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Endangerment dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. A-1 went to jail because of child endangerment.
2. We the jury, find the defendant guilty of endangerment of a child in five.
3. Claire said, That’s up to the prosecutor, but Inspector Euvrard did book her on child endangerment resulting in a homicide.
4. Alerts were based on priorities and the endangerment of children was one of my highest priorities, which is what this alert was.
5. Allerton was charged with and subsequently pled to resisting arrest, child endangerment and assaulting a police officer in the court.
6. I’d suggest punishing for the effects of bad judgment and eroded motor skills when they cause endangerment of life and limb, and not for the drug use itself.
7. The third item on the agenda was a request to bring Rachel and therefore her parents up on charges for reckless endangerment with regard to the incident in the cafeteria.
8. Yeah, then they placed both her hands behind her back while she was on the ground, handcuffed her and arrested her for reckless endangerment and trying to do an illegal abortion!.
9. This article says that Diane D’s cousin Dana and that other driver are gonna have to appear in court for the reckless endangerment charge and Dana have a case for the attempted assault charge.
10. This article says that the police charged both Diane D and her cousin Dana with attempted assault yesterday on another driver that Dana was chasing after on a highway in Long Island after the other driver cut her off and the police charged Dana and the other driver with reckless endangerment.

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