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Dock dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. A dock in Snow City.
2. We are due to dock in.
3. She went down to the dock.
4. Lewis, God in the Dock, 324.
5. However, on the dock, there.
6. Ole stepped back on the dock.
7. With all these dock and wharf.

8. There’s a house with a dock.
9. Then I headed toward the dock.
10. Footsteps thundered on the dock.
11. Most of the dock labor has left.
12. The people at the dock, in the.
13. You hope to place me in the dock.
14. The hall ends at an internal dock.
15. The dock where Cosmicblasto and.
16. Please dock with the cargo ship.
17. On the left bank are the old dock.
18. Cliff rolled onto the dock suddenly.
19. She was several months in dry dock.
20. Eleven more adults lay on the dock.
21. She leaned over the edge of the dock.
22. Warren’s ship was the last to dock.
23. With no fish, we headed for our dock.
24. Dock and thistles overgrew the yard.
25. She looked at the folders on the dock.
26. He sat alone in the prisoner’s dock.
27. Wren was the last to dock at the tender.
28. The ship was slowly approaching the dock.
29. Son, I'm a dock rat that moves boxes.
30. It’s moored at a Port of Seattle dock.
31. Now it was again a green light on a dock.
32. Regretfully I watched the dock grow near.
33. Herndon was busy bringing the boat to dock.
34. One minute until Dock Two begins filling.
35. To their left was a makeshift dock where.
36. We can’t spin while we dock with things.
37. But now they couldn’t dock at Kefallinia.
38. Ninety seconds until Dock 2 begins filling.
39. When he got to the dock, he jumped toward.
40. Thirty seconds until Dock 2 begins filling.
41. We will have it repaired as soon as we dock.
42. Water poured through the gate into the dock.
43. The dock area, however, was a different story.
44. We'd never be able to dock Gemini without it.
45. Demolition in the dock area was now complete.
46. They had almost missed their run to the dock.
47. I can dock without nose vents if I have to.
48. From time to time they buzzed in to dock with.
49. There was movement on the far end of the dock.
50. I tell you that I will never stand in the dock.
51. I have to go down to the warehouse by the dock.
52. I stood there frozen, it dropped to the dock.
53. We have dock assignments, Huntress reported.
54. His family and friends were trapped on the dock.
55. Had the boatmen pull over and dock in the reeds.
56. Footsteps crunched on the snowy dock behind her.
57. Oh, and Saul just requested a dock assignment.
58. It will bring YOU into the dock, Holmes, not me.
59. A boy came to the dock with a message for you.
60. The boat traveled on, leaving the dock far behind.
61. We arrived back in the dock and after trying to.
62. Finally he collapsed on the edge of the boat dock.
63. Rubbing with dock leaves will soothe nettle stings.
64. The engagement moved onto the grounds from the dock.
65. The two men were on the floating dock next to the.
66. Gwog finished dressing and followed Dar to the dock.
67. Will was drawn like a magnet towards the small dock.
68. Where do you think it will dock? Rollo asked.
69. Things gradually became as it should be at the dock.
70. Can’t you just move Hermes to dock with it?
71. The boat that came to that dock and dropped me off.
72. The same one he saw across the paddock from the dock.
73. Still they were not overly demonstrative on the dock.
74. Uncle Carl and the deputy, now on the dock, jumped in.
75. A chicken strutted down the dock alongside the cannery.
76. The wagon went out of town and turned toward the dock.
77. They circled the harbor and filed down the narrow dock.
78. While leaving the dock the memories of the times that.
79. Stenarch sprinted to the dock, his face a mask of fury.
80. They can operate their steering jets manually and dock.
81. He smiles as the dock explodes with thunderous applause.
82. After six months in dock, Dar was itching to get going.
83. He stood on the dock, staring out at the water vacantly.
84. I waited in the dock, wondering what the hell was going.
85. We watched as Evette raced up the dock towards the boat.
86. She smiled to herself and walked slowly out of the dock.
87. They missed the dock by four feet but she jumped anyway.
88. Each gate was pulled by winding gear housed at the dock.
89. The dock grew smaller as the boat turned towards the exit.
90. He was starting to sweat when he climbed up to dock level.
91. Presently, the dock became the central point of interest.
92. Dragons, on their way to the EURO-lab in the Death dock:.
93. Bush and John stand on the dock, next to a wooden rowboat.
