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Draw dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I did not draw it.
  2. I wish I could draw.
  3. As he would draw it.
  4. I see; you draw ….

  6. I‘ll draw you a map.
  7. She did not draw back.
  8. I can draw on that.
  9. But I'll draw him out.
  10. Let us draw a rectangle.
  11. With a lasting draw of.
  13. Draw 6 costumes this way.
  14. But I want to draw real.
  15. To pull Jim, to draw Jim.

  16. He could not draw breath.
  17. We have to draw close to.
  18. I sat down to draw Forbes.
  19. We shal draw some results.
  20. I began to draw up my plan.
  21. Sebastian set me to draw it.
  22. With thy swift horses draw.
  23. I draw upon him for 600,000.
  24. But he could not draw back.
  25. Draw on these boots of mine.

  26. That is the draw of Dracula.
  27. Draw rein; where's the need.
  28. Such is the draw of vampires.
  29. I would have to draw him out.
  30. It looked like a draw to her.
  31. However, does He draw every.
  32. Nicholas began to draw ahead.
  33. The doe stops to draw breath.
  34. Where would we draw the line.
  35. I saw hpi draw a deep breath.
  36. Draw knife from tail to head.
  37. Jesus asked her to draw near.
  38. I don't want to draw this out.
  39. I think it came out as a draw.
  40. Son, I draw the line there.
  41. Nudity is one of them to draw.
  42. You just draw from the nearest.
  43. When you draw a vertical line.
  44. Luck of the draw, I guess.
  45. In case they have to draw blood.
  46. She knew he could draw on the.
  47. I draw a line at this point, 1.
  48. They draw what I see, yes?
  49. So you could draw a big circle.
  50. We draw from the whole country.
  51. But they are able to draw the.
  52. She decided to let August draw.
  53. Maybe so, but he can draw.
  54. The noise seemed to draw nearer.
  55. When you draw the ever outward.
  56. I jes' wants to draw and paint.
  57. Draw your chair nearer, my dear.
  58. You stay on as boss and draw a.
  59. Then he would draw me to him: no.
  60. Gardiner lost the draw, and the.
  61. And draw on the love in your eyes.
  62. Was he fast enough on the draw?
  63. Plus the sound will draw more.
  64. She was quick on the draw in an.
  65. It’s better to draw up a game.
  66. Draw from your positive thoughts.
  67. May I draw you a pot of ale?
  68. Therefore let us draw near with.
  69. We'll draw attention, he called.
  70. Use them to quickly draw 8 sigil.
  71. Draw the chart in the space below.
  72. Draw in, the scum and the bruised.
  73. Draw near, draw near, both of you.
  74. And draw on the love in their eyes.
  75. Here we should draw another quo-.
  76. The payouts were on a monthly draw.
  77. That was to draw your attention.
  78. Flies draw attention to droppings.
  79. Didn't want to draw attention to.
  80. The woods-runner tried to draw it.
  81. With a draw there is hope of sales.
  82. He took it out and closed the draw.
  83. I couldn’t draw in a real breath.
  84. The Holy Spirit will draw or drag.
  85. There! I said we should draw water.
  86. He evidently wished to draw him on.
  87. She went to the well to draw water.
  88. I could draw letters on the wheels.
  89. She would draw up plans in red ink.
  90. But it was impossible to draw back.
  91. No, Mom, not that, draw me a horse.
  92. The hand began to draw on the wall.
  93. And that’s where I draw the line.
  94. The more clearly you can draw your.
  95. Only men can draw the line for her.
  96. It worked to draw her nearer to God.
  97. I think it is time to draw this.
  98. Rebecca sat down and started to draw.
  99. So draw up a list of what you need.
  100. He knows how to draw the trend line.
  1. The time is drawing near.
  3. Back to the drawing board.
  4. Study of drawing, the, 80.
  5. At his drawing board, and.
  6. He had a knack for drawing.
  7. Webb is in the drawing room.
  8. Blocking in the drawing, 90.
  9. Drawing pictures in the sand.
  10. She's drawing to the left.
  11. Show us the drawing, Jeremiah.
  12. The TSAREVICH is drawing a map.
