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Dog dans une phrase (en anglais)

He is only a dog.
Not a dog, or cat.
You will be a dog.
But he was a dog.
The dog was a freak.
Like ticks on a dog.
Oh, yeah, you a dog.

The dog felt it too.
Bit of a dog really.
The hair of the dog.
The damn dog was a.
He looked at the dog.
The one you call Dog.
Hey, the dog is fast.
I will follow the dog.
Curse seems to dog it.
Your dog will hate it.
I mean, this dog was.
I brought the dog in.
Then give your dog a.
It snarled like a dog.
Almost Shot the Dog, a.
He was one thirsty dog.
Same with his dog food.
Sam has a cat and a dog.
This dog has a strong.
It's like Pavlov's dog.
The huge dog was hav-.
This dog is good with.
A Wookie in a dog suit.
She’s my dog, Ewok.
The dog that had been.
Stanley adored the dog.
The one with the dog.
Just the one dog though.
Try it on the dog first.
But the dog disappeared.
It was not a dog at all.
Course she's only a dog.
The dog was on the couch.
Hearing booted feet dogging my steps, I span about in alarm.
He sometimes thought that Svidrigailov was dogging his footsteps.
He sometimes thought that Svidrigaïlov was dogging his footsteps.
He knew that they had no clue about the danger that was dogging their every step.
Where are you going now? she asked, hesitating but still dogging my footsteps.
Sheba followed him from table top to cupboards, dogging his side every time he moved.
He did; and then it seemed to me that he was dogging us, but with what intent I could not for the life of me imagine.
He'd done little of it before, and hesitated to make a botch, but Carl accused Trask of dogging it as payback for his insults.
I was resolved to satisfy myself whether this ragged Elijah was really dogging us or not, and with that intent crossed the way with Queequeg, and on that side of it retraced our steps.
George went into the storeroom of the shop through the back hallway, his son dogging his steps, and returned with a bundle of two foot staves which he stacked on the floor of the new room.
Despite the fact Kara knew he was anxious to return to his new wife in Banswell, Berndt insisted on staying at Abery, dogging her every footstep as she battled to come to terms with the fact of JJ’s presence in the house.
In the homely Alpine villages or in the lonely mountain passes, I could tell by his quick glancing eyes and his sharp scrutiny of every face that passed us, that he was well convinced that, walk where we would, we could not walk ourselves clear of the danger which was dogging our footsteps.
I had a shrewd suspicion that Bridget was always dogging my footsteps, and once or twice I surprised a flitting figure disappearing round the piazza when Captain Holford walked home with me, but as she never ventured to remonstrate openly, I did not suppose she would presume to write about me to mamma.
But easygoing Ned turned dogged.
It had that dogged look about it.
The most dogged ones are always rewarded.
He wasn’t his best tail but he was dogged.
She moved aside her mouth to ask, dogged and low:.
A dogged belief in consistency obscures one's vísion.
Frustration dogged a tired Rudolph as his phone went silent.
Margolis dogged Colin’s footsteps as Colin approached their group.
As dogged as a matador trailing a wounded thunder-titan, he followed.
But his acute nervousness and lack of self-confidence dogged him constantly.
They dogged and tried to encompass the boys and turn them into leaf monsters.
But smart and dogged could only help you so much when you didn’t have a clue.
Clutching his weapons, he aped down the hidden ivy rungs and dogged the wet grass.
Dogged by the reoccurring nightmare & blanked out with an a letchard inc odyssey.
If she climbed down from the buggy, he climbed after her and dogged her footsteps.
To this day, the FBI and COINTELPRO are dogged by accusations they assassinated Dr.
If he dogged her, she would react and probably lead him into the heart of the story.
A silence of dogged determination slowly descended over the group as they struggled on.
Despite their lack of progress, his dogged persistence with the case was proof of that.
And why should she go about stirring people up and forcing them to be dogged by luggage carts?
The sun had finally broken free of the dogged clouds and filtered down through the trees above him.
In addition, reforms during the 1990s have removed any lingering stigma that once dogged the Nasdaq.
But this I do know, that it is very difficult to display a dogged devotion to a mere spirit, however great.
But his grit and dogged pertinacity carried him safely through various adventures at sea and in Central Africa.
In the end V dogged me so this whole saga was a waste of my energy but at the time I thought he was a good mate.
Fuelled by the drink I couldnt help myself and I took some shots at the AFP and the so called mate that dogged me.
They seemed to be waiting for something with a dogged determination, and they looked at the Jury, but at nothing else.
Law enforcement and political leaders dogged one another, each pointing fingers, demanding the other do something–.
Alfred Weinstein, who had infected the Bird with dysentery at Mitsushima, was dogged by urges to scavenge in garbage cans.
Maybe it was this dogged determination to prove himself that made Shah the ideal person to take on the tough UP challenge.
No wonder that in Lydgate's energetic nature the sense of a hopeless misconstruction easily turned into a dogged resistance.
German bullets dogged our footsteps there and we could hear the swish of them as they cut a swathe through the grass behind us.
He could see her point, but that did nothing to assuage the guilt that had dogged him since his encounter with April and Roy McKennon.
Ducking his six-six frame through the metal cabin hatch, McKee dogged it closed and headed down the short flight of stairs to the deck.
With each one completed, his ability as a leader shone through, not to mention his dogged determination and sheer refusal to be beaten.
Sig’s persistent barking—not to mention his dogged attempts to back down a big brown bull that was seeking shelter from the flies—.
They kindled him and made him glow to his work, whereas his mother's influence was to make him quietly determined, patient, dogged, unwearied.
There he was dogged by his confederate, who held Beppo responsible for the loss of the pearl, and he stabbed him in the scuffle which followed.
His heart beat faster and he couldn’t help but wonder at how natural the cane felt to him now, and in spite of the pain that still dogged him.
Feet firmly and resolutely planted, she waited, her hands deep in her lumpy tweed pockets, her mouth cool, as the dumb volunteers dogged it to the stage.
Who Let the Dogs Out?
I relied on the dogs.
The dogs work in shifts.
Cats and dogs are the.
Oh, to keep off dogs.
Let me secure the dogs.
Dogs were also used as.
The dogs sniffed the air.
More dogs, men and rats.
They had dogs with them.
We register dogs as well.
Dogs with heart or lung.
Dogs only have about ten.
No dogs allowed in here.
Dogs of the Dow, 6.
The dogs had not returned.
These are not stupid dogs.
He had forgotten the dogs.
And wild dogs do hunt in.
John called his dogs again.
Old men's dogs usually are.
He doesn’t sell hot dogs.
They are not as other dogs.
Some had actual stray dogs.
Millions of cats and dogs.
It’s the dogs who should.
The other dogs were killed.
No more than two dogs may.
It's the dogs who complain.
Every day I see stray dogs.
Suddenly the dogs were quiet.
Even the cats and dogs eat.
The dogs slunk further away.
The other dogs stayed still.
I guessed the old dogs were.
Set the dogs on the Chinamen.
As for the guard dogs, I've.
My dogs look better than you.
Zayn’s dogs tore him apart.

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