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Elvis dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. My old man was Elvis.
  2. His Elvis wig was askew.
  3. They call me the Son of Elvis.
  4. Elvis was good, I replied.
  5. And this is Elvis Costello.
  6. Elvis stared at a spot on the table.
  7. I went home and curled up with Elvis.
  8. Elvis Morrissey…? No, too obvious.
  9. Elvis raced in to attack the intruder.
  10. The Women Who Loved Elvis All Their Lives.
  11. Is that the only Elvis song you know?
  12. But when I did, he called me the Son of Elvis.
  13. Fred and Ginger have tied the knot with Elvis.
  14. Elvis almost broke the cup as he put it back down.
  15. I thought he was some Elvis impersonator’s son.
  16. Elvis, would you help me with the broccoli?
  17. He says a guy who looked like Elvis knocked him out.
  18. You want her to be excited about your 1959 Elvis record.
  19. At least for those two days, I was more famous than Elvis.
  20. That wasn’t me, I was channeling Elvis, he replied.
  21. Elvis looked up and frowned as we walked towards his table.
  22. I wore my Elvis gear when I went out on assignments …’.
  23. The Son of Elvis; I bumped into him yesterday on the beach.
  24. The night before Elvis Presley died, we had played Swindon.
  25. All I made out as I walked away was that it was an Elvis song.
  26. Like Elvis, with his constant groupies, but his sainted mother.
  27. He couldn’t see what the fuss about, besides Kim liked Elvis.
  28. He swung his head to the left—kind of an Elvis Presley dance.
  29. In fact just about everybody was there but Elvis and The Beatles.
  30. Matters intensified when Elvis began growling at the entrance to.
  31. It was a cat with Elvis hot on his heels! Before I realized what.
  32. It's a Leiber and Stoller song, right?' he said, and Elvis grinned.
  33. He was just a man in an Elvis costume driving her to a school event.
  34. On August 16, 1977, Elvis died at the age of 42 in Memphis, Tennessee.
  35. The writer speculates on the reaction Elvis will receive in New York.
  36. I scanned the beach, looking for The Son of Elvis, my American friend.
  37. After his death, there were more Elvis sightings than UFO sightings.
  38. Elvis had finished his milk shake and was humming a few bars of a tune.
  39. Was he another Elvis? That comparison seemed weak and lacked credibility.
  40. Cody stared mesmerized at the Elvis figure when we sat down at his table.
  41. Elvis was a heartthrob, singer, actor, television entertainer and producer.
  42. Hello folks, Elvis greeted the group as he stepped aboard the aircraft.
  43. He always maintained that Elvis and The Beatles were the two most influential.
  44. Their mothers, fathers, siblings and friends think they are greater than Elvis.
  45. If God were the ruling factor in your life, one could say that God killed Elvis.
  46. He was in a black and gold Elvis outfit with cape-like sleeves and a huge collar.
  47. We compared his physical features with Elvis Presley’s when he was still alive.
  48. Rumors have spread that he is still alive in Nashville doing Elvis impersonations.
  49. Without any effort, we found The Marago where Elvis was just having a cup of coffee.
  50. Two Audreys and an Elvis argued loudly and passionately about standardized testing.
  51. You don’t mock the phenomenon that is Elvis Presley, Aspen said reproachfully.
  52. Monroe and her costars from Some Like It Hot were on Silver Screen, Elvis Presley was.
  53. Where d'you come from?' Elvis took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his forehead.
  54. He said, You know my very good friend Elvis Costello came to visit me before the show.
  55. It was blacker than the velvet on an Elvis painting, there was no pixel of light anywhere.
  56. The Son of Elvis was totally wrecked and just staring at the stars, dribbling from his mouth.
  57. That big scary-looking Elvis over there found a bag of them in the kitchen, said Tom.
  58. A few Marines approached them and one of the men insinuated that Elvis had been with his wife.
  59. Gosh, I never imagined when they called Elvis, the King, that he was actually a pharaoh!.
  60. Clyde West, a local country singer was going to sing an Elvis spiritual song, ‘Mama Liked the Roses.
  61. The first thing I noticed was that the couple running the music were dressed as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.
  62. Elvis Costello held up that bottle and said, ‘The greatest country singer in the history of the world.
  63. Midge's father disappeared over Iraq in 2005, and most likely Elvis would have heard of neither Iraq nor 2005.
  64. The girl was thrilled, even more so when Elvis signed an autograph to her saying, Best wishes, Johnny Cash.
  65. Raynor told us it was still dark out when Elvis came up claiming that he was arriving for his first day of work.
  66. Roger and Josie showed everybody their happiness when at the dance Elvis Presley’s rockand-roll music was played.
  67. It was a picture of Elvis Presley sitting in a chair with Charlie kneeling next to him, apparently in conversation.
  68. He was twirling his Elvis wig around in his hand, and it suddenly flew off and over the balcony and into the darkness.