  13. The year is drawing to a close.
  14. It might be drawing them here.
  15. I did a drawing on parchment.
  16. His drawing looked like this:.
  17. Moses joined her, drawing his.
  18. The year was drawing to a close.
  19. Drawing still nearer to the End.
  20. The levee was drawing to a close.
  21. The night was drawing to a close.
  22. He heard the others drawing near.
  23. Dan stood, drawing our attention.
  24. My drawing resembles that of a.
  25. Building from a drawing was fine.
  26. The drawing of us together came.
  27. Values of tone drawing, the, 122.
  28. With him standing there drawing.
  29. The night was drawing in and the.
  30. These drawing seem very complete.
  31. I could feel it drawing me to him.
  32. The sound of Crowley drawing his.
  33. Fiery trials are drawing near you.
  34. But I sent the drawing to Interpol.
  35. Two Horses were drawing their carts.
  36. August started on a new drawing.
  37. Meanwhile she looked at his drawing.
  38. They heard a car drawing up outside.
  39. At the drawing room he stood still.
  40. John stooped to examine my drawing.
  41. The fire was hypnotising, drawing.
  42. Its tentacles were drawing Worf up.
  43. The chalk drawing I've lived in is.
  44. He snorted, drawing on the cold pipe.
  45. And then she was drawing it forward.
  46. Allie entered the drawing room.
  47. My lips parted, drawing in a breath.
  48. Could you look at this drawing?
  49. Still drawing interest, she thought.
  50. I can even feel it drawing me in.
  51. But that was where the drawing ended.
  52. Drawing closer, she still seemed shy.
  53. Drawing to a stop, Amy tilts her head.
  54. She was drawing hers from the future.
  55. The captain sensed Quell drawing near.
  56. Are you drawing on our poster?
  57. Willie couldn't wait to begin drawing.
  58. Your father is in the drawing room.
  59. I asked her to sit in the drawing room.
  60. Drawing me in, and you kicking me out.
  61. At first she was baffled by the drawing.
  62. The drawing was instantly recognizable.
  63. This weather, this drawing out of days.
  64. This provides a reference for drawing.
  65. I don’t buy that drawing thing.
  66. The Drawing of God in the New Testament.
  67. Bread, use of, in charcoal drawing, 276.
  68. The priest gig is rapidly drawing closer.
  69. He also made a drawing of the interior.
  70. Sounds drawing nearer through the smoke.
  71. But suddenly she thought of the drawing.
  72. Do you have the drawing here?
  73. The Drawing of God in the Old Testament.
  74. The times are drawing to a close swiftly.
  75. He brought out a folder under the drawing.
  76. Then I came with Riya in the drawing room.
  77. Caleb could not retreat without drawing.
  78. Drawing pictures for a word in a sentence.
  79. Drawing more attention to your shoulders.
  80. I start off drawing a line at this level.
  81. Here’s how to get your drawing exact:.
  82. Hmmm, he said drawing a deep breath.
  83. I’d become a magnet, drawing it all in.
  84. Drawing up my knees, I fold in on myself.
  85. The drawing of the Father refers to the.
  86. Drawing back slightly, I studied the door.
  87. And he waited for her in her drawing room.
  88. Conan stood up, drawing her up beside him.
  89. Zoe stopped and looked down at the drawing.
  90. Cherrie compares my crystal to the drawing.
  91. My time here in Eudora is drawing to an end.
  92. There’s a drawing of a family by his bed.
  93. This is a composite drawing from a witness.
  94. The Amazon Queen was drawing her bow again.
  95. It was a drawing of a broadly grinning face.
  96. He had difficulty drawing his eyes from her.
  97. They were sitting in the large drawing room.
  98. Drawing back a few inches, she peered at him.
  99. Paul made a drawing: Miriam stayed with him.
  100. He beckons to every lamb, drawing them close.
  1. I was drawn to it.
  2. She was drawn to him.
  3. She was drawn to the.
  4. You were drawn to him.
  5. The line is drawn, Mrs.
  6. I had my M9 drawn and.
  7. Are all drawn in stone.
  8. It has drawn from them.
