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Doom dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. To his doom, I trust!.
3. Rex and the crater of doom.
4. Rex and the Crater of Doom.
5. Doom hangs still on a thread.
6. What was the impending doom.
7. A sense of doom hung in the air.

8. One wrong move could doom the.
9. Things that end in eternal doom.
10. Or that it were her blessed doom.
11. Escalation and the cycle of doom.
12. It's my doom, and I can't help it.
13. Drums that roll the sound of doom.
14. I could sense my impending doom at.
15. It stands out like a finger of doom.
16. Doom, doom went the drums in the deep.
17. They charge you with their doom?
18. He knows they prophesy a pending doom.
19. The two became roaming prophets of doom.
20. In the last row of this theatre of doom.
21. As thou wilt not escape the doom of God.
22. You can't come between me and this doom.
23. Whenever possible, Libby prophesized doom.
24. A prevailing sense of doom gnawed at his.
25. The two became preachers of doom together.
26. Brad, Master of Doom, had a comment to add.
27. That wear this world out to the ending doom.
28. It is not all death, doom, and destruction.
29. Westenra has confided to me that her doom.
30. A man narrated with a voice filled with doom.
31. I thought the bumpkin's hour of doom was come.
32. I believe that this is now the Forest of Doom.
33. Mount Hope was renamed Mount Doom on that day.
34. Mistress of the Dark, Herald of Doom, Queen of.
35. Pretty sure he’s plotting someone’s doom.
36. Any one of those 39 copies could spell his doom.
37. Doom hung over them, but they faced it silently.
38. You irresponsible fools could cause our doom.
39. I couldn’t doom their careers in the theatre too.
40. A game that could doom Evan and me to nonexistence.
41. Doom, doom: the pillars seemed to tremble and the.
42. You’re so very close to the eternal gates of doom.
43. They were climbing towards the summit of Mount Doom.
44. He had been placed in these pits for a definite doom.
45. Source: The Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report (9/09) The U.
46. But faced with certain doom otherwise, he took a breath.
47. A short way west and they should find the Doom Glacier.
48. God knows, we need a laugh with all this doom and gloom.
49. A moment later, they stood in front of ‘Dungeon of Doom.
50. Will you doom the Kelvan to extinction? Rojan asked.
51. But the compromise would doom him to be sub-prior for an.
52. Don't do it! either threatens penalty or omens doom.
53. This finalizes his belief in the inevitability of his doom.
54. The Irakzai were dumb, like men marching to a certain doom.
55. One board I photographed during that trip foreshadowed doom.
56. I shiver at the hopelessness of this quest destined for doom.
57. This book is not meant to be a book of hopeless gloom and doom.
58. The River Doom was quickly growing into an impressive waterway.
59. The sky was full of birds, black crows from the Forest of Doom.
60. His doom is likened to the 'great fall of a house built on sand.
61. It was a toss of doom that slid down to meet a collapse of will.
62. And it was unfortunately, quite real; doom, on a monumental scale.
63. The domed top of Mount Doom rose several thousand feet above them.
64. In short it seemed as if it was doom day in all Zulimistan cities.
65. Every now and again the drum-beats throbbed and rolled: doom, doom.
66. Injun Joe infested all his dreams, and always with doom in his eye.
67. And now, with no way out of it, they were both going to their doom.
68. Still far away, forty miles at least, they saw Mount Doom, its feet.
69. So doom, too, is an event that is revealed by God within the heart.
70. Francis Xavier assured his catechumens) the doom of 'endless misery.
71. I could do without the ominous cloud of my own doom flying overhead.
72. Soon Peter arrived, white with fear, for he thought his doom had come.
73. Such a doom in the lake of fire might well be termed the second death.
74. And nine is the sign of doom from Durga, the malevolent mother goddess.
75. The seventh star-angel represents the possibility of doom, as well as.
76. Be assured of his impending doom, my prince, Lust said confidently.
77. The Witch, mouth wide, savoring doom, wandered off into the marble quarry.
78. Even as he spoke they heard again the pursuing drum-beat: Doom, doom, doom.
79. The name Jeremiah can be applied to someone who predicts doom or disaster.
80. THAT, in this case, is the doom that comes to anything that isn’t.
81. Was he right? Would the Icebreaker save humanity, or only seal our doom?
