedies, a cold dread ran in the veins of those whose motto was No surrender—a dread which the very sight of Melanie’s soft but unyielding face dispelled.
  42. His delusions were quickly dispelled when he realized that, once again, people are people, and no matter what part of the galaxy they came from there were always social games to be played.
  43. The nap and movie had helped to ease some of her tension, but it had not dispelled the gut-wrenching fear which rose up in her tummy as she sat down to hear what the men had so far learned.
  44. Secretary of Commerce Stella Parker appeared at a joint press conference to apologize publicly for what had happened, the last lingering doubts about the story’s credibility were dispelled.
  45. But there was nothing worse to contend with than Pipkin's disappointment at being left behind; and this was dispelled when Hazel assured him that the only reason was that he had already done his bit.
  46. If Helen had ever doubted the wisdom of teaching everyone unarmed combat techniques, the success of the flight crews with boarding and capturing wayward ships dispelled any concerns she might have had.
  47. At her flat Laura asked me up for a coffee and, as her flat-mate happened not to be there, we made love as passionately as usual and my own slight uneasiness about the time she spent with Telly was dispelled.
  48. We gazed so eagerly that Arthur rose, for he had been seated on the ground, and came and looked too, and then a glad strange light broke over his face and dispelled altogether the gloom of horror that lay upon it.
  49. He approached for a closer look spotting a glow that marked Anak’s passing and instantly his vision faded again, confirming that his magic had indeed been dispelled the first time and that he had found the location that he sought.
  50. If he did not come, the painful sensation became most intense; if, on the contrary, he appeared, his noble countenance, his brilliant eyes, his amiability, his polite attention even towards Madame Danglars, soon dispelled every impression of fear.
  51. Had he ever questioned the ability of this congregation to afford his services, his doubts were dispelled upon seeing this beautiful oasis in the middle of such a vast countryside; money here literally grew on tobacco plants as it had for generations.
  52. Jerry had mentioned that it smarted pretty badly the time I’d dispelled him; he likened the experience to getting snapped in the testicles with a rubber band, only a thousand times worse because the sharp pain was distributed throughout the entire spirit body.
  53. He shook himself and combed the dry leaves out of his hair with his fingers; and, his toilet complete, marched forth into the comfortable morning sun, cold but confident, hungry but hopeful, all nervous terrors of yesterday dispelled by rest and sleep and frank and heartening sunshine.
  54. Past life regressions bring a lot of subconscious flotsam and jetsam up to the conscious mind, which is necessary because everything originates in the conscious mind, and can only be controlled or dispelled by the conscious mind; but first the conscious mind has to be made aware of it.
  55. It was Madeleine! The shape of the child had made him hesitate for a moment, but now his doubts were dispelled, and their reunion brought to Ilky’s mind all the wonderful moments they had shared together for over four hundred years when they lived in the galaxy of Paradise as companions.
  56. The doctrines and beliefs written in your Bible and enforced by your Catholic Church, as well as those taught by the Muslim Koran and other religious books on present Earth, have all been contradicted and dispelled by what thousands of years of scientific research and fact-finding taught us.
  57. Amin prayed to Him to ask for His Help! It was only because the feeling of a heavy burden had begun to creep into his noble spirit as he thought of the new situation of his house in winter and joined it to his straitened circumstance, that the Almighty soon dispelled his worries by totally unexpected means.
  58. In the painting of sunlight the latter method is much the more effective, a look of great brilliancy and light being produced, whereas in the earlier method, the scale being commenced from the light end, so much of the picture was dark that the impression of light and air was lost and a dark gloomy land took its place, a gloom accentuated rather than dispelled by the streaks of lurid light where the sun struck.
  59. Leblanc? The father of "his Ursule"? What! Did Jondrette know him? Was Marius about to obtain in this abrupt and unexpected fashion all the information without which his life was so dark to him? Was he about to learn at last who it was that he loved, who that young girl was? Who her father was? Was the dense shadow which enwrapped them on the point of being dispelled? Was the veil about to be rent? Ah! Heavens!.
  60. Suppose someone were to go and ask his neighbours for fire and find a substantial blaze there, and just stay there continually warming himself: that is no different from someone who goes to someone else to get to some of his rationality, and fails to realize that he ought to ignite his own flame, his own intellect, but is happy to sit entranced by the lecture, and the words trigger only associative thinking and bring, as it were, only a flush to his cheeks and a glow to his limbs; but he has not dispelled or dispersed, in the warm light of philosophy, the internal dank gloom of his mind.
  1. It breeds confidence and dispels fears.
  2. Barely the fourth cover dispels the mystery.
  3. However, in verses 8 to 17, Paul dispels the idea that he is reluctant to visit the believers in.
  4. This truth does not indeed render it a less solemn thing to bring children into the world; but it represents the birth of children as opening an infinite possibility of life and salvation; it dispels the black cloud which overshadows marriage as if it were the means of peopling an eternal hell, and shows how Christ’s loving word thus turns the bitter water of despairing thought, at every wedding festival, into the wine of hope and gladness.
  5. He decided to make our Master Adam (cpth) His successor on earth before He got him out to this world, and before He brought his offspring out from his back, where he was in a spiritual state, then He made his getting out of that spiritual state to this bodily one be in a way by which He showed the Honour of this messenger and his great love to his Creator, besides, the Almighty gave, by the tale of this first man, lasting examples and lessons to his sons when He made him stand before his offspring as the first tutor, and He fulfilled His will in such way so as to acquaint people with the spirit's rules upon which entering into God's Presence is based and to let them know the way through which the spirit can return to the field of sacredness so that if their spirits become shy and draw off diffident, they shall be able to return if they revives their confidence and dispels shame off them.

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