94. I was at the seaside on a dock going far out into the sea.
95. Khiddirpore, they hired a taxi that took them to the dock.
96. No, but the people who were at the dock were competent.
97. Mick led Davies along the edge of the square dock, Davies.
98. They must have just bumped a dock, she heard rope pulling.
99. You flooded dock two the other night and almost killed us.
100. The yacht would dock at the marina back in Wilmington at.
1. Docking in a few minutes.
2. We will be docking with your station soon.
3. He looked at the clock on the iPod docking.
4. They stopped inside the nearest docking port.
5. Docking Station Seven, Ares orbital terminal.
6. He hailed Myra to initiate docking procedures.
7. Nostradamus wil be docking within the next hour.
8. She took a step toward the nearest docking tube.
9. Please proceed to the illuminated docking port.
10. I have changed my mind about docking your pay.
11. Docking estimated in seven minutes at Docking Station 5.
12. Once changed, Lori proceeded to Docking Hangar Number Six.
13. Zipping down to Monterey, docking at the marina there.
14. Roger had left his laptop in the docking station on his desk.
15. Marie glanced at the clock on the iPod docking station on the.
16. Because we’re docking with the Taiyang Shen in a few days.
17. Farah would call with docking instructions when he heard from the.
18. Sir, there is a vessel leaving the station’s upper docking ring.
19. Sorren walked into the docking bay, which was bustling with activity.
20. Their docking equipment was a large suction device that would match.
21. She jumped off the boat and threw the bow line around a docking cleat.
22. Turning Hagan toward the nearest docking tube, Ash ordered, Open it.
23. Wren saw Kim running ahead of him and sprinted for Tracker’s docking bay.
24. Langemann pointed with his right index the rings and their docking clamps.
25. The elevator opens and Floor 3: Docking Platforms glows on the opposite wall.
26. While the last docking tie-downs were being made, a squad of soldiers appeared.
27. Release docking clamps and power us away, prepare for the jump to transwarp.
28. Buddy and Daisy docked to the new ship as soon as the docking ports were ready.
29. He counted four docking ports spaced equally around the sphere’s circumference.
30. Also, without suitable docking points, their batteries would not last very long.
31. The sounds of docking interrupted Sabrina’s debate as to their course of action.
32. Alexei headed for the docking bay and suited up, he placed the camera on his helmet.
33. For the record, Tyu said looking about the docking area, she was my mother.
34. Another boat was coming in and was just now docking up as we had earlier in the day.
35. Her mission saw China’s first manned docking with its Tiangong-1 space laboratory.
36. The freight yard’s docking cradles were designed to handle a wide variety of ships.
37. As the king's courier went his way, Moshe noticed the whole demeanor of the docking.
38. He was inside the docking building, directly connecting the shuttle that would take.
39. Docking ports for passengers entering and exiting the ship ringed the passenger liner.
40. Ninety seconds after passing through the commons, Ash spotted the portside docking tubes.
41. More was due to arrive in December when Mars Runner made its first docking at the Mars.
42. When she returns, someone will go down to assist in docking and passenger disembarkation.
43. More of the cargo ship could have been removed, but we would have lost its docking ports.
44. At a convenient docking point, we are decanted with our ggs for the final leg of our trip.
45. When they arrived on the Saber, Altera was waiting on the docking bay with two of her guards.
46. He looked at the empty docking ports and knew that they would probably never be filled again.
47. The company exited the Huntress and began turning heads as soon as they left the docking ring.
48. If necessary, he will literally grab the probe with his hands and drag it to the docking port.
49. I would love to have all that ordinance punching enemies instead of hanging on a docking port.
50. He was most furious of all to find out native astronomers were watching their docking maneuvers.
51. In short, we've devised and installed an electromagnetic docking system, and we're patenting it.
52. It was a docking facility similar to the one at the Project, a simple widening of the canal's left.
53. One showed the camera feed from Docking Port A, the other a constant feed of the probe’s telemetry.
54. Jose quickly untied the docking ropes before shoving the boat into the open waters of the calm marina.