82. When Mount Doom tolls again, Gadiel will return to claim all of FirstWorld.
83. After reading Two Hours to Doom, the book on which Stanley Kubrick based Dr.
84. He had irrevocably pronounced my doom, and submission to it was my only part.
85. For it is before the walls of Minas Tirith that the doom of our time will be.
86. He raised his eyes with difficulty to the dark slopes of Mount Doom towering.
87. With the prophecy of doom for the Edomites, Obediah also added blessings for.
88. At some point, I came to, only to be gripped with panic and a feeling of doom.
89. Hobbs was ecstatic, it wasn’t doom and gloom after all, even AJ was smiling.
90. Reasons inexplicable to humanity held them to the ancient city and their doom.
91. This article sounded just like that, using the same language of gloom and doom.
92. Their silence only added to the cloud of doom and gloom hanging over the party.
93. And in times of imminent doom the natural basic instinct was bound to take over.
94. Smith did not know why but he was suddenly engulfed by a sense of impending doom.
95. He was thinking of the fabled Cracks of Doom and the terror of the Fiery Mountain.
96. Whoever it was, alone on the pier in the fog, seizing the weapons, firing at Doom.
97. I wouldn’t suggest you venture into the Dark Woods or the Forest of Doom though.
98. I tell you what, comrade, I shall be forthright with you due to our impending doom.
99. At last Sybil raised her head, with a wild cry, as if she were sealing her own doom.
100. And indeed the doom that is closing on us both has already changed and crushed him.
1. But if I left Clan Molloy behind, I would be dooming all the changelings that were trapped in the camp as well.
2. Paralyzed by their misguided fears of an American attack, Iran’s government was dooming its population to a death by a thousand cuts.
3. Soon they’d start dropping from sheer exhaustion, dooming their riders no less certainly than if they hit the ground in the midst of a melee.
4. However, that attack sank or disabled all of the remaining troopships, dooming the invasion to failure: there was now too few troops left intact and on the ground to even dream of being able to take the Philippines.
5. Attacked by a total of seventeen B-25s, the three anchored fleet carriers were quickly set ablaze and started sinking, with the bombs and torpedoes stored inside the KAGA blowing up as well, cutting it in half and dooming it.
6. If that cover was really in the open position, then gases as hot as 1,400 degrees Celsius or more would be free to enter the belly keel during reentry, melting or burning everything inside and dooming her space plane to a fiery destruction.
7. That the real Cyril was left to die of fever, neglected and alone; while his mate, his friend, the man on whom he had heaped untold gifts, and whose life he had saved at the peril of his own, this man stole his money and his papers; and deliberately dooming his benefactor to a cruel death, came here, assumed his name and his property, and so imposed on us all.
1. But he too was doomed.
2. They were all doomed to.
3. He was doomed if they had.
4. This is why you are doomed.
5. Doomed is not the right word.
6. He'd thought Mona was doomed.
7. The doomed Deity they worship.
8. The hapless Dantes was doomed.
9. He knew the Barbegs were doomed.
10. That strategy is doomed to fail.
11. Louie said, Yeah, we're doomed.
12. They were doomed from the start.
13. They were doomed because of him.
14. Was she doomed already? And.
15. But wherever he is, he’s doomed.
16. A small boy who was already doomed.
17. You have doomed yourselves, and you.
18. He was doomed; that much was all too.
19. Without immediate surgery I was doomed.
20. Sisyphus is doomed to eternal futility.
21. Like me they know it is a doomed nation.
22. Come with me on this doomed voyage, Stan.
23. A man was no longer doomed to his rather.
24. He was doomed and damned in equal measure.
25. Doomed by his own choice, therefore, as Mr.
26. Maybe it is doomed if it stands its ground.
27. It seemed that the Sphere agents were doomed.
28. And my hero realizes that he himself is doomed.
29. Everything here is doomed and awaiting the end.
30. If Hubert’s plan failed, they would be doomed.
31. He is doomed just as sure as if someone stopped.
32. Is this crime why your hero will be doomed?
33. I thought I was doomed to go down with the rest.
34. Unless you can take a loss you really are doomed.
35. The short married life was doomed from the start.
36. Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it.
