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Distinguish dans une phrase (en anglais)

Soon I could distinguish them.
I could easily distinguish them.
To help distinguish between the.
He began to distinguish something.
He could distinguish himself today.
Distinguish all those floods that are.
There is no need to distinguish details.

It was too dark to distinguish anything.
It can be useful to distinguish secular (e.
The Meta Model was created to distinguish.
And could of men distinguish, her election.
Learn to distinguish the immovable in the.
The only difference that can distinguish a.
Non Value Added distinguish between the steps in.
From where I stood, I couldn’t distinguish any.
I could easily distinguish objects 100 meters away.
As he came closer, Hazel could distinguish the word.
The police officers were easy to distinguish in 124.
It was large and there was nothing to distinguish it.
They could begin to distinguish words in the distance.
His hearing was so sharp, that he could distinguish.
He had to distinguish between the astral bodies of a.
Gradually each of the characteristics that distinguish.
No one who had no suspicion could distinguish anything.
It is how we distinguish between the weak and powerful.
He thought he could distinguish a figure standing there.
But there are signs that can distinguish between the two.
In the Finnish war he also managed to distinguish himself.
He could always distinguish her walk from all others, even.
We must distinguish here between the two lines of argument.
The candle went out; I could no longer distinguish her face.
I know every one of us will distinguish ourselves with honor.
Although he does distinguish it but he does not succumb to it.
Juvenal Urbino wrote with a small g to distinguish them from his.
He could barely distinguish the formidable Ayurvati next to his.
The only way you can distinguish your software product from that.
It is helpful to distinguish between the types of risks faced by.
In the physical world, you can distinguish a business because of.
It was hard for Carlos to distinguish who was asking him questions.
I couldn’t even distinguish the faces to aim for a specific one.
But her most distinguishing feature.
The distinguishing feature here is that.
Think of these as distinguishing characteristics.
A glow prevented me from clearly distinguishing his.
I’m sure it would be a very distinguishing feature.
Distinguishing between the signs of the universe means.
The distinguishing mark of these coins, according to Mr.
The section on distinguishing features' was underlined in.
Each version of the License is given a distinguishing version.
This study of values is a distinguishing feature of modern art.
The old arte mayor verse has these distinguishing characteristics:.
Distinguishing lies from the truth was tough with so much misdirection.
Their pale skin was a distinguishing characteristic of their population.
We were barely capable of distinguishing the control buttons on top of it.
It is this distinguishing impulse of human consciousness that provides the moral.
But the most distinguishing differences between visions and hallucinations are the.
The silicious carbonate of lime may be worth distinguishing from the common limestone.
She had short gray hair and her face was plain, without a single distinguishing feature.
One of the main problems in technical analysis is distinguishing exhaustion from strength.
In many cases, pullbacks will have lighter volume, but this is not the distinguishing feature.
The truth under inductive (sucking) logic should be the major step distinguishing good from bad.
God will not leave the believers as you are, without distinguishing the wicked from the sincere.
Either that or the illness causes a block in distinguishing between healthy good moods and mania.
An Anti is, in fact, basically a pullback—the distinguishing feature is its location in the trend.
A distinguishing feature of PERT is its ability to deal with uncertainty in activity completion times.
I had always been good at distinguishing smells, but this had grown more acute after my sight had gone.
His grand distinguishing feature, the fin, from which he derives his name, is often a conspicuous object.
This play, this lost-and-foundness at his edges is one of the great distinguishing charms of Corot's trees.
How shall we identify a vital thought? What are its distinguishing characteristics? It must have principle.
The unreflective opinions of the ―common man‖ remain the distinguishing features of our (great) republic.
Distinguishing TCP connections from the other types of connections commonly used in data networking is important.
The world seemed much safer than the night that Monica was still having difficulty distinguishing from her dreams.
That was the reason for al his distinguishing features; a Greek lady contributed to half of his genetic structure.
The mathematics of the past: distinguishing its history from our heritage, Historia Mathematica, 31, 2004, p.
This man was one of those people with no distinguishing features who somehow still managed to always look menacing.
Always remember that dogs can have a hard time in distinguishing two commands, especially if they are conflicting.
Pumblechook that I wished to have my new clothes sent to his house, and he was ecstatic on my so distinguishing him.
The distinguishing feature of the annual report, however, is that it invariably presents the balance-sheet position.
He began picking through the throng of disfigured amputees, searching for the man's only truly distinguishing feature.
The fact that Zoroastro was distinguishing me with the honor of his presence was nothing I was grateful with in any way.
He was distinguished with God.
Nothing was to be distinguished.
Prince (in a distinguished manner).
My Lebyadkin distinguished himself too.
With the most distinguished consideration.
Precipices are to be distinguished there.
This group of distinguished individuals.
The distinguished man’s English was accented.
Or those that distinguished themselves in war.