55. There was a small vessel headed this way, as if it intended on docking on the wharf near the warehouse.
56. In what I can look up here it looks like the Brothers Graven will be docking in Gengee city this Lmonteira.
57. Daisy would be docking in a few hours, but she would need to be completely rearmed and her crew was exhausted.
58. At the appointed time, shuttle craft popped out of the docking bay and approached Elizabeth parked on the moon.
59. Releasing docking clamps and maneuvering to threshold, the Elf recited her actions as she performed them.
60. Luckily, LT had received his latest pay on the ship the day before docking and he had money on his credit card.
61. Suwanee waited at the end of the intersection of the docking ramps to greet the returning ships and their crews.
62. Through joins in the crate, Max could see the cargo ship lit up, as its final docking procedures were completed.
63. Once the pebble arrives to its destination, it lands in a docking station where the encrypted message is translated.
64. A cargo tug like the one Greg had used to initially populate Homestead was docked to one of the smaller docking locations.
65. At this early stage, it looks like a sniper was positioned in one of the rear control towers overlooking the docking quays.
66. Dena left Yula to her own devices and headed to the bridge, touching the remote once more, Captain, the Lorien is docking.
67. In terms of docking Gemini, we have two cameras on her hatch as well as a powerful underwater light that we use to guide her in.
68. He sighs and watches a second hovercraft drift to the docking platforms, then limps to his desk and lowers himself into the chair.
69. Esther’s father, greeted them at the end of the corridor that linked the four docking ramps and provided access to the spaceport.
70. A dull roar hums through the walls, a sign that the thrusters have engaged, and the craft sways when the docking clamps release it.
71. Torbin entered the docking bay, a place were the B’tari parked their shuttles and stealth flyers that were used for earth-bound travel.
72. Eventually your body’s insulin receptors—the docking stations where insulin parks glucose—begin to ignore insulin’s instructions.
73. As they drifted to a stop in an indoor quay, he was interrupted by arguing with the docking attendant about who was going to park the boat.
74. With all arrangements made that experience or information could suggest, the authorities settled down to await the docking of the Carpathia.
75. Rachel remarked that using her docking lights as a semaphore seemed awkward, but it allowed them to communicate without breaking radio silence.
76. Keep pails, mops, fishing tackles, docking lines and other items stowed in their appropriate place, not scattered around on the docking station.
77. In regards to your last statement, we have a state of the art gyrostabilizer installed on Anchor that we turn on when docking and undocking Gemini.
78. Many states have speed and range rules that figure out how close you can function to other vessels, the shoreline or docking place, and diving locations.
79. Its color a like rusty metal, and had a flat mechanical roof that could be pulled apart to the very end of the building to accommodate a docking airship.
80. He was going to have to rely on Heymon to give them some type of military capability for the upcoming encounter and their docking was less than a year away.
81. It’s design and it’s extreme length are meant to spare the reef while allowing the docking of vessels requiring deep anchorage, such as The Queen of Waves.
82. Nazaire was successfully achieved, aerial reconnaissance showed that the gates of the lock were utterly demolished, and docking the Tirpitz would be impossible.
83. If there had been anyone to watch, the spectacle of Wendy’s escape capsule awkwardly rolling itself over using the docking engagement arms would have been amusing.
84. Rummaging in her backpack, she pulled out her battered iPod and slotted it into the holder on the Zeppelin shaped docking station that was part of the room’s audio set-up.
85. Within minutes of docking local tradesmen were all over the deck displaying their wares, but Polish emigrants had little money and the crew was not terribly affluent either.
86. To improve the mission’s similarity to a real colonization mission, Buddy, Daisy and Sabrina’s convoy escort ship were docked to three of Elizabeth’s external docking ports.
87. Following Warren’s detailed instructions, the harbor master assigned harbor tugs to guide the ungainly ship to the docking port furthest away from the populated portions of the station.
