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Distasteful dans une phrase (en anglais)

She worked a distasteful mouth.
This measure was distasteful to me.
This is again somewhat distasteful.
The suggestion was distasteful to Gatsby.
The idea was distasteful to the point of revulsion.
It was a distasteful task, but one that had to be.
To me the friendship seemed a most distasteful one.

This foul and distasteful tableau was unprecedented.
You once would have found all this highly distasteful.
I have a rather distasteful job for you, he said.
The smell of death was clear and as always, distasteful.
The doctor's talk was distasteful to the builder of railways.
Amory had found the nickname distasteful when it first reached him.
He was well aware that he had let the distasteful parrot get to him.
The other clasped his daughter in a way that David found distasteful.
I could tell he was about to ask us to do something distasteful to him.
They just blocked out distasteful moments and setbacks and continued on.
I had thought this task was going to be onerous and distasteful but that.
As he surveyed them, one distasteful clown at a time, he realised with a.
He was pretty insistent about it, no matter how distasteful the contents.
Later on, as she got older, dress became more and more distasteful to her.
As distasteful as it might be, Ronald Reagan knows he must talk to the media.
Kitty felt how distasteful her father's warmth was to Levin after what had happened.
Kitty felt how distasteful her father’s warmth was to Levin after what had happened.
It is distasteful, but many mortals will fight for any cause as long as they are paid.
I had grown heavy and our constant social activity had become distasteful and a burden for me.
It was distasteful, very distasteful to be in a crowd, but he walked just where he saw most people.
She was from a rich, English upper-class family and my Greek origins were rather distasteful to them.
As distasteful as he had found his younger brother’s leanings, he was family and needed protecting.
James read through the transcript and, distasteful though he clearly found it, signed without argument.
To Mihailov at that moment, excited by visitors, it was extremely distasteful to speak of money matters.
At the same time, if my love was distasteful to her, why had she not FORBIDDEN me to speak of it to her?
It was nothing serious but she found the thought of watching her friend kissing a boy somewhat distasteful.
Though the ern did have ranged weapons, the creatures found their use distasteful, and shied away from them.
Oded clears his throat and says: ‘There’s really no end to the distasteful and horrible practices of that guy.
Mere yellow skeleton that he was now, he felt the contrast between them, and thought his appearance distasteful to her.
Anna Arkadyevna read and understood, but it was distasteful to her to read, that is, to follow the reflection of other.
I am conscious that I have advanced opinions which are distasteful to some minds, and startling because of their novelty.
Asked to describe his years with the Park organization, Fink, 52, said, I found it to be a very distasteful experience.
Their vocabulary was very limited and their language was an ugly-sounding guttural grunting that Manfred found distasteful.

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