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Docile dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Ultimately, the docile head won.
  2. They appeared to be very docile.
  3. For the most part it seemed docile.
  4. He was quiet, gentle, and had a docile.
  5. Typical Stockholder Apathetic and Docile.
  6. It was being pulled by two docile animals.
  7. Her tone had changed from docile to angry.
  8. The docile towns surrendered, and the mob.
  9. She was docile and well-behaved, but would.
  10. She found the horse docile, responsive, and.
  11. She was a little old lady, fragile and docile.
  12. Until recently they were docile and subservient.
  13. With him they will be gentle and docile as lambs.
  14. They seemed so much more docile in his youth….
  15. A content Whippet is docile, loving, and affectionate.
  16. Despite their name, they were kind and docile creatures.
  17. The mothers were docile and willing to share their babies.
  18. Crazed by thirst, normally docile creatures may attack you.
  19. If her nature is good, she's sure to be docile and respectful.
  20. Normally they were a docile breed who accepted their lot in life but.
  21. Mamma had a little filial lecture afterwards, and was docile as usual.
  22. The Fairies had defeated the worker Bees, docile and normally cordial.
  23. What is it lovebirds, too early to sing? she said in her docile.
  24. Do you think I should wait out there? she asked in a docile whisper.
  25. Freeman claimed the procedure would produce a more docile, less moody Rosemary.
  26. The Miles were stunned by the speech of their once obedient and docile daughter.
  27. Afterwards she seemed almost docile, snuggling up to him and sleeping for a time.
  28. It’s odd how some are pretty docile while others are so violent, Paige said.
  29. It was soft and fluffy, its fur blew in the wind, and the creature was very docile.
  30. As I've already said, they are all docile and friendly, and can be stroked without worry.
  31. When we think of meek, we think of mild, deferring, quiet, lowly, placid, soft, and docile.
  32. Went and Bo played the docile and wimpy councilmen who would agree to anything Hurd wanted.
  33. Isn’t that what Dayna had told him so many times? The need for us to be docile? In their.
  34. Temperament / Behavior : For triggers, these could be considered one of the more docile but.
  35. The problem was that the mares were completely docile and would be no match for Ares’ steeds.
  36. The day would come when these sensual desires will become very docile and obedient before you.
  37. Why do the great majority in every country remain the docile and apparently willing tools of the few?
  38. Once these eagles were blinded this way, they would become docile and be ready for the vet’s activity.
  39. Used to transporting drunks and minor crims they used the same tactics on Mark who appeared to be docile.
  40. If the market perpetually overprices earnings moves, one can reasonably expect more docile future bid-ups.
  41. No powerful, privileged group wants an informed public; they want a docile, unquestioning, malleable public.
  42. Rachel couldn't help letting out a giggle at the site of her abusers in such a docile and embarrassing pose.
  43. They went like docile sheep into the stinking factories to die and they worked themselves to death like sheep.
  44. That's just stupid me shouting my mouth off, but who would have thought Kanako would become a docile housewife.
  45. They were large, but docile; in their mouths the mother and father had their cubs, carrying them along the golden desert.
  46. They were given anything they wanted, or whatever the nobility could procure for them to stupefy them and keep them docile.
  47. It is a notorious fact, however, that the typical American stockholder is the most docile and apathetic animal in captivity.
  48. Anyway, as far as he was concerned, Canadians were sort of a docile lot so there was no need to worry about thieves and the like.
  49. And that was all Taj needed—for the army to remain docile until he could do away with President Chutani and consolidate his leadership.
  50. She is, however, docile because of her deep love for her husband, under the latter’s attempts to interest her in the faith which he holds dear.
  51. From what I’ve been told, this newly discovered species, who call themselves umers, is much more docile and herd-like than even the hoomans.
  52. Berthier, as is well known, was incapable of initiative: He merely served as an echo of Napoleon’s wishes; but he was very docile and industrious.
  53. Ruminating as they chewed their cud and nursed the young, who were covered with a blanket of long, soft-looking pink fur, they seemed docile enough.
  54. The program to be announced at next week’s state dinner was yet another example of the bribes that the Americans believed would keep Pakistan docile.
  55. Armed security guards fired shots into the air to frighten the animals and not only did Phoebe’s entourage become more docile, they put their hands up.
  56. The pattern is that of docile animals seeking each day their daily bread from the hands of the State, grateful for their subsistence, afraid to speak out.
  57. By these methods they are reduced to that hypnotic condition when they cease to be men and become imbecile and docile machines in the hands of the hypnotizer.
  58. He jabbed a finger toward one side of the chamber, where an uncharacteristically docile Viirin stood attentively turning a long spit over the glowing fire pit.
  59. As he pulled the cinch tight, Ravan glanced over his shoulder at the animal’s strange and suddenly docile behavior, but by now, nothing surprised him about Nicolette.
  60. Jane, you are docile, diligent, disinterested, faithful, constant, and courageous; very gentle, and very heroic: cease to mistrust yourself—I can trust you unreservedly.