88. Because they still couldn’t scan the Horizon, and the Horizon wasn’t transmitting a navigational aid signal, Carter was forced to pilot the pod manually, docking it as best she could.
89. NACSE Klondike, you are cleared to land at Docking Bay 3, grinning in his most professional voice, Stan switched off his comm-unit and cracked his remaining sunflower seed, leaning back.
90. They knew how much these creatures feared the laser pit, so they whipped them up into a riotous frenzy, and in the inevitable panic that followed, made their way to the docking area and waited.
91. I suspect he didnt try as hard after catching us the first time, too much effort and he had already bragged to his fellow screws and taken the piss out of everyone for docking there pay that week.
92. Peter had long ago stopped carrying regular cargo and had been fitted with docking ports where the cargo containers had previously attached to support his current role as a tender for small warships.
93. Then maybe you can explain why the Ursa ran back to Rotham space rather than docking at a closer outpost for repairs? There were three Imperial stations on the way to N-175 but it ignored all of them.
94. He smiled to himself as the engine roared to life – well, actual roaring would have required a much bigger engine, but at least, it spun – and after docking his UPS in the slot in the dashboard, he initiated a scan.
95. The others of the flotilla were already moving into one of three left-side branches of the canal under the direction of docking supervisors who signaled with brightly colored batons pointing to the one they should move into.
96. She didn’t miss as well the thousands of workers in spacesuits and the robots engaged in feverish work inside, particularly around a massive structure forming four successive rings, with docking clamps attached to the inside of the rings.
97. Louis where they had only been able to attach one section of the ship, the docking area had been modified so that all four of the ship’s sections could be accessed directly from the space port on the moon of the system’s only habitable planet.
98. The list was a compendium of the most serious of the 94 military targets in North Vietnam ranging from POL (Petroleum, Oil, and Lubrication) storage areas to docking facilities in the Haiphong Harbor and the two rail lines running south out of Red China.
99. Wilmington would work as well, and its less commercialized port would be more conducive to his arrival due to the less stringent customs representatives since most of those vessels docking there were privately owned yachts and charter boats rather than shipping lines.
