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Eats dans une phrase (en anglais)

He just eats a share.
He eats one Hell of a.
Kitty eats any of it it.
That thing sure eats gas.
When Kortrax Eats the Sky.
Bread warms him who eats it.
He only eats the little bits.

He eats whatever he can find.
She eats nothing before S:OO P.
One eats, but one does not dine.
He also eats curry and rice, the.
Dawg probably eats the damn things.
The eye eats first before the mouth.
The typical modern adult eats far.
Where the mother eats the therapist.
Zachary eats but not as much as I do.
I don’t believe he eats spiders.
Werner eats, though he is not hungry.
As she eats the food, he takes care.
Anísya (eats, and collects the dishes).
There’s a welder eats at the Poppy.
He who eats this Bread will live forever.
It’s because he eats a lot of takeaways.
However, when B eats guacamole he gets a.
Q: The realized man eats, drinks and sleeps.
Maybe just to see that he eats something?
The more nervous he gets, the more he eats.
That who eats the flesh of his dead brother.
She eats in the cafeteria with the students.
Indeed, that is what an Elif eats - planets.
He rarely eats and then only the fruits and.
As Universe eats much of a usual cosmic thing.
Eats not the flats with more impetuous haste.
He eats a mouthful of his food before going on.
He eats all sorts of light and heavy things:.
Come, friend, don't say that; a wolf eats wolf.
He eats poorly and drinks to excess every night.
It consumers its own icons! It eats itself alive.
Kabalist interjected: Lest one eats the sacred.
Apparently, he eats only locusts and wild honey.
This is eating you up.
Are they not eating ?
He, she was eating, etc.
It is the sin of eating.
Eating up the road was.
A smell like an eating.
He sat eating the Ritz.
Eating is their only fun.
She was eating her salad.
I was demoted to eating.
Anne and eating them again.
He grinned and kept eating.
Sit down and go on eating.
I was in bed, eating Thai.
They are eating him alive.
Wonder what he was eating.
Eating off his cold plate.
I don’t call that eating.
After eating we cleaned up.
We can talk whilst eating.
He was eating better and.
Go ahead and start eating.
And just eating his thumb.
I shrugged and kept eating.
Eating a lot of saturated.
She had been eating a male.
Months of not eating what.
Enjoy eating with a friend.
But he was too busy eating.
Eating a cold meal before.
They both were eating food.
Eating breakfast is a habit.
This thing is eating at him.
They are all eating quietly.
Eating Toast in the Desert!.
They were eating out of.
Stop eating meat and other.
The avalanche eating us out.
There was also meat eating.
Or eaten by a swan.
To eat or to be eaten.
And be eaten by a bear.
She had never eaten one.
You thought I'd eaten her.
By the time we had eaten.
She had not eaten anything.
No-one had eaten for hours.
The food eaten was fantastic.
He’d eaten a great dinner.
The best food they’d eaten.
It is eaten with sticky rice.
The rat had eaten his poison.
And they are too easily eaten.
I have not eaten for so long.
I should have eaten lunch.
You haven’t eaten in a.
Gorillas have also been eaten.
The forbidden fruit was eaten.
I don’t want to be eaten.
The cat cannot have eaten him.
Zach had eaten fish many times.
Have you eaten? Red asked.
Have you ever eaten there?
He’d eaten the whole thing!.
I would have never eaten that.
She had neither eaten nor slept.
I know you said you had eaten.
Ed had eaten at the mess before.
It was probably eaten by a moth.
On Good Friday nothing is eaten.
Every one of mine has been eaten.
I have eaten up the world and I.
Rust has eaten nearly through it.
There, they had eaten their fill.
Have you eaten? he asked her.
It is eaten by other corporations.
Moyo hasn't eaten since yesterday.
This may be eaten as a breakfast.
Hell, I’ve never even eaten kale.
I ate a mild soup.
Joy: I ate it: joy.
We ate at the hotel.
Why? I ate y oie.
If we ate three a.
It ate away at her.
They ate at the bar.
He ate like a baby.
The two men ate in.
He ate well, but I.
Once it ate them up.
He ate with a very.
As we ate, he talked.
He never ate at home.
I ate my food anyway.
We ate in near silence.
He ate a very little.
It ate out of her hand.
It ate away the light.
Her worries ate at her.
He ate dirt once more.
I ate till I was full.
So he ate rapidly and.
Anguish ate away at her.
I ate, drank and slept.
Sin: They ate the fruit.
They ate a lot of fish.
The Boy Who Ate Slowly.
This meant he ate first.
They ate a late midday.
We ate almost in silence.
By the time he ate and.
They talked as they ate.
They ate it while riding.
The day he ate was the.
We ate dinner in silence.
Maybe he ate the others.
He ate it, he said.
The group ate in silence.
They ate and talked and.

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I have to eat too.
I eat On The Way.
I decided to eat a.
Eat lean to be lean.
Eat, this is my body.
I can eat meat, too.
I could eat a hippo.
He, she will eat, etc.
I just wanted to eat.
I want to eat him up.
All of us have to eat.
I hate to eat in the.
Eat only at set times.
Let's eat by the line.
He, she would eat, etc.
To eat or to be eaten.
We could eat in peace.
Do not eat halal foods.
You know what? Eat me.
I can’t wait to eat.
All but the eat sir.
Yes I do eat enough.
I want to eat and at.
They still had to eat.
He won't eat it either.
No, we can eat later.
You can eat with him.
They had nothing to eat.
We will eat only those.
Eat more times in a day.
Neither man began to eat.
Now, it was time to eat.
If you try to eat this.
They need to eat often.
Thou shalt not eat any.
I can‘t wait to eat it.
You eat the shell and all.
If you are angry - eat it.
Dip toast into it to eat.
And I thought I could eat.

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