37. Unbelievers are doomed to spend eternity in hell.
38. She had known that she had been doomed to marry.
39. But that plan was doomed to failure from the start.
40. His pleasure was doomed to an immediate wiping out.
41. I was born knowing Father and Mother were doomed.
42. The majority of the survivors are doomed to starve.
43. I think this is a doomed enterprise, he said.
44. Anyone could see that this relationship was doomed.
45. Miss that, though, and you’re pretty much doomed.
46. If you are of the first type, your future is doomed.
47. If he was doomed to die in the Games, then he would.
48. It was doomed to failure and history repeated itself.
49. Many think Khoraja is doomed as an independent state.
50. He was doomed! Tom and Pamela dated for a year before.
51. This also meant they could not escape and were doomed.
52. When one finally conked out the other would be doomed.
53. I didn’t want to be doomed into a loveless marriage.
54. We are doomed, uttered The Chief Of Police in despair.
55. All of humanity is not doomed, just those of us on Earth.
56. Instead of getting the others, it had eaten and doomed him.
57. The Ogre knew that it was doomed, that its fate was sealed.
58. Barnes is doomed too, inextricably tied up in Dolly's fate.
59. Another man accused of rebellion, another man doomed to die.
60. Like cats bury their claws on a doomed prey, indifferent to.
61. He ignored evidence the war was doomed to failure repeatedly.
62. A man doomed to roll a boulder up a hill for all eternity.
63. Tragus knows he’s doomed to the foulest reaches of Tartarus.
64. Where did I get such a sense of doomed resolution so early in.
65. I was directly above the doomed couple now as I asked the one.
66. This hive was doomed the moment the queen chose to help you.
67. You are both now doomed to suffer the council’s wrath!.
68. NBC needed Potter, must have Potter or they were all doomed to.
69. I fear that Yeshua has doomed himself by doing this resurrection.
70. Yet eighteen months after it began, the noble cause seemed doomed.
71. Always remember – never accept your fault or you will be doomed.
72. Every man able to wield the Power was doomed to destroy the world.
73. Havens, it will be a duller world for those who are doomed to stay.
74. The two Dutchmen feared that this great land of theirs was doomed.
75. He doomed Him to more than eighty years of wandering in a body.
76. She wasn’t doomed yet, and wouldn't be until she got on the boat.
77. If there is a hell on earth, then it is here in doomed Rajasthan.
78. Unless the place is subsidized, it's doomed to an early bankruptcy.
79. She was not doomed, however, to be long in ignorance of his measures.
80. Alderfolk Pottypears seems to thing that we are doomed forever.
81. This is why the future of civilization is doomed to total extinction.
82. He had doomed them both to a life of poverty with his selfish actions.
83. We’re doomed, Chin, we’re never going to leave this island!.
84. He was doomed, I tell you! Just as I myself am doomed—most probably.
85. As the saying goes, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
86. He found his sword and started to chop methodically at the doomed arms.
87. Isn’t it, however, all doomed to fail due to its self-seeking nature?
88. Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, Garcia said.
89. They are doomed to watch their children grow up unhappy, and unfulfilled.
90. She suddenly felt her grand plan terribly juvenile and doomed to failure.
91. Here is proof that those who fail to heed history are doomed to repeat it.
92. In short every country having seen Zamaril doomed was worried of their own.
93. Hence the vast majority of stock traders are inevitably doomed to failure.
94. They have been doomed to failure for hundred of millions of fucking years.
95. The first two boats from the doomed vessel were in sight making toward us.
96. If you come into trading with the idea of making big money, you are doomed.
97. He felt sorry for his friend, trapped in that shrinking and doomed universe.
98. Feeling doomed, Rad gritted his teeth, reluctantly reversed his feet, and.
99. We’re not, as some would have us believe, doomed to inevitable decline.
100. I was doomed to end up dead in an alleyway with a needle stuck in my arm.
1. The immortal soul doctrine dooms the souls that are in more than nine-tenths of the human race to endless torment.
2. Tell him he showed enormous presence of mind in swinging the car round, dodging the cyclist and not careering down the hill to both your dooms.
3. Roses, lilies, carnations in particular, looked over the rims of vases and surveyed the bright lives and swift dooms of their artificial relations.
4. Better to be silent than to call his attention to you; he will send you dooms, not fortune! He is grim and loveless, but at birth he breathes power to strive and slay into a man's soul.
5. It was a day of holocausts, cataclysms, tornadoes, earth-quakes, blackouts, mass murders, eruptions, and miscellaneous dooms, at the peak of which the sun swallowed the earth and the stars vanished.
6. Further, the purchase of an option with extremely high volatility (premium), an option that is too far out-of-the-money or too close to expiration, further dooms the potential purchaser of options to a trade that is likely to lose.
7. Their dooms had been sealed from the moment they ordered Colonel Clairdon Mahkswail to lead twenty-five thousand men westward from Guarnak in a desperate bid to escape the juggernaut hammering mercilessly up the Sylmahn Gap towards what was left of the Army of the Sylmahn.
8. Hers is a great greenhouse where brutes grow outsize, force-fed by unnatural airs, enter Nora's on Friday with clean linen, sog out with the wet wash-soiled bedclothes Monday, feeling as if you had meantime inspired, painted, and lived through all Bosch's Temptations, Hells, Judgments, and Dooms! Live at Nora's and you reside in a great warm giant's cheek, deliciously gummed and morseled hourly.
9. Hers is a great greenhouse where brutes grow outsize, force-fed by unnatural airs: enter Nora’s on Friday with clean linen, sog out with the wet-wash-soiled bedclothes Monday, feeling as if you had meantime inspired, painted, and lived through all Bosch’s Temptations, Hells, Judgments, and Dooms! Live at Nora’s and you reside in a great warm giant’s cheek, deliciously gummed and morseled hourly.
10. It had been admitted that we had a right to choose our enemy, and Great Britain was selected, because she was first in the career of maritime despotism, and had exercised it with unrelenting severity; because she stands alone in the impressment of our citizens, and dooms them to ignominious punishment, or compels them to fight her battles; because the national honor had been vitally wounded, in the attack upon our flag; and because she had heaped outrage upon aggression, and had imbrued her hands in the innocent blood of our citizens.

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