100. There, all along the shore, warehouses, boat repair and docking facilities,.
1. As the Carpathia docked, Mrs.
2. The shuttle docked against its side.
3. Docked to the Callisto Space Terminal.
4. The next thing we knew, we had docked.
5. PWC carries a bobtail or has its tail docked.
6. The individual P I ships docked to the tender.
7. What did the RCMP do, they docked him 10 days pay.
8. Once docked, Rachel called her father on the comm.
9. The two passenger ships docked to the cargo ships.
10. Did you see the lighthouse when the ferry docked?
11. Lyons to Macon, where the craft docked for Jean and.
12. The largest ships were docked to piers on the shore.
13. The small cutter had just docked at the Branga office.
14. In minutes the ferry had docked and Louella looked up.
15. Perhaps she saw the ship docked at some American port.
16. With her flag at half mast, the death ship docked slowly.
17. Shobal and I will have to leave as soon as we are docked.
18. Boarding craft report they have successfully docked, sir.
19. With each ship that docked there were more and more of the.
20. You know the Soviets have missiles docked in space forever.
21. Jermaine turned on the spot; docked into the station was a.
22. In the US the last illegal slave ship docked in the US in 1859.
23. He docked the MP3 player into the hi-fi and fingered the display.
24. They should be better off docked than drifting away by themselves.
25. I do know he was leaving on a ship that was docked at airlock.
26. Calvin wasn't in uniform but they knew a military ship had docked.
27. November 15, 2108: Mars Supply Two docked, Mars was closer to Earth.
28. He docked and immediately went to the Lab and began the usual tests.
29. Finding the ship in port when they docked was an unexpected surprise.
30. It was a short walk from my quarters to where the Dark Talon was docked.
31. Eventual y they reached a port that had a vast cruise ship docked in it.
32. The four Shuttle were unloaded and had also docked at the Earth Orbiter.
33. The Princess Andromeda, Luke's demon cruise ship, was docked at that beach.
34. For his perverted indiscretions, Marquis only received 8 days docked pay.
35. As soon as they docked, he scurried into the shadow of the nearest building.
36. Pennsylvania, which was docked on the Elizabeth River near Norfolk, Virginia.
37. Among those who later arrived at the pier before the Carpathia docked were P.
38. The Harbinger has docked with this ship and cut and sealed several openings.
39. He cussed and cursed and docked us all every cent of that weeks pay ( $30 - 60.
40. Buddy and Daisy docked to the new ship as soon as the docking ports were ready.
41. Blundell was docked one day of vacation and was later promoted to staff sergeant.
42. Mac, Stewart, and Lucas were met by two Baton Rouge Detectives when the boat docked.
43. Prisoners Harbor was full of boats cruising in and out, but none docked at the pier.
44. The ship docked softly at Assi Ghat and Shiva looked towards the multitudes gathered.
45. I have to make a special mention here about Toulon, where the French fleet is docked.
46. He could see two other ships docked and large pieces of equipment offloading supplies.
47. He was docked at the Newrillian space station; a place he’d been a few times before.
48. They are in fact docked besides the wrecks of the Viking ships destroyed six days ago.
49. He introduced me to the captain of the other docked ship, another Chosin, named Kim Yu.
50. The third ship docked on top of us as if they were a carrier ship and not our saviours.
51. Nathan docked the boat near the end of the dock and we helped him secure it to the posts.
52. There was a fenced-in storage area for some of the smaller boats not docked at the marina.
53. You cannot miss it; it is moored at the hub of the starfish layout of docked shipping.
54. Darren told his first, in a dreary voice huge and hollow docked inside of a haunted hangar.
55. Harold’s people were assessing the damage when Saul and the remains of his group docked.
56. The cutter was docked adjacent to the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center and Canal Park.
57. Once we are all docked on the tender we can run hard data lines that will handle the load.
58. Little over an hour later they were docked beside the Arton Four and Air locks were secured.
59. By the time the ferry docked, the two horses and riders at the top of the bluff had ridden on.
60. Ismay asserted that he did not know there was to be an investigation until the Cunarder docked.
61. She wondered what he meant as a loud clang announced that they’d docked with the warship and an.
62. Greg and Avi docked their ships in turn, and soon all eight were on the cargo ship’s flight deck.
63. From the look of all the boats docked near the shoreline, this place was pretty busy on the weekends.
64. The insect shuttle docked alongside the sphere, and Trevor placed the Cloud directly above the shuttle.
65. In fact each of the components of the current assembly had docked here in its time of independent duty.
66. When her ordeal by sea was done, they docked at a much larger village/building than she had seen so far.
67. The P I ships slid out from between the docked freighters that were desperately trying to get under way.
68. Those vessels were never intended to be much more than safety pods that docked directly into the bar-Seth.
69. I was stunned that there was a sub docked underneath and I had questions, but Bailey was the first to speak.
70. There was no beach were they docked, so they went and asked at the restaurant/resort, on the jetty opposite.
71. Since we were docked in a secret location, all our communications had to be routed via the station’s systems.
72. The lens glided smoothly towards one of them and docked with it as smoothly as a boat might glide up to a quay.
73. She held his gaze only for a second before she docked the cuff in the medical tower he’d thrown to the ground.
74. Insect shuttles were docked at the remaining three ports, each shuttle an exact copy of the one he had destroyed.
75. Darren told his first, in a dreary voice that was like something huge and hollow docked inside of a haunted hangar.
76. He suddenly had a flashback to a time when an American aircraft carrier had docked at Fisherman Island in Brisbane.
77. On ships docked at Yokohama, in tents in Manila, and in stateside hospitals, former POWs were telling their stories.
78. They docked in Nassau, capital of New Providence Island in the Bahamas, August 19th at seven o’clock in the morning.
79. Once properly docked, a delegation from the security service crossed to the ship and formally welcomed the travelers.
80. After nearly six days docked with the ISS, the Dragon capsule uncoupled and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean (inset).
81. Glenelle had shaped the island where her house was docked into the last backup she had of Morg's island in his universe.
