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Division dans une phrase (en anglais)

  2. States, a division in, S.
  3. He took a division with him.
  4. This was a Division C school.
  5. Division of Sage Life Limited.

  6. Houser (late 41st Division, R.
  7. Eastern division of the council.
  8. Division of sales as between:.
  9. Division of the Indiana Territory.
  11. Division of Banks and Real Estate.
  12. The company was a division of Sohu.
  13. Louis would not bail the division out.
  14. I started in the real estate division.
  15. The Finance Division would in future.

  16. Abraham's bosom is not a division of.
  17. Is camped a German armour division.
  18. We have a division and an addition.
  19. The fourth division was called Shudra- s.
  20. Macon were agreed to without a division.
  21. Now he runs the options division of SMBU.
  22. As the division on Earth grew greater for.
  23. A division scale 10 is provided next to 11.
  24. Eppes asked for a division of the question.
  25. He also handled the Incorporating Division.

  26. Most of the division was completely useless.
  27. But the division of labor is more profitable.
  28. The amendment was adopted without a division.
  29. Two officers of his own division joined him.
  30. Gardenier, and negatived without a division.
  31. Nothing radical or Fringe Division about him.
  32. Division, whose leg was unfortunately broken.
  33. The main role of the SOLDIER Division is to.
  35. Definitely there's a VC Division in the area.
  36. The postmark is London—eastern division.
  37. War and division and an unpredictable God vs.
  38. The division of the Union is not a new subject.
  39. Gholson called for a division of the question.
  40. Division of the finances of the center in 1882.
  41. T here is a general division between misfires.
  42. Lots involve with multiplication and division.
  43. Yura Division marched east the previous summer.
  44. The whole cavalry division moved forward rapidly.
  45. There is no division between the in and the out.
  46. Zechariah is a priest in the division of Abiyah.
  47. But is a similar division possible in our day?
  48. This division largely stems from the 1260 days.
  49. The dominant division of labour was as follows:.
  50. A division of the Tibetan army on parade in 1938.
  51. The first great division was about to take place.
  52. Abraham's bosom is not a division of hades, not.
  53. Amazonia Division of the Indian Protective Service.
  54. My Father always said that defeat likes division.
  55. They wanted me to head their Philadelphia division.
  56. If division (D)(2)(g) of this section applies 30.
  57. To have a robbery in that division was unheard of.
  58. A farther division of the question was moved by Mr.
  59. Clay's proviso, were agreed to without a division.
  60. Moore called for a division of the question on Mr.
  61. There was a bit of a division between initiates.
  62. Accounting Division as the 'Black Hole of Calcutta'.
  63. The International Training Division (ITD) of the U.
  64. The division excited neither protest nor annoyance.
  65. Starting with division by 2 requires that the coun-.
  66. Sawyer's amendment was negatived without a division.
  67. Sometimes there is a division between the two Houses.
  68. The LSSAH division was ready for the War in the west.
  69. All a fraction is; is an unfinished division problem.
  70. He had never thought of a legal division of the estate.
  71. A division of being with people and being without them.
  72. New York: Vintage Books, division of Random House, 2008.
  73. The FBI has a whole division dedicated to occult crimes.
  74. There can tend to be a division between the prophets and.
  75. We had a clear division of labor, the outside being mine.
  76. David was? So there arose a division in the multitude.
  77. HBJ had elected to take a hit in the publishing division.
  78. Where is comfort? in division of the records of the mind?
  79. They would have to come up with a fair division of labour.
  80. That completes that side or division of the house, which.
  81. General Sumner took his place at the head of the division.
  82. A senior partner, one of six in their black lung division.
  83. The EG&G division is one of the top contractors with the U.
  84. In 1938 he was given command of the 18th Infantry Division.
  85. The dorsolateral division sends input to both the ventro-.
  86. Jones (late 54th Division), 37 Whittaker Road, East Ham, E.
  87. The Blue Circle News was the 61st Division weekly newspaper.
  88. The 10th Division was a quick-response infantry-intensive.
  89. Battalion of the 77th Division in the Battle of the Argonne.
  90. What division are you? shouted an adjutant, riding up.
  91. Sometimes this division is even within the eldership itself.
  92. At this point there is a major division in Premillennialism.
  93. The armoured plating of their pallid blue Security Division.
  94. At this point there is a sharp division among Millennialists.
  95. I was very upset and lamented for the division of our family.
  96. I had contact with him on the radio net from the Division CP.
  97. There are several different ways to program the division in R.
  98. This indicates the division in your energies mentioned above.
  99. Wits played in the NFL Second Division and the Reserve side.
  100. When KC and Jeff reached operations, the division commander.

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