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Downcast dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Anne shrugged, her eyes downcast.
  2. The foes with downcast eyes abide.
  3. Gongsun Yan was downcast but shouted.
  4. She came to his side, eyes downcast.
  5. Maureen was downcast for a few minutes.

  6. Downcast eyes and muttering told the story.
  7. On that day there shall be downcast faces.
  8. Henri was downcast as he and Jean trudged the.
  9. Why will these spirits be downcast and broken?
  10. Even Simon Peter was depressed, if not downcast.
  11. The others stood with sad downcast expressions and.
  12. His eyes became downcast as he looked at his mother.
  13. But why will those faces stand downcast and bended?
  14. Fishing, he muttered again, eyes still downcast.
  15. King, said she, standing with downcast eyes before me.

  16. Even through the filter of the eyebrows of his downcast.
  17. Hassan, his head downcast, serving drinks to Assef and Wali.
  18. For an instant she was silent with rather sad downcast eyes.
  19. At his side, the Red Mage was silent, his features downcast.
  20. Marzavan listened with downcast eyes and the utmost attention.
  21. None of the twelve was so crushed and downcast as Simon Peter.
  22. Alilia fell silent, then she continued, her eyes still downcast.
  23. Their countenances are always downcast, for there is no hope in man.
  24. Colling shook his head and with eyes downcast, admitted that it was.
  25. The last time Nerissa saw her, Dzunga had been downcast, but still.