82. An investment banker was at the pier of a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked.
83. We docked in Dunkirk on a gloomy March 1st and made our way to Madame Chaumont's Boardinghouse on the outskirts of Paris.
84. He took his time, and as he headed into the marina, Blayney saw Boxer leaving the slip where Chandler’s boat was docked.
85. A stream runs all the way through Central Valley from Prisoners Harbor, where you docked, to the west end at Black Point.
86. He looked in the direction of the voice and spotted Tommy on the foredeck of the small ferry that was docked at the wharf.
87. A cargo tug like the one Greg had used to initially populate Homestead was docked to one of the smaller docking locations.
88. First Altera greeted them when they docked and secretly ushered them into the Queens private rooms where Naria was waiting.
89. An investment banker stood at the pier of a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked.
90. It was the port where the arriving Orderran Jinkais and their military force had docked when they had arrived on the planet.
91. Unable to see their destination through the metal of the fuselage, Grailem waits patiently until the shuttlecraft has docked.
92. After they had docked, before leaving their seats, Greg said, Peter, there was a time when we could operate independently.
93. As they docked, Krane quickly disembarked and surreptitiously tried to avoid making eye contact with the two other creatures.
94. Peter docked in a special cradle next to the main construction site, and a personnel tube was stretched between the two ships.
95. We couldn’t stop our forward progress in the three seconds we had to impact, and again we found ourselves docked and unharmed.
96. The P I ships docked to the command ship and fifteen minutes after Warren’s ship departed, the escort jumped into hyper drive.
97. Before those planes arrived in Israel, an American amphibious flottila docked in Haifa with an ammunition ship and a tanker ship.
98. Me Elijah and Johnny were on one of the makeshift piers unloading what Johnny informed us was an old trawler that had just docked.
99. My father had told us about the actual, real-life Grande Gongo, a cutting-edge container ship docked in Korea and flying the Italian flag.
100. That order triggered a hurricane of activity on and around the five ships of the American amphibious flotilla docked in the port of Haifa.