  9. His eyes were drawn to.
  10. Kim had drawn first blood.
  11. The veil had been drawn.
  12. Blood was drawn at times.
  13. He was drawn to her feet.
  14. It was a carefully drawn.
  15. The lines are being drawn.
  16. In fact if they'd drawn a.
  17. The lines are clearly drawn.
  18. We had our revolvers drawn.
  19. The Beast is drawn to new.
  20. His eyes were drawn to hers.
  21. He looked at her drawn face.
  22. A sword rang as it was drawn.
  23. Fascinated, but not drawn in.
  24. When thy grinders are drawn.
  25. The blinds are always drawn.
  26. His face was drawn and gaunt.
  27. I seemed to be drawn somehow.
  28. So far, he had drawn a blank.
  29. Yarkowski could have drawn it.
  30. There was a drawn out silence.
  31. His face was drawn and tired.
  32. His face was gaunt and drawn.
  33. I hadn't drawn a thing in my.
  34. This can be drawn as follows:.
  35. Sean had his pistol drawn on.
  36. They would, however, be drawn.
  37. He had even drawn a conclusion.
  38. His face is drawn down and red.
  39. Here, villain, drawn and ready.
  40. Steve had drawn his sword but.
  41. But all seem drawn off to the.
  42. A crude hand drawn map of the.
  43. He couldn't be drawn out on it.
  44. He was drawn to her green eyes.
  45. The attitude had drawn all the.
  46. Sim was drawn into their living.
  47. Wrinkles that mar are drawn by.
  48. Rather than waiting to drawn into.
  49. She said: But you’ve drawn.
  50. His face was drawn, his eyes dark.
  51. A long drawn out silence followed.
  52. He felt inexplicably drawn to her.
  53. This image was drawn during the.
  54. The Cat's house is drawn in blue.
  55. Let it be drawn into the pyramid.
  56. The hearse was drawn by young men.
  57. My attention was drawn to Deshavi.
  58. The card-table had drawn off the.
  59. Why have you drawn your sword? '.
  60. Aquarius was now drawn to the gate.
  61. An acte de notoriete was drawn up.
  62. Your minds and bodies were drawn.
  63. By this time Vaughn had drawn near.
  64. And then the black marble was drawn.
  65. The student had drawn himself erect.
  66. Frederick’s men had drawn weapons.
  67. They have drawn a boy of seventeen.
  68. Moral Drawn from Foregoing Examples.
  69. My eyes were drawn to the painting.
  70. So with new paperwork drawn up in.
  71. It was as if a line had been drawn.
  72. Detecting it, they are drawn to it.
  73. Billy is drawn towards the cameras.
  74. He painted a picture of drawn out.
  75. Demons are drawn to the spirit of.
  76. They’re drawn to historic places.
  77. He had drawn the curtains shut so.
  78. This was before the prize was drawn.
  79. His left eye was drawn nearly shut.
  80. But they were drawn by August.
  81. I am not drawn to pain and violence.
  82. She found herself drawn to his eyes.
  83. They would not be drawn into a trap.
  84. The promise of truth has drawn near.
  85. His face was drawn and he appeared.
  86. As when the tempest's veil is drawn.
  87. Vidyunmali still had his sword drawn.
  88. I’ll have the papers drawn up in.
  89. I was drawn towards a different toy.
  90. Something inside me was drawn to her.
  91. It is there that the water was drawn.
  92. He looks over at her, his face drawn.
  93. A strange instinct had drawn her back.
  94. Drawn by the attraction of Free Land.
  95. Each time he had drawn an elaborate.
  96. If only they hadn’t drawn blade.
  97. Owen and the tinker had drawn swords.
  98. The Symbol—black and not well drawn.
  99. Shoulders are drawn up, back and down.
  100. Kali smiled but refused to be drawn in.
  1. He almost draws his gun.
  2. Mama says it draws in-.
  3. But the hour draws near.
  4. The spec says it draws 44.
  5. That draws a sword on thee.
  6. If the idea draws one on.
  7. It draws one to the mater-.
  8. She draws only fifteen feet.
  9. And draws itself to its love.
  10. It draws men to covetousness.
  11. Aragorn? His time draws near.
  12. That portrait draws you in.
  13. The dialogue draws to its close.
  14. The end of the month draws near.
