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Endanger dans une phrase (en anglais)

Fiona, you’ll endanger the baby.
He would not let anything endanger him.
And he knew that could endanger everything.
Intent to Endanger the Morals of Children].
Laura would never normally endanger children.
She had no right to endanger herself like that.
Then again, he hadn’t intended to endanger anyone.
I wouldn’t want to endanger another innocent girl.
Being close to him now could only endanger them both.
Because as the death guide, I would endanger your life.
The shot was aimed high as not to endanger the two hostages.
She is with child and the stress would endanger the baby.
You lied to her! Ziven would never endanger the children!.
We would not want to endanger anyone needlessly, was my reply.
So why would he endanger our relationship over a matter of faith….
Master, yet who, other than Jedi, could so endanger a powerful Sith Lord.
In the meantime, please do not endanger yourself by trying to approach Mr.
As an officer she could be assigned to a task that did not endanger others.
The ride was thrilling and terrifying, but she knew he would not endanger her.
If we do nothing about Falun Gong, it would surely endanger our life in four aspects.
One will endanger your liberties by conquest, and the other by wars with foreign nations.
Emotion is a power to endanger liberty by being forceful into a specific state of thought.
For self-burning, if lucky enough, it will endanger one's life, if not, it will kill him or her.
Tell me about this traitor whose trying to escape with secrets that might endanger our country.
Who is she? Daughter of the broadcasting Frenchman? Granddaughter? Why would he endanger her so?
Even if you need to have grass, stay away from the sprays that endanger people, pets and the land.
It made no sense to endanger a valuable friendship by suddenly freaking out and calling her a witch.
But a man might not have one girl one night and another the next, for this would endanger the worlds.
To discover his presence on shore, unless after many days, would, he believed, endanger the treasure.
Please, make it TOP SECRET and avoid every channel of implicating us here thereby endanger our career.
The utmost discretion on this subject is also required, as any security leak could endanger the convoy.
Just as she knew that she had to leave, that she could not endanger these who had given so much for her.
But it didn’t matter in the end, you learnt nothing that would endanger me and your MMC refused to act.
They know rough water would endanger the Virgin Queen, while a storm would definitely drown this fine old lady.
It would have opened a new front of conflict that would not only complicate my life but endanger my encounters with Amed.
That it is safe to allow it to lick my naked body all over with its tongues, That it will not endanger me with the fevers that have deposited.
Jamie knew Billy would not have locked the access without reason, and he definitely would not have locked it at access he felt would endanger her.
While she still wasn’t sure what to do about Stefan’s offer, she was definitely not going to endanger her mom’s recovery by discussing it with her.
The opposers of a navy, with an air of no small triumph, are called upon to show how a system of maritime power would endanger the freedom of our country.