1. Head back to the docks.
2. Went down to the docks.
3. A warehouse on the docks.
4. It would be out on the docks.
5. Conroy of the Port and Docks.
6. Sam from the docks sent us.
7. He said he worked at the docks.
8. Meet me at the docks at sundown.
9. The docks were a scene out of hell!.
10. At the wheel coming in to London Docks.
11. Three war-ships jerked away from the docks.
12. At present they were rotting in the docks.
13. The address was for warehouse near the docks.
14. We just went down to the docks, that’s all.
15. Some floating docks had walkways to the shore.
16. The south side of the docks were directly ahead.
17. The docks were active with trucks and forklifts.
18. I’m going to carpool with her to the docks.
19. He was ready to run down to the docks by himself.
20. I found a spot to sit at the marina fishing docks.
21. Soon they had pulled up alongside one of the docks.
22. The three women stood in a private area of the docks.
23. They followed it toward the eastern end of the docks.
24. Oh, Sam from the docks? asked Juan rhetorically.
25. Got a cousin there in Customs Inspection on the docks.
26. They had stopped in their tracks across from the docks.
27. Ports of call are the various places the ship docks at.
28. There's an abandoned warehouse at the end of the docks.
29. Fallsten wants me in the docks before two forty-five.
30. It can be seen on almost every tug working in our docks.
31. Ships closer in were moored to individual floating docks.
32. The loading docks at the far end of the bindery would be.
33. A couple of the docks had more than one ship tied to them.
34. Quick, her father said, leading Gary towards the docks.
35. Count yourself lucky, the man at the docks had said.
36. One of the large warehouses by the docks caught fire and.
37. A gigantic steamboat sat near the docks in the river below.
38. Secretly, Faustine had already sent Margus to the docks of.
39. Truckloads of finished orders sat out on the loading docks.
40. Nem’s relief was palpable when they finally made the docks.
41. It was nine o'clock when Stan and Ambrosius got to the docks.
42. Folk gathered in the street by the docks to watch the arrival.
43. There are stone docks there where boats and barges can tie up.
44. They’ll escort us to the north docks, Venarya explained.
45. Just from the docks I knew that much, you can see it from here.
46. Oh, some sweet blond lady on the docks gave it to me….
47. We better put a couple more docks behind us, she whispered.
48. The relatives of the rich had taxicabs waiting outside the docks.
49. Alderfolk Pottypears turned to the docks and started to ask some.
50. The word at the docks was your friend is headed for Bella Bella.
51. Cassandra how are the officers doing at the docks? he asked.
52. There are now fifty docks and basins with a frontage of six miles.
53. As Venarya approached the docks, she could see the commotion ahead.
54. Few knew that Canyon Lake docks are actually the busiest in the city.
55. Because, he has been working among Chinese sailors down in the docks.
56. I have a location, Warehouse 13 at the docks, Jack informed them.
57. Many boats have diving docks or platforms off the back end of the boat.
58. Suddenly a row of lights and an outline of houses with docks appeared.
59. But the docks are still there and the lily pads are still there, I can.
60. He’d been sitting on the edge of one of the many docks with his feet.
61. WREN, KIM AND TRACKER DEPOSITED the ship they had escorted at the docks.
62. It's ripples lapped against the hull once they were out beyond the docks.
63. It’s not exactly the docks of Leith, said Flint, pulling a large.
64. The last thing I needed was to have you lying dead on the docks, as well.
65. Some were throwing themselves repeatedly at the front of their docks, in a.
66. Jack then drove the car down the docks and parked in front of Warehouse 13.
67. Takina, Pussy and Hubert had been thrown into a cart, and taken to the docks.
68. The drugs are planned to be delivered to the docks in one of three trucks.
69. We request safe passage to the docks where we might seek gainful employment.
70. Driving the M20 through the crowded docks proved hard indeed and proved slow.
71. Add the med-evac ships and their docks and things start to get heavy forward.
72. The dirty narrow tracks at the rear of the docks took Larry into Dentons yard.
73. There were so many it was hard to get a sail into the wind close to the docks.
74. He looked around and was relieved to see that they had not left the docks yet.
75. It was then he knew that he was leaving the docks, and was probably in the ship.
76. Thirty minutes later Jack parked at the docks when he got a call from Cassandra.
77. After a long time spent searching the docks, Zoe finally stopped in her tracks.
78. Employees on the assembly line, on the docks, people in accounting, our auditors.
79. What had been a row of gleaming new docks was a mass of twisted metal fragments.
80. All too quickly, it was time to catch their shuttles so they headed for the docks.
81. She could see a number of Americans already lying, dead or wounded, on the docks.
82. Something was burning near the docks, and the red glare was reflected in the water.
83. A long pier was under construction as was a long row of dry docks east of the port.
84. Patty-boy understood boats, docks, and all the things about them that Mike didn’t.
85. The yam keeper told me that it was quite a large port with many piers and dry docks.
86. He raised his eyes from the anchored merchant ships to the Yu-kwau docks and skyline.
87. There are many other Docks temperate and tropical; prepare as here but use sparingly.
88. Boats with electric motors trolled the lakes, people partied and cooked on the docks.
89. They came out on a street along the docks that could probably handle wheeled traffic.
90. There was enough fuel right on the docks to fill the boat and they needed a good meal.
91. When the conversation turned to my after-hours, production docks visit, I had an idea.
92. There were busy docks along both shores, fronted by two or three stories of workshops.
93. You’re saying that we should just walk onto the docks and steal their ships?
94. At eleven o’clock we drove down to the docks in her car, with the device in the trunk.
95. Corporal, take your men and check the warehouses in the nearby docks, someone said.
96. The port of Ashland once hosted huge iron ore boats at its now-abandoned iron ore docks.
97. Cluster soldiers had cordoned off a section of the docks, where a large ship lay moored.
98. The men standing on the docks wore layers of heavy wool under butter-smeared linen coats.
99. You should know, Madini, that there’s more to this world than the docks, Pop said.
100. He'll meet us down the docks on Tuesday with intelligence – on the promise of more gold.

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