  15. The hunter draws another arrow.
  16. My face draws near to this earth!.
  17. Whore’s blood draws poorer odds.
  18. The executioner draws in a breath.
  19. Morning draws near; let’s sleep.
  20. One draws to himself thought waves.
  21. Chapter one clearly draws the link.
  22. Pyramus draws near the wall; silence.
  23. Second, when our final breath draws.
  24. In front of him Lionel draws to a stop.
  25. There was a chest of draws next to it.
  26. This draws the purposeful distinction.
  27. As My hand draws back, blood pours down.
  28. From it, he draws a thin strip of metal.
  29. This is the primary goal that draws you.
  30. God then draws our attention to the earth.
  31. In fact she draws state benefit for the.
  32. And finally the end of the line draws near.
  33. It is passion that draws others to you to.
  34. The beauty is one thing that draws me back.
  35. This book draws from his original examples.
  36. He never draws his gun, during the shootout.
  37. It has an appeal to it that draws you in.
  38. Those who see her she draws to their deaths.
  39. It’s an internal voice that draws them to.
  40. As she draws level with us, she greets Simon.
  41. First God draws us into the conviction of sin.
  42. Tánya draws a thread over the Fat Lady's head.
  43. Really? Why? What draws you there? Mat-.
  44. She rolls her R ’s, draws out her S ’s.
  45. Mother clears her throat and draws my attention.
  46. The hunter comes up with them and draws his bow.
  47. The rough edge slashes his skin and draws blood.
  48. In Practice: know what draws that something and.
  49. If He draws some more strongly than others, why.
  50. Love is the attractive force that draws to us the.
  51. Connie draws on her limited supply of common sense.
  52. Simon draws his hands up, folds them under his chin.
  53. She dresses conservatively and draws her hair back.
  54. He steps into the next room over and draws up short.
  55. He slowly draws his covers over his nose and thinks.
  56. I fear that the time of the Regents draws to an end.
  57. She draws in a lung full and passes the smoke to you.
  58. She turns and, holding out her hands, draws him over.
  59. Additionally, he has produced a book which draws on.
  60. Our letter draws heavily on one letter in a 419eater.
  61. As the end of things draws near, we are exhorted to.
  62. Below is another statement that draws on metaphor to.
  63. There is a knife tucked into his pants, and he draws.
  64. The educational curriculum either draws out from 671.
  65. The Standfast well still draws, he won’t go thirsty.
  66. Teacher calls ‘time’ and draws a ‘Terror Card’.
  67. Jeff Thatcher! Why, he'd keel over just with two draws.
  68. East, she now draws on those experiences in her writing.
  69. With a grin, Sykes rummaged through his draws, handing.
  70. This redemption draws nigh to those of that generation.
  71. What manner of magic is this that draws us forward?
  72. So you finally realized that sound draws the infected.
  73. Theoretically the Skilled Helper approach draws on three.
  74. An effective coach draws the coachee back and restores a.
  75. In fact she draws state benefit for the rest of her life.
  76. He draws up a list of over 1100 men, women, and children.
  77. Notice the Jewish apostle Peter draws this same conclusion.
  78. After taking in a few long draws he realized what he had.
  79. Her beauty arouses him to play the man; it draws out his.
  80. Thus God guides us and draws us towards His infinite Self.
  81. Therefore, to all of us, the coming of the Lord draws nigh.
  82. Hey says Brutus as she draws out a dagger of his toga.
  83. As he draws in a big breath, she kicks the same spot again.
  84. Pak Sule draws a crowd to his street stand outside the ANZ.
  85. He draws a line with his finger from one side to the other.
  86. She draws back her hand and, aiming at his heart, stabs him.
  87. Accordingly, the symbol star represents and draws together.
  88. We don’t know the day or hour, but we know it draws close.
  89. Portcullis House on the other hand draws very few sightseers.
