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Effortless dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. This, when effortless and natural, is.
  2. It has a really effortless quality to it.
  3. Granted, it’s not effortless on our part.
  4. With an almost effortless motion, Enrique.
  5. A great example of how effortless pop used to be.

  6. It was effortless, he discovered, to hold on to her.
  7. It is the nameless, contentless, effortless and spon-.
  8. Suddenly, staying focussed on the dot became effortless.
  9. It was forgiveness, beautiful and effortless and complete.
  10. Her kind heart was an effortless bridge to her passionate.
  11. He moved us both with effortless grace and I meekly smiled.
  12. Remember that the most effortless acts of deliberate.
  13. It all slipped into place, natural, effortless, elegant even.
  14. Listening is the only effortless effort a seeker has to offer.
  15. Limbs never moved as hers had, effortless and sleek and fluid.

  16. Q: Realization of the eternal and an effortless and adequate res-.
  17. Oh, if only life was like a dream, effortless creation continuously.
  18. She cast a Speaking to their administrator with an effortless thought.
  19. He found that motion to be so effortless and relaxing, and he often.
  20. No matter what the terrain, his footing was sure, his gait effortless.
  21. This in turn, teaches you about how effortless LOVE really is.
  22. The first jump looked as effortless as it was for both horse and rider.
  23. The image was stunning, and the feeling of effortless movement was heady.
  24. He seemed to catch it so effortless that Guo Yuxia lovingly clapped her.
  25. Working with Vera was effortless and it was like she was part of the dialog.

  26. Maintain your focus upon an effortless visualization of doing your practice.
  27. And once again I was amazed at how effortless any struggle becomes when the.
  28. It is sufficient that we want to pray; then learning becomes rapid and effortless.
  29. Thank you for being that effortless, no expectations, comforting friend Chris needed.
  30. I rose high enough so that I caught thermals, soaring so that it was nearly effortless.
  31. It was an effortless motion, and he didn’t need to look away from Hilsith as he did so.
  32. With an almost effortless ease he flexes his fingers and pulls each of the robots heads off.
  33. Our relationship was the most effortless experience I have ever had with another human being.
  34. Later he would marvel that it had been as effortless and instinctual as walking across a floor.
  35. With Will I had never had to consider what I said: talking to him was as effortless as breathing.
  36. Her skirt dropped to the floor with an effortless unfastening and she slipped her shoes from her feet.
  37. But was moved by the effortless and unselfish thinking of Collette first of all and then of all of you.
  38. Peace - the blissful effortless state of residing in awareness without the pull of a mind full of attachments.
  39. In areas such as this the home and city will sell itself, making for a nearly effortless flip in some scenarios.
  40. With effortless ease and teamwork Joel and Falcon moved Kathy over, so her body was in a more comfortable position.
  41. The walls that had prevented their effortless communication and the development of their friendship were crumbling.
  42. When she had, Hilsith cast effortless diagnostics, reading the state of Talia’s body as a scholar reads a page of print.
  43. There's a powerful, obedient, swift, and effortless force that can be bent to any use and which reigns supreme aboard my vessel.
  44. He was immediately enraptured by her inquisitiveness, again overwhelmed with her effortless fascination with the world about her.
  45. Accompanying will power is determination, and because the conscious mind is creating it, the process becomes naturally effortless.
  46. The protective shield around the house is set up in such a way yours, mine, Jabar’s and Oded’s outlook can come in effortless.
  47. Charts and tables set up the illusion that anticipation of an economic phase is effortless, but these tables do not function as tea leaves.
  48. Ironically, we find that when we are making big money and our decision making is flowing well as we trade in the zone, it begins to feel effortless.
  49. The sophomores leapt out to a one-length lead and never looked back, pulling away decisively at the halfway mark and cruising to a seemingly effortless win.
  50. Although the pressure made it hard to breathe for a few seconds, the trip to her house and back was otherwise effortless with the robe and Than’s guidance.
  51. You have a natural talent; you make the craft look effortless, so keep up the good work that you have started, as there hands were clasped in a firm handshake.
  52. I was mesmerized by them in their effortless choreography of deft movement around the leather steering wheel as they kept the car perfectly aligned and under control.
  53. They had been pre-adolescent, but nevertheless he had been bewitched by her quick wits, her daring, and the effortless way she had assumed command of the little group.
  54. He spent ten minutes indoctri�nating Toby in the delights of effortless rolls and loops and wingovers, then talked him to the point of touchdown on runway 34 at Phan Rang.
  55. It was all so effortless that Colling began thinking that perhaps there was some grand plot in place to trap them at the time and place that would be most to the NKVD’s liking.
  56. Someone observing our performance would remark that we make a complex task appear effortless and easy; this, in fact, is one of the attributes of true mastery in many disciplines.
  57. Before her incarceration walking that distance would have been effortless, but after the months of inactivity and a lack of nutrition it felt like a challenge; the few items in her bag a burden.
  58. He was taking power from some four hundred people at once! The plates were big enough to hold eighty men! Mind you, it’s effortless to give power once the spell’s working; I spent the hour chatting with girls.
  59. However compatible, however harmonious, however balanced and mutually satisfying a relationship appeared on the surface, nothing could compare with the effortless joy of being in the company of his dream companion.
  60. Self-abandoned, relaxed, and effortless, I seemed to have laid me down in the dried-up bed of a great river; I heard a flood loosened in remote mountains, and felt the torrent come: to rise I had no will, to flee I had no strength.
  61. The maids' private aims, however, were the reverse of the dairyman's rule, the daily selection by each damsel of the eight or ten cows to which she had grown accustomed rendering the operation on their willing udders surprisingly easy and effortless.
  62. My strong primary and secondary feathers made effortless adjustments as I banked and turned, and within a minute I was a couple thousand feet up in the sky, in the wild blue yonder, as they say, where there was no sound except the wind rushing past my ears, nothing in my way, nothing holding me back.
  63. It is easy to pour out love on Papa; so easy, so effortless, that I do not feel as if it could be worth much; but I have made up my mind, not without something of a grim determination that seems to have little enough to do with love, to give my step-mother as much of me, my affections, my services, as she can do with.
  64. Reacher eased the trigger home, and he felt the mechanism turn, gears and cams and levers, effortless, and the gun fired, in his mind a considered shot, a decent interval after his first, but in the real world almost a double tap, a fast bang-move-bang, a craftsman going about his business, calmly, using his natural born gifts.
  65. She guides his face up to kiss him, and it is so perfectly sweet, so simple and effortless and undemanding and so wildly at odds with the way he's massaging her ass in time with the movements of her hips, and the feel of the bare skin of her back as he traces the delicate curves of her spine and her shoulder blades, and the way he slips his hand around through the loosened fabric of her dress to tease her breast.
  66. What if that canoe had never been built? And the only vistas of beauty to be glimpsed were from the land? And all traveling remained slow and difficult: instead of easy and effortless? So that each new scene, each new discovery was that much more earned though hardship? So, each step is earned, and the earth was not passed by, but experienced fully… every inch of it, rather than traveling around it by water and avoided? The canoe is a marvel of technology.
  67. This state of flow is a common thread in elite performance, regardless of the context or the field: the professional athlete who sees the whole field at a glance and effortlessly seems to be at the right place at the right time, the professional musician playing an hour-long concerto from memory with effortless perfection, the line cook in a busy kitchen balancing completion of a dozen dishes at a time for hours on end, the video gamer sitting in front of his screen, or the religious mystic sitting on a wooden floor praying for days on end—these experiences are united by a common state of mind.

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