  26. I was downcast and sad; I had no idea to guess anything inscrutable.
  27. Mei Yinxue walked for quite a while with her head downcast before she.
  28. But her increasingly downcast expression told more than words might have.
  29. They will stand downcast because they are about to suffer a scorching Fire.
  30. Letting her arms fall helplessly, she sat with downcast eyes and pondered.
  31. Keep a firm hold on your brethren and see that they do not find you downcast.
  32. Her eyes looked downcast under her white hat, and her mouth was set in a frown.
  33. In these days shall the kings of the Earth have become the downcast in countenance.
  34. And the apostles all looked at Jesus, save Simon Zelotes, whose eyes were downcast.
  35. Rebecca sat with downcast eyes, tears coursing down her face, awash in fear and anxiety.
  36. The Master endeavored to cheer his downcast apostles, but that was well-nigh impossible.
  37. I went into it in amazement, very much downcast; I had never been roughly treated before.
  38. Ignat left off smiling, adjusted his belt, and went out of the room with meekly downcast.
  39. He was so utterly downcast that he could frame no other project than to go straight to Mr.
  40. The men’s eyes flashed for a second in understanding; and then they were downcast in shame.
  41. Ignát left off smiling, adjusted his belt, and went out of the room with meekly downcast eyes.
  42. I sat at last with downcast eyes, silent, ashamed, my heart shrunk back into reserve and frost.
  43. Liza entered the room without tears, but with eyes downcast, her father leading her by the hand.
  44. I know, Sari began anew, with eyes downcast, broaching the subject that had isolated her.
  45. Everyone was wearing black, every eye was downcast, and every word was muttered in a mournful tone.
  46. Her primary optical receptors were downcast in respect, but somehow she was not all that respectful.
  47. Krista’s gaze remained downcast and she couldn’t help the single tear that traced down her face.
  48. Among the rest Aksionov sat down near the newcomers, and listened with downcast air to what was said.
  49. Her face had collapsed into a series of fleshy ridges—eye bags and saggy cheeks, her lips downcast.
  50. COME TO ME! Do you thirst? Are you in need? What is it you wait for? Why are your countenances downcast?
  51. The vanquished and afflicted Don Quixote went along very downcast in one respect and very happy in another.
  52. She walked with downcast eyes, close to the walls, and smiling with pleasure under her lowered black veil.
  53. Lori Kano, like Jenny Kawena, was silent and downcast as she surveyed the chaos of burning debris and 705.
  54. Euric's face was downcast, They took him into custody right then and there and threw him into a prison cell.
  55. Everything in the expression, the flushed cheeks and the downcast eyes of Varenka betrayed a painful suspense.
  56. Be not downcast even when faint-hearted believers turn against you and join hands with the enemies of the kingdom.
  57. Janelle rose, eyes downcast, trying to hide her racing pulse and her breathing that was about to go out of control.
  58. Scout slunked forward cautiously, his eyes downcast until he was right at the gate with Sebastian towering over him.
  59. She stood to leave, and he coughed a little self-consciously, neck warm, and looking downcast at his shuffling feet.
  60. They could not possibly understand the downcast behavior of the apostles when they came back to Bethany that evening.
  61. Her eyes were downcast as she ascended the stairs, feeling a strange sense of simultaneous nervousness and excitement.
  62. They sat silent, eyes downcast, for a long time, then the Mullah raised his head and said, Allah! (meaning God).
  63. The doctor, always shy in the presence of women, stood with hanging head and downcast eyes, as though he were to blame.
  64. Seeing Nekhludoff she flushed, stopped waveringly, then frowned, and with downcast eyes approached him with quick step.
  65. She stood before me, dreadfully ashamed of herself, and with downcast eyes; and when I had finished she kissed my hand.
  66. Liza came out, looking very pale and with downcast eyes; she took her bag, but never glanced in Velchaninoff's direction.
  67. Chain leashes and collars secured the necks of the slaves, who trundled forward with slumped shoulders and downcast eyes.
  68. Sonya listened silently with downcast eyes to the countess’ cruel words, without understanding what was required of her.
  69. In prison, of course, there was a great deal he did not see and did not want to see; he lived as it were with downcast eyes.
  70. Sónya listened silently with downcast eyes to the countess’ cruel words, without understanding what was required of her.
  71. But the townspeople remained standing, their faces downcast, as one by one members of the crowd slipped away from the scene.
  72. Balashev stood with downcast eyes, looking at the movements of Napoleon’s stout legs and trying to avoid meeting his eyes.
  73. Balashëv stood with downcast eyes, looking at the movements of Napoleon’s stout legs and trying to avoid meeting his eyes.
  74. To put a finishing-touch to it, though the lady walked with modestly downcast eyes there was a sly and merry smile on her face.
  75. March looked silently at the downcast face of her pretty daughter, and could not find it in her heart to blame her little follies.
  76. On the way back to Bethany that night his conduct did not seem strange since all of the apostles were equally downcast and silent.
  77. Tsu then turned around and walked out with her soldiers, leaving a downcast Nicolas to grimly contemplate the future of his Church.
  78. Doctor Lebaron had a downcast expression on his face when he came out of the bedroom where he had just examined Pierre d’Orléans.
  79. He looked out into nothingness, bleak, miserable and downcast, letting out sigh after sigh, every one more desperate than the other.
  80. His fine and lovely eyes were now lighted up with indignation, now subdued to downcast sorrow and quenched in infinite wretchedness.
  81. There’s none of the wild-eyed hypnotism I’ve seen in religious fanatics, nor the downcast eyes of a society beaten into submission.
  82. There’s no particular harm now, she parodied, daringly, with downcast eyes, in your telling Elenore now what you told her then.
  83. She looked downcast, glancing at Ethan, waiting for some kind of explosive reaction, some kind of reproach or exclamation that never came.
  84. She had delivered most of the autobiographical speech very shyly, with her eyes downcast, glancing anywhere but into David Hudson’s eyes.
  85. Then Gandalf and Beregond taking up the bier bore it away towards the Houses of Healing, while behind them walked Pippin with downcast head.
  86. Rinard looked a bit downcast as he said, �From what I�ve been told by Ancor, there must have been over seven thousand refugees in that fleet.
  87. I forced myself to look at Hassan, but his head was downcast, his shoulders slumped, his finger twirling a loose string on the hem of his shirt.
  88. And then was he downcast and overcome by disappointment when Jesus climbed off the donkey and proceeded to walk leisurely about the temple courts.
  89. At the conclusion of the service Jesus looked down before him upon an elderly woman who wore a downcast expression, and who was much bent in form.
  90. Their inhabitants walk around in a constant state of shame, with downcast eyes; and at national assemblies their mayors are given the lowest seats.
  91. Standing in front of her, he tilted her downcast chin upwards, and gazed steadily into her midnight blue eyes which were brimming with unshed tears.
  92. With the aid of the proffered hand, Sari rose slowly, carefully, to stand before Moshe, her head bowed low, long lashes almost covering downcast eyes.
  93. Still he was not bitter! Just bad tempered, belligerent, depressed, downcast and deflated, and generally awkward with everyone who came into his life.
  94. Some of them stared about with a dazed or half-wild expression, but most of them walked with downcast eyes or staring blankly straight in front of them.
  95. Coming near Nekhludoff and seeing his cold, angry face, her own turned a purple color, and, with downcast eyes, she began to pick a corner of her waist.
  96. He was sure there was a twinkle in the downcast eyes, but it was equally evident that the girl did not intend to encourage his presumption by any speech.
  97. The captains showed plainly the concern they felt, the regent's lady was downcast, and the pilgrims did not at all enjoy seeing their property confiscated.
  98. Suddenly I noticed for three days in succession he was downcast and dejected, not because of my coldness, but for something else, something more important.
  99. Wearing her bathrobe, she stared downcast at the couch where Rafael slept and saw his duffle bag sitting on the floor opened with his change of clothes inside.
  100. Mary had gone to the apostles believing that Jesus had risen from the grave, but when they all refused to believe her report, she became downcast and despairing.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

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downcast blue depressed dispirited down downhearted gloomy grim low

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