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Elvis dans une phrase (en anglais)

My old man was Elvis.
His Elvis wig was askew.
They call me the Son of Elvis.
Elvis was good, I replied.
And this is Elvis Costello.
Elvis stared at a spot on the table.
Elvis Morrissey…? No, too obvious.

I went home and curled up with Elvis.
Elvis raced in to attack the intruder.
The Women Who Loved Elvis All Their Lives.
Is that the only Elvis song you know?
But when I did, he called me the Son of Elvis.
Fred and Ginger have tied the knot with Elvis.
Elvis almost broke the cup as he put it back down.
I thought he was some Elvis impersonator’s son.
Elvis, would you help me with the broccoli?
He says a guy who looked like Elvis knocked him out.
You want her to be excited about your 1959 Elvis record.
That wasn’t me, I was channeling Elvis, he replied.
At least for those two days, I was more famous than Elvis.
Elvis looked up and frowned as we walked towards his table.
I wore my Elvis gear when I went out on assignments …’.
The Son of Elvis; I bumped into him yesterday on the beach.
The night before Elvis Presley died, we had played Swindon.
All I made out as I walked away was that it was an Elvis song.
He couldn’t see what the fuss about, besides Kim liked Elvis.
Like Elvis, with his constant groupies, but his sainted mother.
He swung his head to the left—kind of an Elvis Presley dance.
Matters intensified when Elvis began growling at the entrance to.
In fact just about everybody was there but Elvis and The Beatles.
It was a cat with Elvis hot on his heels! Before I realized what.
It's a Leiber and Stoller song, right?' he said, and Elvis grinned.
He was just a man in an Elvis costume driving her to a school event.
On August 16, 1977, Elvis died at the age of 42 in Memphis, Tennessee.
The writer speculates on the reaction Elvis will receive in New York.
I scanned the beach, looking for The Son of Elvis, my American friend.
After his death, there were more Elvis sightings than UFO sightings.
Elvis had finished his milk shake and was humming a few bars of a tune.
Cody stared mesmerized at the Elvis figure when we sat down at his table.
Was he another Elvis? That comparison seemed weak and lacked credibility.

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