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Disturbed dans une phrase (en anglais)

Disturbed by the.
That disturbed him.
It disturbed Matilda.
She was disturbed to.
He was disturbed, his.
‘Sorry I disturbed you.
Her coming disturbed me.

Its absence disturbed me.
Plus, Cordus disturbed me.
debates disturbed his mind.
She must not be disturbed.
these days, very disturbed.
incident had disturbed her.
disturbed at the thought,.
M ary was greatly disturbed.
His judgment was disturbed.
Won't be disturbed in here.
mentally disturbed, in a way.
The calm had been disturbed.
Now you’ve disturbed Ms.
just that I was so disturbed.
I'm sorry if I disturbed you.
No sound disturbed the quiet.
Only Tsotha was not disturbed.
Disturbed from its afternoon.
Not a sound disturbed the room.
A voice disturbed his thoughts.
‘We shall be disturbed here.
It was disturbing.
This is disturbing.
That was disturbing.
Even more disturbing.
It was very disturbing.
It would be disturbing.
disturbing as they were.
That was… disturbing.
the most disturbing fact.
It was almost disturbing.
It was utterly disturbing.
What a disturbing thought.
It was a little disturbing.
disturbing others on the bus.
It was a disturbing thought.
That is pretty disturbing.
Was he afraid of disturbing.
lines without disturbing its.
The whole thing was disturbing.
And the most disturbing part.
They were in disturbing doubt.
He noticed disturbing patterns.
His report was disturbing news.
I have some disturbing news .
that could be disturbing someone.
and stamped at my disturbing him.
What you have said is disturbing.
it disturbs the pain.
That isn’t what disturbs me.
Who disturbs me? I asked.
that music disturbs the neighbours.
The one who disturbs the quiet of his.
A presence that disturbs me with the joy.
disturbs me a lot is that they slam the doors.
In fact, that’s what disturbs me the most.
For a moment, neither of us disturbs the silence.
disturbs the auguries of hope, but also cuts the.
feeling disturbs us we should stop and count up to ten.
Here nothing disturbs them; they have a chance to take.
Nothing disturbs the greenwood more than human presence.
has been put to rest and disturbs no longer the inner space.
Overfishing disturbs the natural relationship between predator.
An unfortunate event occurs that disturbs our hunting preparations.
Prayer should not be performed in a manner that it disturbs others.
of their importance, heading your list with that which disturbs you most.
I ask that if the truth of what you hear today disturbs your mind and heart,.
The only thing that disturbs my sleep in this house is that creature of yours.
I understand the thought process behind the question, but it always disturbs me.
More likely it disturbs their socially constructed view of themselves as fierce.
Now, I don't have all the answers, but I think I can clear up part of what disturbs.
Renal failure in women too disturbs the sexual functioning and the desire to have sex.
‘The idea of a priest commanding that sort of power and being left loose in the city disturbs me.
For example, you say: The door has been knocked because knocking it shakes spirit and disturbs it.
They appear legitimate and believable, but there is something that disturbs my soul and steals my peace as I read them.
Do Not Disturb.
It may disturb you.
Pity to disturb them.
She dared not disturb.
She hated to disturb Dr.
No, don’t disturb her.
I promise I won’t disturb.
Truman hated to disturb them.
Sorry to disturb you, Mrs.
I didn’t mean to disturb you.
Sorry to disturb, but the.
I hate to disturb you, Liz, but.
He did not disturb her thoughts.
Never let the future disturb you.
seemed not to disturb his thoughts.
The only thing is not to disturb him.
We didn't want to disturb Diane D.
#estorbar#, to be in the way, disturb.
disturb the sediment, cloud the water.
They might disturb the other residents.
I hope they didn't disturb you too much.
Did I disturb you? he asked calmly.
She put the DO NOT DISTURB sign in place.
I never came back to disturb her prayers.
"Don't disturb yourself, Julie," said he.
Sue said, I don’t want to disturb.
Okay, sorry, hope I didn’t disturb you.
Someone dared to disturb his solitude once.

Synonymes pour disturbed

disturbed disquieted distressed upset worried maladjusted crazy demented mad sick unbalanced unhinged