You could be endangering the Dunne girl.
All were charged with arson, endangering lives, and manslaughter.
Stopford because they claimed he was endangering their lives while trying to.
You can’t even as much as breathe her air without risking endangering yourself.
Unless you are sure to overcome the kidnappers resisting is endangering your life.
Meanwhile, with the way he was driving, he was endangering other people’s lives.
Even Felix could now use a weapon without endangering himself and those around him.
And the kicker to the story – the kid wanted to sue us for endangering his pathetic life.
Myserrah scoured the City, endangering its security, to enlarge his troop far beyond what the.
Perhaps, too, the natural and instinctive love of life made me wish to avoid endangering my own.
Said his friend, Your labors are too unremitting, and what is worse, you are endangering your constitution.
Some showers wandered around offering occasional relief but endangering them with a few sparks of lightening.
We have put ourselves in a situation endangering collision with France, and almost insuring amity with England.
After about ten blocks we managed to run six stop signs and a red light without seriously endangering the public.
I must have planned a dozen ways to damage that menace but most of them meant endangering his innocent passengers.
The problem was that the actual Soviet cables could not be referred to without endangering the whole Venona Project.
With the tree behind Stefan, Rave couldn’t get to him without endangering her, and she knew he’d never risk that.
Her missiles could have reached the 21’s for a while, but using them would have meant endangering the P I’s and Escorts.
What was she hiding, what was happening, and who was endangering her? Who were these nameless, faceless monsters in the dark?
So it�s best for you to give your prospective date as much information about yourself as possible, without endangering yourself.
My ‘protests’ salved my conscience without endangering either privacy or health, and confirmed my ability to manipulate people.
At the end of the meal, Brander asked, I don’t suppose you could get rid of Malenkov and his men without endangering my family?
If she wasn’t with her father, Jeff would have to make another plan, do something, anything to get her back without endangering Ashley.
I did not mention it because I was afraid of endangering my chance of you, darling, the great prize of my life—my Fellowship I call you.
Good heavens, Adam, endangering her child to protect herself from some perceived harm from a police officer, and then striking the officer.
I linked up with The One and learned from him that he had decided to destroy them for grossly endangering the whole of Humanity’s history.
These are people’s lives you’re endangering! Women and children! Have you no remorse? No conscience? I will not be a party to this!.
He warned that both the radical fringes of youthful society and their counterparts on the extreme right are endangering America’s free universities.
In 2007, voters in Oregon overturned a law that would have given free reign to developers and timber companies, endangering important habitat across the state.
This was the ability, and the inclination, through a trick in the use of the foils, to disfigure his opponent's face badly, without at all endangering his life.
Hopefully they didn’t lose all respect for me sitting out here alone in the dark, an action that was endangering all of us as we still were in enemy territory.
This is a wonderful idea to practice, learn and fine-tune your trading skills without endangering your hard earned cash; plus it is free which is another advantage.
The Minister Plenipotentiary of His Britannic Majesty here, proposed an adjustment of the differences more immediately endangering the harmony of the two countries.
In the last year of his life, he decided on how best to warn the world of his daughter‘s prophecies without endangering them or bringing shame onto his own family.
It's when we don't follow the directions, for instance when pain is intense and we take a few more pills or take them closer together, that we are endangering our health.
Already, I felt responsible for endangering innocent others and I thought back to Jade, Auggie, Merlin and his sister and the sinister men in black that had visited me before I fled.
Myserrah scoured the City, endangering its security, to enlarge his troop far beyond what the vizier had authorized, bringing it to the size of a corps in anticipation of the march ahead.
He slew one out of every four demons on Kellaran in his first day in the fight, every one that he could kill without endangering his people or ours, and by then there were millions of demons.
That nationalism is endangering the livelihoods of billions of people and hurting the economies of dozens of countries that have nothing to do with these islands and couldn’t care less to whom they belonged.
We intend to keep hunting there, but in a selective manner and at night, both to avoid endangering the herds by excessive hunting and to avoid scaring or antagonizing the locals, who will be left in peace by us.
Endangered animal species need to.
Whoever splits wood may be endangered thereby.
I saw the whole of our polluted, endangered earth.
Josie’s behavior endangered and impaired many lives.
The causes at issue would be freedoms endangered by.
That’s how you can be put on the Endangered Species list.
Socialite story as the Amis’ mission is endangered by the.
The South China Tiger is critically endangered or you could.
Fortunately, this little bat is not endangered as I write this.
The Endangered Species Act has been around since the seventies.
I was the endangered species in the priority-banking zoo that.
The Mexican gray wolf is an endangered species many of them are.
The Prince is also advocating protection for endangered species.
Polar bears are on the endangered species list? Hood asked.
The IUCN regards every gibbon species in Indonesia as endangered.
The environment is not endangered by a plant that does not exist.
Its ‘shade-grown’ coffee farms are home to endangered wildlife.
It would have endangered the MAV way too much for Lewis to allow it.
If your mind is disconnected you are connected to endangered species.
One of the laws enacted by our Congress was the Endangered Species Act.
Maybe revealing Donald’s identity earlier would have endangered them.
These were significant events because they directly endangered human life.
Thinking itself is the endangered species needing protection from extinction.
So Love, you were saying that we won’t be similarly endangered again?
You've endangered our good Hazel interrupted him and as he did so Fiver started.
The Endangered Species Act is administered by the Environmental protection Agency.
Thus Kennedy needlessly endangered the entire world just to avoid being seen as weak.
Earlier in the year the EPA determined that the delta smelt was endangered and the U.
The lives of those aboard will be even more endangered if these numbers are exceeded.
The noise of a burst from a M2 carbine then told her where her endangered comrade was.
The knife would be on display at the Endangered Races fundraiser and I was to acquire it.
Repeal the Endangered Species Acts and void all of the rules and regulations issued for them.
There were good reasons the birds became endangered and those reasons cannot be rolled back.
They have attacked the animals at public appearances and have endangered innocent bystanders.
If it is a game, they can take cover behind the crowd, since no one will be endangered by it.
He got wind of his own endangered status after the war, although he had no idea what he had done.
This was indeed the time for men of intellect and conscience to rally round the endangered cause.
Has all of this led us to a point where our very nation is endangered? Lets look at our financial.
There are over 1300 endangered species on the list to be protected by the ESA and less than 47 have.
Various species of fish and mammals have become extinct or endangered when dams have been constructed.
They say it endangers Stavka.
This also endangers my hostage.
What if he endangers his family by such a stand.
No, ’Toine; I see nothing that endangers my rose pearl.
Thus they feel they have nothing to lose which endangers my hostage.
Such illness as a false word which is to tell lies which endangers and harms others.
Try to put the fire out first—but if that is not practicable remove the car from the building, before it further endangers life and property.
Given how dangerous our enemies obviously are, traveling with a large group is a bad plan that unnecessarily endangers our traveling companions.
On April 2, 2010 the EPA tightened water quality standards that could severely limit future coal mining operations throughout Appalachia, while mining industry officials said the change was unfair and endangers jobs.
It is vain to deny that the honest belief of misery to last through eternity upon all the unsaved—as long as the Necessary Being shall endure—also endangers the faith of every thoughtful Christian who accepts it.
The person who is to make the search is an officer of some standing; he is only to take seamen who are British subjects, excluding thereby, not merely our citizens, but all foreigners; and he is not to take even British seamen, if, by it, he destroys the crew, or endangers the vessel.

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