  90. Then, with obvious effort, she draws herself back to her feet.
  91. He cups her chin with his left hand and draws her face to his.
  92. After taking in a few long draws he realized what he had done.
  93. She cries out against his lips, draws back and looks up at him.
  94. Your new breath draws profiles for towns that wish to flourish.
  95. But she draws herself up taller and says, Is that all?
  96. I gasp quietly, wary of the strength his touch draws out of me.
  97. The Almighty draws our attention to another sign when He says:.
  98. Any way of them adopted by man draws him far from the other one.
  99. Yeah she draws pictures of things she sees in other’s minds.
  100. She centers herself, draws upon her immunity, and pushes outward.
  1. He drew in a breath.
  2. I drew close to her.
  3. When he drew in a.
  4. He drew it on the.
  5. She drew in a breath.
  6. He drew up his chair.
  7. I drew him that way.
  8. I drew my knife out.
  9. He drew a deep breath.
  10. She drew it out and.
  11. My father drew a gun.
  12. Hope drew her chin in.
  13. She drew up her knees.
  14. He drew back a little.
  15. She drew out a blood.
  16. Molly and Drew are cut.
  17. He drew her into his.
  18. As he drew near, the.
  19. He drew his hand back.
  20. I drew near and looked.
  21. Slowly he drew it out.
  22. Ken drew a deep breath.
  23. Sam drew a deep breath.
  24. She drew a long breath.
  25. She drew nearer to him.
  26. He drew the line there.
  27. As Frodo drew near be.
  28. Alan drew a deep breath.
  29. I drew in a deep breath.
  30. Then, he drew another X.
  31. She drew my lips to her.
  32. Drew picked up his shirt.
  33. She drew back her hands.
  34. Jason drew on that ab-.
  35. Drew stared at his hands.
  36. He had to be Drew Nolan.
  37. So he drew off his shoe.
  38. She drew in a deep breath.
  39. She drew up her shoulders.
  40. Then the steps drew away.
  41. She drew her bow forward.
  42. He drew in a sharp breath.
  43. He drew in a long breath.
  44. The two ships drew closer.
  45. Drew, come in, he said.
  46. Drew shot a frown at him.
  47. He drew her into his web.
  48. God drew me close to Him.
  49. I stood up and drew my M4.
  50. The man drew near to her.
  51. He drew the net curtains.
  52. Drew Wilson, that was it.
  53. When he read or drew his.
  54. They drew near to the city.
  55. All three drew me to them.
  56. My name is Drew Durning.
  57. They drew their last cards.
  58. What was Drew doing here?
  59. Drew felt nervous but safe.
  60. Her thoughts turned to Drew.
  61. Closer and closer they drew.
  62. I drew away from her breath.
  63. Smith drew the sack closer.
  64. He went to the bank, drew.
  65. Eric drew the curtain back.
  66. Drew and Cath kept the money.
  67. But my son drew himself to.
  68. Bald Pat at a sign drew nigh.
  69. Megan drew in a shaky breath.
  70. This drew even more laughter.
  71. As they drew nearer to the.
  72. The two men drew next to her.
  73. He drew back in consternation.
  74. She drew an arrow and waited.
  75. She drew nearer to the mirror.
  76. Sure, they drew pictures of.
  77. Or rather that drew my smile.
  78. At length the hour drew near.
  79. He drew a sawed off 12 gauge.
  80. As they drew names out of a.
  81. Humans drew on the walls of.
  82. I drew the piece for the.
  83. Those that were behind drew.
  84. I think he drew them himself.
  85. He drew his weapon and fired.
  86. I drew my M9 again and aimed.
  87. As I drew the blanket up to.
  88. They drew batons and advanced.
  89. As the two white specks drew.
  90. He drew Sting from its sheath.
  91. Josh drew back his hand again.
  92. Caderousse drew a deep breath.
  93. The boy drew breath beside me.
  94. She drew her over to the group.
  95. He drew away from her quickly.
  96. When that which drew from out.
  97. He drew back and looked at her.
  98. Annabeth drew her bronze knife.
  99. Rave drew her into his embrace.
  100. The Judge drew forth his sword.

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