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Dork dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Corey was a dork.
2. Don’t be a dork.
3. But he really was a dork.
4. He was quite the dork I guess.
5. What a dork he thought to himself.
6. He stood there like a dork, turned and.
7. Of this strange, and crazy, clueless dork!.

8. He was a little bit of a dork, but I loved the man.
9. I know who you are, dork, he said with a sneer.
10. Who’s the dork? said Joey as he examined her.
11. You’re a dork, he said and handed her a flashlight.
12. I would never have the guts to call Max a dork anywhere anytime.
13. Kemp slaps Josh on the back of the head, Dude you are such a dork.
14. Why was she such a dork? A loser? A loser beyond even Massie's repair.
15. She knew that her looks were okay and so was her personality, but at school that made her a dork.
16. The weak, frail dork that had seen Tori the first day of school has been replaced by a lean, fit and confident guy.
17. Sheila was professor of Mathematics at New Dork University and she was the first to suggest the very formation of ZTA.
18. Consequent upon these concerted efforts an important meeting was called at Zulimistan industrial city New Dork by Zulimistan thinkers association (ZTA).
19. They had probably met in high school before the hottie was old enough to realize that she was going to be a hottie and before said hottie was old enough to realize that her high school beau was going to grow up to be a Fugly dork.
20. Murray settled down on the back seat and studied the registration numbers of the vehicles as they came and went from the car park, it was just before noon when a Nissan Patrol with the registration Murray was looking for came rolling down the ramp and parked two bays away from the lift door, Mr Hawk stepped from the car and gave a casual glance around the car park, at least it would have looked like a casual glance to an onlooker but Murray knew better, Mr Hawk had scanned the whole car park looking for a threat, he had counted and evaluated every car in the car park, finding nothing untoward he then walked to the lift door and disappeared from Murray’s view, Murray stayed were he was without moving and sure enough two minutes later Mr Hawk stuck his head around the lift door and studied the car park again, checking that nothing had changed, he was behaving exactly as a professional should, as Murray would behave if the roles were reversed, although Mr Hawk would never recognise the fact he had placed himself at a slight mental disadvantage, Mr Hawk’s first impression of Mr Jay had been less than flattering, in fact he thought Mr Jay was a bit of a dork, a clever dork but never the less a dork, not a professional like himself just someone who played around with safe’s and lock’s, this was exactly the impression Murray had set out to promote, even though Murray had outsmarted him, Mr Hawk’s subconscious had still not discarded this first impression that Mr Jay was a gifted amateur, the prison sentence for receiving a measly amount of jewellery reinforced this opinion, this gave Murray a huge advantage.

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