Man became distinguished by His emotional mind.
They call this the DSC, Sam, the Distinguished.
On the floor, I distinguished again faint traces.
The Italian Guards have distinguished themselves.
This time the distinguished Historian just shrugged.
He distinguished the ringing voice of the young man.
He was also invited to be present as a distinguished.
Sloan has since become a distinguished professor at U.
A tall distinguished looking woman walked toward Greg.
It is a distinguished looking trophy, one of the best.
What distinguished Homer was the way he told the story.
Coast Guard cannot do the distinguished service justice.
Peruvians who had distinguished themselves by theirverses.
Three times he’d been awarded that distinguished honor.
He was a distinguished officer in the Revolutionary Army.
For seldom does a life have its moments so distinguished.
But you all do sound very distinguished in your backgrounds.
Although I have never saw this distinguished banquet with.
His whole stock, therefore, is distinguished into two parts.
He wanted to paint the gray specks, the distinguished green.
Therapsids distinguished for their differentiated teeth and.
A lady so distinguished could suffer only from consumption.
They could be distinguished by normal hair and even mustaches.
I am with the distinguished consideration which is due to the.
They distinguished between the man Jesus and the divine Christ.
Sainath, the distinguished journalist, made a memorable remark.
He told a long time about a distinguished lady with black hair.
This man looked quite distinguished, exuding an air of authority.
There Professor Singer has been awarded the distinguished Ira W.
The distinguished old man then approached Eden and bowed to him.
Even the four fingers and opposable thumb could be distinguished.
One distinguishes questions and replies.
That is what distinguishes us from foreign lands.
I know nobody who distinguishes characters better.
We will see how Taras distinguishes himself today.
We will see how Tarás distinguishes himself today.
What distinguishes entrepreneurial cultures is that they chase.
When a small boy distinguishes himself in an event his parents.
Within the informative-cognitive paradigm one distinguishes be-.
What distinguishes this section from atrocities in wartime is intent.
It is this "something" that distinguishes that "man" from other men.
What distinguishes me from Johnson is that I have the will in spades.
And, it is the subtype program, the Soul that distinguishes one.
Yangsi Rinpoche distinguishes between karmic imprints and karmic seeds.
Still, what potentially distinguishes art is the characteristics of the.
The most of them lack that expression of conscious life which distinguishes.
Look for la difference – what distinguishes otherwise similar instances.
Logic is the science of good reasoning, it distinguishes bad from good reasoning.
The only thing that distinguishes one hallway from another, here, is their length.
The activity most intimately linked to the consciousness that distinguishes human.
Your individuality is that sense of uniqueness which distinguishes you from another.
There’s something fresh, original, unPetersburg-like about her that distinguishes her.
There’s something fresh, original, un-Petersburg-like about her that distinguishes her.
See what distinguishes humans, is humans by their words, can release a spirit content into the world.
But it is, after all, the humour of "Don Quixote" that distinguishes it from all other books of the romance kind.
Heart in this verse means the heart of the spirit by which it minds and distinguishes between good and evil.
There is another characteristic of the Scripture doctrine on Satanic action, which distinguishes it froth pagan mythologies.
It is man’s inclination to ask and to answer the question why that distinguishes him from animals lower in the food chain.
Rather, she was of that peculiarly careless, absent-minded, gratuitously distant bearing which commonly distinguishes unmarried beauties.
The grand circumstance which distinguishes the limestone of this division from that already described, is this, ITS STRATA ARE HORIZONTAL.
In all human action not that which is common to man and the animals is the characteristic element, but that which distinguishes him from them.
It will be noticed that in these instances it is chiefly the insistence upon outline that distinguishes these artists from their contemporaries.
In most cases, it is an element of the operating system that distinguishes between requests for files on the local drive and those on the network.
The real trick that distinguishes this from other CC cookies I’ve eaten is that the batter is placed in the frig for 12 hours before going in the oven.
The scientific method is central to the explosion of inquiry and creativity that distinguishes Western civilization from societies that lack that approach.
These red rocks occupy a large part of Lancashire and Cheshire, and especially in the latter county give the characteristic scenery which distinguishes it.
Lee distinguishes between demand-driven inflation (negative aggregate shocks to demand in the 1930s and 2008) and supply or scarcity-driven inflation (the 1970s and 1980s).
It is his ability to translate observation and knowledge into profitable investment actions that distinguishes the contrarian trader from the run-of-the-mill devil’s advocate or naysayer.
I use that phrase advisedly, because it seems appropriate to young people bereft of the discipline that might make them employable, of the conscience that distinguishes between right and wrong.
But just then a long-haired man in a special attire, which distinguishes him from all other men, drives up and, getting down from the carriage, walks up to the house of the County Council Office.
In the lower stages of civilization imagination more than reason distinguishes man from the animals; and to banish art would be to banish thought, to banish language, to banish the expression of all truth.

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