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Ditch dans une phrase (en anglais)

in the ditch.
ditch up a hill.
Ditch the tricks.
In the ditch be-.
This is my ditch.
my car out the ditch.
car go into the ditch.

We have to ditch it.
falling into the ditch.
ditch to seek your help.
The Cat sat in the ditch.
may have to ditch the car.
and ditch all my problems.
We have to ditch this car.
They threw him in the ditch.
It was a last ditch effort.
And that is to ditch your TV.
and would fall into the ditch.
That drives it into the ditch.
throw the buggy into the ditch.
of the field and another ditch.
on the ditch bank was slippery.
His sister gazes into the ditch.
guardrail and down into a ditch.
and we can ditch these two coats.
ditch the biggest rocks as he ran.
"John, ditch, ditch the others!".
Ace, ditch the stuff, man!.
ditching into water 56.
Ditching class got me a date with the janitor.
Ditching his pistol, he moved past the rope and struck out.
ditched his gloves, both men ditching their damp goatees at the.
Next up, he continued, We’re ditching all life support.
If this gets out, guys’ll be ditching their cells by the hundreds.
It’s important to say that we are not ditching cap spreads totally.
The very first thing they’ll do after ditching him is call the cops.
Sabina knew he was ditching the subject, but at least he was talking.
They discussed ditching near Howland, but that raised the issue of sharks.
It was drained by ditching and the re-routing of creeks in a previous century.
You want me to have all my future lovers hand over test results prior to ditching the condoms.
The training films surely deepened his doubts; in every film, the ditching B-24 broke apart.
Most of the time, stricken Pacific bombers came down on water, either by ditching or by crashing.
Ditching the spear to draw his sword as he passed, the rider aimed a desperate cross-body cut at Rob.
Crewmen who crashed were very unlikely to survive, but ditching offered better odds, depending on the bomber.
I don’t want her to suddenly decide she’s not happy with us riding her and ditching us through the clouds.
Tatiana, who was just coming out of the food line, saw him and followed, ditching her food into the same recycler.
Police said he drowned behind the wheel of his rock truck, after seemingly ditching it purposefully in the river.
Sims could tell her how far the red helicopter could have flown and whether ditching near a vessel was survivable.
Their sturdy bomb bay doors sat flush to the fuselage and tended to hold in a ditching, enabling the plane to float.
Well, I can tell you that ditching your daughters for two scumbags is definitely not how to handle it, Kendall says.
You will need to prepare for ditching within the next hour; hopefully, we will see the US1 by then or a ship to ditch near.
By the time his headlights cut through the blinding whiteout in front of her, ditching the car was all she had a chance to do.
‘Modi as an OBC leader who could lead the nation, upper-caste anger against Nitish for ditching the BJP, and the promise of fast growth and jobs.
The military was dedicated to finding crash and ditching survivors, but in the sprawling Pacific theater, the odds of rescue were extremely daunting.
They are off on their own or with a new, younger model ditching the old one and all the baggage that comes with an unhappy life without giving anyone a forwarding address.
ditching the stolen car in the most conspicuous spot, both men had circled the building like two Indian braves, and now were slumped up against the neighboring building, awaiting their chance.
Talise and Shea were mad at me for ditching them for you guys and they said the only way for me to show them that I was still their friend, was for me to go out with Cam and they wanted a picture for proof.
He said he had ditched his ID.
‘I ditched it when he went.
You shouldn't have ditched us.
Those meatheads already ditched.
ditched the pastures for the plains.
Max ditched the white Mercedes in town.
He ditched her though and married money.
The bloody CTS ditched by a fire hydrant.
He ditched the travel bag on the ground.
out his savings, and ditched the shiny limo.
After the General ditched her mud boots and.
She ditched him and kept Colorado, she liked.
He couldn't believe she had ditched him like that.
Carla ditched the 4x4 and climbed aboard the lorry.
Thank goodness I ditched them, but at a heavy price.
every few turns, the three would have been ditched.
They could care less about a ditched Cadillac or a.
She ditched the wine and drank water with her dinner.
I wouldn’t want to be ditched in the middle of.
One of my best friends, Emma, has ditched Amanda and I.
I felt like I did as a kid when the cool kids ditched me.
Is it any wonder? My mother, whoever she was, ditched me.
The plane ditched into the sea but the fuselage gave way.
Shorty ditched his sawed-off, and bolted through the door,.
When I got to the beach, I ditched my shoes on the landing.
Tony ditched his first escape plan, and bolted out the rear.
Allen quickly ditched his towel and began to play with a toy.
ditched his gloves, both men ditching their damp goatees at the.
He’d ditched the smoke-smelling coveralls in a trashcan outside.
ditches of the Champs-de-Mars.
I'll clean the bloody ditches out.
the ditches that they dug and cleared.
ditches and on the six o’clock news.
should check the river banks and ditches.
Fish underwater ledges, ditches or troughs.
They grow in ditches and along the rivers.
again digging ditches and pruning the hedgerows.
The irrigation ditches were stained with blood.
That’s why she ditches them after a few weeks.
It also goes over all ditches and bumps smoothly.
The drainage ditches were also deathtraps for tanks.
Delaney had to dig out these ditches that usually went.
behind trees, in the ditches, anywhere that might offer.
They rustle in the ditches, they tug and hang on the hedge.
That's why the ditches were broken and the plain untouched.
Behind the curtain wall and bastions lay a series of ditches,.
I’ve seen plenty of cars pushed out of ditches in Minnesota by.
ditches were nearly dry, and the task of digging out the accumulated.
ditches, the three companions were sitting in the farm kitchen where.
third he was standing by long ditches of water frozen fast, and over.
ally saying, let me introduce you to my different ditches that i have.
Princes are not made for sleeping in ditches and eating hard salt beef.
ple that lined the outskirts, using central irrigation ditches for crops.
"That may hold good of those that are born in the ditches," said Sancho,.
Mike had driven Will’s old ‘86 Honda hatchback into ditches numerous times.
her supply always came, for she dug her ditches and gave thanks without wavering.
After the rains there is plenty of water in the ditches, but it is not wholesome.
Along the highway he saw the dancing beams of the flashlights, searching the ditches.

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ditch chuck dump trench