  69. Here he was, sitting on the curb, eating hot dogs and French fries, drinking milk shake and actually talking to Elvis.
  70. Charlie was small in stature and Elvis was six-foot, but in the photo he doesn’t appear that much bigger than Charlie.
  71. I spent the balance of my birthday watching Elvis Presley in Flaming Star, reflecting on the premature end of certain men.
  72. Easily the most awesome Elvis tune; it’s his best rocker and his most heartfelt song, which is a rather wicked combo, for sure.
  73. Hearing Charlie sing along to the music, he reminded me a little of the Son of Elvis; I guess it was the way he was so laid back.
  74. I thought Elvis was dead, cackled Spock tears of laughter streaming from his eyes as Pon adjusted his wig and smoothed it down.
  75. Some years like that one ’77 are often remembered internationally by other more famous deaths such as the passing of Elvis Presley.
  76. I knew that the Louvin Brothers had shared the Louisiana Hayride bill with Elvis Presley, but something was off about the picture.
  77. In the car later, Elvis told George that it was only a prop and when they went to court, the judge dismissed the case against the two.
  78. Elvis was inducted into the Country Hall of Fame, the Gospel Hall of Fame, Rockabilly Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  79. Jane watched as a large Elvis offered to donate five hundred dollars to the school in return for Samantha’s salt and vinegar chips.
  80. Her only option was to go out onto the balcony and spend a cold night in the rain while they smoked pot and made love to Elvis records.
  81. I don’t think she ever thought of licking him until he was completely melted, but for her he was much more irresistible than Elvis Presley.
  82. We were billed as Elvis Costello and His Confederates, among them, James Burton and Jerry Scheff, who had actually played with Elvis Presley.
  83. A representative of the Elvis Costello group was summoned to the foot of the iron stairs from the production gallery above the studio floor.
  84. Elvis disappeared from the music scene in 1958 after he was drafted by the military -- with no war going on -- and stationed in Germany for two years.
  85. He listened to Elvis Presley, especially Hound Dog; in 1958 Jimi bought an acoustic guitar for $5 and grooved on the blues masters: Robert Johnson, B.
  86. Before I could say anything more, Johnny snatched up the single and, producing a pen, signed it, To Elvis, Your Friend, Johnny Cash, and handed it to me.
  87. He leaned over the balcony railing, both hands gripping the edge as he peered over, his gold Elvis cape stretched out behind him like foolish little wings.
  88. If these events did indeed occur within a certain time frame (DNA would have to confirm that it was really Elvis), the bet would pay the gambler US $2 million.
  89. Elvis Presley (USA, 1935–77) established the blueprint for stadium concerts with a five-date tour of the Pacific Northwest in August and September 1957.
  90. Nick groggily looked around at Spock and Stu then noticed Pon, who although his face was vaguely familiar he could fully recognise the man with the Elvis mullet.
  91. Avery scans the article, written two days before the show, buried on a high numbered page, about Elvis and how his followers crowd around his exit after his shows.
  92. I thought of the son of Elvis as I removed the pith, separated the segments and ate each one as slowly as I could, enjoying the delicious, sweet taste on my tongue.
  93. Do you think the gambling house’s dime was safe? What if the gambling house could cut its losses as soon as somebody saw Elvis riding in on the long-lost racehorse?
  94. There was such an interesting mix of people and nationalities there that even The Son of Elvis wouldn't have been out of place had he arrived showered, without his dog.
  95. Perry was barely recognizable in his perfectly fitted shiny black wig, gold aviator glasses and, of course, the iconic white Elvis jumpsuit with glittering gemstones.
  96. I once asked Jerry Scheff what people in the audience made of it when, later in his career, Elvis went into rambling introductions and fits of uncontrollable laughter.
  97. A girl walked up and said "Hey, you can't party, you're a professor!" There's the red rag to the bull: For this I spent eight years in college?" It was time for Elvis to join us.
  98. But his sudden death, which reminded all of the death of Elvis Presley, who died of a heart attack at the age of 42 in 1977, has deeply affected Americans of all ages and the entire world.
  99. Passing through Memphis, both confessed indifference to Elvis Presley, though Joseph did a fair job of mimicking the famous voice, ‘Love me tender, love me sweet; all my dreams fulfill.
  100. Jake had stolen the idea from an event in 1956, when another huckster had unveiled a giant Elvis cutout at the Paramount Theatre on Broadway, publicizing Presley’s movie debut, Love Me Tender.

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