  61. It was with a matter of pride, and some trepidation, that she confessed this to Marilee at the next function, but to her surprise, Marilee accepted her docile role in their lives.
  62. Finding the child more docile and amiable than her sister, the old lady felt it her duty to try and counteract, as far as possible, the bad effects of home freedom and indulgence.
  63. There were, of course, some quiet and respectful officers with their wives, some of the most docile fathers of families, like that secretary, for instance, the father of his seven daughters.
  64. The docile board ratified quickly Park’s agenda, except in real estate and facility management, where some members had definite ideas of their own and plenty of expertise, Johnnie said.
  65. As she grew up, a sound English education corrected in a great measure her French defects; and when she left school, I found in her a pleasing and obliging companion: docile, good-tempered, and well-principled.
  66. She took a few deep breaths, found her core, kept her body in alignment, head, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles, from which she slowly slid, softly feeling the ice beneath her like she was stroking a docile animal.
  67. V began to see I couldnt really do too much and as long as he gave me enough cash to continue living with him and my girl in Canberra rent a house in Wollongong and have some spending money I would be basically docile.
  68. Given all the signs that a massacre had been imminent, it seems likely that the commanders had been awaiting instruction on whether or not to carry it out, and had wanted to keep the men docile in case the answer was affirmative.
  69. That moment marked the beginning of a new existence for the poor thoats, and before I left the community of Lorquas Ptomel I had the satisfaction of observing a regiment of as tractable and docile mounts as one might care to see.
  70. The first great disappointment had been borne: the tender devotedness and docile adoration of the ideal wife must be renounced, and life must be taken up on a lower stage of expectation, as it is by men who have lost their limbs.
  71. Marx said religion was a hypocritical way of fobbing the poor off with stories of how everything would be alright in heaven: ‘the opium of the people’, he called it, a sort of drug that people took each week to keep them docile and stop them agitating for change.
  72. Yet was this Nantucketer a man with some good-hearted traits; and this Lakeman, a mariner, who though a sort of devil indeed, might yet by inflexible firmness, only tempered by that common decency of human recognition which is the meanest slave's right; thus treated, this Steelkilt had long been retained harmless and docile.
  73. People think of cattle as docile, dumb, but calves? They’re kitty-curious, playful, and for that reason I was never allowed in the lot with them, just eyed them through the slats, but I remember Ben, his rubber boots on, trying to sneak, moving slow and deliberate as an astronaut, and then he got near and he might as well have been trying to grab fish.
  74. It did not occur to him that Lydgate's marriage was not delightful: he believed, as the rest did, that Rosamond was an amiable, docile creature, though he had always thought her rather uninteresting—a little too much the pattern-card of the finishing-school; and his mother could not forgive Rosamond because she never seemed to see that Henrietta Noble was in.
  75. Certainly, if falling in love had been at all in question, it would have been quite safe with a creature like this Miss Vincy, who had just the kind of intelligence one would desire in a woman—polished, refined, docile, lending itself to finish in all the delicacies of life, and enshrined in a body which expressed this with a force of demonstration that excluded the need for other evidence.
  76. The average person is entirely innocent of any deep thinking; he accepts the ideas of others and repeats them in very much the same way as a parrot; this is readily seen when we understand the method which is used to form public opinion and this docile attitude on the part of a large majority, who seem perfectly willing to let a few persons do all their thinking for them, is what enables a few men in a great many countries to usurp all the avenues of power and hold the millions in subjection.
  77. Seeing that nothing was moving onwards in men’s minds to do the act of courtesy to me, so justly my due, on the Saturday before Michaelmas I invited Mr Mucklewheel, the hosier, (who had the year before been chosen into the council, in the place of old Mr Peevie, who had a paralytic, and never in consequence was made a bailie,) to take a glass of toddy with me, a way and method of peutering with the councillors, one by one, that I often found of a great efficacy in bringing their understandings into a docile state; and when we had discussed one cheerer with the usual clishmaclaver.
  78. It was simply just another swindle in a long line of swindles, a nice way to brainwash living fools and keep them nicely docile in the realm of the undead once they get there…as they all patiently wait for thousands of years for the day of judgment, when ‘god’s’ great plan and reasoning will finally be revealed to them… waiting for a day of judgment which never comes… waiting for to meet this great all-powerful god which does not exist… only to be told after 3,000 years of waiting, that they were misinformed… and given some other bullshit excuse, or lie or swindle to chew on for another 3,000 fucking years.
  79. S tasted the madness that is the Islamic fundamentalism on 9/11, one Western social scientist wondered what it might take the Jews and the Hindus to live in the Muslim surroundings! Why it is for the Indian Musalmans to think whether that image is okay with them; they might as well ask themselves the valid question - instead of leading a harmonious life in the Indian society, how come they provoke the disinterested, if not docile, Hindu majority into a retaliatory mode? Well, the Musalmans, obsessed as they are with growing beards and wearing burkas, so as to keep their Islamic identity intact, don’t seem to care two hoots for what others think about their separatist attitudes.
  80. He was sleek and docile,.
  81. So he put it on in a docile,.

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